Rutger Hauer making final season return


Sookie Stackhouse herself has given us a nice True Blood Season 7 spoiler today, as Anna Paquin  has tweeted to imply that her on-screen fairy grandpa is coming back to Bon Temps.

Great news, and presumably  his appearance will be towards the end of the season as I believe they are currently filming episodes 9 and the finale. Niall will join the likes of Hoyt Fortenberry  and Dr Ludwig in returning to the show one last time.


Welcome back Mr Hauer, hopefully this is a sign that Sookie won’t give up her fairy powers after all. I can but live in hope!



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8 comments on “Rutger Hauer making final season return

  1. This gives me hope! I was wondering if he would come back. I am one of those fans who was already checking the internet to see if he was coming back. My “fairy” wish is that he comes back to give Sookie some good advice, and maybe give her the magical C.D. and she goes back to pick Eric over Bill. They go back to the start of S4, and she can tell Bill to get lost, and invite Mr. Northman in 🙂 I can dream! I heard that Alan Ball is writing the last episode but is CH is there, Sookie may choose to be human and Sam of all people???? NO HBO.

  2. I’m trying to take this as a good sign and hoping they make better use of his character than last season!

  3. Thanks Evie for posting this ! Well I agree with trubie35 this spoiler could bring us hope for Sookie’s storyline because I personally don’t want her to give away her “faerie ” ball !!! Naill was other of those characters that had so much potential but his storyline was bad written and he looked like a circus clown nothing like Book Naill . a tricky and vicious creature:..Take care everyone.

  4. Hmmm not sure really…it could be the opposite…or he may perform some kind of last minute miricle like last year (that was terrible)…hope As is also still filming the end…didn’t know about Hoyt…they might as well bring back godric

  5. I’m so loving this ….yes to seeing Hoyt,Dr. Ludwig & Naill……
    Marcia didn’t even give it away that she’d been called back…
    i’m one of her Facebook friends…..

  6. Well, it is nice to hear a real spoiler leak out of Anna for this season, they are so rare this last year. I’m hoping that Sookie gets Nial to heal Eric maybe since she doesn’t want to be involved anymore. maybe??? Well, we don’t have too much longer to wait. I don’t know yet if the excitement is overtaking the dread yet or not. Only time will tell…….

    Thanks for posting this for us Evie and giving us some hope!!!!

  7. I think they already shot their scenes,because I already told you 2 weeks ago that I saw a pic of Dr. Lugwig on the set. CH said on her twitter that she just shot her scene for the final ep.

    So,Guys,this does means the cast finally finished True Blood afterall? ??? :O

    Better not hope they still doing without Alex like they did last year. I known there’s pics of him leaving for London for doing the Tarzan.

  8. I don’t care if its just a minute or second. The fact that ch is going to appear in this season is her approval on the way it ends…not a good sign.

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