Season 7 Premiere Date & Teaser Promo!


It’s finally here – the True Blood Season 7 Premiere date in the form of a final season teaser promo!


That’s right folks – June 22nd 2014 will mark the beginning of the end!

I have all these crazy feels right now – I think I need a moment.


For more information check out the press release here


Let the countdown begin………80 days.



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26 comments on “Season 7 Premiere Date & Teaser Promo!

  1. Thanks Evie for posting this for all of us!! I kinda figured that would be the date, after GOT finished up. I’m excited and sad all at the same time. Hope that now that they “broke the ice” with this, there will be another teaser coming up pretty soon.

  2. The show is already dead to me, so that promo seems very appropriate.

  3. Ok so the beginniing of the end is on June 22nd…that’s the 4th Sunday in JUNE.
    Usually it’s been the third Sunday in JUNE….only time it’s been different was
    when the show first began…that was a Sunday,but it was in October….

  4. I will miss this show . Sad to see it go bye ,bye .

  5. Got goose bumps!!! I am soooo going to miss this show! Thank you Evie for posting the preview. I’m sad.

  6. The background score was quite eerie, but for this particular piece, it was spot on…Lets see who else gets added to the Bon Temps cemetery.

    These are my expectations from the final season-
    1. Lots of Eric-goodness
    2. I would love to see a few extra vamps getting staked…Specifically, Bill.
    3. I wish to heaven and hell for Sookie to grow some sense and come out to be a good female protagonist.
    4. No more suitors for Sookie. We have enough already.

    You know even if it went to shit some time back, I’ll still watch it. I can;t think of not watching it. I may break some stuff around the TV though 🙂 (Not my precious TV!)

  7. I actually like that promo for a beginning.
    I’m trying to keep my emotions tapped down, but this really got to me.
    As much as I hated last season, I’ll still have to watch it and hope I’m not too heartbroken.
    I hate I got so caught up in a TV show!

  8. Interesting choice of names on the headstones. Adele, Corbett, Jesus, Terry were all murdered. Supposedly we know who murdered them all but do we really know? I am holding out hope that TB will come through in the end and blow all of us away. Yes, its sad to know its ending. Finally. Here’s hoping that they finish the story as it was meant to end. Bill being revealed as the big evil. Warlow aka Bill Compton the murdering demon he has been all along.

    • Askarsgasms, that is wishingful thinking that Bill is the bad guy demon all along….we all on this site knows that he is but these writers are crazy about Bill….so I doubt it would happen but it needs to.

      • Personally, I think TB has shown us all along what and who Bill Compton really is. The reveal has been long and slow but its all there. As for the writers being crazy for “Bill”, why not? He’s a deliciously evil, lying character. When S2 revealed the blood thirsty Bill in Chicago, his true character was revealed. As for how the series, will end. Who knows? I know how Alan Ball ended his part of the story. Bill melting into a pile of goo and Sookie seeking out Eric for comfort and protection. That’s all I need. Many rumors have been circulating about the final season, so I will be interested to see how it will end. If it doesn’t end with Bill be revealed as the murdering crazed vampire/demon then, I will know the rumors are true.

        • Come to think of it,I think the flashback could be newest sign of symptom beside the black marks that Hep V. I think Douchbag could be effected with hep V and starting show his true natural color as sadistic murderer that he truly is,but probably they will show it in the middle of the season when Sookie’ll fall victim to him (but probably Eric will come to save her) and creak havoc on the town. It does makes perfect sense that teaser only shown Adele’s and Terry’s grave,except Billy’s. Jane Bodehouse’ll might be his latest victim, because the whole flashbacks have to do with her antesctor…I think the faeries or someone did something with him that made him into Billith. I don’t even buy the bloody goddess thing, something doesn’t seem right. I think somehow he got possessed by a evil ghost of faery witch like Laffy was possessed by Marnie in season 4 or the faerie played the prank on him. I don’t known.

          I’m going to miss True Blood. 😦 I really hope it will end well for Eric and Sookie.

          • askarsgasms-Knowing now what I didn’t know then, I kind of wish the series had ended with that s5 finale. Not all questions were answered, but Bill did show his true colors and there was still hope for an Eric and Sookie friendship at least. All the characters felt very in-character in that episode to me. I’m curious about how Buckner chooses to end it too (obviously), I’ve heard rumors too.

            Shelli-Hello again. 🙂 I have to admit, I’m feeling uninspired in my TB guesses lately. I’m sure it can be tiring at times for everyone here who is interested to read my constant negativity about the show. I get tired of it myself. 🙂 But I have to say that I like reading your speculations here. Excellent dot-connecting.

  9. Thank you, Evie, for posting this for us. Now we know the premiere date. I like what askarsgasms has to say about Bill Compton, aka Warlow, being revealed as the series Big Bad all along. That makes perfect sense to me based on what I thought I was watching. However, I’m not holding my breath that Buckner will actually go through with it, even though it’s the only thing that would make s6 make sense to me (not to mention the screwery of the final third of s4 and some of the shenanigans of the tedious s5).

    • sookieandericaretheonetruelove, it’s always nice to see you commenting, we all know Bill Compton is the big bad of the series but these writers are always trying to state that Bill is misunderstood and is “really not a bad guy”. I wish I had more faith that they will do the right thing and show Bill Compton as he really has been from the very beginning; A manipulating, lying, self serving procurer that only truly loves himself….That would be a great ending to me.

      • Awww! 🙂 Thank you, esw45! I’d like to believe that Buckner/the writers are trolling when they say good things about Bill, because there is such an intense disconnect between what they say and what they write, but we shall see what they do.

        • thank you, Sookieandericarthetrueluv, 🙂 🙂 🙂
          I am glad the premiere isn’t on my b-day, my b-day is on 15th. I don’t want it starts without Eric. That would be really a disappoint b-day.

          I also afraid of that douchbag’ll manipulate Sookie by feeding her his blood after he “saves” her from that serial killer “the figure”, but I think he will get effect by Hep V and ends up attacking the townspeople. I think Sookie’ll end up believing douchbag have nothing with it and will suspect Eric ( I believe they’re scars from his sun burn. There’s a pic that I posted on Eric and Sookie lovers’ messageboard. If you looks up closely, you could see the spots on Eric’s chest that looks like burn wound or burn scars than black marks) after Probably Eric and Jason will be might shown up and prevent her from become douchbag’s ragdoll or it’ll be too late.

          I don’t blame you that you got tired when you keeps saying “Sex Seal Sam” and some people annoyed by it. I feels the way,too, when people keeps bringing up “Billy luv Sookie” hea and it’s getting people’s nerve. But I known you’re worry Sookie’ll end up with Sam like in the books, I don’t blame you for that. Probably the writers’re doing a Sam route with Eric instead. I believe they supposed to did that with Sam by making him Sookie’s male counterpart in the beginning of the series,but instead they made Eric more like Sookie to become suitable for her. We never known. 😉

          I wonder the writers downloaded Sookie last season, because they want to upgrade her to be a vamp like they did that with Tara in season 5. If they did that, I got funny feeling they will kill Tara off and let her take Tara’s place as Pam’s progeny instead,but the only way they will do that by letting her get kill by douchbag without using her power and Jason makes a deal with Eric to bring her back with help from Pam. I could see that happening. It was supposed to be Warlow who will turn Sookie. I remembered Tara almost got turn by crazy Frank in season 3,but she got turned by Pam anyway. I wonder they’re recycling that idea for Sookie. Probably Pam’ll wind up sick,but Eric will take care of her faery hybrid “daughter” and Sookie will develop strong feeling for him.I really hope I am right We will see.

          • P.S. I hope I didn’t hurting your feeling. I am sorry that about Sam thing.

          • Shelli-You didn’t hurt my feelings with the Sam thing. Don’t worry about it. 🙂 We are all sharing our opinions and theories respectfully, and it’s all good. (And a VERY early Happy Birthday to you.)

            I’d love to see Pam turn Sookie. I fantasize about it. 🙂 Unfortunately, like Nymerias and Tammy, I don’t see Buckner going there. I wish he would, though. That would be interesting and unpredictable. If Buckner goes the book route and puts Sookie with Sam, it feels like him kissing up to the book author after she baited her audience for twelve years before switching at the last second and then publicly insulted her audience and called her audience names when they complained about the story switch. If he puts Sookie with Bill, after all of Bill’s blatant abuse of Sookie no less, it feels like Buckner is obsessed with Anna and Stephen as a real-life couple and can’t see past that to what was actually built up over the years on the show itself.

            It feels like it could end like How I Met Your Mother, where (from what I heard-I never watched the show) the writers rigidly stuck to their originally scheduled ending even though their own narrative seemed to have taken them far, far away from it.

            I think Buckner will get Bill’s blood into Sookie again and the vicious, evil, BORING cycle will start all over again. Don’t forget that Buckner put Bill’s sudden good friend, Jason’s latest rapist Violet’s blood, into Sookie. Violet’s blood is in Jason, too, I believe. A theory I read is that Violet will be key to Bill’s “redemption.” One of the reasons why I feel burnt out on the show.

            OT-I watched The East again yesterday. 🙂 Good times. And have you seen Alex’s new Tarzan-in-3D body yet? Can it be 2016 already so I can go to the movies? LOL

  10. I am sad TB is gone and even sadder that it went so down hill. I am not sure it can b fixed. I see Bill meeting true death as hero, saving everybody…sookie heartbroken….the only thing worse than that is some magic thing makes bill human again and they live hea…if they stay true to the damn books i cannot even….
    We’ll b counting precious minutes of seeing eric in whatever story they have for him…that’s what i am looking forward to. I am hoping they will sort out the issue of vamp government and finish this poor show with some sense

  11. I’m so sad right now. I almost don’t know what to think about the start of the new season. I can’t wait for the new season to start but then again I don’t want it to because I know it will be one step closer to the end. I would love for the writers to right all the wrongs that have happened in all the past seasons but I know that, that won’t happen. We can speculate all we want, but until we see it, we just won’t know. I for one will miss seeing Alexander Skarsgard every week. He is the reason I watch every week.

  12. If sookie does not end up with eric, then she should get out of that sh*thole town and make a name of herself. Start a new life without any drama. Peace out!

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