Brief Sypnosis for Episodes 3 to 6


SPOILERTV have just released the first synopsis’s for episodes 3 to 6 of True Blood Season 7, along with the episode titles. And the good news is they include multiple mentions of our favorite Viking Vampire!

Episode 7.03 – Fire in the Hole

Sookie hatches a dangerous plan; Pam looks to motivate Eric.

Episode 7.04 – Sick of Goodbyes

Sookie enlists a band of vampires and humans to track down the H-Vamps.

Episode 7.05 – Return to Oz

Sookie hosts a mainstreaming party; Eric and Pam head to Dallas for a fundraiser.

Episode 7.06 – Karma

Sookie makes a shocking discovery; Eric and Pam forge an unlikely alliance.

There is  a lot I could say about all this, but it seems a bit pointless right now, considering the direction we all now feel the writers are taking us for our final Bon Temps journey. I’m just pleased that Eric is back and seemingly going on a little adventure. I will relish every single moment that he is on screen for one final summer.



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  1. well by that brief synopsis it sound like we’ll be seeing alot of Eric this season.

    • I agree! And that’s good news for us! 🙂 Thanks to these…at least we know Eric is in the show through to episode 6. 🙂

      I’m not sure what to think at this point. Why would Eric and Pam forge an unlikely alliance? Will that involve someone else? And why are they in Dallas of all places? I’m not surprised they’re keeping Eric FAR away from BT. Eric’s memories may as well have remained gone after his amnesia.

      Thanks Evie 🙂

      • I think the Dallas alliance will be to do with Sarah Newlin. It would be entertaining to see Alex and Anna Camp go up against each other, 2 strong performers and the crazier Sarah is the better I’ll like it 🙂

        • I am intrigued by Dallas as well…maybe Isabelle is organising this fundraiser…but why? And you are probably on to something with Sarah Newlin…they said she would come back…yes AS and Anna Camp scene would be fab!
          I guess they have to do something about Vamp politics ..who is in charge now, what happened with all the there a new authority? …maybe Eric and Pam are getting involved in this.

          I would really love (if they are going back to the roots of the show) to give us old Pam&Eric, sarcastic, smug and Bill-hating…

  2. I am glad to hear that we will be seeing the Viking in all his glory. I am not surprised that he will be as far away from BT as possible. I knew this was going to happen.
    I have no idea what this final season will bring beyond more of the same old BS but I do know that I wish I were more excited!


  3. I agree with Evie – I will try to enjoy every second of our Viking on the screen..there will be no more 😦 . I wish somebody would make a DVD or video of all Eric scenes that would would outsell the original box sett 🙂
    Based on this we’ll have BT on one side and Eric and Pam on the other. I wonder who are they going to meet in Dallas – Berry the bell boy 🙂 Not sure when that Fangtasia fight takes place (which episode?) but I think that Eric and Pam will be back to help Sookie and the rest of them to reclaim Fangtasia back. Eric gets infected there maybe?? Sookie/Niall heal him…
    All I am hoping for this season is that Eric & his family survive ..,,I couldn’t help but laugh when I read that CH is with Eric/Pam…

  4. Ladies:
    Hopefully we’ll end up seeing lots of Eric Northman in the Final Season?
    And I hope that Bill Compton meets his Final Death….

  5. I totally agree with each and every one of you that posted above. I too had a feeling that most of Erics’ story is going to be away from Bon Temp and Fangtasia. I will watch this final season only due to the fact that Eric is in it and I’ve stuck thru a couple of bad seasons of stories to come to this point and I have decided to follow thru and watch this final season. I also agree with Maja that there should be DVDs of Eric only, I would buy those in a min. just like I have with all of Alexs’ movies that I can get my hands on.

    I was exceedingly glad to read the short synopsis of those episodes as at least they give us all a glimpse into whats’ happening a bit in Erics’ storyline. Just hope they don’t change at the last minute and these listings are just Red Herrings being thrown at us to give us a false sense of sercurity. See, this is what the writers, producers of True Blood and HBO has done to me, it has made me a “doubting Thomas” regarding them. But I digress. Onward and Upward with my faith and hope in this final season.

  6. Sookie hosts a mainstreaming party – are you kidding me? If Bill’s invited you have to say she wouldn’t know a mainstreamer if one hit her in the face – which I could see Bill doing being the scum he is. The show is the laughing stock of TV everywhere.

  7. Pardon me while I ROFLMAO at the thought of Sookie hosting a ‘mainstreaming’ party – you know that ‘whatever the hell Martyr-Beehl is now’ will be there somewhere ramming his fangs into whatever neck walks by…brb, still laughing…

    Oh, well…as far as Alex is concerned: Tarzan, anyone? While I semi-desperately hope he has a lot more screen-time than I’m actually thinking he’ll get, fact remains that I know my dreams of “E/S HEA” were cruelly and purposefully stomped on by the Powers That Don’t at HBO-land. Any tidbits of Alex will just be gravy on a jumped-too-many-sharks fiasco of a “could have been great” FUBAR’D joke of a show.

  8. Guys, I hope I am right that they will dislead the fans at the end of season. I really sick of Billy luv Sookie cr*p. I can’t stand my brothers right now and they freaking teases about True Blood fans,because they are freaking douchbag fans.

    I have a funny feeling that Evie and Sookieandericare1trueluv are right that Eric and Sookie says good-bye each others,because the ep 4 called “Sick of Good-byes”. I remembered Alex said he isn’t the perfect man for her and he known she “luv” douchbag more than him,but I think you guys are also right that Eric will give out a warning to Sookie….I remembered that some specs that douchbag isn’t that everybody who thought he was,because the ep 6 says “Sookie makes a shocking discovery” and Alicia Keys’ song does makes sense if they use… I don’t known the writers are messing with us or not,but something’s telling me deep down inside that the writers will screw the Douchbag fans over later on the season.

    I highly doubt that Eric will work with that woman,because she ruins his life (you known). She thrown his family into that horrible camp (exclude Nora and Godric), force them to get burn in the sun, and even treats that Jason and Willa badly….No way that Eric wouldn’t team up with her. He will rip her throat if he would…..Probably he will team up with that Japanese guy Gus to dig some words out of her…..Well, But there’s a lot of specs that he and Pam meets up with Sookie’s Grandfather Niall. Pretty much they known each others in the books. Probably this will bring Eric and Sookie 2gether…But I’m not sure for now…I am leading toward him teaming up with that new vamp Gus right now.

  9. Well what do you know! There is an Eric in this show after all! They must need to sell something or generate interest. That is all they ever trot the Viking out for these days. Too little too late!

  10. Thanks, Evie, for sharing this with us. 🙂

    I think it’s pretty much all been said while I was “away,” but you know me by now-I’ll chime in anyway. 🙂 Eric and Pam, sittin’ in a tree (lol-couldn’t resist). I agree with Maja and everyone who said this-I am all for Alex-as-Eric ONLY TB DVDs. HBO, please make this happen. If it wasn’t for Alex’s contractual obligations, I would have bailed after the final 4 1/3 episodes of s4. Ca$h in, HBO.

    I’m sure we’ll continue to enjoy Alex’s performances. I know I’ll cave and watch his scenes eventually, like I did last season.

    Anna Camp is a great actress.

    Bill is not going anywhere. He is teachers’ pet.

    Shelli-yes, I think Eric and Sookie will have their latest goodbye, and that it will happen in episode 4. Like Evie said, maybe Eric will give Sookie his blessing to go to Bill (even though that makes no sense). I’d love to see HBO screw over Douchebag fans 🙂 , but I don’t expect it.

    It’s hard for me to feel sorry for Sookie. What does Bill have to do to show her that he is not a good person, kill her? Oh, wait…nevermind.

    OT, but maybe not: I like Alicia Keys’ song “Karma” (if TB uses it). I REALLY like the mashup between “Karma” and Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.” Okay, back to TB…

    Eric and Sookie are over. They’ve been over for a while.

    I’m sure I’ll have more to say later. 🙂 Take care, everyone.

  11. I agree – too little, too late. I will maybe just record it so I can fast forward though all of the nonsense, and watch the important parts. I’m guess that will take 7 minutes of each episode, max.

  12. I hope Alex gets at least 7 minutes. What a waste of talent.

  13. I used to watch the episodes faithfully online each week, but I’m not sure I will waste my time this season. Like many others I might just keep track of what’s going on through blogs and watch Alex’s scenes on Youtube.

    I wasted enough time last year watching through hours of boring TV to see two minutes of Eric in an episode.

    Having a strong dislike for the female lead makes it hard to enjoy the show anymore. 😦

    And I have to admit I actually feel bad for Stephen and Anna. I’m sure they are both nice people and I’ve liked them in other roles…. but TB makes me cringe whenever I see them on-screen.

  14. Just a thought (not sure if this has already been suggested), but I’m thinking the unlikely alliance isn’t with Sarah, but her sister: isn’t she the one who Sarah said she went to some pro-vamp rally before the former Mrs Newlin became a weird unit?

    And apparently, not sure if I imagined or not, but the sister will have a little story arc of her own…

    Just saying.

    Anyways, I will probably end up watching the premier, for no other reason than to see this journey through. Besides, need to be on board for when the Blonde one’s story comes to pass.

    But I sure ain’t doing it sober! :p

  15. I think the show will reset the show at the end of ep 5,and it will go into a new direction when it will reach ep 6 (like I said in previous comments, things will spiral).

    It looks like they are celebrating their victory after the aftermath that has happens in ep 4 when ep 5 says Sookie’s throwning a mainstreaming party.

    I wouldn’t be surprise that Douchbag could be Niall’s lost long son who stole Sookie. (a lot of douchbag fans would vomit LOL)…Or she finds out that he is the 1 makes the humans into the carrier of the hep V virus.

    I would luv to see Eric’ll go into undercover again in the final season when he and Pam are at the fundraisier at Dallas….That would hilrolous to see him to wear 1 of those fake mushache(like those curly, thick 1). 🙂 🙂 🙂 With Texan accent.

    I had listen “Sick of Good-Bye”,the song sounds it’s about that care someone a lot,but this person need to realizes that someone care a lot and someone want person to figure out there’s more to life. It sounds like it could be Sookie/Eric’s song,but I have a feeling they will meet up again in the final ep after she regrets letting him go like that….But when I listened to “Return to Oz”, I said “WTF?” why they used this song and I heard the movie is really bad, but the song’s really messed up and does fits the movie. Well,I guess the writers knew they screwed up this season and wants to wrap up that forbidden storyline in ep 5, I think that reason that they use that song.

    I heard some specs on Tumblr that Eric and Pam will might team-up with Niall. I don’t known for sure,but I wonder Eric known Niall each others in the past on True Blood like the books. I believe the faeries will a big part the final season.

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