HBO’s Spring Promo with a hint of True Blood S7

8358dcba-97b6-45bc-8d9a-18b4dfca46d4_zps8a19ebf7With the spring shows of HBO taking their place on the airways tonight, it seems tonight is also the night of promos. As expected tonight, we saw for the first time on TV the cemetery promo announcing the premier date of June 22nd for the final season of True Blood.

They also rolled out the carpet and aired the Spring Promo… with our first glimpse of footage from True Blood.


Check it out.



I saw Sookie. I saw Jessica. Pam. And almost the rest of the main crew except for one I really wanted to see.

Sadly, i expected this… but was hopeful for a glimpse.

A few screen-caps by pbt1





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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

17 comments on “HBO’s Spring Promo with a hint of True Blood S7

  1. No Eric! I hope this is not shades of what is to come.

    • I don’t think so… They’ve been very closed lip with everything with him

      • luvvamps and B-Throwing in my two cents, I’m guessing they won’t show anything too concrete about Eric until the first ep of s7 premieres. Buckner and crew have to keep us guessing as to whether or not Eric “died the True Death,” dontcha know. 😉

        • Where are my manners? B, I forgot to say thank you for sharing this with us, so, thank you. 🙂 And thanks to pbt1 for the screen-caps.

  2. That really sucked where is Eric? and do they show Tara !? WTF HBO..

  3. Thanks B! Great way to start my Monday morning. Some actual season 7 footage, however brief. All the ladies are looking gorgeous! I think Pam is maybe at the Moroccan Bar when we presume she was looking for Eric?

  4. Its known he wasn’t filming for the first episode. Stephen Moyer directed that one. So maybe he wasn’t around when they did the promos. Hoping so anyway.

  5. The Alcide/Sookie pairing is just as bad as the Sookie/Bill pairing. I really hope at the end of the series that if she is not with Eric (which I doubt) that she settled down with some handsome stranger we meet near the end of the season or she ends up with a fellow fairy popping out 8 fairy babies! LOL.

    Just joking about the fairy babies part….haha!

    • Nymerias you are so right …it is a bad paring and very boring one….why does sookie have to get with every suitor that wants her? Yeah well hopefully she will be with someone not named Bill or A lcide by the end of the series…Eric is the best for her but we know Buckner doesn’t believe so it wont ever happen again no matter how many of us want it! Its a shame

      • Nymerias-I dislike Alcide almost as much as Bill (and that’s a lot of dislike, LOL). Alcide doesn’t seem to care that Sookie killed his childhood sweetheart Debbie. He tried to take advantage of Sookie when she was falling down drunk just 24 hours after she told him about Debbie. (But, then again, Sookie knowingly had sex with and did a Blood Bond with her parents’ murderer, so maybe these two idiots ARE made for each other 🙂 , until Alcide conveniently gets knocked out of the Sookie Sweepstakes with the werewolf political s/l no one cares about or whatever.)

        I highly doubt that Buckner will put Sookie and Eric back together at the end of TB as well, especially since we know they aren’t together at the end of the book series. I have been bored with Sam since s3, and fast-forwarding through him since s5, so I have no interest in a Sam/Sookie endgame. I wouldn’t mind the Sookie/stranger or Sookie/fairy scenarios you mentioned. I think Buckner will get rid of Sookie’s fairy powers at the end of the series since he/Hudis put that option on the table in s6; they introduced it, so I guess Bucky has to use it at some point. So that might eliminate a Sookie/fairy possibility. 🙂

        Sookie could have been a great character. I find it a shame that her Makers have reduced her to which male supe she settles down with and what her species will be, etc. Those are interesting topics, but there should be more to her than that especially after spending so many years on the story. It makes it sound as detached as someone filling out a (supernatural) dating profile and seeing which characteristics “on paper” match up. There’s no emotional component. I hope Anna gets more complex characters to play in the future, as she is a good actress who deserves better than this.

      • I would rather she end up by herself than with a boring man and leading a boring life but I don’t think they care about what fans want. Here I thought that shows were supposed to make fans happy. LOL

        • They suck at that, mostly every show has been pissing me off lately.

          • Nymerias and tammydevil83-I would also rather see Sookie end TB single instead of ending with a boring life/boring man. That would not be a satisfying ending to me after a seven-season journey. I don’t understand the writers’ (show AND books) mentality that they seem to have where Sookie needs to be with some man, ANY man, in order to live the life she wants to live. She can live the life she wants all on her own. Maybe I’m not meant to understand the writers. I also agree that Buckner and all of them couldn’t care less about what the fans want. In fact, I believe they are DELIBERATELY giving the majority of the fans THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what we want. 🙂 That seems to me to be a trend in TV lately, like the endings of Dexter and How I Met Your Mother.

          • I’m still upset over the How I Met Your Mother finale, that just ruined the entire show for me.

          • tammydevil83-I didn’t watch HIMYM but was aware of it. I know the gist of the show and the ending. I have sympathy for you and everyone else who was disappointed with that finale. It makes me glad I never got into that show. 🙂

  6. B Thanks for posting this from last night, it moved so fast that I didn’t catch half of the TB pics, so Thanks also to pbt1 for the screen shots too. Nymerias I’m with you if Eric and Sookie don’t get together and they feel that they have to get Sook into a relationship I agree, have her meet a handsome stranger that we don’t know anything about i.e. all his dirty laundry, etc. and have her hook up with him. That way we won’t know anything about him to disagree with unlike Sam, Alcide or Heaven forbid, the one who will not be named.

    I hate it that BB knows that he is upsetting the Eric fans (I am sure on purpose too!) by keeping all Eric info under lock and key. I bet we won’t have any Eric stuff until just before the season starts (if even then…).

  7. I just want my Eric. And where’s Lala?

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