Sink your teeth into Trailer Number Two


Well, my friends we have another trailer for the final season. I know you are just dying to see it! Foaming at the mouth even.

Meet the new James (as if it matters he will be dead and gone I bet)

Jessica and I assume the ‘Figure’


As usual sound off below.

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  1. I have a feeling eric scenes will be scarce i think we will see very little of him this season and a whole lot of bill im feeling the same as when the last book came out i never read and didnt look back unfortunately it colors my desire to see anything involving bill sookie actors in the future just like i will never read CH again

  2. I think “The Bill and Sookie Show” is going to suck this season. I think they’re going to spew “brooding Beehl” all over us as they try to brainwash their viewers into believing that Bill is worthy of…anything other than a stake up the ass. (Moyer really is just TOO damn good at portraying Beehl…)

    And the proposed “love triangle” with Sookie?

    *passes around air-sick bags*

    However, I am more than willing to eat my (many, many…many) words if HBO astounds me and actually shows some quality Eric screen-time – which I do not expect to see.

    After all, it’s “The Bill and Sookie Show” now.

  3. You know what guys?!?! Fu** Buckner/Alan/CH etc etc and what they decide to do with the characters. Whatever they do, I am going to cheer every time Eric comes on screen. I am going to love each and every second of Alex’s screen time. And I am going to enjoy the last season of this show against all odds 🙂 🙂

    Alcide and Sookie may break up and Bill and Sookie may get together, but seriously, at this moment, is Sookie even good for Eric? I don’t like True Blood Sookie.

    I’d like to get to see Eric in all his viking glory. Fighting, plotting, snarking and making fun of Bill as he has always done.

    It would have been good to see him in the last season trailers and teasers. That’s the only thing I am sad about right now.

    • I have been all about the Viking only for quite some time, throw in some Pam, La La, Sam(unless he does something stupid), Jason comedy relief (unless he continues to be stupid in the Violet department) and now Willa, I can deal somewhat. I used to defend Sookie but I can’t anymore. Even if she smartened up and chose herself in the end, too little too late.

  4. My only wish for season 7 is that it inspires many fix-it fanfics.

  5. I am speechless. This never happens. I will only repeat what I said in a previous post…..Eric Northman fans….exit (but not quietly) the theater immediately. There is absolutely nothing to see here!!!! I believe we are in for an unlubricated reaming the likes of which we only thought we had gotten after that book. Thats about all I can come up with at the moment. 😦 😦 😦 Oh, and if I knew how to create a middle finger on the keyboard I would end with that!

    • *Exiting Stage Right* No one can try and tell me that 1. There was no Eric scenes to show or 2. They are just teasing us because they have something big planned for him. I did not see Pam either unless I missed it.

      If I am wrong, I will gladly eat my words, with RELISH!

      • I saw in the seconds 30-31 of the trailer. She was smiling quite benignly actually…the way she does only for Eric.

        • I saw that and a finger tracing down the side of her face but even that won’t give me the warm and fuzzies lol

          • You know I actually paused at the finger trailing scene and tried discerning whether it really was what my stupid shipper heart wanted to believe it was. But there is no way to tell 😦 . The height difference will eliminate other shorter suiters (Bill) but then it may be Alcide too 😦

          • Exactly! I can’t let my shipper heart soar, not in this fandom anymore. My shipper heart is with the new Outlander show. Eric is still my first and then Jamie.

        • It seems like they are deliberately not showing Eric. It gives me a little hope, only because the network is not stupid everyone involved in this show knows that Alex is very popular and limiting his part would definitely be a financial no no. Plus, they know exactly how well the response of CH’s ending was taken by the fans, and HBO is definitely about keeping their fans not pushing them away.

          • I wish I could believe that and I wish I had your faith. HBO is going to get their money either way at this point, they are not worried about pushing fans away.

  6. I’m not even bothering to watch the trailers, that’s how little I care.

  7. those promos looks like false advestivement.

    I known MGN did that with the trailer of Godzilla, but when I watched the actually movie and it isn’t like the trailer. It felt more like a classic Godzilla movie I grew up,not some the cheesy 90s 1. (do you guy see the any original 1s? you known what I meant. 🙂 )

    Amelia has mentioned something in the interview that the rest of season will end break “people’s hearts”, I don’t known what by she meant. I thought she meant Eric, I think she meant “the shock” of the end of the series. Probably this “shock” could be they are going to tear their “Billy luv Sookie” sick-omance that they starts with. That would break a lot of douchbag fans’ heart,I would imagine and they didn’t get coming. Lol…. I believe the pics of Alex and them on the set when they were doing season 7. I think those pics are clues that lead to that “shock”.

    Why the writers are stupid enough to cover up that “shock”? :/

  8. Thanks for posting this “big” trailer#2. After watching the trailer I feel the same as some of the above posters. Again, no Eric which is now a standing joke to me. I just don’t know what they are trying to do. Maybe they are trying to desensitize all of us Eric fans into the fact that Eric is out of the picture and figure that doing it this way will keep some of the negative comments at a minimum once the season starts. Notice I still haven’t said anything about this trailer, that’s because I am not impressed with it at all. It all the same crap only different scenes. I really laughed when Sookie asked why he was helping or whatever and Bill says he owes everything to her. What a bunch of BS!!

    This is all I have to say for now. My stomach is unfortunately turning and I need to take my mind off of it for now.

  9. After watching this trailer, I’m even more pleased with my decision to cancel HBO after the S6 finale. No smart Sookie. No Eric. No Smart Sookie with Eric = no viewer.
    I just can’t anymore with this show. To do so would make me as stupid as Sookie and I just couldn’t look myself in the mirror if that happened.

  10. Sookie has quality time with Bill, Alcide, and her eventual HEA Sam, but not Eric. Never Eric. Buckner changed the show into what Harris wanted. It is what it is. I’m glad I started slowly backing away in s5, and almost entirely pulled the plug in s6. It makes it easier for me.

  11. That trailer made me barf. Trailers can be misleading but taking this one at face value tells me this season will be the Bill and Sookie reunite season. Not hard to predict that she will agree to be his blood donor maybe one thing will lead to another….

    If I have to look at her smiling happily and contentedly at Bill as she did in this trailer all season my TV may not last the summer. Alcide “I loved you” is in this trailer letting us already that he is out of this supposed love triangle that never was.

    There is some good that will come out of this season, I won’t have to see Bills sadistic smug flabby face again unless I choose to depress myself I won’t have to look at Sookie practically on the point of orgasm just from looking at that evil piece of shit.

    The fact that they had to give Sookie electric fingers in the first place shows a real lack of creativity from the writers and producers. Yes it’s a tv show and not the books but surely they could have made it more about her struggle with her telepathy than they did. I think only twice have I heard Sookie bemoan the telepathy, the rest of the time she seems at peace with it whereas Sookie for the majority of the books described it as the bane of her existence and a curse. The writers couldn’t have gone in that direction – just a little bit? It would have given her character a bit more depth.

    Maybe if the show followed the books Sookie might get an occasional glimpse into a vampires mind preferably Bill’s in this case. After seeing some of the shit he’s been up to it might be enough to give her the slap in the face to wake her out of her drooling and able to face the reality of what Bill is. But no, this is the show and anyway knowing her she’d still jump into bed with him for some sex with his doughy ass at the drop of a hat. This show should have been called “Diary Of A Doormat” instead of True Blood. At the end of the opening credits it should say very remotely based on the Sookie Stackhouse Novels by Charlaine Harris. I know which Sookie I prefer – it’s a no-brainer.

    • I admit to preferring book Sook (even though the writing fell off bad) to show Sook. Show Sook has no other purpose but to live for Bill. In the other trailer, I wanted to puke when she said ‘I thought once I had your blood it was forever’. I think everyone called it last season when the ‘every vampire to every human’ that Bill would want to be partnered up with her because no one else would be able to feeding from her.

      Everything in this trailer was boring, none of it made sense

  12. I guess we should have known this was how it was going to end. Hell HBO loves Stephen and Anna. They have even given them a job after this is over. Not that I wish them bad things but I hope Alex’s career takes off with Tarzan and more, and HBO gets stuck with half assed go nowhere HBO shows involving the Moyer’s.

  13. Me too!!!! Im not interested in their projects if they were creatively on board w this crap! I guess my excitement over watching my show during the summer is over these people deserve the crap storm they are going to get when this show is done

  14. You know this really makes me wonder if alex started to want off the show but they were able to negotiate at least half a season of appearances from him (like they did w will on good wife) in order to close out his character im really starting to wonder…. This has been a systematic reduction of erics character since S 5 they wanted him totally secondary…. Except the fans didnt comply so now we are in shock w what theyve planned all along… I agree w another poster who said alex may have wanted out already

    • Not that it matters anymore but we have discussed this so many times before. Some say he had a 6 year contract and some say they all initially signed a 7 year contract. Some say Alex signed a 6 year contract with option to renew or negotiate….blah blah blah. The fact is no one but Alex and his reps know his contract status.

      No one knows anything but the ones involved and it seems pointless to wonder about it because we sure won’t be told. Lol.

      Even if there is only a little bit of Eric in the final season, he should be in a preview regardless. It is like they are trying to make his role some big secret when we all know (from previous seasons) that is not the case.

      Sorry if I sounded cross, I did not meant to!

      • Nymeria, I am sorry and I don’t want to bring this again.

        Amelia has mentioned something in the interview that the rest of season will end break “people’s hearts”, I don’t known what by she meant. I thought she meant Eric, I think she meant “the shock” of the end of the series. Probably this “shock” could be they are going to tear their “Billy luv Sookie” sick-omance that they starts with. That would break a lot of douchbag fans’ heart,I would imagine and they didn’t get coming. Lol…. I believe the pics of Alex and them on the set when they were doing season 7. I think those pics are clues that lead to that “shock”.

        I’m taking Amelia’s word….I think Buckner and his writers are really stupid to cover up what’s going to happen in the rest of season,but we just saw pics of Alex and the cast on Facebook. I think Buckner’s telling we Eric fans are stupid,but Buckner and the writers (including siicko Billy fans). I believe they’re really hiding something’s big and I think it have to involve with Eric….I have a feeling that my guts telling me so.

        • I meant Buckner and Douchbag fans are the stupid 1s.

        • Shelli, I am sorry but you have made this comment before and I did not really comment omit because it makes no sense. I can’t make out what you are saying.

          The shock is that nothing is shocking. Eric is infected plain and simple. The trailer was obvious that they are not going to ‘tear Bill Sookie sick-romance’ what do you mean by that? They are going to make that the center of the final season.

  15. Yes, true, that doesn’t explain why he is not in any previews. It doesn’t make any sense…I’m back to thinking they will kill Eric off on the show

  16. I wish we still had the “thumbs up/down” icon on here because I’d have to give all of you multiple thumbs up because you all said what I was thinking and feeling. 🙂

    P.S. BTW, what does it say about this show that some of us (maybe more than some according to comments I’ve read on various forums) are more ok with Willa than Sookie??

    • That speaks major volumes and the writers should stop and think about that.

      • I could see Buckner going Eric/Willa, but I think more than likely it will be Eric/Pam (or Eric dead-dead, or Eric taking off for parts unknown with Pam and/or Willa in tow). I don’t mean any disrespect to the Willa fans, so PLEASE don’t take it that way, Willa fans. What bothers me about her character, or I should type, the WRITING for her character, is that it feels forced to me. It feels like Hudis brought in (and Buckner continued) Willa as a sort of last-minute (last two seasons) replacement for Nora (who felt like a replacement for Sookie) and Sookie herself in Eric’s story (Willa even looks like Nora, who looked like Salome, who looked like blood-covered naked Lilith, who looks like Violet, who looks like Sylvie, but that’s another story, lol). (And, don’t get me started on the first, rape-y Eric/Willa scene. That is NOT Eric.) I feel like I can see the puppet strings being pulled a million miles away rather than the writers just organically telling the story from start to finish. It’s not the series I signed up for. The ole bait and switch. I also feel, in a sense, like Willa is a replacement for early seasons “innocent” Sookie/baby vamp Jessica, since Sookie and Jessica are “not that innocent” anymore (Britney Spears in my head as I type). It feels calculated to me. Manipulative. But, maybe it’s just me. 🙂

  17. I luv willa for eric she really does embody much more than sookie but i feel they wont give eric the good fortune

  18. Nymerias, yeah I believe so. I think it’ll the center of the final season.

    I remembered there’s a video of someone interviewed her and Amelia quoted “The end of True Blood is going to make fans very happy and heartbroken at the same time. Because that’s what True Blood does best.” I don’t trust that Buckner,but I am relying on Amelia’s words. I think the writers are going to make Sookie ends up buddy with Eric to treat his hep V,that’s which mean it would ruin her relationship with Douchbag that the writers begins with. That was I meant “tear ‘Billy luv Sookie’ sicko-romance”.

    I also remembered she said in the vault, it will be like season 1 as it starts in this season like we seen the first 3 episodes in the previews….HBO normally did that

    But Amelia also mentioned in the same interview; everybody thought how the show would end,but she said the show’s going into a different direction by the end of season and she believe things are going to get crazier ..yeah I have to agreed with her on that. I believe some people reach until ep 5. I known writers did that before like they did last 2 seasons… ( ) I known you guys posted awhile ago. If you don’t mind,I post it again. 🙂

    I known the interviews are 3 months old and they already finished the series, I am glad they are doing other things now.

  19. Well, can’t get any worse than this…can it? We already have the summary of this whole BS season, interviews, trailers. Nothing else screams “We use eric just for sex appeal. No more no less.” They fooled us since season 1 and I believe it all went down hill when anna and steven got personally involved, JMO. GOT is WAAAAAY better, and I’ll be watching it again while this poorly written piece of drivel is about to start.

  20. nothing we didn’t know already..bill the hero..zzzz…you are my miracle..zzz..Sookie giving in..zzzz…

    I saw the ‘finger’ touching Sookie’s cheek pic… it HIM guys?? I don’t think I can take another Eric rejection scene..enough is enough

    • Maja-there’s spec that it’s Eric saying goodbye to Sookie. Again. As someone said, they’ve been doing that since s3. It’s done.

      • That’s my speculation too. Buckner said last year Eric/Sookie was still unresolved. Alex said in his interview that he realises he’s not the right man for Sookie. I think there will be a scene where he lets her go and tells her she belongs with Bill. I’m afraid I will have to fast-forward through that scene, I hate to miss a second of Eric, but I’ll just get too mad, it won’t be worth it 😦

        • I would prefer Eric to tell her that while he loves her, he is not the man for her and he wants her to be happy. Then he says but Bill is not the man for you either, he is not the person you think he is. He proceeds to remind her of all Bill has done. Why? Because that is how Eric rolls. Will that happen? The answer to that is a resounding HELL NO!

          • I think I known why,Nymeria. I think he has a virus,because he knew he’s going to die and he want her to be happy.. 😦 ..I think Eric’s going to tell Pam something’s similar like if something does happen to him, he want her to take care of Willa when he’s gone. 😦

          • Even dying he would not give his blessing. This is the Viking who was cocky on his death bed before Godric turned him. I would not like if they changed him drastically like that. It is not his style

          • If they do that, then it would be Eric assassination all over again. Eric Northman does not spout shit like that. I hope they don’t make Eric bless the union of Bill and Sookie 😦

          • I think the writers are going to do it,because the show already changed after idiotic Buckner took last season and made a totally mess….They made Eric blamed for everything what had happened (it wasn’t his fault,but it’s Douchbag’s fault). I believe they’re going to make him feeling guilty what had happened and put fault on his self.

            Sorry, Sh*t does happen. 😦

          • I have a feeling It will happen in middle,but I don’t think they are going to kill him off at the very end….Because in the finale pic, we saw him with his black tank (with stunt double) and no black veins on him.

            I don’t known to have a clue what’s going on. :/

        • Really hope that we won’t get Eric giving ‘his blessing’ about Bill…:(..seriously I don’t think I would stomach that either,but rather break my TV… If they are to have a scene together I would like him to encourage to embrace who she is and stay true to herself..and if would be great if he actually advises her to stay away from Bill yet again.
          I am just thinking now, if that Fangtasia scene is about Bill &co saving Eric..and Bill is hero again and saves his life, after which Eric tells her that he is not the right guy and tells her that she belongs with Bill or similar kind of crap…I will vomit

          • It is not Eric’s style to give his blessing when he would give a warning instead. He knows Sookie might not listen but he would give it nonetheless.

          • The problem with that is who is Sookie? Hard to embrace what you are when you are lacking in personality and very hard to stay true to.

          • We all know that it is not Eric’s style. However it is Charlaine Harris’s style and Alan Ballsacks style. She stabbed all the Eric fans in the back with that stupid series ending book and who’s to say that Ballsack won’t do the same. What better way for them to say Na Na Na Boo Boo to all us Eric lovers?

    • It has to be him,. She is looking up at someone tall, and let’s face it Bill isn’t that tall.

      • could be Alcide as well..he is as tall and has large hands

        • CH tried to character-assassinate Eric in DEA to try to force the audience to get excited about Sookie/Sam, but it was so painfully obvious what she was trying to do that it backfired, big-time. I think BB will do the same, but since Alex hasn’t had more than 2-3 scenes a season with Anna since s5, BB’s job will be much easier. I could see BB having Eric give Sookie his blessing to crawl back to her rapist Beel, because he can see that Rapist Beel is the one that Doormat Sookie really lurves. You know, Beel, the same charmer who tried to murder Eric and Pam on numerous occasions, just because Eric was Bill’s competition for Sookie (back when HBO was stringing the audience along in that direction). It’s more character-assassination attempts for Eric.

  21. I think I threw up a little from seeing too much of Bill’s face.

    • hahaha…Really and whats with the spiky hair again (when he is sitting on the tree). Are they trying to make Bill look sexy or some shit like that?

      • Yeah, he looks a butt-ugly troll. Lol

      • No matter what they do, they can never make him look sexy. He will always be repulsive, at least we always see the truth.

      • Haha, trying to distract us from his annoying accent and tacky lines!

        • Yeah well they are not doing a very good distraction job then 🙂

          • Trying to distract us from Bill’s previous evil deeds without consequence. (No, Anna, Bill will not have to deal with any consequences for his actions, other than whining about his fake “humanity” again and how much he lurves his favorite fairy blood bag. He hasn’t for SIX seasons. Why start now?)

            Bill is “the star” of TB. Apparently, we didn’t get the memo. 😉

  22. I would imagine True Blood didn’t have a lot of fans at this year’s SD Comic Con for the final season, because they’re pi** at Buckner and couple Anna and Steve….I don’t blame the Eric fans.

    • SDCC has not occurred yet Shelli.

    • SDCC is not until July 23rd, and unfortunately, there will still be lots of fans.

      • Shelli-TB at SDCC will have a lot of fans this year, especially if Alex attends.

        • I mean Eric fans won’t might come if Alex comes,but I think it will be mostly Douchbag fans….

          But I really hope Alex would come until he’s promoting Tarzan and The Giver.

          • I meant unless, not until

          • Tarzan comes out in 2016, so Alex won’t be doing promo for that for quite a while. The Giver is released in August, and SDCC happens in July like tammydevil83 wrote. So, Alex could potentially do both, unless he has other professional/personal commitments.

            I forgot to add earlier: I think there will probably be a few extra fans this year, considering it’s the final season. Maybe for nostalgia’s sake.

            BTW: interesting interview with JM on BuzzFeed (I know, I’m surprised too, lol).

          • Alex will most likely still be filming Tarzan in London SDCC weekend.

          • I really hope he will be there,but I don’t known for sure unless let him do CC Live at London.

            I am worry a lot of fans will disappointment if he didn’t come.

          • It won’t be the first time he has missed Con in 7 years, they will be disappointed but they will understand

          • Thanks, Nymerias. I understand too if he misses SDCC. And, you’re right, of course, it wouldn’t be the first time. REALLY looking forward to Tarzan. 🙂

  23. I known it’ll normally happen around the end or middle of July. I don’t known, we’ll see.

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