New Images From “The Giver”

The Giver

New images from Alexander Skarsgård’s movie, “The Giver” have been released! One of them features a certain someone we’re all VERY familiar with!

@thegivermovie on Twitter shared these pics for us to see! Tweeting the one with Alex and Katie Holmes as this;

Check ’em out below!



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Don’t forget…“The Giver” will be out in theaters on August 15th!

Thoughts? Please share yours below!


5 comments on “New Images From “The Giver”

  1. Thanks for posting this Erika. I’ve seen this pic already on FB and I will say the same thing here as I did there. I can’t believe how shortening and dying Alexs hair can make him look so much younger, but he even looks too young to be with Katie Holmes who plays his wife/Mother in the movie and he certainly looks too young to be the Father of someone as old as the young man who plays the receiver (forgive me for not knowing the names of the characters, but I haven’t had time to read the book just yet). Unless the children aren’t conceived the old fashioned why, then I guess its’ different. Not sure about this movie, if I do decide to see it in a theater after reading a bunch of reviews and seeing if Alex has enough screentime to make it worth the price of an expensive theater ticket, otherwise, I might just wait until it comes to Redbox etc. Being retired living on a fixed income does have its slight challenges………LOL. I’ve even gotten to smuggling in water and candy from the outside to the movies, as I cannot see paying the price they want for a fountain drink and popcorn……..

    It all remains to be seen. Just like True Blood thats’ up and coming in a few weeks, I’m still debating if I want to watch it or maybe just DVR it and see what everyone thinks before I even try and watch it, thus maybe eliminating some of the stress of watching a show and wondering when our beloved Viking is going to meet the final death (notice I said when not if, cause I saw that fan pic of Eric with the black veins on his chest and that did not make me a happy camper at all!!).

    To all the ladies who are or hope to be Mothers, my wish for all of you is to have a wonderful Mothers Day tomorrow and to enjoy your day and family!!!!!

    • I STILL haven’t read my copy of The Giver. I promise myself that I will before I see the film. I know that the filmmakers have taken some liberties with the book (with Lois Lowry’s blessing, from my understanding, since she is featured in the promotion of the film).

      Redthang914-Regarding Alex playing the Father of the main character Jonas-if this plot point is the same in the film as it is in the book, that won’t matter IMO (I hope I’m not spoiling a potential plot point here; if I am, please correct my comments, delete them, etc.). And, Redthang, I HIGHLY doubt you are the only person who brings his/her own drinks and snacks to the movies. Just sayin’. 😉

      I will definitely see The Giver as soon as I am able. While Alex’s performance in the film is my main motivating factor, I also want to see Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep. Not to mention, the subject matter is very interesting to me. I’m in. 🙂

  2. I’m going to try & wait wherever the NY premier hoping to meet Alex

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