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No your eyes are not deceiving you, you are seeing what you are seeing or not seeing as the case may be! I have been having a little problem with my laptop computer (still an ongoing problem) and wouldn’t you know it ties in with True Blood!

It seems that I have am having trouble with the letter ‘E’ on my laptop (this is no joking matter I am dead serious) and it is the strangest thing. One minute it works and is there but the nxt it is compltly missing in the words I type.Theeeeeen the neeeeeext it giveeeeees meeeeee too many. It reminded me of the lack of Eric we have been getting for the final season promos. Oh,there he is in all his glory YAH! OMG, now where did he go? Quit appearing and disappearing, your driving me crazy!


We have all been wondering what Eric’s fate is and what this final season will bring. We know Alex has been filming and that is a good thing, seeing as how hush hush the powers that be have been about his storyline. Fine, be secretive if you want, that is all well and good but this is not how you get what you know to be a major fan base interested in the final season. Interest as it stands right now is skating on thin ice. Here is the gist of my opinion on this matter.

It is piss poor marketing IMO. If I am trying to sell a product, I go with my best,lead with it and give my BEST the BEST within that final product. I don’t sit him on the bench for most of a seven game series and only bring him out in the final seconds of game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals and expect to capture Lord Stanley in all his glory. He has to be used to his full potential and given the most ice time, in a manner of speaking. In my circles and in the clubs I hang out, that player is Eric so give him something good that can be appreciated by fans. In my view, Eric has always received the short end of the stick in the good guy department.

Bottom line is that ERIC sells this show for me, HE is the draw and if after pimping him out (which they are barely doing as they have done in the past) he is NOT a major player in the game (final season) all the powers that be would succeed is doing is ticking off their major fan base for misleading them. I won’t be suckered in again. I would rather sit on the bench with Eric, not caring if they win the Stanley Cup at all. You can’t stick BABY, I mean Eric, in a corner and only bring him out in a last ditch effort to win the game ( read win audience over) and then proceed to give the game winning goal to a mediocre player who did not even assist in said goal.

With that being said, I would like True Blood to go out with a bang and hold Lord Stanley’s Cup high above their heads, proud of their achievements and for giving their fans a great final ten episode season rather than leaving them with a WTF did I just watch feeling?

That remains to be seen but put me in coach, I’m ready to play. I tried to make this post funny and it started out that way with the telling of my letter E problem but then I got down to business and it got serious. Teach me to try and be funny huh? By the way, I do have a serious issue with this particular letter working only when it wants to and I thought to myself why do two of my favorite fictional characters have to start with the most used vowel out there? Why couldn’t it be the letter Q I am having problems with. One of my typing fingers are sore having to slam on the E button! Off to ice my finger!

Authors Note: NO keyboard letters were harmed during the making of this post, trying to get one letter to cooperate,just a finger! Yeah, I know I am not funny! Until next time!


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I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these2 two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

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  1. Thank you Nymerias for your fangtastic post. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every word. No truer words were ever spoken and I just wanted you to know I agree with you 150% on your above thoughts. Only a few short weeks until we see what they are doing to this finale and, of course, how they are going to screw it up, just like the last two previous years. But I promised, B that I would think positive and maintain my Eric mantra of “The Viking lives”, so I hope I can maintain my strength and courage to watch throughout this “strangely promoted” final season.

  2. Let’s face it – the real issue here is no how much and in what way Eric will feature in this final season. No, the BIGGER issue is that what should have gone down in history as an all time great show will be remembered as the crock of shit that it has become. Absurd story lines zero character development of the main female protagonist and justification of pure evil deeds of the male lead. I rewatched the last season again and it was just as awful as I remember – this last season will be diabolical like the last one and Sookie will end up with user and abuser Bill forgiving him for everything because she lerves him soooo much. I will watch because I am fascinated to see just how crap the producers are going to finish the series. True Blood should have been a classic instead of the steaming pile of shit it will be remembered as being. For those of you longing to see how fantastic Eric will be if he gets any screen time I wouldn’t get your hopes up. However good an actor he may be AS cannot save this poor excuse for TV Drama.

    • I agree about the Billshit and how he can do no wrong. This has actually been ONE of the major downfalls of the show. It is why I mentioned Eric not getting the game winning goal with it being given to Bill. It is the major reason why TB went wrong.

    • I have been saying this for years now. What a shame it could have been so great! They just threw it away. Just like a certain author who shall not be named.

  3. Totally hearing you lady…..
    TrueBlood should be allowed to “Go out on TOP”
    Praying that the Rangers beat everyone else and that they hoist
    Lord Stanley’s Cup over their heads again…..
    It’s been too long since the last time they did it!!!

  4. Again, I am the person in the corner lurking and patiently waiting for the “whole” story to be told. Its been many years in the making but it will be told. As Gran said in the recent promo video, “everything is for a reason and it will all make sense”.

    I suppose to the casual viewers or perhaps the less patient “True Blood” has and continues to go down the tubes and hit rock bottom. I see this mantra all over the internet. The dissenters (raises hands), know that Alan Ball had a vision. A vision that was so perfectly conceived that CH should wish her story was like his. I still believe TB to be one of the best conceived shows in recent memory. Yeah, there are plenty of others but not in this genre of horror/fantasy/vampires shows. His verbiage about being organically written and seeing what the actors could do was just horse sh*t. He knows it. I know it. But very few viewers know it. They still quote Alan Ball’s famous comment about “soul mates”. I continue to believe they are soul mates but not in the way most viewers believe. Soul mates like redemption perhaps. Everything on TB is for a reason. Sets, costumes, dialogue has all been precisely pieced together a finely woven quilt to tell the story. The clues have been there since the beginning.

    I think sometimes we get emotionally caught up in the moment with our characters or with our favorite character, Eric and forget the voyage. TB is the voyage of Eric, Bill and Sookie’s characters. Sure they are not the voyage that we want to see but its full steam ahead now to the conclusion.

    Our ” 3 star crossed” lovers according to HBO’s website, will end their voyage. Most viewers are already concluding that Alcide is the third prong in this voyage because of the promos. Sorry, Alcide you are not part of the voyage. You were a mere island in the voyage. A respite of sorts from the vampire mania of the previous seasons but you will be set to sea. You are a loner always. You have shown us time and time again you are not trustworthy and not worthy of Sookie’s love. Despite your passionate speeches about love (after leaving Debbie’s bed), and trying to get Sookie’s pants off while she is drunk and in no condition to make decisions. Yeah, once a dog always a dog.

    So back to True Blood, once again Bon Temps is the center. We are to get flashbacks to Bon Temps prior to Bill Compton’s being made vampire. Teases of past seasons with Adele telling Sookie everything is for a reason. I think the clues are there. The true Bill Compton will finally be revealed for who and what he truly is. Sookie will finally be released from her “bad blood” induced haze. She will finally realize all that Bill Compton has not only done to her but all the inhabitants of Bon Temps. Its not Sookie’s fault for the Hep V vampires/vampires that inhabit Bon Temps but Bill’s fault. I think there will be a lot of revelations that will felt in Season 7.

    So Eric, oh Eric where art thou? Recently, released episode title “Fire Down the Hole” suggests that Eric has not only been wrestling with his recovery from burning but also with his existence on Earth. What is his place in the scheme of life?

    “Fire In The Hole”

    I decline
    To walk the line
    They tell me that I’m lazy
    Worldly wise
    I realize
    That everybody’s crazy
    A woman’s voice reminds me
    To serve and not to speak
    Am I myself or just another freak

    Don’t you know
    There’s fire in the hole
    And nothing left to burn
    I’d like to run out now
    There’s nowhere left to turn

    With a cough
    I shake it off
    And work around my yellow stripe
    Should I hide
    And eat my pride
    Or wait until it’s good and ripe
    My life is boiling over
    It’s happened once before
    I wish someone would open up the door

    Don’t you know
    There’s fire in the hole
    And nothing left to burn
    I’d like to run out now
    There’s nowhere left to turn

    I think Eric will return to Bon Temps but I think he will be hurt and will become infected with Hep V. We have seen spoiler pics indicating such. Sookie is still the key to both Eric and Bill. Sookie’s blood will probably cure Eric or her light will. Sookie and Eric complete each other in this story maybe not in a romantic scenario. Believe me I wish they would go there. It has been evident since the beginning but with different executive producers, different season lengths, different series lengths the final story has been delayed. Now its time to complete the circle. Of course all this rambling is my opinion, and there are plenty of people who disagree but the parallels each season seem to point in that direction. Here’s to hoping that “outside forces” are not at work, and that final “true story” will be told.


    • All of that sounds very nice and it would be nice to see it come to fruition but I still think TB lost their way, due to all the subplots and contradicting their every move. JMHO.

      I like that song and hope they use it!

      We shall see what happens once the fat lady sings. Thanks PBT!

    • Pbt, That was I was thinking 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Sookie could be Eric’s support and keeping him alive….I have a funny feeling Pam will find Eric effected with Hep V and take him back to Douchbag to beg him for help him. I think Eric ends up attacking her and Sookie will try to snap him with her faery when he was biting her at the end of ep 3,because there’s a pic of him with a blow-up shirt when they filming the ep 4. But I think Eric will shown up with burn from her faery back and saves her from vamps or werewolves….I think Sookie start feels bad and have to buddy up with Eric to be keep alive,because I believe Jessica got effected in the 1st ep and Aidlynn treating her. If it works on Jessica, it would works for Eric. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      When I watched Hunger Games, Peeta and Catiss reminds me of Eric and Sookie and Kale reminds me of Douchbag. I remembered I read on that Catkriss had been with her childhood Kale during Mocking Jay,but I heard she ends her relationship after he betrayed his trust by letting her sister (by sacrificing herself). I also heard things didn’t go that well when Catkriss united with Peeta(I don’t want to give away a spoiler of Mocking Jay) ,but Catkriss snapped him out of it and She ends up with HEA. I think it will happen with Eric and Sookie’s union that it won’t go that well,but Sookie will snap out of it.

      I known the characters aren’t nothing like the books (Thanks goodness, I didn’t read the rest of the books),but I known the characters are the mirror images of other characters in the books. Alan Ball came up that idea when he used the similar background CH’s Eric for Douchbag’s and we all known Eric’s a male counterpart of Sookie. I always thought the True Blood characters are similar to book characters. For example; Jessica’s like Crystal in the books (but not pregnent), Willa’s like Pam in the book in the way, Tara’s like Amelia and the writers are going to Quinn the were-tigger with Alcide….I would see they’re going for the Sam route with Eric’s character,because he did similar deeds to help Sookie like Sam did in the books. I think the writers’re planing secretly that’s similar to the CD in the books,but I don’t known how the faery ball comes in to play….Come to Think of, probably the writers are going to turn douchbag into Brenden,because I remembered Niall has a grandson named Brenden and he wanted to wipe humans (who has faery blood) out because he’s hating being part human. I could see that it does happen with Douchbag that he’s Niall’s grandson and he’s working with Mab to wipe vamps out,but I don’t known the writers are doing with that…..But all I known they are going to make Alcide/Sookie/douchbag triangle will be like CH’s Quinn/Eric/Sookie in the beginning of the season,because it lasted about 3 and 1/2 books. I think they will go back the original triangle with Eric/douchbag/Sookie in the rest of the season and would play out like Sam/Eric/Sookie in the last books.

      I am really sleepy. I hope you guys sleeps well. I would luv you guy would to contiune your work at Eric and Sookie lovers. Good nite. ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. Oh, and I wish was there was more Eric in the promos but I think we will get plenty of our Viking in Season 7. Starting with Episode 3 forward.

    • As long as he does not get shafted in the end, I will be okay.

    • I’m still hopeful we may see him in every episode? It seems an awful long time for viewers to wait until ep.3, especially after waiting for 9 months previous to that. I don’t know how they will do it, maybe a Jason dream for one of the episodes? He will be involved in the main story arc (eventually) and I hope that as Buckner said he and Sookie were “unresolved” that he does indeed decide to resolve them one way or another.

      The 3 star-crossed lovers will be Eric, Bill & Sookie. They are the 3 contractual leads, and I think will be the 3 main protagonists again this year. Alcide is just not important, the writers didn’t even bother to show us how he and Sookie got together.

      My biggest gripe currently is not what we’ll get in the show, it’s how the pre-season marketing is being handled – as Nymerias says in this post – it has sucked so far. They are not giving anything for Team Eric to chew on, not even a little teaser so far. I expected so much more generally from HBO, but I guess now TB is not their “big” show anymore.

      • Exactly Evie, you would think they would be marketing the final season better than they are. It is almost June and it has been very lackluster. If it was not for the fact that we run a site and keep up on the ‘news’ we might just forget all about the show and the fact that it is about to start soon. Just because it is an established show does not mean that they should not be doing some creative marketing, especially to target groups!

    • If I wished anything it would be for pbt to be correct. I did believe all that for a while but after DEA I stopped believing in anything making sense in the end where this series is concerned. Here’s to hoping! As for Eric, As long as Alcide is around, Eric won’t be. There is no way to “sell” Sookie and Alcide once Eric is back in the picture. In fact, I believe the only way to “sell” anyone with Sookie is to keep Eric away and attempt to keep him out of people’s minds. Over the years it has been demonstrated time and again that no matter who they try to put the Eric suit on, it falls flat. He simply can’t be replaced on this show and you would think that would be a good thing for profit and publicity. Alcide is not my type….AT ALL. Not only have I never liked him, I can’t forget the sight of him beating the crap out of that woman were last season or him being willing to go to bed with a completely drunk Sookie. BAD, BAD, BAD! I think Eric will be kept away until (if) Alcide gets his marching orders. As for Bill, I am very afraid we will never be free of him and he will never be far from Sookie’s side….for reasons. I am worried at the level they will go to in an attempt to “redeem” Bill and whose character will pay the price this time. It’s always someone who get marginalized to prop him up…Eric, Sookie, Jessica, Pam. As for power, I will be curious to see how many talents, traits and knowledge Bill will suddently aquire in order to remain “alpha male” on the show. Maybe a katana master??? Who knows. (Anyone else get a Walking Dead vibe from that preview?) Anyway, I am really looking forward to some decent spoilers and am sure gonna be mad if Eric’s character is just being pimped out for cheap publicity on the HBO site and elsewhere to suck me in and then at the last minute finding out I was taken, again.

      • I still got the feeling that Eric and Sookie had their goodbye moment last season. She will forever be the girl in the white dress or whatever color it was to him. So I am not sure it will matter to Sookie once Eric is back in the picture. I don’t think she sees him in her picture which makes her stupid IMO! I did not and will not but her and Sam. When she said she always though maybe they would get together, I called bullshit! It is even more evident in the show that she never saw Sam in that light!

        • You may be right and I don’t ever expect Eric and Sookie to happen at this point. In fact it is not a requirement for me to feel ok about this show anymore. I am wayyyy past that. I would hope for some connection and friendship as Sookie is at her best when interacting with Eric. I don’t want to come away feeling like a sucker without any functioning intelligence! Anyway, LOVED the Wings pic and hockey analogies! Great post!

          • That is something I do want to see, interaction and connection between them. They had something very real and I don’t want it glossed over! I am not stupid, I know what I saw!

            Thanks, hockey should be my first name and Iove my Wings!

  6. We may see Eric in Episode 1 as a continuation of the scene from Season 6 but maybe not. Six months have passed in True Blood time. We may get something like a flashback with Sylvie in Episode 2 and perhaps Eric will be in that scene but it will not be Eric today. I still am leaning that Episode 3 will be the grand re-entrance of the Viking. I think that Eric will find Pam in Morocco.

    As far as marketing, I think they are actually in a tight place as far as revealing anything. Because anything that has been filmed would give away big plot reveals in the story arcs. I completely understand the frustration on the part viewers and fans. Eric has been the true North for most of the series. As far as TB being their big show, you are completely correct. Once, Alan Ball exited stage right and the advent of Game of Thrones (which takes all the HBO coffers to produce) marketing because secondary. The fan base has been established and despite was some bloggers say on line most viewers will be back for Season 7. The curious will want to see how this all ends. The loyal will be there to support their favorite characters whether its Bill or Sookie, Eric, Jason or whomever. Even though those who apparently “hate” the show will be there because they know they can’t help themselves. Its like a car wreck happening and they want to see the carnage. Except in my mind, its not a car wreck.

    • To be honest, I am watching for Eric, to see how it ends and because I always finish what I started. It is not a car wreck, it is a train wreck but one people can’t stay away from. I wish I had your feeling that all the stories are going come together and make sense but there are some aspects of the story that will not come together or make any sense. We will just have to agree to disagree but writing did go off the rails.

      As far as marketing, they are or should be talented enough to show things without giving anything away, they have done it before after all.

      Glad you are still loving the show!

    • Yes, I think most viewers will be back for season 7, it makes sense to see it through to the end. All my work colleagues who watch the show (but aren’t involved in the fandom) are looking forward to seeing how it ends. A lot of them think Sookie and Bill will live HEA, they don’t particularly want that, but they are resigned to it. I’m still not accepting that, I think the writers have gone too far with Bill’s character in other directions. I’m reserving my judgement on Brian Buckner until the show ends. Personally I have preferred what Alan Ball did with Eric to what Charlaine Harris did with him, and I’ve learnt from the books experience not to judge until it’s all over.

      I do think HBO should give the TB fans a better send off. If it wasn’t for TB they probably wouldn’t have had the revenue to make GOT. I think TB is still their 3rd most popular drama show ever? And that is very impressive (80 episodes). I remember a few years ago an article somewhere about how TB saved HBO when it was in a real rut. The show deserves a decent send-off, maybe it will come around the time the series finale airs. We shall see.

      • The writers have gone far with Bill, you are right Evie but that problem is I don’t think they realize it. I don’t think they get how bad they have made him when they redeemed him each time. Gets made King, writes a book about being a hero, when he was not the hero. With their history of doing this,they are not all of a sudden going to reveal him as the big bad.

        If they do, then I will eat my words.

      • “There is a reckon that is a comin’ and it burns beyond the grave”…”It won’t be long til I’m dead and gone.”~the final parting words of the most recent TB preview. Just keep that in mind.

  7. Thanks, Nymerias. 🙂 Fun title, and great post. I don’t know what to contribute here, as I feel that it has pretty much all been said. I just don’t like the overwhelming feeling I have from this franchise (books and show) that I fell for an elaborate, YEARS-long con job. Filler to make people ca$h. It’s not a nice feeling. I thought that the writers were organically headed for the reveal that Bill was the cause of most of the evil on the show, and that Sookie and Eric would have SOME type of interaction in their future. I thought that Sam was out of the “romantic” running since s2 premiere. It was not wishful thinking on my part. I was paying careful attention to the narrative. I don’t hate Sam (even though I think he’s a boring misogynist). I believe him completely as friends with Sookie. I don’t buy him for one second as Sookie’s “romantic HEA.” He’s just conveniently in Bon Temps, conveniently a sperm donor, conveniently can hang out in the sun, and conveniently is not mired in byzantine, arbitrary vamp/were/supe politics (technically-I think the writers can and will easily get him out of the “mayor” thing). I’d rather be-gasp-single than settle for the last person standing. Sookie deserves better than that. My feelings for Sookie and Sam’s “relationship” are the same as my feelings for Eric and Pam’s “relationship” (no offense to the Paric shippers). Friends, yes. Romantic, absolutely not. We’ll see what happens. Right now, I have my hand firmly over my wallet. 🙂

  8. TPTB are idiots but we always have a choice to pick up what they are putting down or walk away. Ill be watching Eric and maybe a bit of Pam on youtube and youtube only. Hope we get more than 5 minutes this season. Fingers crossed.

  9. Great post Nymerias! 😀 Nothing more I can add to it…other than; seeing a picture of Stevie Y hoisting the Cup above his head brings back great memories for this Wings fan. Never thought I’d see it in a post on ESL…but knowing you, why am I surprised? LOL 😉

    Hope you get your ‘E’ problem fixed before season 7 starts because it might be kind if hard writing up your recaps…at least, I HOPE we get to see lots of Eric this season. LOL

    • Yeah you know me I am all about spreading the Wings love! I might use hockey analogies all season! And pictures!

      My E problem came back ten fold! I had to comment on Facebook and WordPress posts on my phone! Ughhhhhh

  10. Happy or mad, glad or pissed, we will find out in a little over a month. All we can do is HOPE they do right by our Viking!

  11. Reading all of these comments is so depressing and even more so because I agree with all of it. I read the entire book series only to feel 100% let down at the end of it. With the show and books I always get the feeling these characters are half written in a way. They start these intense connections or conversations with each other then never finish them…. then they just seem to forget about them and move on to some other random thing. I felt this way about Eric and Sookie in the books and the show. I even see this odd writing in Sookie’s interactions with other characters.

    I would have not been elated, but okay with her ending up with Sam if I felt CH built up to that properly. However besides Sookie becoming more tied to Sam in a material way (the bar), and him conveniently not being super involved in the supernatural world, there was no indication Sookie had any real reason or feelings to be with the guy. It was totally out of the blue and seemed like a rushed cop-out.

    I really hope the show does not go this route. I would love Eric and Sookie to end up together, or have the potential to be together down the road… but if not, they better leave her single or actually really show the audience she belongs with someone else.

    As for Bill…. why is this guy still around? Why do the writers have such a thing for him? He is not a likable character at all. I even disliked him in the first season and first book I read. I did both around the same time so I had little to no concept of Eric and still did not find myself fascinated with the guy. The second Eric popped onto the scene I was like ‘oh, mysterious, what will happen?’ Bill has always come across as such a flat character to me. The only depth he has is that he is a liar and a general rat with no loyalty to anyone, or principles of his own. Once that is discovered he becomes a character to hate.

    I doubt it will happen but I hope Sookie and the other characters recognize how messed up Bill really is in this last season. I also hope Sookie at least maintains a friendship with Eric and recognizes he is a good guy and can have a place in her life.

    I have little hope Sookie’s character will be redeemed this year… she really gets on my nerves the last few seasons. Sorry but if you’ve been in this supernatural BS for the past 6 years, you would think she would have smartened up about how she reacts/deals with things.

  12. I’m skipping this season. I would rather get a brief summary from you guys than waste 40min with sookie playing “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” with alcede and bill. It’s like the whole “sookie might be a fairy” crap again. We all know who/what she’ll really choose. And based on the previous season, Eric didn’t really have much of a chance anyway because the ending was total BS!! All of a sudden bill is a saint and sookie is enthralled again…Is Alan Ball still lurking behind the lense?…Meh, I don’t care anymore.

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