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There are now only 29 days to go until the final season of True Blood is upon us. I have just completed a mammoth 70 episodes re-watch in preparation, and I didn’t skip a single scene, not even the ones I really wanted to!

I am therefore declaring myself still to be 100% Trubie and with that in mind, it’s time to begin looking back on some of the highlights that have made True Blood my favorite show.


I’m starting with something that I hope everyone will enjoy. He’s a Viking Vampire who was spelled by a bad witch, got drunk draining the whole fairy and went off to fight crocodiles.

come play with me

Fangs for the memories

Drunk Eric Northman

I hope that managed to bring at least a smile to some people’s faces.

I’ll be back with more over the next 28 days!




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11 comments on “FFTM: Drunk Eric Northman

  1. “You drank my Fairy Godmother!!!!”…..
    ah yes,some of the best scenes between Sookie & Eric.
    Eric swimming in a lake full of “Crocidellers”…..half naked….

  2. Thanks Evie, I’ve never been more excited over a show than when Season 4 started. I hated how the season ended but we got lots of Eric and Sookie so it will remain my favorite. Thanks

    • I think I appreciated it even more during my re-watch. The first 8 episodes are my favourite run of episodes in the whole show. Alex did some of his best work, he was amazing 🙂 I will definitely watch those over and over again in the years to come!

  3. Thanks Evie, I too love most of season 4 (except the last episode, natch) I sure wish that it would end with them reunited but I am now prepared for that not to happen. I am still hoping that Eric and his progeny (Pam & Willa) are able to leave Bon Temp unharmed and maybe be shown leaving for a safer country or something……..

    I am still very apprehensive to this coming season. It appears from the pics I’ve seen that Alex may well be starting to film Tarzan as he arrived in London yesterday. Therefore, we probably won’t see him at the Premiere and in any Season Premiere pics either. But I am happy that he’s finally got an action adventure type movie to star in. I just hope its’ got enough draw so it doesn’t become a box office flop like the Lone Ranger did. Even tho all my friends and I loved that movie. I don’t want that to be a set back for Alex and all I want for him is his career to soar from this point on. I just hope and pray that we all will get enough incoming info and pics of him so we can continue to follow his career.

    Well, only 29 more days and that will now be the slowest time I’ve had to wait for anything in a loooooong time!! Just hope its worth it!!

    • I saw pics of Alex in London from yesterday too. Rumor has it that he may already be shooting Tarzan. I’d heard a while back that Tarzan might start shooting in May; maybe that was accurate. I thought that TB would be shooting until July, yet they’re already doing at least a little bit of stuff for the finale. Maybe it’s something one of the other actors said. Maybe TB is shooting until July but Alex is done with his stuff. I also saw pics yesterday of several TB actors at some wrestling thing (no disrespect; I don’t “speak” sports, lol). I saw Moyer, Kwanten, Manganiello, and Chris Bauer in photos. I don’t know if anyone else from TB was there (definitely not Alex and Anna; I don’t know about Trammell, etc.).

      I, too, hope that Tarzan does well (or well enough) at the box office when it is released in 2016. I’ll be there, so hopefully I’ll help. 🙂 (At least I won’t hurt things…) Alex will also remain in the public eye in the run-up to The Giver in August. For example: his character is one of eight featured in Giver posters released earlier this week. I heard he has already gotten at least one good review from someone who saw an early screening (though I haven’t seen the review yet). Diary of a Teenage Girl is scheduled to come out next year. Maybe Hidden will also be released at some point during our lifetimes. 🙂 (What little buzz Hidden has is not great, but I still hope to see the film.)

      Thanks for the post, Evie. I loved s4 Drunk Eric and Sookie too. I also loved the first eight episodes of s4 (well, at least until the last twenty minutes of ep. 4×08). This was the last season of TB that I watched in its entirety. You are a very brave soul to do a rewatch of the entire series so far. 🙂 I salute you!

      • hi SookieandEricare1trueluv,
        I heard Evie said that she think they worked on True Blood until Alex will go back to doing Tarzan. I think Evie’s right…. Probably All them finished True Blood and chilling out at The Wrestling Tournment (expect Alex and Anna)….But I known Anna was reshooting her Sookie scene with Rutger (Niall) for ep 8 yesterday (I also believe it have to do with healing Eric). Probably Sam’s busy to working on another project (I hope)….If Sam’s on the set, I would be afraid that the writers are planning to end the show like DEA…..We have to wait and see.

        I would luv to see Tarzan to be good as Godzilla. I went and saw Godzilla yesterday, I luv it!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I think it is way kicka** than Sony's Godzilla. If new Godzilla is better than the cheesy 90s,I really hope the new Tarzan would be better than The Lone Ranger (I haven't seen Lone Ranger,but I heard it sucks)….I had mixed feeling about his character after I read the Giver. I really hope he isn't that so creepy than his character in the book.

        I really do miss that scene. I always think that scene is freaking adorable when everytime I watched it. I luv Eric accidentally saved Sookie from Caudine. I would luv to see that faery storyline play out in the final season,because I was disappointed that the writers left that story out which it leaves a huge pothole in the series. It makes me think that Sylvie is Mab in disguise and she poisoned Eric to punished him for killing Claudine. I believe Maurella's Mab's spy and Warlow was her pet, Mab will might seek revenge on him for those crimes,but he did bite Aidyn and drained Warlow for a reason to want to save his family last season. I hope Sookie will save him from Mab (with a little bit of help)….I also miss the adorable Alcide/Eric/Sookie when they had in season 3 and season 4. I'ld rather see that triangle instead than douchbag/Sookie/Alcide this season. but I would see Sookie breaking Alcide over Eric after Sookie saved Eric from Alcide's trying to stake him because he got Hep V.

        He looks adorable and young in those pic when he is London. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I feels bad for him,because Papazzi's sneaking up on him. At least, they leaves the poor viking.

        I hope everybody have a wonderful Mermorial Day. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • I meant the help of Niall

        • I love your immagination Shelli!! Have you ever thought about writing fanfiction??’

          • Just leaving a “shout-out” to Shelli here, since she left one for me a few days ago. 🙂 I didn’t want to be rude and not acknowledge you acknowledging me, Shelli. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I’m glad you loved Godzilla. I haven’t seen that one yet myself. I STILL haven’t read my copy of The Giver. I’ve promised myself I will read it before the film comes out in August. While I don’t want to encourage the paparazzi, I will say that I did also think that Alex looked good in those pics. I will see Tarzan in 2016. I wish a belated Happy Memorial Day to those who celebrate. And I agree with Jackie69, that, if you’re interested, maybe you (Shelli) could one day consider writing fanfiction. Your speculation is SO much more interesting than the show and the books turned out to be. Take care, Shelli. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. I agree with all comments here I didn’t like the S4 finale when Sookie puts an end to her relationship with Eric but we had a great Eric/Sookie interaction and the scene at the lake was one of my favourites….I will certainly follow Alex’s career and I wish him all the best…Take care everybody

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