Flashback Friday: When Pam Met Eric!


I know I was MIA yesterday with the Throwback Thursday post and I must be honest, yesterday was a major busy day or running errands and that led me to forget. I know, bad blogger, bad blogger! I am back today with a flashback Friday Post and I hope you enjoy it!

We love the relationship between Eric and Pam here at ESL and so it is rather fitting that a post is dedicated to them!





I will end this post with this great video of ‘When Pam Met Eric’. As usual, sound off below.


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  1. Thanks Nymerias! I’ve really missed Eric and Pam together!! Another travesty to pin on BB and his rag tag writers. I couldn’t stand how they made so much unrest between the two of them for these last few seasons. I truly hope that it’s all resolved in this final season. Thanks again for sharing this with us once again.

  2. Thank you, Nymerias. 🙂 I love Eric and Pam as BFFs and the vampiric equivalent of parent and child. That is the true nature of their relationship. I miss how Eric and Pam were from their debut in ep. 1×04 up until their forced “conflict” in the last 2 eps of s4 (though I loved, in a sad way, their early-s5 “release” scene in the FT dungeon, and them as part of the faerie-vampire dream team taking down AHQ in the excellent, true-to-character s5 finale).

    I heard TB has yet ANOTHER new writer for this season. I wonder if that will mean even MORE continuity and characterization “issues” for s7. Are there any original writers left (other than Bucky)? Also, I heard Alex went to NY, so I guess he’s not “needed.” 🙂 Take care.

  3. i loved that scene, especially when Eric went up against Billy boy, love how Beehl tried to best him… but the best parts of him and Pam …. Kristie

  4. I have to second Redthang914 comment Oh how I miss Eric and Pam together!

  5. I love Eric’s and Pam’s relationship and I’m afraid what BB and the writers will do to them in S7

  6. Hi Guys,. I think Pam will return Sookie the favor for giving a gift in season 5 and that’s gift is Tara by turning the only woman Eric luv is Sookie. Or Eric want to make up to her (for saving him and nursed him back health) by turning Sookie,because he want to do it for Jason and he don’t want Jason to suffer like he lost Nora (and probably Pam feels the same way with the loss of Tara).

    I got a feeling that Pam got sick after she revenged Tara when she found out about it, and it which leaves Eric caring for Sookie and Willa. Probably All three of them will go out to find Sarah Newlin to somehow to search a cure for Pam in the rest of season.

    I don’t known I am right or not if my theory will become true.

    • I cannot see Eric turning Sookie unless he had to and probably not even then and I can’t see Pam doing it either as there is no love lost between them. Pam is tired of Sookie and her precious fairy vagina.

      • Nymerias, I wrote in previous comments (you guys haven’t read them). I said in them that Jason will might make a “deal” with to save his sis unless Jason will beg him to do it by saving his sis or forcing him to do it by pulling the gun on him. (Eric wouldn’t like that and he would rip his arm off, you known Eric).

        There’s a dynamic bromance between those two like we had seen in season 5 and season 6,because they have a lot of things in common (and some people are hoping that Eric/Jason’s dream) . Jason reminds me of a human version of him, maybe Eric thinks of himself (but I think Eric is smarter than him). I think he gave Jason his blood at the vamp camp to save his sis from Warlow, because he don’t want Jason feels remorse like he felt when he lost Nora and Sookie don’t want to do with him. I believe all that courage when Jason staked Warlow came from Eric’s blood,because Jason was under influence by Violet at the time.

        I could see happening with Jason by pulling the gun on Eric to force to turn Sookie, but he let Pam do it. instead. Probably Eric will start feels sorry for Jason goes through that if something’s bad has happen to Sookie like Eric had through that with the loss of his sister Nora.

        • First how do you know we did not read them? That is assuming too much. Second, we just disagree that’s all, I just don’t see that happening.

          Eric gave Jason his blood for Sookie not so he could save her but because he knew Sookie would be devastated if he died.

          • Nymeria,because I found something on Jolie’s pic 2 weeks ago when she was on the set and checked out the pic. I want to share with you guys and posted on the messageboard, but you guys didn’t replied back and I got bit bummed out. I known you guys are busy with doing other stuff than reading comments and I don’t blame you guys that you guys have a lot of stuff on your mind,but I want you guys could check out the pic.

            I agreed with you that everyone have own opinions. I known you don’t belive Sookie becomes a vampire,but I have a funny We’ll never known if Sookie will giving up her power at the end of the series. 😉

            I am glad that you agreed with me on Eric giving Jason his blood. Eric did,because he don’t want Jason feels sympathy like when he lost nora. I don’t known Sookie will find comfort in Eric or blame for Eric if something’ld happen to Jason. But it made me wonder Jason will do the opposite if something’ld happen to Sookie. That’s why I thought the turning.

    • Yeah, sorry Shelli, I don’t see any of your theories coming true. It’s a bit out there, even for this show.

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