It Must Be Thursday: Throwback Thursday


It’s that time of week again…this time I’ll be stepping in for Nymerias. Hope you don’t mind…

This week, we’re going to take a look back and remember some of our favorite scenes and quotes by our favorite Fairy Barmaid – Sookie Stackhouse!

We first met Sookie in season one where some of her best lines were;



Let’s look back at some more memorable Sookie moments…







Sookie has been through A LOT…but my favorite moments have been with Eric (this shouldn’t be a surprise to you).








Most of the time words didn’t need to be spoken…




One moment I can watch over and over again…is when Sookie staked Bill while trying to save Eric.


How adorable was drunk Sookie too?


One last thing…it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t add this one in here too!


What do you think? Please share your thoughts below!


3 comments on “It Must Be Thursday: Throwback Thursday

  1. Yes I love this Sookie not that one the writers showed us at the end of S6 and I hope Sookie with a brain will return in S7 but i doubt it …. Thanks for posting this Erika

  2. Thanks for Throwback Thursday, Erika. 🙂 Sookie won’t be a fairy much longer, I feel. 😦 Like Eric, I liked when Fairy Sookie came out. With HIM. 🙂 That was a great show. I wish I knew what Sookie’s skills are that Eric can’t even dream of, cowboy. I was really interested in that. Respectfully, I wasn’t personally a fan of Drunk Sookie, mainly because of what a dirty dog tried to do to her at that time. With an evil batboy watching and stalking and doing nothing to try to stop it. 😦 But I still had hope for the story then. I thought that was a subtle commentary from the writers that dirty dogs and evil batboys won’t get rewarded and “redeemed” in their fictional world. Oops. And, I have a feeling in the series finale, the supes will magically forget that Miss Sookie Stackhouse ever existed. Again. Oh, well. I will end this on a positive note. Sookie didn’t like her graveyard assault by Bill in the cemetery. Sookie staked Bill to save Eric. Sookie used to remember that Eric exists, and those were transcendent scenes. Thank you again, Erika.

  3. I will say this again, Anna is a fantastic actor, but the way they write her role in TB is just so beneath her abilities, I don’t like the stupidity and the unawareness that her character, Sookie portrays. Some of the above pics made me fondly think of better scenes in TB but in a whole I can’t wait until Anna gets back to doing what she does best and starts acting in films again. True Blood has been a waste of her talent in MHO.

    True Blood was beneficial in getting some of the actors their notice, i.e. Alex, Ryan, Nelsan and Joe etc. so it did do its job in that respect.

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