Riley Smith & Amelia Rose Blair Interviews


It’s all still far too quiet in Bon Temps, with only 66 days to go until the premiere of True Blood Season 7. However a couple of cast members have been speaking to the media this week, namely Amelia Rose Blair and Riley Smith who plays new vampire Keith.

Riley’s interview is definitely the most interesting as he reveals that episode 4 is “huge” and contains a big fight. My best guess is this is the fight that happens at Fangtasia, part of which was filmed out on location a few weeks ago. As Alexander Skarsgard was on set that night, I think it’s safe to say that Brian Buckner’s comment about Eric being away in the “short-term” has come to fruition and he will be back in Louisiana by episode 4.

TVRage: What can you tell us about your character?

Riley Smith: I’m playing Keith, who’s the new vampire for the seventh and final season. I’m going to get introduced in Episode 4 and then I’ll be with the show for the remainder of the season. Right now we’re actually filming Episode 5. I’m also going to be Arlene’s love interest, played by Carrie Preston and I think that’s pretty much all I can talk about at this point.

TVRage: And like you mentioned before, Keith is immediately attracted to Arlene upon seeing her. Can you give any hints as to how the two of you first meet?

Smith: We meet on a mission where the vampires are trying to save some of the cast that are in trouble. That is how Keith and Arlene meet. Keith is saving Arlene from a serious situation and that’s their meet-cute, so to speak. And that’s what kind of brings Keith into that world.

I don’t know how much the audience knows so far about what’s going on, but there’s a big part of the first three episodes of Season 7 that’s leading up to this major thing that’s occurs in Episode 4 and it’s going to be a big situation. Episode 4 was a huge — I think it was like a 25-day shoot for us. There’s a huge fight and a lot of the main characters are in some serious trouble, so I’m recruited by James [played by Nathan Parsons] to come help and that’s what introduces Arlene and Keith. And that’s how they meet and they create their own relationship, which we’re just now starting to get into.

You can check out the entire interview at TVRage.

Amelia Rose Blair has not been so forthcoming with spoilers but has done a couple of interviews this week for EW


And with BetterTV

Most interesting in that interview is that when Amelia auditioned, she had to play a role where she was turned unwillingly by Bill, so the audition videos that have been doing the rounds for this season may contain some red herrings!

Also of note is that they were probably filming at Fangtasia yesterday (possibly episode 5?) as EJ Scott  was on set and uploaded a photograph to his instagram of himself on the Viking Throne.

The more Fangtasia for Season 7 the better I feel. 🙂


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22 comments on “Riley Smith & Amelia Rose Blair Interviews

  1. Hahahaha… book Arlene will have a conniption if she sees that show Arlene is sleeping with the enemy 😀

    Good to know about the Fangtasia fight sequence. Eric has to be in the thick of things.

    Maybe at the time Keith rescues Arlene, Eric helps Sookie in some way. But that is pure wishful thinking 🙂

  2. I find it really interesting that Arlene is going to get into a romantic relationship with a vampire. While I know TB Arlene isn’t the die-hard anti-vamp fanatic that SVM Arlene was, she’s still never been a big fan of the fanged. I only hope that big Fangtasia scene will include Eric and not just Pam, Willa and Tara.

  3. I find the whole thing with Arlene getting involved with a vampire to just be way weird, I honestly don’t get what he would see in her. I think it would be cuter if Keith was a love interest for Willa, Arlene doesn’t make any sense, but then again, this show never does.

  4. I agree with tammydevil83 :seeing Arlene getting involved with a vampire is so weird and then I heard Willa ‘s interview and when she says that Tara was a teacher to her in those six months made me laugh I mean Tara is a baby vamp too how many things does she possibly know about survival? This is a case of bad writing…..I wish all to those who celebrate Happy Easter !

    • Oh, yes, I need to second Jackie69 and also wish a Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

  5. Evie-thanks for the share. 🙂 I miss Todd Lowe and Terry Bellefleur, even if I didn’t love his storylines the last few seasons. And, no offense to Amelia Rose; I know everyone has to say what the PTB “allow” them to say, but I already feel Sookie will end up with Sam. And get rid of her fairy powers. So there, lol. (I know Amelia Rose would prefer Sookie end up single, but I’m surprised the actress was “allowed” to name Eric as a possibility in the Sookie Sweepstakes. The TB actors/writers usually say they want Sookie to end up with Bill or Sam.)

    • I’m not sure why Amelia shouldn’t say she might like Sookie to end up with Eric? It’s only her personal opinion. It could be Eric, just as much as it could be Sam, Alcide or Bill. He has just as much chance as any of them. And Sookie could end up single, that might be a way out for the writers so that she is not forever defined by the man she has chosen. Right now it’s a 1 in 5 chance. 🙂

      • Oh, no, I didn’t mean that Amelia doesn’t have the right to have and share her opinions. Of course, she does. I intended no disrespect to Amelia. I probably should have worded my opinions better. All I meant is that the TB actors/writers publicly usually say, when they are asked by interviewers which Suitor they want Sookie to end up with, if anyone, the actors/writers usually say Bill or Sam. Afaik, very few of them say Eric or Alcide (or Ben/Warlow when he was an option.) It makes me wonder if all of the actors/writers are sharing their actual opinions about that part of the story publicly or if they’re part of trolling the audience, to deliberately throw us off the scent of where the writers are really headed. Time will tell, of course.

        Again, and I intend this respectfully of course, I don’t feel the writers are going with Sookie/Eric, but I’m stubborn. 🙂 And I agree that they could make Sookie single at the end. Personally, I would love to see Sookie realize that she doesn’t need to be with a man, any man, in order to be happy with herself.

        • Hi Sookieandericarethe
          l have agreed with Evie and Nymeria that we have a very strong possibility that we’ll might get Eric and Sookie’s HEA(,because I believe they’re hinting it in the previous season and the actors knew what what we want.If the writers want Sookie with Eric that we wanted, probably they would go for a Tara route with Sookie. I known Evie agreed with me, but you and others don’t. I think that’s reason why the writer downsided Sookie like defenseless as “doormat” last season,because I think it could be their secretly plan to make “the valiant Sookie that we luv and known”(I meant us in the good way) to better off to be a vampire with Eric….But you and Nymeria, I understand what’s you were saying that the writers could possible to go that route with Sookie about forgetting vamps and live a normal life to please the author,because they don’t want to get sue by her. I think they’ll might use scenes are similar from the books, but more reverse than the way author wrote. If the author won’t like it, tough sh*t (it means who give a damn, that’s my mom would say) 🙂 🙂 :).
          About Alcide, I think her relationship with him would end after ep 5. Probably it have to do where werewolves could be involve with “the fight” (I said before, it could be Rikki and the pack)….Probably Sookie will find out about Alcide’s dark past as a packmaster and Rikki. She did that with Quinn the were-tigger in the books,too,by uncovering his past…Rikki reminds me of Sam’s girlfriend Jaclyn from the books,but she’s 10x more worse than Debbie and probably sookie realizes that she makes a mistake by going down that road again. I don’t think Sookie will reconcile with Alcide after that,because he lies to her about his past and put the town in great danger…..Thinking of Sam, I mentioned before that he’ll might die soon or later. I have a theory awhile back since before season 6 about Sam turns into a skin walker after Luna’s death (I known Evie disagreed with me on that 1),because he’s responsible for her Luna’s death (letting her turned into Steve Newlin)… I would see the writers could go that route with Sam for the final season. I known the show doesn’t make sense,but it does makes sense why he stole with “the devil” (douchbag). I think he made “the buddy-up” with Douchbag, because Sam need his blood (how sick) to live and afraid he’ll end up like his bro Tommy and Luna. You known,Skinwalker didn’t last long…Probably I would imagine he will die in “the middle of the fight ” by risking life to saving his pregnant wife Nicole from some pi**-off werewolves or zombie vamps or he’ll might die in the finale by changing into Sookie to take her place as a sacrifice in the finale…Something’s telling me (probably you guys don’t like this) Eric would play in Douchbag’s “redemption “,because I remembered 1 of Buckner’s interviews that he had mentioned his return’ll be converstion and I got awkward feeling it have to do with Douchbag’s phony “redemption”‘. I think Douchbag’ll chicken out with too many zombie vamps running around and flew to Marccoco to tell Pam convinces Eric to go back to Bon Temp that Eric’s true savior, not him. I think it’s Buckner’s way to makes Douchbag to ” redeem” himself. *eyesroll* I thought about season 5 finale and piece together Buckner nonsense interview,I fingures it out. I remembered Eric did that in season 5 finale when Eric gets Sookie to save douchbag. I think they will do the same thing with douchbag to get Eric by “redeeming ” himself and return the favor to Eric at end of the premiere. But I’ld rather see douchbag becomes a zombie vamp and going after the townspeople. This probably(hopefully) will happen after he fails to save Sookie in “the fight” and starting attacking the townspeople,this’ll which trigger the boring flashbacks. I also have a funny feeling that Balfours and Stackhouses could be related,because Sookie’s anctsor named William and also Douchbag’s dad is,too. His dad could be Niall’s son (the 1 who made a deal with Warlow), he could be adopted or changed it. I think it sounds mess up.

          • Hi, Shelli. 🙂 Happy Easter if you celebrate (if not, Happy Sunday). Don’t worry about my name; I’m good. I’m trying to have no expectations at all about TB, this way if Buckner goes in a direction I like, I will be pleasantly surprised, and if he goes in a direction I don’t like, I will be prepared for it. Recently in my personal life (nothing to do with TB), I predicted that an ongoing situation might go in a certain direction, and my prediction so far has been incorrect, so maybe my intuition is a bit “off” right now. 🙂 I have a tendency to go “worst case scenario,” but my experience in life so far has been that things usually don’t turn out AS bad as the worst case scenario I can imagine. I would love to see a scenario like you suggest where the writers tore Sookie down to build her back up again, AND that her future could include Eric in some capacity, but right now I just don’t. 😦 I would love to see Buckner break away from The Book Author and go completely in another direction. I don’t expect it, of course, but I would love it. Maybe contractually he can’t? Maybe that’s why Ball and Hudis and most of the original writers left?

            Sookie/Alcide will definitely be over by the end of the season/series. The TB pattern (which is the same pattern for other shows) is that couples that start out the season together are usually broken up by the end of the season. I definitely think that Alcide will be taken out of the Sookie Sweepstakes 🙂 by werewolf politics. Also, maybe Rikki might be pregnant with Alcide’s baby wolf (baby husky like Luna’s/Marcus’ daughter Emma). Maybe that other girl that Alcide and Rikki had the threesome with s6 premiere might be pregnant by Alcide too (I think her name is Danielle)? I think there was something in the books about Alcide “needing” to procreate with as many female wolves as possible? Uh-huh. I think it will be circumstances that pull Sookie/Alcide apart rather than Sookie making a clear-cut decision about her life. 😦 God forbid HBO tick off an “army” of Sookie/Alcide (Sooicide) shippers, lol. 🙂

            Of course Beel will get his “redemption” from Bucky, and I could see Bucky using Eric in that scenario. I’ll be fast-forwarding through that anyway. I’ve given up. 🙂 I wouldn’t have a problem with Bucky killing off the Sam character (is that bad? I don’t hate Sam; I just stopped caring about him in s3). Take care. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • My opinion of the naming Eric as a possibility in the ‘who gets Sookie’ line is just another way to give fans a reason to have hope. I am just not falling for that shit, EVER AGAIN. I am just going to watch this season and hope it goes out strong and not on a flat note.

      • I have NO hope, darn it! 🙂 But I do hope (contradicting myself) that Eric and his “family” have a nice ending And Jason and Lafayette.

  6. So not feeling Arlene and a vamp love interest. I guess that is what we will get this season. My only hope is that we don’t get short changed on the Eric front. I’m so afraid he is not going to be an every episode character. All the secrecy this year has me worried and the fact that Alex seems to be everywhere except LA.

  7. I rather get turn by Eric than douchbag Billy,but I wish they should make douchbag as no. 1 enemy than everybody blaming it on our beloved viking instead. I can’t believe Douchbag Billy wasted his “goddess” powers over a stupid sun room…. I am really glad Willa got turn by Eric instead. 🙂

    That’s so I thought so that Arlene ends up dating 1 of vamp hunter and ends up betraying Sookie like in the book. But Vampire? I will be OK with it.

    I remembered I mentioned earlier, maybe the werewolves takes over Fangstasa while Eric and Pam gone. I think They makes it into a bikers’ joint (Eric wouldn’t like that his bar got taken over by werewolves). I think Sookie gets kidnap by Alcide’s crazy ex Rikki and Alcide’s former pack. That could be why Arlene witness sookie’s abduction and ends up getting attack by werewolves or a zombie vamp,but Travis. I think sookie ends up at Fangsta. I think the werewolves unleases zombie vamps on the health vamps and Jason,but Eric will show up and kill all the zombie vamps and werewolves.

    I just spectaculated.

  8. Hi Everyone, I just got this posting late and just now opened it. Truthfully, I really don’t have any thoughts or speculation on the Sookie Sweepstakes. All I want is for everyone to be wherever, with whoever at the end and that is all I can hope for. I may have more to say, once we get more info. about the forthcoming season.

    I know it can’t be long now as I saw that Directv is replaying season 6 starting tonite at 11pm on channel505.

    Thanks Evie for posting.

    • I like your attitude! I made a vow to myself that I was going to soak in and enjoy the final season of my favourite show before it leaves my life forever, and whatever happened in Sookie’s love-life was not going to be the biggest issue, as I prepared to say goodbye to the characters that I have come to love over the past few years. Then I got caught up in “Sookie Sweepstakes” again LOL. This time I’m sticking to my vow, no more pulling my hair out over a fictional character’s bad decisions. I’m going to enjoy this season and hopefully see Eric get the decent ending he deserves. HBO could help me out a little bit with some actual True Blood Final Season marketing. 65 days to go……

      • Hi. 🙂 I’m not sure if this is directed at least a little bit at me because I used the term “Sookie Sweepstakes” earlier. (BTW, I didn’t make up that term. I wish I knew who did, so I could give credit where it’s due.) I know I have a tendency to be very wordy in my replies. I always try to express my opinions respectfully and clearly. I’m happy to be a “guest” at ESL. It’s a fun distraction for a little while from my day-to-day. When someone comments on my comments, I have a tendency to comment back. Maybe I “say” too much sometimes. I always try to strike the balance (not just at ESL) between being respectful of and listening to other people’s opinions, and being respectful of and stating my own opinions. All of us can learn a lot from each other. I have opinions about how the writers are handling Sookie’s love life, yes, but I also have opinions about every other aspect of the story. Just like everyone else in the fandom. Obviously all of us have lives outside of watching and talking about the show. Believe it or not, I’m not losing sleep over what the writers write for Sookie’s love life, lol. I get ALL my opinions off my chest, and move on to the next thing. I never mean to upset in any way (big or small) with my comments. The way I see it is that ESL provides the topics, and us “guests” are free to comment (or not comment 🙂 ) on the topics. I really do hope that everyone who watches TB gets at least a little enjoyment out of it (it is supposed to be entertainment, after all), and, for those who don’t watch, Alex and Anna have other projects for the audience to enjoy. And, if people want, they can watch TB AND Alex’s and Anna’s non-TB projects. We’re free to do what we want. 🙂 Take care.

        • No, it wasn’t directed at you at all. 🙂
          I actually thought when Redthang used the term “Sookie Sweepstakes” it was the first time I had seen it. (So that was my bad, I do read all the comments under my posts, but I must just not have noted that before). My comment above was purely to Redthang and a reminder to myself really to remember what I love about the show. Your comments are always very welcome, Erika has an open policy that she pretty much allows people to say what they want, we’ve all been on other True Blood sites where comments are heavily censored, and we want everyone to be able to come here and let off steam when they need to. Besides a lot more people who visit this site agree with your views of the show than mine, and we all look forward to reading what everyone thinks about the final season.

          • Evie-thank you so much for taking the time to write and post this. Your words make me happy. 🙂 I do feel very welcome here at ESL. Sometimes I can go down the negativity rabbit hole with TB (as all of you know by now 🙂 ) where I get on my own nerves with it, lol. Then I check myself and always keep in mind that it’s just a show, obviously there are bigger things in all of our lives, etc. I am very much against censorship myself and I really appreciate how things are done here. I appreciate all the work you, Erika, B, Nymerias, and everyone here puts into this site, my fellow “guests,” etc. I think it’s great to remind yourself of what you love about TB. I try to do that myself. Sometimes I succeed and other times… know. 😉 I’m definitely very interested in everyone’s opinions about the final season too. Happy Easter if you celebrate and to everyone here who celebrates (and if not, Happy Sunday). 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Sookieandericarethe1trueluv, I am sorry I misspelled your name. I was editing my messages,because it’s so long and I want to shorten it.

    Well, I did my best.

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