Throwback Thursday: Planting His Own Babies

It is that time of the week again where we give you, our fans, blasts from the past. True Blood’s past that is. How about a little Jason?

There are so many reasons to love Jason Stackhouse and the show would not be the same without his brand of funny!






And finally……

Poor Jason brightened at the thought that he was something special too. I felt so bad for him when Niall shot this happy thought down. Jason, you are a Prince, an idiot one but a Prince nevertheless! SEE YA NEXT WEEK!


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14 comments on “Throwback Thursday: Planting His Own Babies

  1. you say Nigel, don’t you mean Niall…. couple of the pics didn’t load up , but it may be my computer

  2. Oh Jason Stackhouse is a prince alright 🙂 … And anyways, princes are always pretty dumb (although I like this dumb one). Which is why I love the bad boys in the stories 😉 😉

    But seriously, one of my favorite moments in season 6 was when Steve Newlin shouted out I LOVE YOU JASON STACKHOUSE 😀 …That were his last words people. Must be something about Jason then…

    In fact, he is the only remaining Bon Temps resident, apart from Laffy ofcourse, who doesn’t irritate me…I hope he gets more good lines in S7

  3. Yep, Even tho not all the pics above came out and I’m sorry Sakshi the instructions didn’t work for me. But I must say I love Jason even tho he as dumb as a rock. But as my hubby always says about the Bimbos in real life, “thats’ alright Honey, you don’t have to be smart, you’re purty”.

    I hope that this last season sees Jason get out from under that Violet situation and it shows him happy at the end of the show.

  4. Jason MUST get away from Violet…she’s bad news…I want him to end up with
    Jessica if they both make it out of Bon Temp’s alive???

  5. Other than Eric and Sookie (who are on a whole different level) Jason is my next favorite character. I just love me a good Jasonism.
    I love his interaction with both Eric and Sookie but especially Eric.
    It’s baffling to me that as funny as they are together , they’ve interacted so little. I’d have them together all the time. He could be the Barney Fife of Area Five !
    Ryan is just awesome. And he and Anna look like they could be brother and sister to me.

  6. Ryan is a great actor. Thanks

  7. I agree with everyone here who wants Jason away from Violet. I also want him away from Jessica. I hope Violet wasn’t brought in to make Jessica look “good,” or not as bad by comparison. Jason had no interest in his best friend Hoyt’s girl until Jason was conveniently fed gallons of her blood. As crazy as it might sound, I would have loved to see Jason end up with Tara. Tara loved Jason since they were kids and I could have seen Jason get to know the real Tara and fall for her as well. But, I know it’s not gonna happen. That train has already sailed. 🙂 Just keep Jason away from Jessica. She’s bad news (not as bad as Bill, but bad).

    I also don’t get why Ryan and Alex have had so little screen time together (so far). The show would have really benefitted from it. And, throw Anna into that mix too-hello! 🙂 I hope the Jason/Eric sex dream is taken seriously and isn’t a dumb filler “joke.” Jason has also had his latest rapist Violet’s blood. I hope she’s not a “guest star” in the dream. (I’m still hoping she’s not Freyda. I’m still hoping there’s NO Freyda at all.)

    Thank you always, Nymerias. Good times. 🙂

    • You are so right the the show would have really benefitted from more Ryan and Alex. But since when has True Blood ever done anything to benefit the show or it’s rating? Not at any time that I can recall. On another note, boy does Ryan have a body or what?!!!!

      • luvvamps-Too true. WAY too true. 🙂 And, yes, Ryan does have quite the body. (And acting ability. Really! LOL)

  8. Yes TB Jason is a lot better than book Jason and I agree with sookieandericaretheonetruelove I want Jason away from Violet and from Jessica I hope he falls in love with someone new…and Ryan is a great actor too bad he could’nt have more screen time with Nelsan or Alex..

    • Thank you, Jackie69. 🙂 Yes, Nelsan is a great actor too and I would also love to see him have more screen time with Ryan as well as Alex.

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