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Special thanks today to brushfirefairy on Instagram, who has given Trubies a heads up that HBO are to air a True Blood Farewell Show on Sunday June 15th, at 8.15pm ET.


As more details about this are released by HBO we will pass them on, but most probably it will involve the core cast getting all together on set for us one last time.

As one of the fans who is still not ready to say goodbye, I admit to feeling a bit of a lump in my throat when I first saw this, but the farewell is coming and all I can do is hope that it’s an epic one!

This could be a gif I use a lot over the next 4 months or so………..





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15 comments on “True Blood Farewell Show

  1. I’m dreading it and ready to get it over on the other hand. My vow is to never get so caught up in another TV show or TV couple as I did with True Blood.
    Of course somewhere deep down, I still have that hope they’ll end up together, but I’m trying to ignore it!
    Thanks for the heads up

  2. First of all, thanks for letting us know about the special, I feel like trubie35 and most definitely know I will not get involved with another show and its’ characters as I did with TB. I should just know better with anything Allen Ball writes that he does not like his characters to not be in relationships without a lot of angst (look at SFU, I was into Nate and Brenda too and that was another fractured love affair).

    I do know that the one thing TB did for me is make me turn against anything Ball turns out, I haven’t and won’t watch his Showtime series or anything he puts out on TV or film ever again. Kinda like I won’t ever read another story by CH either!!! I say live and learn.

    Just lets’ get through this final season together and support one another. I know I will miss Eric horribly and hope that Alexs’ legendary legacy lives on for a long, long time and he has a very successful film career so that we can continue to get our Alex fix on a frequent basis. Who knows, since all the big(ger) stars are now doing TV, he may pick up another role in this medium again too.

  3. Thanks Evie for posting this I totally agree with Trubie35 and redthang914 . I just know I wish all the best for Alexander’s career and I will be watching everything that he will be doing in near future Take care everybody

  4. The way HBO and the producers of True Blood have treated Alex in General and the Eric character in particular I am not even going to watch the final season just as I didn’t read book 13. I’m sure I can catch the Eric/Pam/ parts on YouTube. I will never quite understand why the Ex Producer AB (even though he was not involved in either last season nor this final season he is still Executive Producer so still has the final say) thought a boring character like Bill was so appealing. Over the years the only real interesting characters on the show were the Northman Clan and La La.

  5. I edont’ want to beleive that this show is ending.
    But i have to face facts that this show is coming to an end.
    I can only blame one person and that’s Alan Ball.
    He screwed the adaptation of the books,added chracters we didn’t need.
    The only characters that I had any interest in seeing were Sookie Stackhouse,
    jason Stackhouse,Arlene/Terry, Eric Northman & Pam, and Sam &LaFayette.
    I also loved Jessica,Tara,Nora & Alcide.

    Didn’t need to see/hear Bill Compton,Sophie Anne, Hadley, Steve Newlin

  6. I’ll only miss the show for the fact that I will miss Eric, Pam and Lafayette. Bill dropped out of focus in the books but for some reason AB felt the need to keep him on as a very main role…it only proved to ruin 75% of an hour show each week for me. Bill is such a boring character and even his history is boring to me. Yet there was so much focus on him and his lack of passion or loyalty to anything. Bleh!

    I will watch this season for the Northman group but that’s it. At least Alex’s career really grew from this, I’ll enjoy following his work in the future.

  7. ‘m going to miss out the final season (because Eric will might get a tragic ending (I really hope not) 😦 and “Billy luv Sookie” cr*p),but I am going to miss the old time of True Blood.

    I am really certern about Eric’s faith right now. I known he survived from the sunbathing scene, but I am really worry about black veins on his chest. I don’t known how he gets them. He got effected from that Sylvie girl????!! Or he got it from Tara’s mom when he tries to preventing Pam’s killing her to revenge on her progeny???!… I don’t known what’ll happen to his faith in Either way; A.) he will might end up like book Sam by Sookie curing him but make him human instead killing him like Sookie used that device on Sam in the books, or B.) Sookie ends up killing him by wasting her freaking faery ball (I would hate to see that happen. 😦 ). That’s my biggest fear I believe would might true. 😦 😦 😦

    I’m really happy Alex finally moving on with his life. I am really looking to forward The Giver and Tarzan am glad he got a leading role as Tarzan and I would luv to see him in a marvel superhero movie as playing Moon Knight (he’s a marvel version of Batman). I don’t mind he’ll provide a voice of Disney animated character or starring a comedy movie or even an action movie. Let wish him luck. 😉

    You guys are very supportive and freewill people. I really hope you guys continue on work at Eric and Sookie Lovers after True Blood over. I has been here since the end of season 3. I also would luv to see you guys change your name to Viking lovers. 😀

  8. Thanks for the share, Evie (and thanks to brushfirefairy for the original share). My fellow posters here pretty much summed up my feelings about True Blood (which I myself have shared at ESL numerous times). When this special airs, maybe ESL could report what is in it, so I will know without watching it? LOL. I don’t know that I am done as a consumer with Alan Ball, but he’s kind of been on a time-out with me since DEA Spoilergate. I am definitely done with Charlaine Harris, and if I hear someday that Brian Buckner has been allowed to be the showrunner for another TV series, I will run screaming in the exact opposite direction. I agree with all of us continuing to support each other no matter what the outcome of TB turns out to be. Anna-as-Sookie and Alex-as-Eric should have been the main focus of TB. Alex and Anna had some of the best on-screen chemistry I have ever seen. What could have been…I agree with Redthang914 that Alex has a “legendary legacy” career-wise and I’m sure that all of us as audience members will continue to support his projects. Like Shelli, I look forward to The Giver and Tarzan (as well as Hidden and Diary of a Teenage Girl). I agree with everyone who couldn’t care less about Boring Rapist Beel Compton, who I am sure will continue to always get away with his evil deeds and will always be given more and more power. Take care, everyone. 🙂

  9. I am with you Evie. I am so not ready to say good bye to True Blood either. What am I going to do with my Sunday nights now?

  10. Do you think Alexander Skarsgard will be let out of his media exile (or come out willingly if self-imposed) for this “special” or will he be kept or stay away? I’m still undecided about the whole thing and am not interested in seeing what they consider the “core” cast rehashing things that either disgusted me or ticked me off royally over the years if my favorite characters and scenes are shelved in favor of the Bill & Sookie show for the whole broadcast! Since this special is set to air before the premiere I am very curious whether he will even be included. I sure do miss seeing him! I did find it curious that about the only “leak” regarding him was the suspicious pic with the black veins….ooops, right? Also curious that the next day Anna and Stephen are suddenly on twitter selling their love story for all it’s worth. Let me say that I am very happy they have found love in their personal lives and really mean that, but it felt a bit staged to me. I AM very jaded when it comes to this show but can still separate the personal lives of the actors from the characters they portray. I wonder if the cast and showrunners do?

  11. For me, I think 7 seasons is a damn good run and everyone involved should be proud. I will miss the show but in a ‘what it could have been’ sort of way. I will forever maintain that True Blood COULD have been EPIC if only they had not gone off on 12 different tangents and lost focus. They went off the rails with stupid useless storylines and trying to make a character more than he should have been. It really saddens me that they had all the material to blow fans out of the water with Bill NOT being the good guy all along and they blew it. It would have made for great TV.

    I will mourn the ‘what could have been’ and love the hell out of my Viking!

    • Nymerias-I will respond to your last two replies with one reply myself. Two birds, one stone. I’m efficient (lol). 🙂

      First-I don’t have a Twitter. I’m a little long-winded 🙂 , and anyway, I’m still getting used to the participating-online thing. I’m not tech-illiterate, but I’m not a tech-genius quite yet. But I do read Tweets regularly. I don’t “do” Instagram unless there’s a link to something someone posted there on another site. I would pay VERY close attention if Alex joins Twitter 🙂 , but, like you, I don’t expect him to do so.

      Second-ITA with you 100% that I, too, will miss TB in a “what could have been” way. I already do. They COULD have had it where Bill was the One True Big Bad all along (as someone elsewhere referred to him). That WOULD have been fascinating to watch. I THOUGHT that was where they were organically going. I always thought Stephen gave his best performances when Bill was allowed to be his true evil self and the writers didn’t have Bill do the boring fake lovey-dovey abusers-are-people-too crap. We all know the True Blood deck is probably stacked firmly in Bill Compton’s favor. Perhaps the Paquin/Moyer/HBO production deal is another sign of that. Or not.

      I LOVE Eric Northman! ❤

      Happy Mother's Day to the good mothers and future good mothers, here and everywhere. 🙂

      • I thought that is where they were going as well because all the signs were there and it is a pity they did not and will not go there. SM plays it well, too bad they ruined his character!

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