Preview of True Blood Episode 7.01 “Jesus Gonna Be Here”


You wanted to be forewarned, right?

Thanks to SpoilerTV – we have a preview from the premiere episode of True Blood Season 7 and just as we thought…you won’t be too happy about it.


WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!


Thanks to Kelly Ann over at SpoilerTV – who had this (below) to say about the first episode.

The premiere episode is full of fast paced action and jaw dropping moments, in typical True Blood style. Also during the melee at the mixer, several of characters are swiftly kidnapped by the infected creatures. We’re also introduced to several members of a vigilante group who is entirely against vampires, infected or not, as well as any humans who associate with them. Much of the premiere is focused on Sookie and Alcide, Bill and Andy, Jason and Violet and Jessica trying to find or protect their friends and loved ones. Another character who is looking for something she’s lost is Pam. She is trying by any and all means necessary to find where her maker has disappeared to, and nothing will stop or distract her from finding him.

The first episode of the season sets up the final season as dark and deadly. Everyone is at risk of losing their lives and the entire town points their fingers at Sookie. Who will survive and who won’t? Only time will tell!

If you read some of the comments, she confirms whether or not we’ll get to see Eric Northman in the first episode.

Sorry to disappoint you pbt, no Eric in the premiere 😦

DAMN. I’m sure you’re crying bloody (but not surprised) tears too. Thanks pbt (who I know visits here) for asking her this very pertinent question.

200_sWe felt the need to warn you in case you were hoping you’d see him in the first episode.

As for the rest of the episode…sounds really…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Better have my barf bag and a stiff drink (or two) very handy.

Thoughts? Please share yours below.



36 comments on “Preview of True Blood Episode 7.01 “Jesus Gonna Be Here”

  1. I’m predicting low ratings for the premier.

  2. I agree on low ratings.

  3. I bet all kinds of obscure characters, from throughout the 6 previous seasons, will weasel their way into the premier episode. We will be stuffed to bursting with plot lines we are not interested in and then when we reach our boiling point, they would show Sookie making moony eyes at Bill fuc*ing Compton! How lovely!

    No wonder everyone is asking around for barf bags. We should get a bulk stock from Costco.

  4. Thanks for the heads up Erika, I already figured that Alex wouldn’t be in the first episode. I’ve heard conflicting speculation that he may be seen at the end of episode 2 and then I’ve heard we won’t see Eric until episode 3, so who the Hell knows??? I don’t think he’ll be in the last couple of episodes either. Nothing I heard or anything, just my spidey senses tingling. Wonder if they started filming Tarzan yet? I know it was suppose to be sometime this week. Hopefully we’ll hear something about that soon too.

    I am not looking forward to this last season at all, but it is what it is and thats’ all there is.
    So I will grin and bear it, I guess since I’ve watched this train wreck since the beginning, I guess I’ll watch and see how they can mess up the ending of this dismal show that once had such great promise.

  5. No surprise there… 😐

  6. We knew he wouldn’t be in the first episode, but this just makes it even easier not to watch.

  7. Color me NOT surprised! I am predicting low ratings as well. I bet he is in about 3 seconds of episode 2. In all honesty, the lack of Eric is only ONE of this shows problems because we know there are plenty. I could already tell by the previews that my recaps are not going to be ‘NICE’. I give my honest review and opinions and I know not everybody will agree with me (outside of this site anyway lol)

    • Nymerias, it made me feels like Heroes season 2 when Tim Kring and NBC did that to Peter in ep 1….He blew up with his brother Nathan,but People got upset when Peter wasn’t in the season 2 premire. …It feels like they are doing the same to Eric on True Blood.

      • Except this is much worse than that. Don’t get me started on Heroes and NBC canceling good shows. That’s another time and a whole other blog post (which won’t happen) ! Lol

  8. This is not the first time that it has been trailed that Sookie is being blamed or is blaming herself for all the bad shit going down. This plot line is already absurd but I can’t for the life of me work out what plot device they are going to use to push the ridiculous story in that direction. Anybody got any thoughts? An episode that has tons of Alcide in it? The vomit will be flowing in many houses when the Premier is on and yes – these will be the lowest ratings for a TB premiere in donkey’s years.

    • The only thing I can come up with for Sookie blaming herself or others blaming her…is because in some really absurd way…she thinks she could’ve prevented all of this to begin with. Whether it has something to do with Warlow or Billith or any other poor reason or excuse she can come up with is your guess is as good as mine. It’s going to be ridiculous and won’t make any sense whatsoever. As for Alcide…I think this is when they’ll be getting all lovey-dovey and will make us puke. I really don’t understand how he can protect her when these Hep-V vamps could very well kill him too.

      • I know the way they’ll do it will be flat out ridiculous – that’s the way things have gone – especially in the last 2 seasons. I’m glad I’m not the only one who cant work out how they’re going to try and make that storyline plausible. Alcide and Sookie mooning over each other for most of the episode – might as well have the playback paused for the entire episode considering he lack of insight and plot development we’ll get

    • I can’t figure out why she is to blame. It can’t be because she took a vampire as a friend/boyfriend. There were fang bangers before her. Just another plot that won’t make sense.

  9. Definitely not watching

  10. I hope no one watches so they can hang their heads in shame!!
    Problem is, its the last season so they probably dont care that much.. They already got their pay checks… :/

  11. Thank ladies for posting the spoilertv article. As you can see, I was right there to ask the pertinent questions about our favorite Viking Vampire. LOL. It was great to have another confirmation from another source about Eric Northman not being in the S7E1. My sources tell me that Episode 3 will be when we will see Eric and very briefly S7E2. True Blood made allowances for Alexander’s work schedule for “Diary of A Teenage Girl”. So I am not surprised that we won’t see him til then.

    As a Truebie through and through, I will be there to support True Blood to the end. I figure if Alexander has agreed to come back for Season 7 then I can be there to support him. We may not agree with how our favorites Eric and Sookie are being written but I have to see it to the end. So I will be watching the premiere with the same anticipation as I have had for all the previous seasons.

    I am pretty confident that we will get to see plenty of Eric in Season 7 and I will be right there for every moment. Thanks again.

    PBT aka ASkarsgasms

    • Sorry Episode 2. Mistyped Episode 3.

    • Thank you for being there and asking the question we most wanted to know! 😉

      Goody! I’ll have a TB watching/drinking buddy along for the ride! LOL I’ll be watching it too…just to see how it all turns out. 😉

    • I’m watching too – I’m a sucker for punishment and want to relish every single moment of Viking we get. Next year and every year after that we get nothing, he’s gone and it’s hard enough for me to accept that. I don’t have the same anticipation I have had previously but I guess it is better to know in advance that I’m not going to get the ending I wanted than living in hope until the very last second. I am interested enough to wonder what is going to happen to everybody else. I don’t just watch for Eric, I love most of the regular characters and the only one I would really like to met a gruesome death is of course Mr Compton (but we’ll never be that lucky).

      I just keep thinking it can’t possibly be as bad as it looks it’s going to be for Team Eric, it can’t possibly be as bad as fans fear? Surely we’ll get something to cheer?

  12. Not one lousy second of Eric Weenie Roast in the premiere?!? This is the first time Alex has not appeared for one second in a TB episode at all since s1. He was in ALL the episodes in s2-s6. I didn’t want to believe he wouldn’t be in the s7 premiere for even one effing second. Why would I bother watching any of it? I don’t care about it. To this day, his 52-second scene was the ONLY scene I watched in the s6 finale. Why does HBO give Alex the same exact paycheck per episode as Anna and Stephen and then produce at least one episode where he doesn’t even make a one-second appearance to remind us of the Weenie Roast or anything at all? Just Pam searching for off-camera Eric, who we already know will play some role in the season overall. Alex is being treated like a glorified extra and nothing more VIOLET is being treated as more important to the story than Eric Northman. Come on. Shame on HBO for allowing this to happen to a once-incredible, exciting, promising show. True Bore. (BTW, love your avatar, Erika). And thanks for the share. I really appreciate any and all warnings.

    • You’re welcome 🙂 That’s why we’re here.

      I made my avatar on Bitstrips. Ever hear of it? It’s an app where you make comics with yourself and your friends. So this is my comic-book image. 😉

    • SookieandEricare1thetrueluv, At least I ain’t going to watch the 1st ep. I agreed that Violet is worse female character at all beside Sookie (Sookie need to get her head together and blew up douchbag with her faery ball)….I think Pam is way better and stronger than that b**ch Violet. No compare to Pam to that Violet….I hope Violet gets stakes by Eric or Pam snape her through the heart.

  13. I’ll be watching but I won’t be happy!

  14. I’ll be watching, but will be quite sloshed doing it… I should probably book two days leave: one for the show, one to recover from it!

  15. I don’t really want to watch something that I know will make me miserable, TV is supposed to be entertaining.

  16. I am committed, good or bad season. We’ve come this far, how can we neutralize the season so fast? Everyone knows, especially the writers, that you can’t please everyone, that actually may be one of their tactics, to elicit a response, anger, fear, disgust, disappointment and yes then even something as cathartic to compensate us with close, unbreakable character bonds that transcends all our expectations and pleasantly surprises and pleases us. Hang in there y’all!!!

    • I wish I could be that positive, but I’ve just been burned by this show too many times. I don’t think they’re going to pleasantly surprise any of us. I read all of the books instead of the last one and don’t feel that I missed out, this will be no different.

  17. AlanBall & his henchman Brian Buckner went and spoiled a beautiful series….
    I’m pissed beyond belief at what they did…and unless they really pull something
    out of their butt at the very end where Eric & Sookie end up together I’m just
    going to remember the scenes between them and forget all of the other characters
    especially William Thomas Compton III he’d give anyone nightmares…

  18. I’ll struggle mightily to give a rats A@s about Sookie…As I cross my fingers rumors are wrong an Eric is in the premier.

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