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HBO have released their first poster for the final season of True Blood. As you will see below a lot of time and effort obviously went into devising it.


And here’s a second one


They have also re-released the image of Sookie, adding in a quote from the latest promo, and I presume, with Eric MIA, she is talking to Bill.



The cast and crew are still busy working on Season 7 and this week have been out on location at the Canfield-Moreno Estate, also known as The Paramour Mansion, or The Crestmount, in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles. The picture below was tweeted by Laura Fecon (Assistant Costume Designer).



The True Blood Pop Vinyl figures are finally going to be available this summer. If you head over to Zap2it you can get all the pre-order information. (Sadly you will have to wait a few extra weeks for your bite-sized Bill Compton as he is not available just yet, but we will just have to bear it as best we can).

I’m not a big collector of items, but if these 2 cuties become available in the UK, they will be having pride of place (obviously standing closely together) on one of my book shelves.

You can also treat yourself to Pam, Alcide and Lafayette.


Finally, and you’ve probably seen this already, but as one of my great philosophies in life is “you can never post pictures of Eric  Northman too many times”, here is a great photo of Alex and his stunt double Joel from the season 7 set.


“Awesome time getting to do Alex’s last stunts on trueblood before the show ends.” – Joel Kramer

Two words – BLACK TANK




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  1. I pre order Eric and Sookie in the pop television!!

  2. Love the new Funko Pop! figures & pre-ordered them back in February after they were announced at the NY toy fair! I hope that with the new trailer over the weekend and now this new poster, this means HBO is ready to hit us hard with all kinds of S7 promotion! 🌝

    • We can only live in hope 🙂 Although I understand why a lot of people were disappointed with no Eric in the new promo, after I settled down and watched it a few times, it kinda got me a little excited for really the first time this year. (I love Andy Bellefleur LOL) Would be great if the promotions department finally wakes up now. 32 days to go and filming almost done, it’s do it soon HBO or do it never!

      I love the Funko figures too, just waiting to see if we get them in the UK. We don’t get all the stuff that is available in the US unfortunately.

  3. I think they’re in between ep 9 and 10 while they’re shooting.

    That’s good. That’s mean he cured,because there’s no any black mark on him. I think that theory could be right that he is going to get cure by Sookie. Maybe they are going to save his sex/nude scene for the final ep as the best for the last. Hopefully we won’t get see him burning up on the mountain again like what we saw last year. 😉

    • Oh those vinyl pops are so cute. I saw them on

      My bro Jon luv to collect them, he own The Walking Dead 1s.

      I want Eric, Sookie and Pam for my birthday. My Birthday is on June 15. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Well at least I have something to really say Thanks for this week, so Thank you Evie for this post. I want to get the Pop Eric and Sookie in the worst way and hope by the time they are available, I’ll be able to have some extra money so I can get them. Before I say something that has bothered me for the last two days, I want to stay positive here and first say, I loved the pic of Joel Kramer and Alex together. One of my prayers has been answered with bringing back Eric as himself in tight jeans and the Black Tank of Doom…..sigh……..Also, I am so happy to see his “Tarzan” physique here, I haven’t seen him this hunky since GK and the first season of TB and that is my second prayer that has been answered.

    Now for the part that bothered me which I just have to get off my chest. There have been several fan websites I belong to on FB etc. that made it sound like a revelation that Eric must be still alive after burning on the mountain, but that HBO/TB producers aren’t going to show any Eric stuff in the promo so as to not ruin it for everyone…..DUH…anyone that is an Eric Fan should know about and have read Buckners’ statement after the season ended, stating that since we all made such a fuss about Erics’ fate, that he was going to be back for season 7. So I don’t understand why they are being so secretive about not showing us any Eric. Do they think that the fans live in caves without electricity???? No internet access????? I don’t get it. I mean maybe the casual fan might not know, but I think everyone pretty much knows the whole story from last season.

    There, I’ve said my peace and my chest feels lighter for it. Sorry to drag it out today, must be feeling like chatty Cathy today……..LOL.

    Just think only a few more weeks now, and then to watching it over and over either on DVD or HBO Go………….Sigh, can’t wait to see some of Alexs’ other pictures that are being released.

  5. I heard online Charles-whatever-her-name Harris made a cameo in the final ep. I hope the writers didn’t listen that fatty and makes Sookie ends up with Sam like she did in the last book. Probably they kills her off last few secs.

  6. I’m buying the Eric and Sookie dolls! They are getting married and living happily ever after at my house, so no worries! They might even have little doll babies!

    As for everyone knowing Eric is alive and why would HBO do that, honestly, most people do not troll the internet for news, even though they are a fan of the show or the actors. (Only somewhat obsessed people do that 🙂 and that would be me)
    I watch True Blood with a group of about 10 or 15 people and know many more that would never miss it and honestly, none of them know anything about the show before it happens.They know nothing! It’s unbelievable to me!
    I saw numerous comments with the pic of Alex and his stunt double that said, “why does a ghost need a stunt double” or “does this mean he didn’t burn up” , and on and on.
    The majority of people will be at least somewhat surprised that he’s back and not a ghost or a flashback.

  7. I am hearing you redthang914 – the only thing I can see is BLACK TANK TOP – enough said…he looks yummy doesn’t he….well that can only mean that he is in action towards the end…so yeahhh…classic Northman look must be a tribute to all of us 🙂 it will be probably the only thing we’ll get
    As for CH cameo…*big eyeroll*

  8. Ohhh yummy, to be meat in that sandwich *faints*

  9. You know I’m actually glad Sookies quote is about Bill… Makes me think she’s saying that b/c she is surprised she doesnt have feelings for him anymore.. LOL yeah right, too much faith in the writers?? i guess its just wishful thinking…
    At this point, if she doesnt end up with Eric, I just hope she dies at the end… RIP Sookie Stackhouse..

  10. I am so done with True Blood. The only reason I will tune in to watch the final season of what I call the “Anna and Stephen” show is because I phoned my cable company to cancel HBO and instead of cancelling it they’ve given it to me for FREE for the next 6 months. I might not have it free for the entire length of the season but we’ll see if I care by the time it comes to that point. Meanwhile I’m not feeling too sorry for Alexander Skarsgard either. He doesn’t seem to be too disappointed in anything that’s about to happen in his professional future so I think he’s a lot happier than us Eric fans are about “everything” with True Blood and I’m sure we will see much of him in other projects. I truly feel put out by everything on TV on every network except for the repeats of Seinfeld and The Big Bang Theory that are so predictably there when I want to watch TV. Still annoyed about the loss and direction of True Blood. Lost another show I love, Revolution, today. Yet we keep around multiple seasons of Survivor where people act like they’ve never seen the show before and the things that happen on it and we get to watch multiple versions of NCIS and CSI and a twisted version of Two and a Half Men. Maybe I’m not just done with True Blood. Maybe I should just cancel my cable altogether because, really, except for a select few shows, it’s never turned on much and think of the money I could then spend on books! Sorry for my rant. I love this website and have enjoyed reading everyone’s comments over the last several years.

  11. Thanks for everything, Evie. I have been feeling overwhelmingly negative about The Show these past few weeks, more so than I ever have (and that’s saying something for me). I’m sure that reading it would not be fun, so I’ll spare everyone my true feelings (LOL). I just wanted to reiterate, thank you all for your work keeping us informed about what’s going on. I hope everyone is doing well in their lives. Take care. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Sookieandericaretheonetrueluv,
      I don’t blame you with the trailers and the pic of Eric with Hep V last few week… At least he is cured at the end of the series. :)….I think it’s a shame for HBO keeps showing stupid trailers without our beloved Eric. Who care about the hillybilly town or Twilight wannabe triangle. I can’t believe people are still believing Eric is a ghost.

      I am with you, I am going to skip 1st ep. Or my parents will might cancel HBO after Game of Thrones, I always watch it on the computer, but I have to fast forward the douchbag’s scenes and annoying Jessica/Jason scenes. All I want to known what had happen to Eric….I wonders Eric will be amnesic Eric 2.0 if he gets back with Hep V,but he still has his memories….I might known 1 thing is sure that I have a funny feeling that the rest of season will be a 1 heck hayride. Probably they will go for Sam’s route for his character.

      I really hope CH didn’t interfere the ending of the final ep. Probably She is there,because they told her to be there for the final ep. She don’t give the damn the show ending or not, because she tried to be super rich by making money off the last book because the show with Alex (and she even butchered our viking).

      Let hope the writers didn’t end the show with a similar ending to the last book like they did in season 6. 😉

        • A quick hello back to Shelli. 🙂 I’ll still be around; I love ESL. ❤ And I'm REALLY excited for the future of Alex's career. (Have you seen his new INDIVIDUAL poster for The Giver, along with some of the other cast members? Good times. Movie star!) I'm just tired from how much The Show depresses me, and I'm sure it gets tiresome to read comments about that. (But I'll contradict myself, LOL, and quickly add in: CH's cameo to me is further confirmation that BB will do a DEA/AD-style ending.) It's just not worth it to me. I was wrong about the show in the past. I own it. I'm an entitled viewer who has limited viewing comprehension skills. 😉 I'm too slow to understand the genius of BB. It's okay. Seriously, though-I feel done with it. It makes me sad, but I accept it. Thank God I discovered great Eric/Sookie fanfiction. 🙂 Onward to other projects. Take care, Shelli. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Oh my, CH in the last episode? Really? The show doesn’t even resemble the books in any way. Maybe I will record it and throw rubber tipped darts at her! lol!

    • Yes That confirmed that she is in it. I think she give the show’s ending or not and she’s happy it’s over with. Probably they makes her into the evil faery queen Mab in true form and Sookie will end up defeat with her faery ball by saving Eric, hopefully.

      Do you guys noticing no blood but dirt on his pant? I believe the dirt is actually faery dust, I also believe 9th and the final ep will be about a faery war. I would luv to see Eric kick some evil faeries’ butts. 😀 ….Or is he digging a grave for turning someone? But he don’t need a stunt double for that.

  13. CH will be probably a guest at Sam/Sookie marriage !!!! I just want to barf!

  14. So,Guys,this does means the cast finally finished True Blood afterall? ??? :O

    Better not hope they still doing without Alex like they did last year. I known there’s pics of him leaving for London for doing the Tarzan.

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