TV Guide’s Summer Preview Reveals Some BS True Blood Spoilers


Some of you may be aware of this by now…but we wanted to warn you (just like we did when we warned you about Sookie’s HEA in that book which shall remain nameless) of what’s to come in the final season of True Blood.

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!

You better pick a number and get in line to get one of the barf bags or really stiff drinks we’re currently handing out…you’re NOT going to like this!

TV Guide features True Blood in their Summer Preview edition, which is pictured above. Alone, the cover is gag-inducing…but wait until you read what they said!

“In the final season, we’re telling a more personal story,” says executive producer Brian Buckner, who took over after show creator Alan Ball and executive producer Mark Hudis left. “We’re going back to the original promise of the show: Bill and Sookie. People are going to be very surprised about the way we get there. There’s romance, sadness and resolution.”

Buckner adds;

“Fans can expect a bloody barbecue with consequences in the season premiere,” teases Buckner. “Nobody’s safe.”

Anna Paquin also weighs in on what’s in store for Sookie.

“The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been. Sookie gets into situations she’s going to need help getting out of.”

There’s SO MUCH I could say…like WHY are they so infatuated by Bill? Why are Bill/Sookie endgame, when he’s the douchebag who almost drained her in the back of a truck, who was also willing to let Sookie die in order to defeat Warlow? How is this even remotely going to be at all romantic? I’m feeling the bile beginning to rise…

The good news (if you can call it that) is True Blood’s Season 6 DVD will be out in stores on June 3rd! Eric’s on the cover of this one! 😉

Check it out below – thanks to arborealsteeze on Instagram.


Before you go ahead and vent…I just wanted to say on behalf of my staff and myself…we know how you’re feeling, and we wanted to let you know we’re here for you. We knew this season would make us sad because True Blood was ending…but now we have this. All we can say is; at least we have each other. Together, we can get through anything. We got through that God-awful book, didn’t we?

For those who are not planning to watch this final season…don’t worry, my staff and I will be recapping each episode to keep you informed.

Vent away!


68 comments on “TV Guide’s Summer Preview Reveals Some BS True Blood Spoilers

  1. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, we all knew they were leading to a B/S ending. Frankly, this just makes my decision to not bother watching even more right. I never read the last book and don’t regret it, I won’t regret missing out on this one either. I just hope Eric gets a decent ending.

    • No, I don’t think too many people will be surprised by this. Disappointed maybe, but it’s been clear to me for awhile now.

    • What was the point of 6 seasons then? If they were to revert back to episode one again?? What of everything that everyone has done? Why don’t we have the right to a payback and reckoning 😦 :(…Oh yeah, because ‘Reckoning’ went bloody dead with the book ‘Dead Reckoning’ 😦

      • Hmmm….that sounds vaguely familiar…just like the book series. Sookie went through 12 books, only to revert back to how she was before…makes NO SENSE.

  2. I personally enjoy the cover of the Season 6 DVD with Sookie’s back to Biel and her facing her future (Eric Northman). I am still convinced with the trolling that Brian Buckner continues. His script is becoming old and stale. If outside forces are not at work, Bill and Sookie are not going to be together. This is not the story that is being told. I am not saying that Eric will be it either.

    • I hope you’re right! 🙂

    • I think you’re right,Askarsgasms.

      Buckner keeps saying same things over and over, it seems people are totally getting sick of it. I believe he’s messing with us to begins it. I think this interview was taken around they did ep 1 between ep 2 and he just teasing us what’s going to happen the beginning of the season. I known this,because Joe was on the set at the time when they interviewed the cast on the set. I believe Alcide’s only in 3 or 2 eps (before Sookie crawl back to her beloved douchbag) in the beginning of season,because there’s no fan pics of him on the set in the rest of the season. Beside, Buckner didn’t mentioned Alex,because he wasn’t on the set when they begun shooting True Blood.

      There’s newest pics of Anna and Alex on the set when they were filming the rest of the season and Steve was doing the separate scenes as well,you guys has seen those pics before on Facebook. Haven’t you?

      I don’t buy damn “Billy luv Sookie” at all. The writing seems out of place. Why you believe this stupid tv guide article? It looks like editor copied and pasted the interview on their magazine and their site.

      Anyway, I think EW’s way better resource than TV Guide and EW’s always on our viking’s side.

      • I am sorry, I don’t want to be mean,Askarsgasms…But I am referring the other people on the site, if they saw the pics with Alex and Anna and that article,that’s all.

  3. like the cover of the DVD as for the last season, i not sure if a barf bag will be big enough, maybe a 5 gallon bucket

  4. We all know putting Eric on the cover is the ONLY way to sell season 6. Ill just wait for you all to spread the news before I bother wasting ten more hours on the live affair of Bill and Sookie…it’s as bad as…”seal sex”.
    That may be the nasty phrase of the day! Ick!

  5. It is just same old Billy luv Sookie stuff that they keeps bringing up and it’s getting my nerve. Beside I think this interview taken when they were on Ep 2,because Joe was on the set at the time.

    That interview made me sick when he said it will be “personal” and they didn’t mentioned Eric and Pam….Seriously?!!! “Personal”?… Isn’t me or Buckner trying to make it’ll revolve Anna and Steve’s luv lives? True Blood isn’t a stupid reality show like “Keeping up with Khansans”.

    yeah, I think the surprise could be Eric,because there’s hints he’s coming back with the ep guide,posters, vinyl pops, and fan pics (that they are dead giveaway)… I believe Buckner is toying with us and his plan is screwing over Douchbag fans in the end like CH did with us Eric fans in the final book and Mark Hudis did in the 1st ep….I think he and the writers starts all over to rebuilding their little “Billy luv Sookie” Sick-omance like going back to season 1,but I believe he’s going to tear it down with the little help of Eric….I remembered Willa said the beginning of this season will be like season 1,but everything will come in 2gether and wrapping things up.

  6. Nobody is safe? If by that he means killing off Eric lets just say my tv won’t be safe!
    Bill and Sookie are a sickening thought for the life of me can not understand what makes Buckner think we would want to see them together again! Hand me the barf bag quick!!!

  7. I dunno, but if the rumors ARE true, then it’s obvious that The Collective at CH’s HBO-HQ are determined to glorify some sort of abuse agenda, I mean, come on, they just KEEP shoving Rapist-Drainer Beehl down our throats. Sick.

  8. There will be absolutely nothing gripping about season seven. Sookie will be with the growling, shirtless, never smiling sour faced wolf when the season begins, Bill will redeem himself and be absolved of all his sins, and Sookie will once again become his doormat. The rest of the characters will get three minutes of airtime. Nothing gripping, nothing surprising. It will just be a continued lovefest that the original Executive Producer Alan Ball had for the Bill character and the Buckner guy followed suit like a whipped puppy. The show had such potential until Alan Ball injected his personal feelings. As for me, I’m not sticking around for the disaster.

  9. It boggles my mind how anyone with half a brain can view Bill as a good guy. He’s a monster who deserves the true death.

    Peace out HBO, after GoT, my subscription will be canceled.

  10. I had a bottle of water in my hand… I read the article…The line with Bill and Sookie came up… The bottle of water ended up thrown…On the floor… In the office… In front of coworkers…. With open firing season going on at my workplace.

    It suffices to say that i was shocked. Am shocked. And suddenly my fanfiction muse is back, ROARING !!!

  11. Unfortunately for me it’s like an accident on the highway, I have to look to see what’s going on. And as much as the Beehl and Sookeh thing makes me want to puke as long as Eric isn’t killed off or sold as a sex slave I think (????) I can live with it.

  12. I’m so over this show!! IMO

  13. Knew it was comin but ughhhh! We all know it’s only because the actors are really together and Stephen Moyer has a huge say in the directing (unfortunately!) We can only hope for a somewhat appropriate ending for Eric! Long live the Viking Vampire Stud!

  14. Well, Thanks Erika for passing along the already old news. I didn’t get this in my mail, I found it on FB. I don’t know why I don’t get the notices anymore. Anyway, I read this late last night and I have already come to grips with it. Looking back on it all, we were told at the beginning by Ball that it was Sookie and Bills story from the very beginning. I agree that after all that Bill did, there is no reason on earth that Sookie should end up with him especially after they introduced our sexy Viking Vampire to us and we all fell in love with him. The only solice I have is at least she doesn’t wind up with Sam. May only wish now is that they let Eric and his girls Pam and Willa (I really don’t think Tara will make it out) leave Bon Temp and LA for safer ground and they just leave. I can handle this so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I guess I will still watch the final season until/or if things go bad for Eric, then I would quit watching it, just like I didn’t read the final book when I knew Eric’s fate.

    Yes I am very sad at hearing this news. But I am resigned to the facts and remain faithful to Eric whatever may happen. In a few short weeks it will be here and then gone forever, but life goes on and so will I. Looking forward to Alex’s new endeavors.

  15. Used to be a hard core fanvid making, fan art creating, fanfict writing Eric and Sookie shipper, but now I dont want Sookie within a 10K mile radius of Eric. The news that its going back to Sookie and Bill has been written on the wall since the beginning. Even in S4 when Bill was supposed to be in Peru they had him come back and menage twa his way back into ES. They shat all over the ES holy grail that was book 4. Anyhow, since then my expectations have lowered drastically and have finally morphed into nothingness. Thanks very much for offering to recap. Perhaps Ill come back here to check out the train wreck but don’t plan to give HBO or True Blood one more rating to take with them to the grave in their final season. Long live Eric Northman and the fabulous Alex Skarsgard! He and Pam deserve their own spin off.

    • I’ve been saying Eric and Pam should get their own spin-off for a while now, that’s a show I would gladly watch. Just as long as someone else is in charge, they should really let the fan fiction writers call the shots. Most of us would do ten times better.

      • Yes, Ive read countless fanfictions that are a million times better. I cant believe HBO is behind some of the caca that comes out of this show, lol. Its really piss poor writing, especially that Lilith crap and making Bill a god. Pssh. Wishful thinking perhaps?

  16. I’ll do what I’ve done for the last 4 years and just watch the blogs and FB pages I follow for hints and rundowns on what’s happening. I can’t stand watching the show any more. I haven’t since S4.
    I could see where TB was heading. AB always had a hard-on for Bill and seems to have magically passed said hard-on to Buckner. Lucky him!
    I’ve seen comments where they call this the Anna and Stephen show and I have to agree. How they’ll redeem Billy Boy, I don’t know (and I don’t want to).
    I have the awful feeling they may just show Eric in flashbacks. I’ve seen a photo taken on the set (with his stunt double) of him looking an awful lot like he did in S2 and that has me worried. I guess I can only hope I’m wrong and Eric, Pam, Willa and Tara leave for greener pastures and some peace.
    I’m just sorry (and angry) they didn’t take advantage of Alex’s great acting and his ability to have kept the audience for 6 seasons. We certainly didn’t watch it for Stephen and Anna!!!!!!
    Anyway, what will be, will be. I’ll be waiting for the fanfics which spring up to counter-act the gross stupidity of the writers, and what I suspect will be, the grossly stupid last season.

  17. Ugh!!! I hate to keep deluding myself, but as a show runner, why would you come out and tell the end game of your final season before it even starts? Could someone in BB position really be that stupid? ( oh yeah, I guess he had to approve what we saw in Season 6, so to answer my own question, yes he could be that stupid)
    If he is just trolling he’s only achieved some really pissed off fans. And what was the original promise of the show? How was Bill and Sookie “the promise ” !! I never saw a promise and if they promised good entertainment, they broke that promise 2 seasons ago!
    I just don’t know what to think. Did he learn nothing from AB about keeping his mouth shut or how to answer a question without giving anything away?
    But no matter how bad they screw it up, I’m still Eric and Sookie all the way and they can’t change my mind!
    Anna looks great on the cover.
    Thanks for the post Erika.

  18. Personally. I am not sad about this show ending. I just feel numb and desensitized to the whole thing, outside of Eric that is. The show had one too many non-sensical plots that took away my enjoyment of the show. These things can never be taken away and undone.

    Sookie became such a hot mess with the way she was written that I find I can no longer root for her. I have felt this way for quite sometime now. It is bad when a viewer no longer can identify with the main female character and sympathize with her. If anything should have told the writers that they were headed in a bad direction, it was this. Although, how they cannot NOT know is beyond me.

    What I will miss is the beautiful Viking, played masterfully by Alex but as he has a brilliant career ahead of him beyond this show, I can deal. I will also miss Pam, La La and Jason!

    With that being said, I always finish what I start and this blog will have this show go out with a bang because Lord knows the writers will fall short in that area! Buckle up ladies for you are in for one final bumpy ride!

  19. We all need to be honest about this. Deep down we all knew this was the way it was going to be. This show was created for Stephen Moyer. He happened to fall in love with and marry Anna. Alan Ballsack thinks he is the one that brought them together. So of course BB will follow in his foot steps. I will watch this train wreck just because of Alex. I just hope we don’t get short changed on this front. All of us Eric and Sookie lovers know who Sookie should end up with. I just want to say THANK GOD FOR FANFICTION! That is the one and only place where we get what we want.

  20. Yeah, I’m not surprised: if what is being implied is true, then I will have to stay strong in having made my peace with this deplorable outcome…

    If it’s NOT what we’re all being made to believe, then I’ll be here first thing to do happy dances with you all. 🙂

    At the moment, with all the “spoilers” out there that don’t say much, I’m not going to hypothesise on anything…


    Wouldn’t it be awesome if we did what HIMYM fans did and actually got the big wigs to authorise an alternate ending for DVD release?

  21. Well I agree with most of the comments here We all knew that Sookie /Bill was endgame and that interview on TV guide didn’t surprise me I’m so disappointed with the show I mean I used to love this show I waited every summer with joy to see my favourite characters I used to love Sookie but not anymore(no offense to Anna Paquin) I started to read the books because of Alexander’s brillant acting and I watched for Pam, Tara Lala Jason and many Others…This summer I intend other things and I just think the show ended with S5 finale with Bill changing into a monster( like he has always been) and Sookie/Eric holding each other and running from that “monster” In my head Sookie never sended Eric away and together they fought against Warlow and They found a way to kill Bill-monster-god whatsiever and now they’re living together in Shreveport with a club of their own …But i’m no writer of the show and like Luvvamps said above Thank god for fanfiction …I guess we’ll all be reading a lot of stories that will righten the wrong of the last season of True blood Take care everybody..

  22. I let this simmer all night to decide how I felt about it and here it is…..
    I don’t believe this is misdirection or a red herring or any ploy. I think they are preparing the fans (and former fans) for what’s in store in an attempt to avoid the DEA blowup. Or at least lessen the blow. Everything points in that direction especially the refusal to release anything regarding Eric. Keeping him out of sight….out of mind, right? HA! I also believe “outside forces” are and have been at work for some time now. We will know for sure when this pre-show “special” airs, the premier hits and etc. If Alexander Skarsgard is again absent and ignored then there’s the answer. Busy or not no one misses the last season of a once great show unless they have been direccted to stay away and stay quiet. I have my own opinions about these “outside forces” but will try and be somewhat polite and keep those to myself. Enough to say I am saddened and truly sickened by the whole thing. I have NO intention of watching this crap. I have never had any desire to peek in peoples bedroom windows……eeeewwww, ick! This is the thing that turned me way off on Bill/Sookie in the first place. I also have a terrible feeling that what story Eric does get is not going to be favorable and we are not going to be happy about it. Somebody needs a reboot, retcon or whatever and somebody else is going to have to be thrown under the bus to accomplish this impossible feat. I plan to read reviews/recaps and watch Eric’s clips on youtube! Good luck to them selling those season 5-7 DVD’s! CH did create one of my favorite characters ever in Eric Northman, and he has been brilliantly played by Alexander Skarsgard. Unfortunately there is no love to be had for his hordes of fans by his creator or the showrunners. So sad! Rather than being treated to the history and fascinating exploits of a 1000 year old viking vampire, we have been forced to watch the creepy and boring story of a mere 175 year old ad nauseaum. The other thing that bothered me about this whole article was the circus barking, or peep show shilling tidbits touting sex! Naked people! blood! Pandering to the lowest common denominator will not make up for the mass exodus of former fans. Ugh!

  23. I am very upset by this. I guess I should have seen it coming. But I was hoping that TB would right the wrongs of SVM. I guess not. I can see the appeal of B/S. I really liked them in S1 and S2, but by S3 he needed to go! And that is about the time I fell for the Viking with Sookie. But Sookie is so frustrating on the show. I actually didnt think she deserved Eric by the end of S4. Oh how I wished they made it back to each other by the beginning of S6. I am sad and angry but I will watch. I am paying extra (HBO) just to watch. Might as well watch and complain about it. So many shows end wrong, just add this to the list.

    • Even though I thought Bill was a snake and was up to something the first time I saw him, I saw the allure behind these as a couple. Then my feeling of him being a snake in the grass proved true and excuses were made for the bad things he did and it started to turn me off the show. They still make the excuses and now my enthusiasm is gone.

  24. I KNEW IT!!. This isn’t a surprise. .ch is going to appear in this season. Gota give her props for being so influential. anything to separate eric from sookie is a thumbs up for ch. Heck she should be in every episode. These writers, directors, ch are so infatuated with bill..makes me sick. Im definitely not watching this crap.

  25. Erika:
    Thank you for being here for all of during the seven seasons.
    Thank you for giving us a place to blow off steam when we’ve been annoyed
    with the writers/directors…

    I think many of us know why the writers are so enamoured of Mr.Moyer
    It’s because Alan Ball made promises to him and his wife…then girlfriend
    Ms.Anna Paquin…that Mr.Moyer would be the “hero of the show”.

    No one had any idea as what would happen when a handsome actor named
    Alexander Skarsgard made is debut in Episode 4,Season 1
    “Escape from the Dragon House” playing the part of “Eric Northman????
    Fans wanted to see more of this beautiful Viking Vampire….
    William Thomas Compton III lost Sookie Stackhouse that night and he knew it.

    The people who didn’t know this fact were the writing staff!!!
    They kept throwing Bill & Sookie together in all sort of situations,,,
    They never wanted to give Sookie and Eric a chance…..
    We had a glimpse of what might have been in Season 4 when they wrote
    that Eric Northman had amnesia after being cursed by witches….
    And it was Sookie who found him and they spent some magicial time
    together….But Bill Compton was never far away….

    He even tried to kill Eric Northman….Sookie sent a light ball at him
    but it hit Eric instead…..breakiing the Witche’s curse…..

    Then came the debacle of Seasons 5 & 6……
    The handwriting on the wall was beginning to show at the middle of Season 5
    when Sookie and her brother went to rescue Vampires Eric,Bill,Pam,Tara and
    shape shifter Luna……The Authority storyline was a real waste of time!!!

    Season 6 was totally stupid…We didn’t need Govenour Burell and his
    paramour Sarah Newlin…..Sarah Newlin’s a scorned women with a grudge.
    She needs to die…
    She had a crazy scientist come up with a disease that would kill Vampires.
    She didn’t think the whole plan thru…that the Vampires would turn on
    humans once all of their kind was gone…….

    After the last season ended HBO decided that Season 7 would be the final one,
    The show had become a real joke, iinstead of a beautiful love story….
    Now they’re saying that they’re returning to the roots of the show???
    I wonder what the fans are really going to get from the writers????
    I’ll be watching…but it won’t be for Bill Compton….

    I’m hoping that Eric Northman will somehow overcome Hep-V and almost
    burning up to end up with Sookie Stackhouse……

    Either way I’ve enjoyed meeting and making new friends who also share
    my love for this show, no matter how bad/good it was…
    TrueBlood will always hold a special place in my heart.

  26. Wish that we could still rate posters opionions???
    IS it possible to put this feature back in???
    If so please do it.

  27. I agree with peecan – they are being honest and preparing fans for what is to come to avoid DEA backlash with fans. I am glad for this article as I have now 0 expectations.
    I sincerely hope they will give Eric and his family a decent ending. I will check out You Tube and this site and maybe I will watch the whole thing one day. Eric Northman was was a great creation and will love him forever.Such a wasted opportunity to have something epic.
    Presence of CH is a cherry on the top of course.

  28. I feel betrayed! Now I’m going to go cry in a corner.

  29. I lurk here a lot almost daily just to get my updates and not feel like I’m a crazed freak for loving the Eric/Sookie storyline so much. This post however just sealed the deal for me, I will not be watching the final season. I’ll get my updates from here as usual and record each episode so i can fast forward past all the bullshit when I’m finally ready. Otherwise these writers can kiss my ass.

    Sorry for the language but fuck them.

  30. So annoying! I hate Bill but at this point I hate Sookie too. At the end of S4 how she treated Eric disgusted me. She doesn’t deserve someone as loyal as him. She had zero loyalty to him when it counted and he had not recently done anything major to screw her over.

    it’s amazing how her character forgives Bill for anything yet holds Eric to a higher standard.

    • Yes…Sookie really annoys me now…First she stakes Billith to save Eric and after that parting scene never really gives him a thought…not even a slightest…never wondered after 6. months…zero…so, so badly written and they really want us to forget about them…Few years ago I was convinced that we would get at least a kiss between real Eric and Sookie but I guess what we got in S3 is all we are getting..such a shame.
      Sookie’s character is all over the place after the last season ..she doesn’t make sense any more. And when I read that she will be yet again in dire circumstances and in need of saving by a man or whoever… boring and predictable

      • I completely agree Maja. It’s like the writers are trying to force the fans to forget about Eric and Sookie. Even in the book series, which ended terribly, E/S received much more attention.

        Sookie’s character definitely makes no sense to me. I have no idea why she slept with Warlow, it made no sense at all… I don’t even try to understand her anymore. If anything while I’m watching an episode I think ‘oh a sookie scene, let me go get a snack!’. That’s bad for the female lead!

        Then like you said, she gets to be saved by a man again, oh joy! How about Sookie figures shit out for herself and doesn’t get in over her head for the millionth time? And how about she gets herself out of a situation? This would be why I LOVE Pam and characters like her. Pam would at least make a very good attempt to handle any situation thrown at her.

        • I’ve loved Anna Paquin since she was a little girl winning an Oscar for The Piano, but there was something about her performance as Sookie that grated on my nerves. Fast forwards seven seasons later, and I can’t find a single reason to like her, and I hate it when I dislike female characters for pretentious feminist reasons. Unfortunately, Sookie has become such a moron that there really is no hope for her. I wish Mr. and Mrs. Moyer the best, but I think their getting was the worst thing to happen to the show, because it insured bias towards that putz known as Beehl.

  31. I agree with a lot of the above, and it has been (for me) a point of contention in that they’ve written Sookie as a strong character, based on a strong book character, and then have her encounter situations where she becomes the damsel in distress and needs a man to save her!

    If I were to go further and think about those times she needed saving, how many times has Eric stepped in compared to douchebag? EN did the whole Russell Edgington ruse for her (and his own revenge); told her about the Queen and what was really going on; organised for Alcide to be there with her in search for the above mentioned douchbag; got her treatment for the attack from Maryanne… And I don’t know what else.

    Not only that, but she has reciprocated. Now you can’t tell me that you have those kinds of interactions with someone, only to then not appear to give them a second thought as soon as they’re out of sight? It boggles the mind!!

    How on earth do these writers think they’re going to convince us that she willingly goes to the one who started her on her potentially deadly journey into the supernatural? Yes, I believe in being able to redeem yourself, and there may be a few half done attempts at rescue, but the douchebag has been written as too weak to really be capable of any of it: he will always go for what is easy, not right.

    This used to be “popcorn for smart people”. My how the mighty have fallen. Time for them to sell stupid to someone else; stick a fork in me, I’m done.

    I apologise for the rant, I will now prepare for work by numbing my brain with a couple if rounds of Candy Crush!

  32. Well, I just saw something else on FB just a few minutes ago and thought I’d ask if anyone else has read this. They also had a bit more of the article and it supposedly was a quote from Alex that said that Eric and Sookie have no interaction this season as he realizes hes’ the wrong guy for her and that he is going to have a sex scene with Jason and that it was hard to do with a straight face as Ryan kept being funny during the scene, so it looks like we are going to have a delayed reaction to Eric sharing his blood with Jason.

    This all just disheartens me more and more. To the point where I may be like a few of the others and just wait and see Erics’ scenes the next day on YouTube, etc. We’ll see if I can try and watch the abomination that this show has become only because I watched it since the first episode. I may just DVR it and watch it at a later date when all this hurt and disappointment has toned down for awhile, I don’t know……………… I know I said earlier we all know that Sookie and Bill will be together, but for Eric not even to be trying to get close to her at all, I just don’t know…………..Really confused right now. Oh well, gotta run and get dinner on the table that is all……………….

  33. Just to let you all know we have seen what Alex said in TV Guide – Eric won’t rekindle things with Sookie (he realises he’s not the best guy for her). Erika is going to post it later when she has processed it all – she’s the boss!

    • I think he’s saying that in the beginning of seasonEric didn’t rekindle his relationship with Sookie when “the show return” by meaning the show will start and he isn’t in the 1st half of the season. I think he don’t want to give any info away what’s going to happen to Eric later on the season.

      I think when he realizes Sookie isn’t the 1 for him,but I have a feeling he will regret it by letting go of Sookie,because I heard a luv interest called Sylvie for him and I believe She’s the 1 giving him HepV, and somehow he gets cure by Sookie.

      I don’t believe Buckner’s “Billy luv Sookie” mark. I believe he is trolling with us.

  34. So sad and disappointing i have been a true fan since the start but i may not watch this season just as i did mot read last book. Why would they have him say that? That is going to exclude a lot of watchers now. But it explains how they have gone to pains to keep these characters away from each other

    • They had Alex say it, as fans won’t give him any backlash, all Eric/Sookie shippers obviously love Alex. They have probably decided to come out with it now, so people can get used to the idea and it won’t come as a shock at the end. They will have seen the reaction to the final book and they won’t want their big end of series finale going the same way. People know now and they have the choice to watch and see what they decide to do with the end of Eric’s story, or they can decide not to watch. Either way everyone knows now.

      My heart is completely broken by this.

  35. Erika-thank you for posting the TV Guide cover and article. I was aware of it elsewhere on the Internet. I saw it here yesterday but didn’t post until today. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. BS indeed. Bill$h!t. Ca$h in. This is basically what I expected from Bucky and company. Respectfully, I still think Sookie/Sam are endgame, but there will be a generous helping of Boring Rapist Beel till the bitter end.

    I haven’t been so “chatty” here lately because I don’t really have much to say about the show anymore. Alex’s future career endeavors, h*ll yes, the rapist apologist, bait-and-switch, con job show, h*ll no. In my personal life, I don’t know anyone who watches TB anymore, including me. Everyone I know either gave up on the show at some point because it became too hopelessly convoluted, or they never watched in the first place, so they never cared. I’ve been lurking here and other places since mid-s4, but I didn’t “join in” until a few months ago. I’m sure they’ll still get ratings and sell their merch, of course, but not from me. I’ll keep up with the story through recaps here (thank you for your public service, lol), same as I silently did last season, and I’ll watch Alex’s 50 seconds per episode on On Demand or YT. I love most of the cast, but I can’t get behind the story. Can’t stomach Bill and Alcide; don’t care about Sam; don’t want to watch the wishy-washy ham-fisted attempts at character-assassinating Eric, but I probably will out of respect for Alex. 🙂

    As far as I can tell, there seem to be a lot more comments here than on other sites. (Controversy sells, HBO. It’s better to be hated than ignored.) People who love Bill seem to chime in a little, people who are indifferent to/hate Eric seem to chime in a little, people who like Sam and/or Alcide seem to chime in a little, people who like Eric but hate the fans seem to chime in a little, but it seems to me like Eric fans seem to be most vocal. CH started the off-narrative script years ago that Eric and Eric/Sookie fans are entitled, a small but vocal minority, unstable losers who can’t handle that our guy didn’t get the girl. BB seems to be following that script. CH’s and BB’s supporters seem to have bought into that script. I read what I interpreted to be a mean-spirited passive-aggressive dig at Eric fans’ expense from a supposed “professional” on another site. I had no idea how mean CH and her mods were to Eric fans on her site until reading about it post-DEA. CH and BB control the media narrative. Their word on this story is “gospel.” Us “little people” can’t fight the machine.

    CH’s cameo as a director in the series finale tells all I need to know.

    I’ll buy Alex’s other “products” because I love his work, but not this one.

    I’ll still be lurking around here. When the mood strikes, I’ll post. I love ESL ❤ , now and always. Erika and everyone here, thank you for your excellent work.

    • I feel I fall into this group now, and since I can’t like posts anymore, I’ll just say AMEN!

      And you know what? I’m really happy for Alex that all this fuckery is now over. I know they say that you never bite the hand that feeds you, but I bet he’s not lamenting the fact that it is now pretty much all said and done (but I will beg him to please, PLEASE, don’t smack into anything, fall from any place and take care on the Tarzan gig)

    • I have watched since S1 but never participated in the blogs until recently. I did always read fanfic though. I have to say I don’t know anyone else who watches this show any more in real life either. Anyone who used to watch stopped because the story lines were just getting way too twisted and weird after S4.

      Also I’ve always wondered, since I don’t know a lot of fans of the show in RL, are Eric/Sookie fans really the minority? I have a hard time believing that… I know I purposely follow blogs for E/S…. but are there really a lot of Bill or Sam fans out there? In regards to the book or show?

  36. evie: yes thank u that is so true i am also heartbroken i knew seeing CH on set that was not a good sign its so sad to me bc they had the chance to make this an exciting end that could have had so many options… it is good tv to bring sookie/bill together again is beyond me as a fan and as a woman i will never get it

  37. It’s official then – the writers and producers of True Blood think of Bill and Sookie’s relationship as the real thing – lasting and undying (no pun intended. This is what we all predicted but is still a nasty bit of news. Sookie knows a lot of what Bill has done to her – enough to never go within 100 feet of him. She can’t even use the “he’s playing with my mind” cars because hey haven’t been together very often since she came back from fairie but she’s still been swooning from afar. The scenario we are being presented with defies all logic – no woman in her right mind would go within breathing distance of Bill let alone reunite with him. The only conclusion I can reach is that the writers are trying the true love is blind routine on us and that if you really love someone it doesn’t matter that the person she loves is a psychopath, mass murderer, abuser and rapist – that is a crock of shit but the sort of shit we’ve been fed since Sookie ran straight to Bill’s mansion when she found out Eric had bought her house. I was hoping she would lay into his nuts with her high heels but that wasn’t to be. Season 3 was very bad and every season since has been worse than the one before – this one will be the worst. Sookie Stackhouse on True Blood is the single worst female role model in the history of TV – given her forgiveness of Bill and that she is something worse than that too – an apologist for is actions. The show isn’t being axed because it has run it’s natural course – it’s been axed because it has become a laughing stock.

    If he was being honest I would be very surprised if AS will miss the show – and it wouldn’t surprise me if he had to be persuaded to return for the final season – contract or not. His storyline and all these stupid new vamps (especially Tara – have made his character look absurd. I doubt he’ll want to be reminded that he once starred in True Blood and if I were him I wouldn’t want to be associated with it either. Fair play to the guy who played James – he saw how diabolical the show was and got the Hell out. Bill and Sookie? A love story? They make me vomit as a couple as does the entire show. I’ll content myself with a fantasy world where Sookie staked Bill the night they met.

  38. Well said!!!!! I agree AS is prob glad this farce is coming to an end it has moved so far away from smart television as it can go Yes a very sad message for the female audience I do believe Willa makes a much better female character than sookie and better suited to be w pam and eric

  39. I have to agree with you guys,Alexia and Peecan.
    I don’t believe Buckner’s statement. I believe he’s trolling with the fans,because we keeps getting the same old BC from Buckner when everytime they interviewed. I think he’s saying those idiotic words coming from his mouth because the beginning of season…They didn’t mention Eric or Pam anywhere,because Alex wasn’t in the 1st half. Peecan have a point,I have a funny feeling the writers are going to make Pam finds him as the blood-craving Hep-V affected vamp (because there’s pics of him with, I fear it could their way the writers screwing with us…I remembered someone theorized he’ll went bersak and put all his rage out on Douchbag when he shown up and creak havoc. This theory gave me a sick feeling that it could be true,but It makes me think it’ll happen only the beginning of the season.

    I do think they’re going into different direction in the middle season,because they did that with last 2 seasons….Everyone thought Roman will be the Big Bad in season 5,but he got stake….Don’t forget, a lot of people was hyped Ben and they think he could be Sookie’s soulmate,but he turned out to be Sookie’s parent’s killer Warlow. There’s also the governor and Willa, governor didn’t last long as a Big Bad and his mistress Sarah took over. About Willa, she supposed to be in 3 eps,but she’s a series regular….Thinking of, Remember Amelia stated the season 7 will start out like season 1,but everything will go into a new direction and everything will come 2gether….Amelia also quoted that everybody are expecting how the show would end,but she said the writers are going to shock us with the ending…..we all known Buckner’s planning to rebuilding “Sookie luv Billy” sick-omance from the ground to up,but I think his secretly plan’s he’s going to tear it down with the help from our viking.

    I found out 2day that Alex says Eric isn’t the 1 for Sookie,but I think he said that beginning of the season. I think he meant Eric didn’t rekindle his relationship with Sookie when “the show return” (the beginning),because I think he don’t want to give any info away what’s going to happen to Eric later on the season…..I think when he realizes Sookie isn’t the 1 for him,but I have a feeling he will regret it by letting go of Sookie,because I heard a luv interest called Sylvie for him and I believe She’s the 1 giving him HepV, somehow he gets cure by Sookie.

    Don’t forget, There’s pics of Alex and Anna on the set when they were finishing True Blood. 😉

  40. there is an interview with Alex as well….that you didn’t mention… 🙂

  41. I’m not going to guess what all this means, it’ll hurt my head more than it already does… But I will say that Eric deserves better than TV Sookie

  42. Sorry for the multiple posts, but came across this in the Wiki:

    Bill will genuinely seek forgiveness and redemption for his actions out of his renewed affection for Sookie, free of any of the power-plays that plagued the character over the course of the last several seasons.

    So, even more evidence that it’s all gone downhill

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