Alex & Kristin on Location


Alexander Skarsgard has been back out filming True Blood Season 7 on location in Los Angeles, along with co-star Kristin Bauer Van Straten.

The 2 actors were joined on set by show-runner Brian Buckner and writer Kate Barrow, and it is believed they were shooting interior scenes for episode 7.

Eric and his progeny Pam were together at a house in the suburbs.

The photos below are from Skarsgardfans who had permission to post them by C Estrada, so big thanks to both for sharing.


Episode 7 and Eric Northman is still in the building, fingers crossed they keep him there for the final 3.



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4 comments on “Alex & Kristin on Location

  1. Thanks Evie! I’m truly happy to see and hear that Eric is still in it at episode 7. I totally agree with you and hopes he makes it thru all of the rest eppys all the way to the end too. It’s starting to give me hope that he won’t be ignored in the end. I don’t care who he’s with at the end, just let him fly off into the sunset and I’ll be happy.

  2. Thanks for the share, Evie. 🙂 And, of course, thanks to Skarsgardfans and C. Estrada for taking the pics and sharing them. There seems to be something VERY revealing about Eric in that Alex pic, and I think HBO want us to know that. That pic with Alex is the pic I was talking about earlier (I think Eric & Sookie Lovers Twitter may have posted it earlier?). I believe Kate Barrow wrote “Radioactive,” 😦 , which I STILL have not been able to bring myself to stomach (other than Alex’s 52 seconds). It is what it is. 🙂

  3. So Eric is still there . Thank you Jesus .. Tanks for posting everyone . I can’t wait now to see the new season .

  4. We know for sure that Alex is in episode 3 and 7. I really hope we get more than that! Opps! I just said hope!

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