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As we are about to go into the ‘FINAL SEASON’ of True Blood, there have been a ton of emotions floating around the world wide web about this. With each new detail that comes out about this 7th and final season, much has been said and felt by those in this fandom. While I had words to say aplenty, I noticed something was missing in the context and tone of my comments. Feelings! They lacked any kind of tone, snark, sarcasm or wit. I was just empty. In a nut shell……

I realized that I have been slowly feeling this way for quite some time in regards to this show. I am at that point to the hilt now. You see, I have many good things coming my way soon as far as entertainment goes. I have a few of my favorite summer shows returning, Big Brother UK has already started and I have some really great books being released! I was hoping I could count on True Blood being ONE of those things that I could get excited about. As it stands right now, the only thing I am excited about is the return of ERIC NORTHMAN, who has been my sole reason for watching this show for the past couple of seasons. With that being said, even that excitement is scarred with the thought of what they are going to do with his character. Alex can rock anything given to him but as usual the question will always be, WILL IT MAKE SENSE?


I should be sad that this show is ending after a seven year run. I should be sad that I will never again (after this season) look forward to Sunday True Blood nights and discussing it on Facebook right after the show. I should be sad that (after this season) there will be no blog posts about a new season and having speculations about what could happen. Alas, I am not sad, not about all that anyway. In fact, I am sad that I am not sad enough. I am actually glad it is ending, a show you used to love should not give a person a massive headache. I always finish what I started and I will go to the very end, just not with bells on.


These things ruined the show for me because they were all for naught and this is why I am not sad at all this show is ending. These things were full of major inconsistencies, simple plot devices or were simple overlooked and never addressed. It ruins the enjoyment of the show when said show is riddled with holes.

Oh but this did not mean a thing at the end of the day!

Now normally, this would have killed a typical vampire. It never made sense to me why it did not!

Yes I liked Warlow and this storyline could have been aces!

Yes I liked Warlow and this storyline could have been aces!

If only this would have stuck, this should have killed him as well!

If only this would have stuck, this should have killed him as well!

Awwww but she still loves him, stupid girl!

Oh yeah and this NEVER happened either!

Oh yeah and this NEVER happened either!


1. Not seeing Alex every Sunday night in the summer on my TV screen! This is what I will miss the most because he brings so much to the show, especially the last couple of seasons when they went off the rails. Eric Northman has been the MAIN saving grace, without him and a combo of a few other characters, this show would have tanked (JUST MY HUMBLE OPINION).

2. Jasonisms, pictures are so required here. The writers may have written the lines but Ryan made them great with his delivery.

3. Lafayette. Simply because I love him

At the end of the day, I am sad that I am not sad enough, nowhere near where I should be. I don’t know about my fellow bloggers here at ESL but I imagine it is along the same lines, at least somewhat! I wish I had that feeling of excitement that this show used to bring but I am just not getting the feels. As usual, sound off below!


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I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these2 two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

41 comments on “JMFO: Sad That I Am Not Sad Enough

  1. You just put into words they way I have been feeling about this. I will miss Eric, Lafayette, Jason, and pre-whiny Pam, but I will not miss this clusterf**k that my once favorite show has become. The last couple of seasons could have been so much better, but they tried so hard to not have any resemblance whatsoever to the books that inspired the show, that they made a big old steaming mess out of it. I wouldn’t have minded them veering so far from the books, if it would have been GOOD!!! So my summer Sundays will feel empty after this season, but I’m not as sad as I should be about it!

  2. Thank you for putting into pictures what I can’t put into words. I wish I was excited. I wish I was contemplating turning HBO back on. But, no. I can’t. Because I know if I do, I’ll regret it. Buckner has already told us the end game. Ball stated it all the way back around S2. I won’t put myself through the same mental trauma I experienced with the last book. It’s just not worth it. I don’t even like Sookie anymore and Bill should have been a bloody pool 2 seasons ago. So I only wish for Eric not to get screwed over by the writers. Let him lord over Fangtasia again or take his little vampire family someplace better than backwoods Louisiana. ANYTHING but the shafting he got in the final book.

  3. You sum it up perfectly – sad that you are not sad enough. I feel no sadness but huge regret that this show that should have been an all time great, turned out to be a joke. I’m only watching out of morbid curiosity and have nil expectations of being entertained.

    • This show could have went down as one of the greatest (you are right) but instead it will go down like the Titantic but not as infamous. I have stronger feelings for the ship. I hate my morbid curiosity that will have me watching, although I am skipping the first episode. I can hear about the deats from friends.

  4. Perfect summary of my feelings on True Blood. I will miss seeing Alexander Skarsgard in my living room every Sunday evening. That’s all! The writers have screwed the pooch.

  5. I understand completely. For me, I think I’ve just burnt my own self out: breathless anticipation for show news combined with ACTUAL show news = fizzzzzle. We’ve known for too many seasons now that the Powers That Live in “Bill’s” Rectum at HBO have been giving and are going to continue giving Eric the unlubed shaft.

    22 hours ago, according to Facebook, I wrote this in my group (slightly edited so it will make better sense here):

    “‘Am I the only one absolutely DREADING this last season of TB? I mean, yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing what few glimpses of Eric we’re supposedly going to get, but I don’t want to see him with a new love interest, and I don’t want to see ANY Bill or Alcide – I really wish those 2 would run off into the sunset and be all happy and shit together and just leave the rest of us alone – and I’m mighty scared of *who Sookie is going to be putting up her vagina next (*Warlow, anyone?). And…I’m afraid Eric might have Hep-V…

    But, on the flip-side, I don’t want the show to be over, either. While I proudly bitch my ass off about Bill, Alcide, Tara, and Sookie’s hotel vagina, I adore Eric and Lala. Sam’s even usually ok so long as he’s not SSSS…, and even Pam is less objectionable at times. Arlene’s growing on me (kind of like a fungus, but hey, at least I’m no longer mentally strangling her), Jason makes me laugh, and I’d love to see him stake what’s-her-name (Violet?), and I even don’t detest lying-by-omission Adele now that they’ve stopped showing her along with that “down home/let’s be sad now” music score. Sookie…my annoyance with her comes and goes, but I don’t want to see her turned into a Vamp or whored out to Bill/Al/etc (by the Powers That Live in “Bill’s” Rectum at HBO) , either. She’s supposed to wise up and get with Eric, dammit.


    But today, now, right this second? I’m burned out, numb-ish, resigned, and somewhat pissed off at HBO’s purposeful destruction of what could have been an awesome show. So, I’m going into this bittersweet season chanting, “Thank God(ric) for fanfiction and movie deals for Alex.”

    Thank you for letting me rant.

  6. well said, loved every word of what you said.. Kristie

  7. Yeah, was gonna type an essay, but I have only this to say: you aimed straight and true, and struck that nail smack on its douchebag-like head!

  8. Yes you are so right Nymerias.

    I am missing the emotion that used to make me excited for this show and for the book we don’t even name anymore. I used to stay up all night and read through the books one after the other. I couldn’t wait to finish the current one and start the next one. I read and reread and used to dream about them. It was a good feeling.

    All I feel now, is bitterness and a bad flavor in my mouth.

    God bless Alex Skarsgard for saving something of Eric for us. And right now, even if I feel sick at the ending that’s going to be shoved down our throats, there is just Eric who is holding on to me and not letting me let go.

    Damn I love him so much!

    What wonderful show it might have been if the writers were even half as good as the actors HBO hired. I am guessing not many of those writers actually had any experience with supernatural/fantasy writing. I mean the characters have been downplayed to the extent that sometimes I forget the people being shown on the show are supernaturals (save the yellow eyes and the fangs and the occasional nakedness after a shift). These characters are not special at all. They don’t have a fresh and different perspective on things inspite of being different themselves. The characters written by TB writers are ordinary, uninteresting (despite their amazing abilities) and uninspiring.

    I mourned the ending of THE book and I’ll mourn the ending of the show. But that will be because it could have been so much greater than it turned out to be.

    And I’ll keep loving Eric because he did the impossible and got me to write again 🙂

  9. Nymerias:
    I’m agreeing with you I don’t think I couldx havve said it better.
    YOU said it all for us. Thank you.
    I’m already in a fowl mood, I feel sorry for my husband who already knows what
    he’s going to have to put up with when the series ends.
    And I would love to ,know if Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin have any thoughts
    on what they did to “their so called friend” just to get ahead in Hollywood.??
    I’m going to miss Alexander the most,and I know that Carrie Preston will show
    up on “The Good Wife”…..Hope that Nelsan Ellis finds good roles cause he’s
    a special actor….I’ll never watch anything that is written by Alan Ball or
    brian Buckner….Or read anything by Charlaine Harris.
    Give me any Vampire books by Anne Rice.
    Now that is a lady who knows how to write a Vampire tale…..

    • With all do respect, I think we should leave the actors out of this, especially in regards to friendships among the cast. I am not sure what it has to do with this post. I am not even sure what you are referring to but as it seems irrelevant, I don’t want to know. I am not trying to be rude but please stick to the post topic. No personal comments about the actors please.

      • Agreed, I’m getting sick and tired of the actors always being brought up, or Stephen and Anna getting blamed for how crappy the show is now. They’re not actually the ones in charge, despite what some people may think. As for this post, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  10. OMG Nymerias, just got your post and even tho its been said before, I think you’ve actually expressed how most of us are feeling right now (at least I am)!!!! I just had to tell you once again. I, too, regardless of what a train wreck this show turned into will be watching the final season I know, at first, I said no I wouldn’t watch, but then I thought, I’ve watched this show faithfully since the very first episode and I’ve gutted it out thru the horrible writing, plot holes, and terrible story lines now just to see Alex. I know that we will see him in movies etc. but it was a nice benefit to be able to see him for 10 Sunday nites in a row in the Summer. I sure hope he makes a lot of movies, cause just seeing him once or even several times a year on the big screen I’m afraid isn’t going to be enough. Thats’ why I’ve been stockpiling all his movies so that I can see him whenever I want to. I will stick out this final season to as a tribute to my favorite vampire of all time, Eric Northman.

    Thanks again for the wonderful post!!

  11. I have to agree with you,all that. I am going to miss Jason,Eric, Pam, Laffy, and the newcoming Willa. But the others,I screws the rest….I feels comfort around you guys when I am here and Facebook. I don’t like Tumlr much or I didn’t use Tweeter that much. I heard some rumors that makes me sick to my stomach when I read on Tumblr that Eric lies about Rattrays (Like I said before, I don’t believe in TV Guide)…I wouldn’t be surprise that they screws the annoying Billy Boy fans at the end….I am happy that we finally got some info on our breathtaking viking Eric, I kinda looking forward ep 3, 4,5,and 6.

    I am glad you are typing again,Nymerias. I hope you guys keeps contuine on this site….I don’t want to mention Heroes again to you. NBC’s bringing it back for season 5,I heard it’s more like a reboot. If you want to start the blog about it,it’s ok. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • It think it is just a one off not an actual season off Heroes but I will look into it more. But that is for another blog, not this one. I am typing on my phone still lol

      We will be here throughout the season and for all the after stuff.

  12. Nymerias-I love this post. 🙂 You have articulated so much of what I feel about TB with your words (and your perfect use of gifs). Numb is how I feel about it too. I have felt since DEA Spoilergate, and with more and more info “leaked” about Bucky the Incompetent Leader’s 10 eps, that I already know the ending, and I don’t like the ending, so why should I bother? 🙂 OTOH, I used to LOVE this show, for YEARS, and I’m curious to know for sure how it ends (but I can’t bring myself to watch right now-sort of the same for me as s6). As I “said” earlier, I don’t know anybody who watches the show anymore (including me-lol), or ever watched it in the first place. So, I think it’s nice to hear from people online who still do. It satisfies my curiosity. Plus, I’ve enjoyed (most of) my online interactions in the brief time I (sort of) stopped lurking and started posting.

    I’m kind of glad/relieved TB is ending myself. 😦

    THANK YOU for the pic of Bill slamming his hand over Sookie’s mouth to stifle her screams while he murders her. I agree that that will never again be addressed. Bucky has to retcon Ball’s/Hudis’ work into Beel + Sookeh = Twu Wuv.

    Again, Alex isn’t even in the s7 premiere for one second. I like/love most of the regular cast, but when I look at Bucky’s “story,” I should care why?

    As an audience member, again I REALLY look forward to whatever Alex’s career is going to be. I will see The Giver when it is released in August, Diary of a Teenage Girl next year, Tarzan in 2016, Hidden if that is ever released, and any and all Alex projects (that are not TB). He is a special, unique, charismatic, award-worthy actor, and I hope he gets everything good in his career that he deserves.

    I wish Ryan Kwanten and Nelsan Ellis nothing but the best in their careers as well. I look forward to seeing Nelsan in the James Brown biopic Get On Up.

    I also wish the best for Kristin Bauer van Straten. She seems to work primarily in television (just an observation-no judgments here, I love TV 🙂 ). Maybe more will come of her recurring role on Once Upon a Time. And/or maybe HBO will pick up Kristin for other projects. They do have a tendency to hire in-house quite a bit (Alex was in Gen Kill before TB, he was in the Eastbound & Down series finale, etc.). Kristin recently mentioned another of my favorite actors, Edie Falco, as an example of someone who went from one great long-running TV role (Carmela on The Sopranos) to another (Jackie on Nurse Jackie), and said that she wondered if the same could happen for her. Maybe it will. 🙂 Plus, she’s a great visual artist, and I really respect her animal rights work.

    Take care. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • i don’t known it will end like that. I don’t trust that Buckner,but I think he only spoiled the beginning of the season….I have a feeling that they are going to finish that dreadful story arc in ep 5. When I listened that song “Return to Oz” and it’s really mess up song (if you seen the movie or trailer or the music video, you known what I mean), I think the writers finally realizes they are complete idiots and they used that song to wraps up that storyline.

      I would luv to see Kristin again as Malecient on Once Upon a Time. I hope they didn’t drag the frozen in the whole entire season.

      • I don’t watch OUAT, but it comes up quite a bit on my tumblr dash. I don’t know much about the story, but maybe it can work out in Kristin’s favor.

        • Oh you need to watch OUAT, it is ONE of the best shows out there! Hook=Swoon!

        • My mom luv that show.

          • Wow, I kind of helped start an OUAT convo and I wasn’t even here (lol). I’m also over triangles, quadrangles, all of it. It just makes characters look wishy-washy and fickle. It helps make me lose interest in a story. I loved Jennifer Morrison in House and I don’t like the way she was seemingly thrown off that show with little fanfare (also, don’t get me started on “my” Lisa Edelstein, ’cause we might be here a while 🙂 ). What’s done is done. I look forward to Lisa’s upcoming series on Bravo, and I am really happy for Jennifer having career success again on OUAT. I may just have to break down and give OUAT a chance. I never had anything “against” it; I just never checked it out. I love all of your comments about OUAT. 🙂

          • You really should, it’s a great show.

          • Consistent too! You won’t regret it ! Mad marathon it! Lol

          • Nymerias and tammydevil83-thank you! I just might. 🙂

  13. Nymerias you said it perfectly, I feel the same as you do. Since season 3, I have had a season premier party for myself and my friends. Not this year. I don’t have it in me anymore. I really don’t think anyone watches anymore except me. But then none of them are as addicted as I have been. LOL!

  14. You said that beautifully. And I agree with you. I want to be sad also but I’m indifferent.
    They’ve screwed the pooch and jumped the shark with this show. I’ve not watched since season 4 other than Eric’s scenes online. Only thing I will miss is seeing Alex.

  15. Not much to add I will definitely miss AS as Eric but when what use to be your favorite show returns and you your main focus is simply lord please don’t let them ruin Eric’s character for me they already screwed up Sookie.. Its time to bid them adieu…

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