Some Minor Season 7 Castings


There are a few castings that have been added to True Blood Season 7 on IMDb.

“The figure” (mysterious bad guy) will be played by Paul Rae, and currently only appears in episode 1.


Episode 5 now has a director and is most likely currently being filmed. There is certainly filming at the Bellefleur mansion this week. There are also a few castings for episode 5, most likely to do with another Bill Compton flashback.

Matthew Holmes will play “Charles Dupont”.


Brian Mulligan will play “Louis Bodehouse”.


Gilbert Owuor will play “Minus”.


Minus was Bill’s father’s yard slave, mentioned in Season 1 and a quick google of Charles Dupont brings up a Charles H. DuPont, who was a Florida lawyer, planter, businessman, and Democratic politician who served as a Florida Supreme Court justice from 1854 to 1868. (I may have completely the wrong guy of course). So Louis Bodehouse is probably an ancestor of Jane’s who was around at the same time.

According to E!Online there is another (probably minor) baddie on his way,and I’m guessing a Sarah Newlin connection.

When the blood-thirsty HBO series returns this summer, brace yourselves for a whole new mess of baddies and troublemakers. One of our favorites is Mr. Gus–he’s a Japan native who has fully embraced the “everything’s bigger in Texas” way of living. The only thing bigger than his lavish, southern lifestyle? His quest for revenge, and trust us when we tell you, you do not want to cross him.

None of this is of course of too much interest to everyone here, but as spoilers this season are turning out to be harder to find than water in the desert, I’m searching out anything I can get!

One  possibly more interesting development could mean the return of Hoyt Fortenberry for one final guest appearance. Jim Parrack has tweeted just 2 short words this week.

Will we see Hoyt (re)meet Jason Stackhouse? Or is Jim just teasing?

Please HBO, let’s have something good to chew over very soon. A premiere date and a Sunday promo would be very much appreciated…….





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8 comments on “Some Minor Season 7 Castings

  1. Louis Bodehouse could also be Jane’s son. I remember in the books he was mentioned a few times when they had to call him and come get her but I’m at a loss when it comes to remembering his name.

  2. Douchbag’s flashbacks….Borrrrring. Who give a sh*t about his past. 😦

    I am so happy that Hoyt is coming back. I hope Skokie or Adylin unglamor him and probably he will end up with Jessica than Jason instead. 🙂

    Probably Sookie ‘ s helping Eric to find Sarah Newlin and I think she will use her faery powers to teleport Sarah,because I believe Sarah is might pregnant and that’ll might high risk to carry her if they are flying. Probably they will find her at her parents, but they ends up find out her parents are dead and they gets into a fight with the Japanese vamp guy. Sookie stakes him or Eric will and they finds pregnant Sarah that striped on the bed and need her and her babies alive to make a cure.

  3. To tell the truth, I was a little angry when I read about this Gus character on FB late last week. Just what we don’t need, more bad guys… I just want these dumb-numb brained writers to tie up the storylines they have already created instead of adding more to screw up everything more!!!

    If what Jim wrote is true, I definitely would love for Hoyt to come back to Bon Temps for a “catch up” this final season to see what hes’ been up to in snowy Alaska. Also if someone lifts Jessicas’ glamour on him and then he remembers Jason (which would be great!!)

    As usual Evie Thanks for reporting the latest to us and I agree with you, I am hoping that they come up with something pretty soon like the premiere date and even a poster or two, if not a promo teaser. This is the tightest security I have ever seen with no leakage so far…….I am starting to Jones here………………

  4. Thanks for the alerts Evie :)…

    So Bellefluer mansion scenes could mean some action for Adeline. I hope she develops some awesome fairy powers.

    I really don;t care much about the civil war era flashback. To get me interested in that, they will have to pull in a Rhett Butler and a Scarlett O’ Hara and that sure ain’t happenin’…

  5. Thanks, Evie, as always for keeping us informed. 🙂

    Like Shelli and redthang914, I hope SOMEONE, maybe a fairy-for-now like Sookie or Adilyn, or Niall if he returns, lifts Jessica’s glamour on Hoyt. The way Hoyt was written out (for now) still doesn’t sit right with me, and it would be nice to see some satisfying resolution on that. I’m happy Hoyt is away from Jessica, but I hate that Hoyt and Jason don’t know each other anymore (literally in Hoyt’s case), and that Hoyt has been seemingly permanently robbed of some of his memories so he can’t make truly informed choices in his life. I’d love to see Jessica’s blood out of Hoyt as well (and out of Jason).

    Like Sakshi, I’d also love to see Adilyn develop awesome fairy powers. Sookie too. 🙂 (I can dream.)

    Like redthang914, I’m disappointed that Buckner is bringing in yet more characters when they have already established so many other characters and storylines that are just dangling or dropped completely, but I can’t get worked up over it anymore. It’s par for the course with this show with me.

    Shelli again makes a good point that Sarah Newlin could be pregnant with Jason’s baby. (Or the governor’s?). I still wonder if Jason impregnated Crystal and the Hot Shot females when they gang-raped him.

    I will never care about flashbacks or anything to do with a boring rapist character who long overstayed his welcome and never has to deal with the consequences of his evil deeds. He’s a “tortured soul,” dontcha know. Keep defending your precious rapist, writers.

    Take care. 🙂

  6. The Hoyt part does sound promising!

  7. Hoyt! Excellent character plus a nice guy.
    Thanks for the updates

  8. Ok it seems the stuff they are filming at the Bellefleur mansion this week is NOT for episode 5. Fans saw Stephen there last night and he told them they were doing re-shoots for episode 1 (I think it is scenes with Andy, Adelyn, Bill and Jessica possibly?).

    I hope they have enough footage in the bag to give us some kind of promo soon or I might go even crazier than I already am!

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