True Blood New Promo and Episode 3 Title Revealed


Well… we must be getting closer to the final season as we are starting to be given crumbs from the @TrueBloodHBO account on Twitter. Or drops of blood (less then the ration the inmates were given at Vamp Camp).

HBO took advantage to air a new promo for True Blood before this weeks premiere movie “Fast and Furious 6”. If you weren’t able to catch it on your tv, no worries… for it was shared quickly out into Twitterverse by the aforementioned Twitter account for the show.

Check it out below…


Annnnnnd…. I’m just gonna say it… there was no Eric yet again. Though we did have another shot of Pam that we didn’t see before.

As for the rest of it, my reaction is still “There is no Eric… so….” vs “Oh God… old BS… footage”.

While it was good to see some new footage, I’m rubbed raw by how they are promoting this whole final season. One, I get that they are pushing Anna and Stephan… especially since they have inked the deal to produce projects for HBO. But, as Nymerias keeps quoting at me from Andy in the promo

“Ain’t nothing in this world can make right for what you did to me and my family!”

OK I am done… for the moment.

In other True Blood news, the folks at SpoilerTV got the jump on sharing the title for Season 7’s Episode 3…


Drum roll please…

Episode 3 will be called:

“Fire in the Hole”

TB ep 3



Thank you SpoilerTV as always.

Till next time Chickadees…


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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

20 comments on “True Blood New Promo and Episode 3 Title Revealed

  1. Hey you know that line was going to stick out to me! Finally someone has some sense on this show, too bad it does not stick!

  2. Yep I agree with you B. To me it’s ridiculous as far as their Promos go. I mean why all the old footage of the beginning? I think it’s because they really don’t have that much new plot lines to show us. Yeah, that BS with Sookie and Bill about his blood lasting in her forever?? What a crock of BS. But then again, we knew from the beginning AB wanted Sookie and Bill together all along. I just can’t believe no Eric again, I guess we’ll just have to wait for the start of the season.

  3. I can’t even be bothered to watch the trailer, I’m just so done with this show. I’ll come in here to see what everyone else thinks, but that’s about it.

  4. Attention Eric Northman fans……exit stage right…nothing to see here 😫

  5. Thanks B! Is it just me who finds the new episode title more interesting than the promo? LOL “Fire In The Hole”…let me guess. There’s going to be a fire and they’re going to start it to draw someone out? LOL

    Wow…that’s disappointing to not see any sign of Eric AT ALL. 😦 I’m convinced they will drag out his fate for as long as possible. Why is Sookie blaming herself for everything that’s happening? It looks like she’s still together with Alcide…and Bill seems to be a good guy once again. UGH! WTF?

  6. Guys, I known you guys thought you haven’t seen Eric anywhere in preview,but I did saw the glimpse of him in the preview (when Douchbag talking to him that it isn’t safe for him).

    I always believe HBO think those couple are the sale-out to them. I meant Anna and Steve. Who care about “Billy luv Sookie” cr*p. I wish they skipped their luv-making part. Please,no one want to see them to do it on the national tv. They need to do their luv-making at home. Eww I think that’s gross.

    At least Alcide won’t be in the rest of season,because there’s no sign of Joe anywhere when they’re finishing to filming True Blood. That’s good thing that Alcide is out of the pic in the rest of season,that which means that they are going to back the original triangle with Eric/Douchbag/Sookie in the rest of season. As long they’re doing True Blood with Alex as Eric,I am good about it.

    When I saw the preview, Douchbag always gives me a creep when I looks at him. I freaking can’t stand sicko. I have a funny feeling however he related to Sookie, I meant he could be her long-lost relative…..Because I believe the contract dated back where the time he born, I believe his dad’s actaully Niall’s son who signed the contract with Warlow and Compton is actaully his mother’s maiden name. Probably Eric will tell Sookie the truth that she and Balfour related and when he dug info from Warlow(that would make Sookie sick in her stomach).

    I heard Eric and Pam’s trustworthy Dr. Lugwig is back for the final season. I would luv to see Niall and her hook up, that would be hilraous. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Hi Everyone….I am disappointed like all of us about not seeing Eric in he promo but not surprised these idiots think it is good suspense in keeping the fans unsure of his survival or not …stupid! Shelli I agree with you that I believe Alcide will die this season as well….Bill I hope will die in the finale but of course he and Sookie will get together before he does and it is disgusting to look at.

  8. HBO people have taken a huge risk in not showing Eric in any promo they have released. May the force be with them … Because the huge f****ing population of Eric fans who have made the show a huge f****ing success are not happy. And without that particular population, The show is going to tank… Big time…

    What are they thinking?

  9. To me, the lack of Eric is just part of the buildup for his return. They are purposefully leaving him out and not because they don’t like him or are trying to snub him or think he’s unimportant! I think they want his return to be huge and they don’t want any of his storyline revealed.
    I’m sure there are plenty of people who don’t scour the internet to know that he’s actually back at work and they really think he won’t be back, which is not happening.

    • I agree, they do realise Eric’s importance and that is partly why they are doing this. They want his return to be a big surprise, and it better be, it better be epic after all this crap. You are right that a lot of people will only see these promos and won’t know he has been a regular on set, and think he is not going to be involved and be very happily delighted when he comes back.

      I get all that, and I would be ok with it if it wasn’t the final season. This is his final summer then they are taking him away from us forever. They need to let us enjoy his awesomeness before it is gone. Is he not going to do interviews or photo-shoots? That would really suck! I just can’t see how they can keep this going up to premiere date. Of course if he has an epic final season I will forgive them as that will be my abiding memory and all this angst I’m currently feeling will be forgotten. It better be great Mr Buckner and it better be Viking!

  10. I agree with everyone. If Eric’s storyline is not epic then what is the point. I wish I could forgive the TB writers but I can’t. Not only did they mess with Eric, but they wrote out Pam & Tara’s love scenes, left Jason with abusive Violet, decided to kill off Sam’s girlfriend we did like for him to jump in bed with a girl no one likes, Jessica should have been with Jason but instead they had her with vamp boy who is not even going to be on this season, and don’t get me started on Sookie-Bill-Alcide triangle. Yuck Yuck Yuck! Unforgivable! If I could wretch on WP, I would be wretching still. I got my heart ripped out last season and I am not hopeful about this season at all…

    • James will be there this season, it’s just a different actor. I never really cared much for Jessica and Jason, but this show has ruined all of my ships. I have no trust in these writers, never have.

  11. I agree with the most of you…Eric’s story line is well hidden and I think they will make us happy at the end – not in terms of E?S 😦 but the story will be satisfactory to the fans…it must be!!They know how much Eric is loved and I am hoping he will stay alive and cool with his family.
    Yes I also think Alcide is gone and probably Tara…I hope somebody stakes Violet and fast! They seem to be redeeming Jessica as well as Bill – zzzzzzz
    I hated all Bill&Sookie build up – do you love him ….whatever…Eric is forgotten and with Alcide in the picture there is really no point for them going back to E/S story..I think that scene last season, Girl in the white dress was the closure ..I only wished they kissed there and I would be happy.
    When Tarzan starts filming?? I really hope AS will be in TB all the way to the end – fingers x
    Also do we know if Eric was filming with Sookie – more than that one scene we know about (them going to Fangtasia?). Really hope they will wrap their relationship well. (better than book in any case)

  12. the clip at 0:40 makes me think the hepv vampires are staying at fangtasia and i think Eric is going to come back and straight away have to kick them out.
    I’m not worried about them not showing us any Eric clips, they’re being very tight lipped on any information about him, we know he is going to be back anyway.

    As for the Bill/Sookie scenes UGH, what a surprise.
    I don’t get why the bon temps residents would blame Sookie for the HepV vampires attacking, maybe because she smells so nice to vampires? I don’t know.

  13. I’m liking what I’m seeing so far…..and I want Sookie to end up with Eric.
    It’s her destiny.

  14. Daaaamn!! Can’t they throw us a bone and show at least Eric’s shirt, arm, hair…anything. wtf!

  15. Thanks, B. 🙂

    HBO: Those of us who are paying attention have known for quite a while now that Alexander Skarsgard is coming back for season seven as a “series regular,” whatever that means. You’re not fooling anyone. 🙂

    Stepford Sookie + Seal Sex Sam = The Sequel? Controversy, HBO. That’s the predictable TV/book cliche now. DEA. Maybe people will get so “mad,” TB and HBO will trend on Twitter again. How I Met Your Mother. Dexter. The Vampire Diaries. The Good Wife. Downton Abbey. HBO’s own Game of Thrones rape. Scandal. Homeland. House of Cards. Nashville. Teen Wolf. Person of Interest. Sons of Anarchy. The Walking Dead. EW’s Melissa Maerz “The Thrones Effect” essay spells it out. Killing off main characters has become the norm (not to mention, deliberately doing things you know the majority of your audience won’t like). People pay for entertainment to BE entertained. Not to come away feeling like they have been played for years as some sort of experiment to make ca$h and for the “PTB” to feel powerful, like they have pulled an elaborate con on the “little people.”

  16. Okay that was disappointing, no Eric. I wonder if they borrowed some writers from the Walking Dead ? With all the books to choose plots from, it’s a shame they could not come up with something better to film than zombies. Really?

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