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It’s still eerily quiet with just 52 days before Season 7 premiere night, but here are a few snippets we have managed to come across this week so far.


According to E!Online we can expect to see an end of series Tara flashback.

Brandon T.: Any scoop on True Blood‘s final season?
Expect to see a major Tara-centric flashback in one of the final episodes of the season, one that will give us a look at her troubled childhood. In the trip down memory lane, viewers will see Joe, Tara’s scary, abusive drunk of a father, as well as a young Sookie and Lafayette.



Amelia Rose Blaire has joined Carrie Preston in being interviewed by Zap2it but don’t expect any clues about our Viking Vampire from his latest progeny, it’s still lock-down about Eric, they really, really don’t want us to know!

Zap2it: Where do we pick up in Season 7?

Amelia Rose Blaire: In true “True Blood” tradition, we’re going to pick up right where they left off. So where we left off, the Hep-V vamps were encircling Bellefleur’s. To put it nicely, s*** was about to go down. After that, I don’t really want to say much else, but being the final season of “True Blood” — which is a show that always pushes the boundaries — I think anything can happen and everything will happen.

When you came on as Willa in Season 6, did you know how long your arc would go?

No, no. I had absolutely no idea. I had gotten cast as a recurring character, and originally I think it was only supposed to be like four episodes, and then it quickly turned into seven, and then I ended up in being in nine out of the 10, which was so special. Then when I got the call that they wanted me back as a regular, I just started crying because I couldn’t believe that it was actually happening.

What do you think it is about Willa that makes her so important for this final season?
I think she played a very crucial role last season with the vamp camp and what the governor was doing to all the vampires. Eric kind of used her as the biggest pawn, in a way, so she’s been put in the middle of this huge fight between vampires and humans and the intolerance that has happened. In regards to what role she’s going to play in the new season, I don’t want to give too much away but I think she comes into her own as what it means to be a vampire.
The final half an hour of “True Blood” Season 6 really spun the show on its head. Will Season 7 have a return back to where it started?
I think it will be a combination of both because one thing I know that Bucky [Brian Buckner], the showrunner, really wants to do in this final season is to bring it back to what fans loved so much when the show first started, which was the relationships between vampires and humans, and the different layers of that. So I think that’s definitely going to play a big part in the final season. But it is the final season, so I think things are going to be spinning and whirling out of control as well.
Each season of the show has its own sort of social commentary. What do you think that is in Season 7?
The spread and the creation of this new virus, Hep-V, which is infecting all the vampires can represent many different things, but off the top of my head I think of AIDS because it’s incurable. I actually don’t know how the whole season’s going to end because we haven’t seen the final couple of episodes, which is exciting not knowing where it is going. I don’t quite know what the button’s going to be that’s going to end the whole series, but I think it’s going to bring up relevant issues like it has in the past.
With the fact that you don’t know how the show is going to end, does the cast theorize at all about what will happen those last three scripts?
For me, every time I had had an assumption or an idea of where I thought things were going to go, it went in a total different direction. So I have stopped myself from trying to make assumptions or trying to think about where I think everyone’s going to end up, because every time I have, it’s been wrong. And it’s kind of fun not knowing what’s going to happen, because it’s really similar to life where you don’t know what’s going to happen the next day or you don’t know what’s going to fall into your lap. It’s cool to get the scripts one at a time and [discuss], “What’s going to happen? Oh my God, I can’t believe that this is going down!” It’s very fun. It’s kind of like watching the episodes for the fans, I guess. That same type of anticipation.
We know Eric is going to come back this season, so can we expect his relationship with Willa to be just as complex as last year?
I’m not going to answer that question because I don’t want to give away anything about Eric. I know that he is one of the most popular characters on the show, and literally every time I have an interview, everybody asks about him. So I don’t want to say anything about that because I want people to be surprised.
How does the recently released promo for Season 7 serve as a representation for the season?
I think it’s a really good tease. It has some really cool moments. One of my favorites is of Karolina [Wydra], who plays Violet, with two stakes in each of her hands and her fangs are out and she just looks like she is about to attack somebody. I was excited when I saw it.
People keep comparing the Hep-V vampires to zombies. Do you view them as zombie-like creatures, or do you perceive them as something else?
I mean, they’re definitely really creepy looking. Any time there’s actors playing the Hep-V characters on set, it just looks so scary because of all of the veins and everything and the way that they’ve made them up. But I don’t really know, because “zombies” for me implies dead in the brain. Like, that’s just not working and you’re kind of a walking body. I don’t think that the Hep-V vamps, in my opinion, are like that.
Any other thoughts on the experience of shooting this final season?
I’m very excited that I get to be part of the end of such a special show and such an iconic show, and one that I have been a fan of since Season 1. To get to bring it home with all the characters and the actors that I have been watching for five years has been really, really cool, and definitely a huge privilege. I know that everyone is working their hardest to make this the best end for a show that it could possibly be, because everybody has loved working on it so much and they want to do it justice.Premiere Of HBO's "True Blood" Season 6 - Arrivals
There have been a few minor castings added to IMDb.
Arthur Darbinyan……………Nayat (ep.3)
Mike Moy………………Yokuza (ep.3)
Kellie Aiken……………..Young Republican Hostess (ep.5)
Kathleen M. Darcy……………Carpool Mom Vampire (ep.6)
Blah, blah, absolutely no idea what is going on at all this season, blah!
And the cast and crew have begun work on episode 8 this week.
From director, Jesse Warn
Sorry there is still no news to report about the man I know you all want to hear about, but hopefully all this suffering will be made worthwhile when he triumphantly returns to Bon Temps, sorts out their infected vampire problem, kicks lots of ass and sweeps some very lucky lady off her feet! I will continue to live in hope 🙂


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  1. Amelia Rose Blair (I love her name :)) doesn’t really say anything. No one is giving away anything. And tell me how showing Tara’s abusive dead parent is going to be relevant in tying up the story for us 😦 … For our sake, I really hope it is relevant and not just a filler scene between Eric sightings 🙂

    So Willa comes into her own. Does that mean she supports and becomes an asset to Eric? Or does that mean she takes off on an independent tangent and stirs up more pots?

    We reeaaallllyy don’t know, do we?

  2. Thanks for the share, Evie. 🙂 I think I heard somewhere that Alex’s stunt double allegedly said that he (the stunt double) is/was working on ep. 7×06, which, if true, probably means that Alex-as-Eric is in that episode.

    Amelia and Carrie seem to be HBO’s main spokespeople for TB s7 (at least for now).

    Maybe Tara’s abusive human father in her flashback might be meant to parallel Beel’s human father in HIS flashback. I genuinely feel for Tara, because she genuinely has had a difficult life, so IF Bucky all of a sudden decides that Beel had an abusive human father, maybe that might be a way for Bucky to try to force the audience to feel sorry for boring rapist Beel? (I won’t, obviously. 🙂 )

    There has been more speculation elsewhere that Eric gets infected with Hepatitis V. Amelia made the same parallel I did (Hepatitis V = the early days of AIDS). As has been speculated before, I wonder if fairy powers (specifically Sookie’s that I think she’ll throw away) might be the cure for Hepatitis V (Sookie cures Eric?). I heard that Eric gets Hepatitis D in the TB comic books. I don’t know if he’s cured there. If this is true, with Alex’s Tarzan body, I don’t know how they can convincingly make Eric look sick.

    I will never care about Jason’s latest rapist Violet. I think maybe Violet was brought in to make Jessica look “good,” or not as bad. Exactly like how Warlow was brought in to make Beel look “good” or not as bad. There is speculation that Violet could be Beel’s vampire “aunt” or some other sort of vampire “relative.” If that’s the case, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. 😦 The writers “gave” Willa to Eric, so they’re “giving” Violet to Beel? (The writers “gave” Nora to Eric, so they “gave” Salome to Beel.)

    I wonder why so many of the s5/s6/s7 female vamps kinda sorta look alike: dark long hair, white, etc. Nora, Salome, Willa, Violet…

    I still think the show will end almost exactly like DEA/AD.

    I have this feeling that the writers might be using Willa to retcon Eric as a bad, irresponsible, selfish maker, when that’s not who he is AT ALL. They seemed to me to be setting that up last season. 😦 Eric “used” Willa as the biggest “pawn” with Burrell/Vamp Camp? Eric “tricking” Willa into becoming a vampire for his own purposes? That rapey scene when Willa and Eric first meet, when that’s not who he is? Eric abandoning Willa and everyone and everything to read a book? I just don’t have a good feeling about this.

    This fan no longer has anticipation for each new episode. More like dread. 🙂

    Nice “save” trying to get away from the zombie/Walking Dead comparisons, Amelia. 🙂 (Please know that I’m not saying that to be mean to Amelia.)

    Is Jesse Warn ANOTHER new director?

    Evie, I LOVE your final paragraph. Live in hope for me too, okay? I need it. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Take care.

    • Sookieandericare1trueluv,
      I saw another fan pic of Alex (Eric looks like creepy cool with glowing eyes) when they were shootint the “fight” scene,but I noticed there’s a spot on his chest and I thought it is a bullet wound at 1st….But When you guys gets concern that he is effected by Hep V, so I did some investigating on my own. I checked the pic out with my Picart app, I zoomed in the spot and cropped the pic out. I took a close look at it. I think Jolie is right and I don’t think it’s Hep V, but it looks more like a burn or scar than the bullet wound. Probably he got burn from something’s silver. Or it possible could be a big scar that left on his body after he was recovering from his burns from his sunbathing.

      I thought about the scene from season 4 finale when Eric got burn on the stake along with douchbag. Probably his scars looks like the burns from season 4 finale after he sunbathed in the dreadful season 6 finale.

      I don’t think he’s affected by Hep V. I really hope not he’s affected.

      • I meant “shooting “

        • Hello again, Shelli. 🙂 The picture a few months ago of Alex with the ballerina, I don’t think is connected to TB. IIRC, it was taken in San Francisco when Alex was shooting Diary of a Teenage Girl. I think Alex just happened to be visiting the ballet, someone snapped the pic of him with the ballerina, and there you go. I wouldn’t put it past Bucky/the current writers to make Eric a clown and send him to the zoo (lol), but there’s probably nothing more to it than that.

          I too do not find boring rapist vampires like Bill to be “sexy.” All the retconning in the world will never force me to be interested in Bill.

          I don’t know if you have seen a new pic of Alex on the set that is floating around the Internet. I believe it is on the Eric and Sookie Lovers Twitter. I think it is a fan pic. The picture seems to give away a major plot point about Eric. I am proud to say I didn’t let it phase me. 🙂 I let it out, and then I let it go, let it go… 🙂

          I speculate that Eric has Hepatitis-V. I am prepared for his True Death. I am prepared for him to be grossly retconned. I am prepared for anything.

          Take care. 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • YES sookieandericaretheonetruelove I saw that picture off Alex with a fan and it seems that Eric has been infected with Hep-V I’m PISSED OFF this should be happening to Mr Bill Compton but as youmentioned I’m prepared to any crap HBO will throw to us fans I WILL NOT BE WATCHING TB this summer but I feel sorry for those who will be watching and honestly we Eric fans expect more from the show!!! I mean we knew that Eric/Sookie endgame wasn’t GONNA HAPPEN BUT NOW THIS !?I hope there more to this but I doubt it Take care everybody…

          • Yeah, this is why I have no intention of watching. Setting him on fire was the last straw for me, I won’t watch him meet the final death. It’s the last season, so they really don’t care about what we want, not that they ever have much before. I’m just done.

          • Me too, Tammy. It is really sad that such a wonderful character is disgarded and treated the way he has been. Harris practically put him into slavery and degraded him as much as possible while making rapist Beehl out to be a saint and the show has never done right by Eric. Nonetheless, Alexander has made everyone take notice of Eric Northman whether the writers wanted them to or not and they still do not do him justice. I am done also. Last year our Viking was thrown in the dirt by Harris and then again by Buckner so I cannot watch it for a 3rd time.

  3. Thanks for your posting this Evie. I really don’t anything to add but to say that I think it stinks that they are purposely withholding info on Eric to make all of his fans (the majority of TB fans) miserable. Since we don’t have any info to speculate on, I personally can’t think of a thing to say except I totally agree with your last paragraph too!! I will watch the whole season regardless since I’ve invested this many years into this program.

  4. I really enjoyed the interview. I think we will get a father-daughter relationship with Eric and Willa. I got feeling that Willa will get mad at him at 1st;because he and Pam wasn’t there for her and Tara, and she don’t want to live through like her father again. But I think Eric starts feels guilty and do something to make up for her as being a good maker. 🙂

    Thinking of Tara, I remembered the casting calls for them as they were little for ep 1. Maybe Sookie’s talking to Willa about they used to have abusive fathers when they were young….Or possibly the flashback could be newest sign of symptoms for Hep V….I think this mutation strain could effecting their memories by eating their brain

    I known this sounds stupid, I don’t known you like clowns or not. I could see Brian Buckner makes Eric joins a traveling circus by dress up as a clown in the beginning of the season. I don’t known Eric like clowns or not,but all I known Alex took some ballet lessons (probably for doing that)…. I known a lot of shows’re doing circus theme like Grimm, Heroes, AHS, etc; and I like this show called Freak show. I think it started with Circus De la thing. I think it would be cool that it’s happening….I remembered I read this manga and the main character is on run and disguised himself as a clown. Probably they will do that with Eric, I think Eric would be great, adorable funny. I would luv to see Eric interact when Pam recognizes him as a clown. That would be funny. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I think Violet’s charging at Eric,but I hope Pam or Jason stakes her. I believe she’s going to be the semi-boss in mid-season (like I mentioned),because we don’t known more about her background. Probably she could be a female version of Russell or she’s 1 of his progenies.

    I saw the pic that Kellie Aiken posted a pic of her with douchbag yesterday on Facebook. I think she already did her scene. But it made me sick that she said that he is “sexy vamp” . But I don’t think he’s “hot, I think he is most disgusting vamp on face of the planet.

    I really hope Eric is ok, because I saw the pic of blood on his chair and It looks it isn’t good. 😦 I known he is in ep 7,probably he’s tracking down Sarah Newlin. I really hope he’s in last 3 Ep s.

  5. Thank you for posting this. I hate to be a downer, but I don’t think I am going to resub to HBO for this. If I am wrong (and I really hope I am!), I can buy the last season when the DVD comes out. But reading all of the interviews, etc., it doesn’t sound like there will be much Eric at all and what other content that has been mentioned has not appealed to
    me at all. Like Hep V vamps, citizens having their own vamp so the vamp won’t get hep V and Beehl and Tara having flashbacks. We can only hope Beehl’s is as he is dying from Hep V (*giggle*). But after the DEA book, last season with Eric burning and Sookie ending up with Alcide, I really think the writer’s are jerking our chains and we are going to be disappointed yet again. I will definitely stay in touch here in case I am wrong.


    Do you see darkening veins? This picture was posted 16 hours ago.

    • Sakshi-Thank you for sharing this link/pic with us. 🙂 This is the picture I was talking about when I posted earlier. Those are definitely Hepatitis V veins. HBO want us to know this plot “twist” and talk about it online (your wish has been granted). My guess for now: the cure is Sookie getting rid of her fairy powers. I feel it’s HBO’s/Buckner’s way to force the audience to “care” about the Hepatitis V story and to stick it to the Eric fans and remaining Sooric shippers one last time.

      • Hi Sookieandericarethe1trueluv 🙂
        I remembered I theorized awhile that Eric become human after he cures and Sookie’ll use her faery ball on the faeries to save him at the end. I heard there’s faeries will play a huge part at the end of the season on Facebook. As I mentioned I did painting while back that I should imagine how it would end,but most of predictions didn’t become true that I thought and why I would thought…. All my hope and my dreams is crush now, I don’t known what I believe now….I am fear now that Sookie’s going to use her faery ball on(I really hope not), that’s I afriad of. 😦

  7. Our poor baby 😦 the only one who can maybe save him is Sookie… if he dies I hope she will be by his side.
    Hope we have him until the last episode no matter what happens

  8. All I’ve been doing for the last four season’s is hoping! I will watch til the end. I will just be HOPING to not be to disappointed in the end.

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