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10364029_10152376975288563_8926249621339296135_n It’s True-ly the End…

Some of you may have already seen these going around the internet…but we wanted to make sure EVERYONE saw these! You already know TV Guide features True Blood in their Summer Preview, but did you know Alex spoke to them too? Just wait until you read what the man himself (Alex) says!

WARNING: if you don’t want to know…don’t look below!

These are scans from the Summer Preview edition of TV Guide which is released tomorrow, May 29th – thanks to @BSkarsNews on Twitter for the scan!

Not much I can say – other than read it and weep!


*insert sarcasm*

Wow, it’s been a great week for us so far, isn’t it? The Billshit just keeps coming and coming…burying us in so much crap it will take forever to dig us out. I’m not sure about you…but even the thought of some erotic telenovela sex scene between Eric and Jason doesn’t seem to appeal to me. Sure it may be just a blood bond thing…but coming on the heels of what Buckner said…doesn’t make it any easier, IMO.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the typo as well…Jason is OLDER than Sookie, not younger as they mentioned in TV Guide. Wish they’d get their facts straight before publishing.

But don’t worry…Alex also said this;


Thanks to Barbara at for the scan above!

You see? Eric WILL be still alive at the start of the season…for what it’s worth. Not that there was any doubt… 😉

What some of you pointed out in the other TV Guide post…is how weird all of this is? Why share all of this with us when usually they keep things secret at this time of year? WEIRD is a great word for it. And Alex is usually the LAST person to say anything at all too…it’s just WEIRD.

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below!


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  1. This show is so BAD now I can’t even write about it, I’m just Done with it all!! Goodbye trueblood!! I’ll watch Eric scenes on YouTube

  2. I think Eric pretty much moved on since season 5 until Sookie kicked him out of the house in season 6. What a coldheart b**ch. I can’t believe she putted him through all that sh*t in season 6…I always think him as a vampire verison of Jason, everytime he’s with a women and there’s trouble. No wonder those two are so much alike. :D… I think Alex’s referring what’s going to happen with Eric in the beginning,but he didn’t say anything how he survives from the sunbathing scene or Sylvie and only thing he mentioned Jason/Eric’s sex scene (I would luv to see it plays out 🙂 ).

    Beside he didn’t mentioned that Eric’s being sick after we saw those pics of him with black marks on his chest and I think Sookie have something with healing him….I’m sure that Alex’s joking that Eric isn’t the best man for Sookie,but I think he’s referring someone in his life in the beginning of season and I believe it’s Sylvie. Some people believe she’s the 1 saved Eric from getting burn,but I have a funny feeling that she could be the 1 who effected Eric with hep V. I think somehow Sookie come in play to healing him.

    Like I said in previous comments, I believe A**hole Buckner’s trolling with us. It made my stomach hurl when he said that “Billy luv Sookie” will be “personal”,but I think he throwning everybody off track in the beginning of the season. I think everyone will be shock in through the season like the writers did that before with Season 5 and Season 6….I am not going to watch this season,but I’ll always be there for recap and I could try out some fanfics.

  3. I’m seriously thinking of not even bothering to watch it on You Tube. There is no hope for the fandom since they seem to want to give us shit on this. They refuse to look at the what the fans want, and seem set on the true life romance of Anna and Stephen as for the staying power of Bill.

    Hello? I much rather watch something that shows me Sookie making intelligent choices. I rather see her with a vampire that cares about her, not hold his hand over her mouth so she couldn’t scream as he drains her. What about the one who bought her house and repaired it? Or the one who came for her in Dallas when he had no idea if she found Godric or not?

    It’s so far gone, that I choose to end my True Blood with season 5, because at the end of that we had hope for our preferred pairing to be the ones that come through all this.

    I am off to write what should have happened, and not the bs lines that the campy fanfic of SVM is deciding to show. I wish they would have been fanfic, at least we would know who the pairing was supposed to be.

  4. I must admit, I am a tad dubious about this. I mean, this is a HUGE plot point. A lot of the reason people watch is to see if he and Sookie will end up together. HOWEVER! If this is true, notice the wording. ERIC doesn’t rekindle the romance. Doesn’t mean Sookie won’t………..

    • Hmmmm…I think you’re on to something! But we know Bill and Sookie get back together, unless that’s misleading too?

      • I’ve hears its an Alcide / Bill triangle season but nothing official. Nothing stopping it being that focus all season until the very last ep when suddenly, eric comes back and sookie realises her error.

        I still won’t watch it until all eps have aired and i’ve read the spoilers. If it shite, i won’t bother.

    • I think it is legit and that it cannot be denied. I wanted them together but NOT putting them together is the least of this shows problem.

      The problem is in the writing and has been for a while now.

  5. Thanks Erika for posting this so everyone is aware of what was said. Don’t have anything more to add since I’ve said all I wanted to say in the previous post right now. Might have more comments later.

  6. I think if HBO is trying to keep the E/S viewers, they’re going about it entirely the wrong way. Also, I totally agree: WEIRD.

  7. Read it and weep I did! Ugh!! I wish I didn’t care.
    This just makes no sense that all this is being said and the show has not even started!
    They had such a backlash at end of Season 6 , maybe they think if they get all this out now it will diffuse the situation in the end, but then again if they care that much and think people will be that upset, why would they write the show that way.

    There have been so many spoilers by the show runner and now Alex, who never says anything, even Anna gave up the spoiler about Naill and she NEVER gives even a hint of a spoiler! And Buckner also says in the article that by the series end Sookie will be changed forever in the most shocking twist yet! … Well, not shocking any more! He just told us!
    I just don’t get it and I can no longer believe all this is to lead everyone off track.
    I’m no longer drifting on the river of denial, I’m now floating in the sea of heartbreak 😦

    • Her changed forever in the most shocking twist won’t be shocking as she will be turned into a vampire and by Bill even. Too predictable

  8. Maybe it’s the other way around :Sookie isn’t the right girl for Eric !!anyways I’m going to do what Sookie suggested to Alcide in S5 “I’m going to sit here and slowly wait to slip into a coma!” take care

  9. I think the sex scene between Alex and Ryan will probably be just a blood dream. Ok, yay, nudity, but not what I’m interested in. (Well maybe Alex)
    I personally don’t think Eric and Sookie will end up together because, god forbid they would listen to the majority of the fan base. After all, this is the Anna and Stephen show!
    I’m not so sure what the big twist for Anna is. I know there’s a poster suggesting she’s been turned…but I just don’t think they’d do this. I’m also not sure what’s the go with the actors giving out such strong spoilers….unless they’re meant to be misleading.
    Actually, at this point, I’m trying not to care, but I love Eric so much, I can’t help hoping he gets a happy ending. I’ll do my usual catching up via blogs and reviews of each episode. I haven’t watched since the end of S3.
    And I’ll try not to need a barf bag…

  10. I agree with you missron80. I’ve just about given up hope for the final season, I don’t think I’ll be watching until after spoilers have been released. If they look any good, I’ll more than happily watch. If HBO were hoping to get a positive response for the final season, then they need to open their eyes because from what I’ve read so far regarding the final season, it’s almost not going to be worth it.

    Let us hope that this rumour that Sookie and Eric don’t get back together is just to mislead us. Cross your fingers everyone and pray to the Nordic Gods that there will be EricxSookie in this season.

  11. Reblogged this on Diamond Rose and commented:
    For all you TB fans out there, I strongly recommend you read this.

  12. Thanks for this post, Erika. And thanks to @BSkarsNews and Barbara at Skarsgard Fans for the scans. If it were AB or pretty much any showrunner/writer/actor, I’d think they were trolling. Pre-DEA Spoilergate, I thought CH was trolling (whoops). After DEA, I take every word BB, CH, Anna, Alex, Stephen, whoever TB related, very, VERY literally. I still think Sookie/Sam are endgame. I think Alex and Anna will have very little screentime together. I think Alex will play a limited role in s7. I think Eric/Pam might be endgame. I think Bill will be “redeemed.” I think CH approves of BB. I am numb re: TB. Have been for a couple weeks now. It is what it is. Take care everyone.

  13. Super news! 😦
    I am beginning to wonder if I was delusional all this time..did we watch a different show….if they are spoiling so much surly ‘majority’ of fans would be still delighted and couldn’t wait to see the end…not this bitter feeling…
    I am afraid this is it guys 😦 They don’t care about viewing figures..they prepared us well, I’ll give them that – so who wants to watch will watch and who doesn’t, well who cares…

  14. he also says at the return of the show wonder if that still stands for the end of the show.l

  15. This is so dumb. First they keep him under house arrest for the last year with no pictures or interviews then they ignore him in the marketing for this year and now he turns into chatty cathy?? Makes no sense unless it is to prepare the viewers for utter disappointment. At this point I am glad I stopped caring what Sookie was about to a long time ago, probably season 4, episode 8 and then for sure after the Warlow ride last year it sealed it! She is nothing more than a plot device to serve, reward and prop the star of this show…..Bill. I only care about Alexander’s character getting a good story, fair screentime and no more humiliation or pain. They’ve pretty much been systematically tearing him down and taking everything away from him for quite a while now (and giving everything to Bill). We have never even seen where he lives. There is so much disappointment and outright disgust over this news that it’s going to take a while to work out. As for the guy on guy action, I know this is popular but I can’t watch adn don’t want to see it. I don’t really ever want to see people on tv pretending to have sex but it seems Tv watchers these days demand their skin, smut and drama-like reality tv. Not my cup of tea at all! Blech!

  16. I’m fine with Sookie not ending up with Eric because she didn’t give him a single thought after she rescinded his invite only telling Bill to take care of his vampire after he drained Warlow, ..He obviously loves her more and I just want his character to be happy regardless.
    However as awful as Sookies’ characterisation went in season 6 she does not deserve to be lumbered with Behl. I also hope Jason breaks free from Violet. She’s a vile abusive character much like Bill pumping Jason full of her blood.

  17. I just saw something else and wanted to add that I am more confused than ever after seeing the tweets being sent out about the “great love story” between Sookie and Bill they are trying to sell but they included the actors real twitter names, it’s AS IF THEY CAN’T SEPARATE REAL LIFE FROM FANTASY! Huh? This is just gross and distasteful! This from 2 people who claim to be so private that they even hid the names of their babies for several months. I just don’t get it. Of course they have the right to privacy, I’m not making fun of them at all for that, just pointing out the absolute absurdity of this whole circus rolling into town. I have decided it will be far more entertaining to sit back and watch this trainwreck unfold than it ever was trying to hope for good things for my favorite character. Peep show shill indeed!

  18. I wish siomeone kill Beel please . I hate him . I hope that all cast leave this adventure with heads held high as they move forward in their careers . I wish them all the best , especially Alex . He deserves it . I will miss this show mainly because of him . True to the end Team Eric fan always !!!

  19. We are all such die hard fans that we are trying to read between the lines. Maybe they are just “pulling our legs” giving us hope. Just so we keep watching, hoping we get what should be. They know what most of the fans want. I will watch til the end and more than likely be disgusted by it.

  20. At this point why would Eric ever try to rekindle things with Sookie? He might have come across as the ‘bad guy’ in the first few seasons but I think he has more than proven he is extremely loyal and passionate towards those he cares for. He wanted Sookie to be one of those people, he put his heart on the line, and she denied him.

    I mean come on, who wants to go crawling back to someone after that? Especially a character with pride like Eric. I’m not surprised Alex said Eric will not try to get Sookie back. Sookie’s character does not deserve him from the way she has been written lately.

    Although all in all, I agree with others that it is very weird so many spoilers are getting dropped like this…. why are they giving away big plot points so easily? Very weird.

    • Exactly my thoughts! After the writers essentially destroyed the very thing worth making a show about (pre-end SVM Sookie), I wouldn’t want an E/S endgame. This Sookie doesn’t deserve him, and he’ll go on as he always has done, and surround himself with those who are more worthy… in my mind 🙂

      Having said that, this Sookie doesn’t deserve to be stuck with this Bill either, if only she just gave THAT a thought!

      With the way the writers are going, and all these spoilers (and mixing up character names with those of the actors), I would feel weird watching it. I’d feel like a peeping tom! This is a TV show, we know it’s not real, stop trying to sell it to us like it is! Sell stupid someplace else please!

      Another thing, HBO don’t have advertising on their shows, so the only way they’re going to generate any revenue is through subscriptions and DVD releases, sales of which are generated purely through demand. I’m actually surprised the show has lasted as long as it has!

      All in all, I’m glad it’s ending: it gives The Blonde One an out and to go swinging into the sunset (just keep an eye out for those trees hun, they tend to come out of nowhere).

  21. #boycottTrueBlood

  22. C’mon guys, it’s time to stop living in our little dream world. (I’m guilty of it, too.) ERIC AND SOOKIE ARE NOT GOING TO END UP TOGETHER…no matter how much we all want them to. (Though I’ll admit my desire for them to be together has lessened considerably over the past 2 seasons and I no longer think she deserves him.)

    I think HBO is in the same boat Charlaine Harris was when she got to the last book. They know the series is over, and what they do in the last season will have no major effect…they don’t have to win new fans or keep existing fans coming back for another season. They have no financial incentive to please the fans anymore. They do have a new production company lined up with Stephen and Anna, though, so keeping those two happy and piquing the interest of viewers in their work, is in the company’s best interest. Alex is no longer a priority, as he’s moved on to larger film projects for other studios. At the end of the day, for HBO it’s all about business ($$$), and what they see being the most beneficial for them is to focus on Anna/Sookie and Stephen/Bill.

    As far as the spoilers are concerned, I think it’s just more of the same…Buckner/HBO pushing Stephen and Anna on us. If anything I feel like Alex is taking pity on the fans and giving them an out rather than enouraging false hope. Either way, I will still watch the show. As I’ve said before, no matter how angry or upset it makes me, I will never pass up an opportunity to see ASkars at work (even sitting through Melancholia multiple times!) especially since this will be our last opportunity to get a new weekly dose of him for who knows how long.

    • I agree with all that but think it is stupid to base what happens to a character (if that is the case) due to a future business relationship. It is not very professional.

      • I agree with you, but we all know Charlaine Harris believes it’s stupid to base what happens to her characters on what the fans want. Either way, we lose. 😦

        • And I have been resigned to that fact for sometime now. I am just ready for it to be over but I will mock it for a bit since I know our readers will have plenty to say!

  23. This shows me just how warped a mind Alan Ball has.
    And just how far he will go to screw up a storyline all because of his
    man crush on Stephen Moyer….He’ll write anything to keep Stephen happy
    even if it’s at the expense of other actors….
    I’ll watch the last Season but I can tell right now that I’m going to be hating it!!!

  24. It’s so Weird that they leak out such a big spoiler, I think it’s unusual, the crew(included writer and actor)always keep their mouth zipped when it come to spoiler with so many years, not sure why they did that this year.

    I’m a die hard fans of E/S, and I knew they probably won’t end up together in the show, so this news never surprise me(not expected the book’s ending, anyway), all I care about is Eric’s love for Sookie, I think I totally understand why is Eric thought that he is not the best guy for her, that’s because after everything he had been through, he realized what is “true love”. No matter what happened, I still love Eric!

    I’m also wondering why isn’t Bill thought that way? Bill is the only one who dose not the best guy for Sookie in the show, He just don’t deserved it! How shameless he is(even Alcide is better than him)!I know Bill wants to redemption, but he don’t deserved to win back Sookie’s heart after what he’s done. Not sure what happened why is this couple will get back together?

    For E/S in the final season, I only have two wishes:

    1.Eric is not gonna in love with someone else.(This is not allowed to happen, and I believe in him)
    2.Eric and Sookie will “at least” have one scene together to wrapped up their story for fans.(Buckner, is that hard for you?)

  25. Actually Id love it if they turned Sookie, it would be a nice BIG FU to CH and the message of the books which was that Vampires should die and deserve to be hated and discriminated against, hahahah. Bring on Vampire Sookie!

    As for Eric, his memory will always live on in our minds and hearts. Alex has great things ahead. He is a rising star and this is only the beginning for him. 🙂

    • Actually a friend told me she read a recent interview with CH where she said ‘Sookie and Bill were her favorite ‘VAMPIRE’ couple’ food for thought there!

      • Gag!!! (To Charlaine)

      • Hehe yes this explains a lot. I guess in her world rape is considered romantic. Glad I am no longer a part of it. I just wonder what she was thinking when she wrote Eric. Was there any love at all or was she always trying to paint him as a jackass and we the readers saw through the cracks? Mr. Darcy was kind of a jackass too and he is now one of the most beloved romantic heroes of all time. I guess we will never know. Truthfully I think ASkars has checked out as well. I recall the last press event him sitting off by himself with KBVS whispering and I think he’s done with the lot. Maybe its due to the people, maybe due to the bad writing, but out of loyalty he has trudged on. I will always be thankful for Eric Northman. Whether the writers intended it or not he is beloved by his fans, including myself till the bitter end. Hopefully the fanfiction writers who feel as we do will write him a more fitting ending.

  26. Nymerias:
    Charlaine couldn’t live wwith how popular Eric Northman became on the show.
    So she committed “character assination” and killed him off in the book readers eyes.
    Then she came up with the ending for Books 12/13 of having Sookie end up
    with Sam Merlotte….thinking that the Eric Northman fans would buy it?
    Well we won’t and what BrianBuckner/Alan Ball are doing in the Finale is
    just another way of keeping Stephen Moyer happy.
    I’m through with this show….I know you’d never thought you’d hear me say that!
    But this is the last straw….

  27. I was watching reruns of S2, S3 and S4 yesterday (my favorite Eric parts of course, not the whole thing)…And for the first time I saw how Eric has been downsized at every point, all through the show. Here are a two things that really bothered me –

    1. One V-high werewolf was enough to overpower/compete with Eric (1000 yr old) but Bill (around 200 year old) could overpower and eat through four werewolves high on V (and Russel’s blood)
    2. Bill could throw off Eric in the concrete ditch (WTF!) along side Russel.

    I don;t want to build the really long list of similar things and inconsistencies. I have also come to the conclusion that the show writers are going to write whatever the f*** they want to write and then push that sh*t down our throats, whether we like it or not.

    I guess I am leaning towards believing Alex’s words right now. Maybe the show runners think that we fans would take it better if Alex is the one who breaks it to us. But however beautiful the bearer of the news is, even he cannot diminish the fact that the show has turned into one sad soap opera and is nothing near the dark thriller it started out as.

  28. Not that I am shocked or didn’t see this coming but I wasn’t prepared for a PR shitstorm of such epic proportion.
    I will see only Eric’s scene on YouTube and for Sookie’s destiny I think she will use her super light ball and she will be only human.
    Right now I’m terribly sad. 😦

  29. Below is website said about this news:

    “Eric and Sookie are not getting back together, at least not in the beginning, but that doesn’t mean romance with a Stackhouse is off the table.” and then they show the scan.

    “at least not in the beginning”~~I Love it!

    I think for such a Weird spoiler, we really should think that way, because it may not refer to the ending.

    • I wouldn’t read anything into that, but I don’t know why they’re making it seem like Eric is actually going to hook up with Jason. That’s just ridiculous, we know it’s likely only a sex dream, even though I don’t know why Jason would be dreaming about him six months later.

    • I knew it that he’s referring to the beginning and he knew (thought) he’s already not since season 5 and I heard they casted a girl named Sylvie to be his luv interest in the beginning of the season,but I believe it didn’t go well.

  30. I think they’re putting these spoilers out to manage expectations. Eric and Sookie were truly and absolutely over when he gave her the house back (though they were actually over when she rejected him at the Queen Bill’s mansion). I think they’re trying to avoid the blow back that happened at the end of last season. I mean, when you’ve calculated killing the most popular character in your series and there’s such an uproar that you actually have to spoil the cliffhanger (I think he was really going to be dead until the internet erupted) the next day and are forced to bring him back, you want to let those people know that though he’ll be back in some capacity, he’ll not be back in the way they expect him to be.

    My friend and I have been going back and forth about whether we’ll try and watch or not. She does reviews so will probably get the first few some time in the next two weeks.

    I’m not resubscribing to HBO, the absolutely dreadful writing HBO allowed Alan Ball and his cronies get away with made me decide to never subscribe to HBO again. I do go to a friend’s house to watch GOT, but that’s it.

    We’ve decided we’ll watch the ones she gets and if we feel we can hate-watch hard, we’ll find a way to continue. If we can’t even enjoy hate-watching, we’ll call it a day. I’ll never pick up another Charlaine Harris book and I don’t know that I’ll ever subscribe to HBO again.

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