First Proper Season 7 Promo airs on HBO


 Finally a True Blood Season 7 promo has arrived with some actual footage from the early episodes.

The start of the season looks likely to continue from exactly where Season 6 left off with the attack on the local community by the infected vampires. (With Pam’s search for or reconciliation with her maker as possibly the only side issue).

After 26 hours of play over the airways, HBO has released the True Blood teaser via YouTube. See it below!


And here are a few screen caps from Skarsgardfans

 More caps over at Skarsgardfans

Personally I love to see Tara kicking some ass, and I’m hoping that the speculation related to her character turns out to be unfounded.



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23 comments on “First Proper Season 7 Promo airs on HBO

  1. Where the FFFing F is Eric 😦 !!!!!!!!

  2. Will be lucky to see him at all. And when we do it will be in flashbacks, probably from Pam’s perspective, as I believe his character indeed did die last season. The bastards will not let us know this UNTIL the end of the season, must string the Eric fans along. With all the backstabbings that went on, I feel bad for Alex.

    • I guess we will see but from the few spoilers we have received from the set I think he is still the Eric we know and love, and I think he is coming back to Bon Temps. How long he will stay there and how much we will see him will be open to debate until the season airs, but him just appearing in Pam flashbacks isn’t something I’m contemplating right now. I think HBO want to build up the tension so that everyone is relieved and overjoyed when he returns, I’m just not sure this is the right tact for building up to the final season!

  3. No Eric at all or Pam > WTH!!

  4. I think this season will be about good Bill again. True Bill show continues from the worst season finale in the history of TB. .. I don´t understand to producers of this show

  5. They won’t let us know about Eric because they need us. Lord knows that without us Eric fans the show would have been done long ago. This season will be all about Beehl getting Sookie back. (as if she ever left him). They will throw in just enough Eric to keep us coming back every Sunday. I will watch til the bitter end and curse them for ruining what could have been the best thing on television for along time.

  6. We already know from spoilers that Eric is back. He and Anna were on set together, but I’m guessing the earliest we see Eric is either episode 2 or the cliffhanger for episode 1.
    And Pam went looking for Eric, so she won’t be there until he is shown or she’ll be looking for him somewhere else, not in Bon Temp. I’m not worried about him being back, he’s been on set as much as anyone lately and they’ve all been on Easter break recently.
    I’m just worried about the writing and the storyline and what they do with Eric and Sookie. Alan Ball has said he would write the finale but if the whole season is crap, even a writer of his caliber won’t be able to fix it . He did however have one of the best show finales ever, with Six Feet Under.

    • I think we will see him at the end of episode 1, they know fans have been waiting 9 months and all previous end of season cliff-hangers have been resolved in the first returning episode (I think). I’m not worried about him being back, I just hope he has time to stay until the end before he goes off to the jungle (and if he is under a tight contract then he will stay).

      I’m trying not to think about the writers though LOL, I’d love Ball to come back too, he’s an immensely talented and witty writer and he generally writes good Eric, but I’ve not heard anything recently about that, and I think he is working on a couple of movies? It worries me that Brian Buckner could possibly be the only one of the original writers left, and at the most he will probably write 2 episodes. I’m strangely not too worried about what the writers will do with Eric, he always seems pretty well written, but other characters have not been so lucky recently!

  7. I agree again with you Evie, that Eric will come back in the present as himself and not some fleeting memory or ghost. At this point, I totally agree with you that they totally lack the intelligence and tack to build momentum to this final season.

    I also agree with luvvamps, and will watch this trainwreck to the bitter end, as I started watching this show in good faith at the beginning and also will watch it til the bitter end. I also agree that this is a story that showed the most potential of being one of the biggest and best shows ever and that they totally destroyed it before the second season was over IMHO.

    I know this season is all about a-hole’s life and him redeeming himself to win Sookie back. But if thats’ the way the powers that be want to end the story, theres’ nothing we can do about it (as its’ been proven to us time and time again). Just sitting back and letting the trainwreck happen is all we can do.

  8. Happy Easter! Checking in again after a long while involved with other shows, GOT, Vikings and Walking Dead……so far none of them seem to be following the new trend of intentionally pissing off their viewers. Great shows and so well written. I have read around the web today and even checked out the HBO site, which is again a ghost town with just a few diehard Bill fans hanging out. Do you ever wonder if that is all the writers and execs ever see is those few sad hangers on and their opinions? I’ve never visited the facebook page but imagine it’s probably the same story over there. That promo was snooze worthy at best. I saw the upoar over How I Met Your Mother and can not for the life of me figure out this trend of alienating viewers intentionally. I tried to watch a couple episodes of season six the other night and realized that there are only a couple characters I could even stomach watching any more. Eric/Pam, Jason, Lafayette and Andy. It was great to be able to get through the first few episodes in an hour or so with all the fast-forwarding but not worth valuable watching time. The Willa storyline is just plain creepy with the totally out of character crotch grab and desertion. Poor Lafayette is largely absent. Don’t even get me started on Sookie’s random and gross ride on the Warlow stick. I abandoned it after the crotch grab episode and while Eric shined in anything he did it is so clear that the majority of the fandom is not the target audience they are going for. In fact, I wonder if they, like Charlaine Harris don’t just wish we would all go away and let the Bill love fest carry on with the smaller audience that wants to see the Bill show. Alcide is a creep and has clearly been written as such but he does have a small following who only want their eye candy with no thought to good story/acting, and her hooking up with him is about as attractive as the Warlow ride was. Bill is a creeper and is either written that way, way overacted or brilliantly portrayed as a creeper by Moyer. Eric and Sookie have been kept apart for a very long time now, hardly sharing a few minutes of screentime since season four. Don’t you all wonder too if there isn’t behind the scenes shennanigans going on or does Alexander Skarsgard really want out (or a reduced role)? I sure do because the show has suffered from both his absence entirely or his absence with the “main” cast. Without him in the main storyline interacting with Sookie and getting lots of screentime the show just feels empty and dumbed down. I am betting that DVD sales and viewership is supporting this. I will check the show out but only on demand or HBO go after it airs so I can fast forward through the snoozefest of overly fake drama (anything to do with Bill) to get to the good stuff (Eric/Pam/Lafayette/Jason/Andy) and hope that my favorites aren’t sucked into such mediocrity just to get it over already. I think maybe they know the show has lost its appeal to so many and just want to get to the finish line. So do I. Sorry for rambling on so long but I only check in occasionally and thoughts pile up. As always, thank you all for your hard work and I look forward to visiting often as things heat up a little on the True Blood front.

  9. Evie-thank you for sharing this with us. As I still can’t bring myself to even LOOK at anything from s7 just yet, lol, I rely on ESL now more than ever to satisfy my curiosity about what is being written on the show. I strongly feel that Eric is still un-alive (as in, he hasn’t died the True Death. Yet?). The HBO execs and Bucky and the writers will probably keep that under wraps until the s7 premiere. They know that Eric’s “True Death” is their biggest cliffhanger. They know that Alex is their most popular/beloved actor. They know that Eric is their most popular/beloved character. We know this. They know that we know and we know that they know. 🙂 I agree with trubie35 and you, Evie, that the earliest they may show Eric might be the cliffhanger for episode 7×01. I believe they are going to string that out tediously before Eric’s full-fledged “return.”

    I’ll never understand the TB writers’ fascination with Boring Rapist Bill Compton, but as redthang914 said, there’s nothing we the audience can do about it.

    peecan-Thank you for mentioning that Eric was written out-of-character under Hudis’/Buckner’s watch in s6 when Eric grabbed then-human Willa’s crotch and when he deserted her shortly after turning her. Real Eric is NOT a molester/rapist and never did anything like that in the first five years of the show under Alan Ball’s leadership, and Real Eric would not abandon his newborn progeny to go sunbathing nude reading a book without a cover in Sweden (especially after the writers made such a hash in s5 of Eric not becoming a Maker until he was 900-something years old because he did not want to take on such a heavy responsibility. Eric told then-human Pam, when she asked him to turn her and then leave her, that leaving a baby vamp to fend for her/himself would be akin to leaving a human baby to fend for her/himself alone in a gutter, and he would never do that). I have no problem with the Willa character. I have problems with how the current writers wrote the Eric/Willa relationship in s6.

    Alcide is Bill with fewer superpowers. Ben/Warlow was Bill with more superpowers.

    I’m just one face in the crowd, but for me personally, I stopped buying the TB DVDs after s4, and I stopped buying anything TB/SVM related after Book Spoilergate, Everyone has the right to earn a living and I wish everyone here the best; I just need to be careful where I place my money because I don’t like feeling ripped off. Plus I’m not rich, lol.

    I rambled again. 🙂 Take care. Happy Easter to everyone here who celebrates (and to those who don’t, Happy Sunday). 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • SookieandEricare1trueluv, I think you have a lovely name. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Lol, That would funny that Alcide fathered two kids from Rikki and another were girl. But I would see that does happen with Jason instead, ends up Sarah’s child and (like you said) Crystal’s. I would see him as way better dad than Alcide and his dad.

      But Alcide, on another hand; I think the writers’ going to rip a “mega fight” out of book 12, I known this scene is conversation. You won’t might remember this scene,but I overheard it on after book 12 came out…In book 12, Sam’s girlfriend Jaclyn team-upped with Claude to tried to took over the world and challenge Alcide, but Sookie ends her relationship with Eric (that sucks she used that device on Sam)….I believe that “Big Fight ” in ep 4 could inspires by that scene; probably the writers saves Rikki for that purpose,but Rikki already has leadership over the pack. I believe Alcide have to challenge Rikki to regain leadership,because he would be pi** when he finds out she and the pack kidnaps Sookie and the townspeople,but it will end his relationship with Sookie. I got a funny feeling her and pack’s master violet.(because she gave me a chill). I believe Alcide will regret it by letting Rikki go last season.

      I think Douchbag could be related to Sookie, also,because there’s a casting call for Douchbag’s parents. Something’s tell me that Douchbag’s last name isn’t really Compton or (tempon) and his dad is actually Niall’s son, who signed the contract with Warlow. Because I believe the contract signed around the same year when baby Douchbag was born, Sookie’s ancestor and Douchbag’s father are named Willams. I believe they are the same person. I think he could be adopted or changes his last name or Douchbag’s mom’s maiden,I don’t have a clue. But probably he did it to save his damn own son. I think Sookie would be totally disgusting about it when she’ll find out that she screwed with 1 of her ancestors. Ewww

      Willa wanted to be turn for for her free will,because she wanted to get out of the life she were in and felt guilty what her dad done to the vamps at the camp. Her dad is a hypocrite Douchbag, and she had to deal with his psycho regional mistress Sarah. The only way that Willa gets out is through Eric. I don’t blame her at all….I think Mark’s original plan’s Eric glamors Willa and gives a message to Sookie that they’re at the camp,I think that’s why she supposed to be in few eps last season..

      About Eric, I think he wants to be left alone, because he feels that he brings death on everyone and blaming himself on everything what happened with Nora’s death and putted everyone in danger. It wasn’t his fault,it’s Douchbag’s fault. I feels so sorry for Eric,because they took the blame out on him. :(. I really hope they need to stop blame Eric and they need to let Eric shine as a “true savior.”

      I wish you and your family have a wonderful happy Easter!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • “Alcide is Bill with less superpowers and Warlow was Bill with more superpowers!!!” 😀 😀

      You have a way with words…And coming to think about it, this is so true! Which shows how not creative the writers on the show are. All the characters are interchangeable and have merging personalities.

      I just hope Eric remains Eric (going by what they did to him in S6, leaving his progeny to fend for herself like Bill did with Jess).

      • Sakshi-Thank you for the compliment. 🙂

        Shelli-Thank you for the holiday wishes, and for the compliment on my name. I like your name too. 🙂

        Jason would be a much better father in the emotional sense than Alcide could ever be, because Jason is a good person (even if Jason is not the brightest bulb in the batch) and Alcide is a selfish abuser.

        The cluviel dor in the books was a lazy deux ex machina to jam Sookie with Sam in the final book rather than either taking the time over several books to properly craft a Sookie/Sam romance OR just going with the Sookie/Eric romance already convincingly in progress. Or, heck, make Sookie single in the end.

        I’d LOVE it if Douchebag is related biologically to Sookie! LOL! That would be a good way to finally kill that boring/abusive storyline. I would hope that that would wake Sookie up in order for her to finally move on. She deserves so much more. We deserve so much more. 🙂 Leave Bon Temps, Sookie (and Jason, and Lafayette)! There has been speculation before that the character we know and hate as “Bill Compton” might not actually BE Bill Compton, so I think you could definitely be on to something there.

        With Eric, right now I’m leaning towards he either dies the True Death for some reason, he goes back to run Fangtasia with Pam and Willa, OR he, Pam, and Willa take off for parts unknown.

  10. I know everyone’s really pissed off that there’s no Eric in the S7 promo, but if you think about it — last season ended in a cliffie where you aren’t sure if he’s undead or truly dead — why would they spoil their cliffhanger by including him in the preview? We all know he’s coming back in some capacity for S7, but we only know that because HBO was forced to reveal it AFTER the season finale (outside of the show.) I would’ve been pretty shocked if he HAD appeared in the preview.

  11. You know, someone from one of the other sites had listed on FB that Alex/Eric was only listed in the 2nd and 3rd episodes of the show and not in any of the others on IMDB. I looked myself and sure enough hes’ not listed for the whole season. Do you think they are withholding (the HBO TB staff) and not listing him, or do you think that he really isn’t in any of the other episodes. I thought when all this went down after last season, BB said that Alex/Eric would be in most episodes as he usually is. I just don’t know now what to believe once again. I guess its’ the old wait and see attitude in effect. Any other thoughts on this???

    • Maybe this means that he has a sizeable amount of screen time in 2nd and 3rd episodes and for rest of the season, he has blink and miss appearances?

      I pray to god that’s not the case.

    • IMDb is not always a reliable source. Last time I looked Eric & Pam were only listed for ep.1 & 2, and Alcide only for ep.1. I’m pretty sure this is incorrect, as Eric & Pam were both on location filming for ep.4, Eric at 2 separate location shoots. IMDb is most useful for seeing new cast members and usually (but not so far this year) episode titles. I am fairly confident Eric Northman will be around for a lot more than 2 episodes. Since Alex returned to filming he has been on set just as much as anyone else. Part of me is actually surprised that they listed him at all with the big cliff-hanger, but it probably wasn’t someone from HBO who added him in.

      • I sure hope you’re right Evie. It makes me nervous as usual. I sure hope he isn’t going to just be in flashbacks or something, as I remember BB saying that he wouldn’t say in what capacity Eric would be back as, so maybe they didn’t list him as he comes back as a Ghost maybe??? I don’t know, but somehow since your answer made me feel better, I’ll go with what you said…….Thanks for that!!

        • He won’t be a ghost, I’m sure of that. We have seen the pictures of him out at Fangtasia, we know he has a scene with Sookie, we know he has a smart new leather jacket. He was also out at another location recently (The Skirball Center) possibly with Bill and/or Sarah Newlin. It’s tough right now as HBO look like they are going to make fans suffer for a while longer yet, not sure it’s the cleverest marketing gimmick for a final season, but we’ll see if they have something epic up their sleeve a bit closer to season start date.

  12. Hope one and all had an amazing Easter! But I feel compelled to ask:

    ZOMG… Why do I get an X-files: Fight the future vibe from this? 🙂

  13. Hepatitis V = the early days of AIDS?

    Bon Temps = Hurricane Katrina?

    I also hope the Tara speculation is incorrect.

  14. The government left the town to it’s own devices? lol are they trying to make this resident evil?

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