More Final Season Posters (with added Sookie?)


HBO have released 4 more Season 7 posters this week, again very minimalistic and here they are.





A much more interesting poster however has been uncovered on the New York Subway, photographed by rhin00 and tweeted by krystal_skyi


I wasn’t convinced it was Sookie when I first saw it but general opinion so far seems to be that it is her, so I think I have now been persuaded into it. I really, really like it, and I’d be very happy with a few more posters like this.


Yep, definitely her, I must have had too much red wine yesterday!


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13 comments on “More Final Season Posters (with added Sookie?)

  1. Wow…must say I love it…that is Sookie..I am almost 100% sure and reminds me of Season2 Sookie…looks great. This will keep us guessing…my first thought was is she turned..but then the tear was bloody first and then not really and not sure if they would turn her now. I hope they don’t kill her off, that would be really depressing.
    I don’t like that CH showed up for that cameo…we be be rest assured that she would never allow Vamp Sookie or Eric/Sookie…I know she doesn’t have a say but they have to stay true to the spirit of her books (you know the ones we don’t even want to talk about any more)..
    But all in all I am intrigued by the poster

  2. That is a great poster, and I think it’s definitely Sookie. Anna has such a beautiful profile. I’m totally confused about the bloody/clear tear. I didn’t realize it was blood, THEN clear until Maja pointed that out……
    I doubt she’d be turned due to the fact it’s been done already(twilight, vampire diaries)
    Maybe that’s why nail shows back up, maybe she’s turned and he turns her back? I guess anything is possible. I don’t like the fact that it appears Alex has already left the country and I think filming is far from over. Any hope I was building up for S7 has now been destroyed 😦

    • If it makes you feel any better, they had already filmed some scenes for the finale before Alex left for London 🙂

    • Trubie35, Don’t worry.

      I believe they already finished the last ep this week,(hopefully)because CH tweeted that she did the final ep. I think they finished earlier year to due Alex’s Tarzan and they were in rushed to do the eps in Dec to May than they normal did later on in previous season.

      No I think the cast and crew are done for the series,hopefully. 😉

  3. As long it isn’t Douchbag (Billy Boy) in it with Sookie, we would be fine awhile.

    yeah, it looks like she got buried alive or drowning or someone biting her.

    I got a feeling that they’re going in a different direction with her character at the end of the series and I think they’re going to use the books 7,8 and 9 for a example (with a hint of book 12). I also believe they are might secretly going to make Eric’ll turn out to be Sookie’s Book Sam. I would see that happens.

  4. I hope ya’ll are correct about filming being over.
    And I’m sure they could have filmed all Alex’s scenes to free him up and others still be filming scenes he’s not in and out of sequence. I guess we’ll know soon enough.

  5. i believe it’s Sookie, if you look sideways you can see its her, mouth, eyebrows and such. but please , i hope to hell it is not Bill as her maker. KY

  6. It’s Sookie alright and it reminds me of S2 when she went to Dallas to find Godric!! That blood tear is getting me confused! will we have a Vampire Sookie at the end?

  7. Most definitely Sookie with season 2 hair. I too hope they are done filming with Alex not being around. It seems he got a late start on filming and he seems to have left early. I hope us Eric lovers aren’t getting screwed in the end of all this.

  8. If Sookie got turned, wouldn’t she be a hybrid kind of like Warlow, so maybe that’s why she would have clear and blood tears

  9. Somebody pointed out that there is a fang on the photo as well…is there??…on a second look..hmmm, could be…Something dramatic will happen with Sookie on the show – anything is better than Sookie we got from CH

  10. It could be Eric or Pam turn her at the end of the series.

    Because I noticed there’s dirt on Alex and his stunt double’s pants in the pic when they shot the final ep. Maybe he’s getting ready to turn Sookie. Or he and Willa’s digging up Pam and Sookie’s grave. But Why he need a double…Unless they don’t want to go through the bloody mess of the turning process again. I remembered Amelia said in her interview that it’s very difficult when Alex and her shot that scene last year. I think “Eric turning Willa” was very cool…..Maybe they use Alex’s double for something like that with Sookie at the end of the series.

    Better not be Douchbag becomes her maker… I would rather Pam or Eric becomes her maker.

  11. Maybe Sookie gets ambushed or something and gets mortally wounded so that Bill or Eric have to turn her to keep her around. Since TV guide just released spoilers of BB saying that the show will be returning to Bill and Sookie and that there will be “romance, sadness, and resolution”, I’m guessing the one to turn her is Bill. Butttt BB also said that fans will be surprised if that’s any consolation to anyone. Bill and Sookie are also on the cover of the magazine too :0

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