Carrie Preston talks Season 7 & Sookie’s Journey


Carrie Preston has been talking to Zap2it about filming progress for the final season of True Blood  and how it will focus on Sookie’s journey.

“We’re not done shooting. We have 10 episodes to shoot, and we just started doing some work on episode 7. We still have three more to go, and the actors have not seen the script for 8, 9 and 10. None of us are even sure how things are going to be wrapping up,” Preston says. “It is a story about fear of intimacy. I feel like there will be some resolution to that and there will be a returning to that theme in a really, I think, satisfying way.


“I’m confident that it’s going to be a season that’s going to keep people on the edge of their seats. Even the first episode alone, there’s some events that people are really going to be shocked at. It’s very exciting, and we’re all bonding in a much stronger way because we all know the end is near and come July we’ll be done shooting it. We’re all hanging on to every moment.”

Expect to see a lot of “True Blood’s” large cast come together in the final season. Preston teases a recent scene which had her co-star Anna Paquin comment on the huge amount of people in one area.
“The writers have quite the task to wrap up seven years of story, not to mention scores of characters. I mean, recently we were shooting something and Anna said, ‘I think this looks like a meeting at the Screen Actors Guild,’ there were so many people,” Preston says with a laugh.
As for whether or not “True Blood” will have some semblance of a happy ending, Preston responds, “I don’t know what your definition of ‘happy’ is. This is a story about Sookie Stackhouse, and her evolution of going from a young woman to a fully realized mature woman. With that comes experience, and with experience comes revelations and joy and discipline. I think that those kinds of things have been a part of the show from the beginning, but I think that this season is definitely going to focus on her journey, as it should.”
“True Blood” opens its seventh season June 22 on HBO.

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  1. Her journey from doormat to doormat – fully realized mature woman? Her growth is 100% in the negative – there has been no journey. She’ll still be banging on about her love for Bill being real even though he is an evil piece of shit something she should be aware of but seems to ignore. My sole reason for watching the final season will be very morbid curiosity, to see just how awful and ridiculous the writers can finish the show. It should have been great but will be soon forgotten as a tv show that was a complete shambles with a poor women’s role model in Sookie Stackhouse.

    • Her journey from doormat to doormat

      Thank you for saying it so I don’t have to. I’ve been conflicted about season 7 for a while now because I’ve been down with a case of not caring about Sookie. If she ends up with Bill, I’ll be disgusted. If she ends up alone, I’ll be apathetic. There’s nothing fully actualized about her, as the books demonstrated by pairing her with the “nice guy” and forgetting everything she learned about tolerance and acceptance. Thanks, but I’ll probably spend my summer marathoning Buffy again rather than watching the train wreck happen.

  2. Ho, hum………..we all know it’s all about Bill anyway. Sookie’s journey to maturity, I think not! I will watch with a growing sense of horror I’m sure. I like to finish what I start, at least I’ll fast forward through the boring parts (about half on average).

  3. “I think that this season is definitely going to focus on her journey,” Ya, her journey around the block. Right back to the place it all started. All we can do is watch and see.

  4. Evie-I’m happy you posted Carrie’s interview. 🙂 I’m surprised that the TB PTB are already on episode 7. I thought they were only on episode 5. What’s the rush? Tarzan? LOL! If I, a random audience member, can predict a Stepford Sookie/Seal Sex Sam “romantic” endgame, Sookie throwing away her powers forever so she can destroy her potential with the “normal” people (the “good” human people of snake pit Bon Temps), a Rapist Bill “redemption,” and an Eric/more-or-less lesbian BFF Pam “romantic” endgame (possibly), I wonder why the actors on the show supposedly can’t. 😉 I wish True Blood really was a story about fear of intimacy and would have an at least somewhat satisfying resolution. I would have been a champion of the show for life had that been the case. I agree with eilowynfic that I have no interest in a “love” story starring Sookie and boring misogynistic backburner guy Sam who she’s barely had three scenes a season with since s2 premiere, and I cannot stomach Sookie crawling back to her rapist Bill because I respect myself too much to waste my time with that garbage, so I cannot watch those scenes ever if that is the case. Carrie says a lot of things I LOVE, believe it or not, but I don’t trust Bucky and whoever the current writers happen to be. I wish Carrie the best in her Emmy-winning career. 🙂

    • I reread my comments. I just wanted to clarify that I did not mean to insult anybody who is watching s7 with my comment about respecting myself too much to watch potential scenes of Sookie reuniting with Bill (if that is the where the writers choose to go). I don’t think any audience member who chooses to watch anything for any reason is doing anything wrong, and I certainly don’t think badly of people who watch something I (potentially) choose not to watch. I was strictly referring to myself. For very strong personal reasons, I know it would be too upsetting for me to watch scenes of a fictional character reuniting “romantically” or possibly even in a “friendly” way with her abuser (if that is where the writers go), so I wouldn’t watch that. That is my personal choice. But I also very much respect every other person’s choices, and for the people who would choose to watch those scenes (if that is where the writers choose to go), I intended no disrespect to those people. It would have bothered me to leave it there, so I felt the need to explain. Have a good weekend, everyone. 🙂

  5. I agree with all that was said above …No there hasn’t been no hint of a journey to maturity Sookie is the same of season 1 the only difference is that she had 4 lovers…The Actors are releasing these interviews so we will stay glued on HBO every sunday evening cuz they know they messed up things with S6 but I prefer doing something else this summer…Take care everybody

  6. I dunno, the only thing I got out of this was, blah, blah, blah, Sookies’ maturity, blah, blah blah, Sookie and Bill, blah, blah blah, so on and so forth. Just give me the Viking and give him a HEA with him, Pam, Willa and Tara flying off into the sky heading Northeast to Europe and far, far, away from Bon Temp.

    Who knows whats’ going to happen? At this time even the cast doesn’t know, so I say, I’ll see it when it happens and I have a feeling that the Bill Lovers’ will be gloating at us for a long, loooong time to come after the season ends……………

  7. Journey! Revelations! Joy! Discipline!

    Are these actors working on the same show we’ve been watching?

    Maybe we are seriously watching the wrong show, people! Or we read the wrong 11th, 12th and 13th books! Or we are all from Vikingland and don’t understand the POVs of the good people of Bon Temps!

    Any which way, I feel I come from a galaxy far far away and don;t see what others are seeing in this vampire stuff. But thank God for my fellow denizens from that same planet who don’t understand Bill’s/Sam’s/Alcide’s/Warlow’s appeal too!

    I’ll still watch. I may not understand whats going on and not agree with 90% of the stuff. But I will watch and try to find closure when the show ends.

  8. Guys,relax.:) Carrie didn’t known for sure how it ends. Remember Amelia said in her interview? She said that most people won’t might get a happy ending. Let really hope Eric and his clan gets a happy ending. 😉

    Probably Carrie’s referring to “the defenseless, slutbag Sookie we hated” will grew back into “the valiant princess Sookie we loved” since season 2. Like I said before, I think the writers’ going for a Tara’s route for Sookie, I believe they did downsized Sookie last season on purpose to bring her back as vamp (I believe) to face reality. She need to realize what a slutbag she becomes and there’s more to life than baking cookies and going to church.

    Looks at Arlene, they’re making changes with her character by making her dating a vampire to overcome her fears of vampires. At least, they didn’t went in the book with her. I’ld rather see her date a vampire than going out with a vampire hunter.

    The only people I could see downsiding, it’s Jessica and Douchbag. I could be Jessica would wind up with Hoyt at the end of the series (if he gets unglamor), and Douchbag (Billy) hopefully go back the monster that he truly is.

    As for Jason and Adilyn; I would see Jason’s living a normal life as a good father and raising his two children on his own from two reluctant mother, and I could see Aidlyn’ll become the queen of faeries (if something has happens to Niall or Mab and Sookie refuses to be queen).

    And I think most of townspeople will wind up dead (except for Laffy)

  9. Just as Sookie had no amount of growth in what must not be named, I am not sure she will have much (if any) on the show either but we shall see. But there was a clue that it could go the way of what must not be named and it is was the ‘I don’t know what your definition of ‘happy’ is’!

    Well I know what my definition of happy ISN’T! lol

    EDITED to add: If Sookie’s journey and road to maturity include her coming full circle to end up right where she started, then I will be coloring myself disappointed. Coming full circle is fine only if lessons were learned and you are a different person as a result, otherwise it was all for naught. Coming full circle also does not necessarily mean that you end up with your first love either. In fact, that almost never happens in real life.

  10. The only way she’ll become mature and discipline is to move out of bon temps. A full 180 compared to the books…. everyone wins 🙂

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