TV Line Reveals Sexy True Blood Spoiler


TV Line has revealed a new “sexy” spoiler which will be featured in True Blood Episode 7.02 in it’s latest Ask Ausiello!

WARNING: SPOILERS BEWARE! If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!

spoiler warning

This is what was mentioned in TV Line’s latest Ask Ausiello;

Question: Any spoilers on True Blood? –Courtney
Ausiello:Any spoiler, Courtney? How about what’s sure to be the most talked-about sex scene in True Blood history? And yes, it’s crazier than that time Bill climbed out of his grave and had sex with Sookie in the graveyard. This same-sex hookup, between two non-gay characters, goes down in Episode 2 of the show’s final season — and trust me, it was worth the wait. I can’t say much more, but in case you’re wondering, this particular “love” scene is accompanied by strings.


Hmmm… “same-sex hookup, between two non-gay characters”…with strings attached? If I were a betting woman…I’d say this could very well be the rumored Jason/Eric sex scene we’ve heard about. We know it’s caused by a blood-bond, which – in a way – is a form of “strings” being attached. I’m sure it will be talked about VERY much, just because they’re both very attractive men. We know it’s probably going to be crazier than when Bill raped Sookie in the graveyard – because that scene isn’t crazy…just very disgusting, IMO.

Another reason why I think it could be Eric and Jason is because of this scene pictured below.



What do you think? Do you agree with my spec or disagree? Please share your thoughts and speculations below.


18 comments on “TV Line Reveals Sexy True Blood Spoiler

  1. It’s probably not the big deal everyone is making it out to be. First of all, we know it’s just another blood bond sex dream. Second of all, it makes no sense for Jason to dream of Eric over six months later. The writers just hope that will be enough to make us forget how crappy the season will be.

    • Agree, agree, agree, and agree.

    • IKR? How can Jason have a dream about Eric 6 MONTHS later? WTF? Do they think we’re stupid?

      It doesn’t matter WHO is in a sex scene for me. If it isn’t believable, or make sense, then I don’t care if we go the entire season without one. Sex isn’t what I watch this show for…

  2. I hate how they think they can throw some dream crap at us and we will just lap it up, how stupid do they think we are. Like the craptacular season 6 finale where they thought we would be happy to see Eric naked even though he was on fire FFS have they learnt nothing from the fallout that caused. Hope their next promotional event has as many people as CH’s latest book signing. Seriously TB writers and producers WAKE UP, we are so sick of having Bill Compton shove down our throats as the only one for Sookie. Oh and ep 1 is apparently going to show us flashbacks to Bill’s human life *yawn* WHO CARES, the more I hear about this season the less I want to watch it.

  3. Probably they are doing the other prodigy of the shower scene.

    I totally agreed that graveyard scene is most disgusting scene that i ever seen, I hardly looks at it. The moonlight scene with Eric and Sookie is way better than that cr*p.

  4. Erika-Like you, I also went to Jason’s blood-induced sex dream about Eric. As you showed in the gifs, Bucky (who wrote ep. 6×09) made a hash of Eric giving Jason blood and wishing Jason nice dreams. Bucky teased the dream in interviews. Alex talked about the dream in TV Guide. As others have said, I think Bucky should have done the Jason/Eric sex dream last season. It would have been fresh in the viewers’ minds and made more sense. It feels to me like Bucky has little story for Eric so that might be why Bucky dragged out the dream till the NEXT season. I love Alex and Ryan as actors, and I’m sure they acted it well, and I’m sure there will be gifsets of it all over the Interwebs, but this feels like yet more time-stalling filler till Bucky limps to the finish line for me. Sorry to be Debbie Downer (again). 🙂

    (And, Erika, thank you for telling the truth and reiterating that Bill did not “have sex” with Sookie in the graveyard dirt in s1, he RAPED her. Stephen Moyer publicly said that Bill raped Sookie in that scene. If one of the actors in that scene publicly called that scene a rape, I’m inclined to believe that actor knows what (s)he is talking about.)

    • Also, as others have said, True Blood + logic + continuity…yeah, nevermind. 😉

  5. I once again agree that the Eric and Jason sex dream is a bit too late in coming. Six months coming doesn’t seen realistic as others have said. It seems that anything I could mention regarding this thought has already been said. Therefore, I will just say I pretty much agree with everyone.

  6. It’s all been said before me. We need to realize that they do think we are stupid. Most of the public that watches the show is stupid. I guess Eric having sex with Jason is as close to Sookie as we are going to get. Bucky can go f*ck himself as far as I’m concerned, we are better than he thinks we are.

  7. Now this very well could be a blood bond between Eric & Jason…..
    Jason has had both Eric’s & Jessica’s blood….
    Eric if he can’t have Sookie will take Jason as a connection to her.
    Both will still be in his protection……

  8. I didn’t get into following TB related stuff online until recently, mostly because I am so fed up with the show and only want to see Alex related stuff. This was way I can weed out what episodes to watch right away this year.

    Being on here and reading comments makes me so happy to see others agreeing with things that happened early on in this show that baffled me. I remember watching the graveyard sex and being like WHAT? WHAT? why isn’t she screaming? why was there no discussion about how he forced himself on her afterwards? Or some confirmation that she recognized him and was so elated to see him that she was fine with it? I just felt confused and weirded out with that scene.

    However a lot of TB sex scenes make me feel confused and that they were unnecessary. As the show has gone on it becomes obvious many of the scenes happen simply to try and get attention from the media and viewers. Like, I don’t think we really needed to see Bill have sex with Lorena and twist her neck… or the excessive orgies of S2. A couple times fine.. but it got boring and ridiculous.

    And isn’t it interesting that any sex scenes with Eric, he comes off as kind and considerate to both Sookie and Pam. Where Bill comes off as very rough and potentially selfish.

    • Bill is also a baby in comparison, he has no control. That’s why it’s ridiculous how this show tends to make him stronger than Eric.

      • Yes, in the first season they showed Bill actually acknowledging Eric’s strength to a certain extent. But as she show has continued it’s like Bill just thinks he is Eric’s equal or above him. When Bill was King I just wanted to laugh, like Bill could ever be King at a century old with zero direction of where he wants his vampire life to go. Yep, that’s realistic.

  9. I think the sex scene will be a part of a flashback like six months earlier,but I got a funny feeling it’ll be another prodigy of the shower scene with Eric/Jason instead…I freaking hate the writers keeps ripping off the famous Eric and Sookie shower from book 4 by using different characters instead…. They did that with Sicko Billy in season 3 (eww) and they freaking reused it for Sam/Nicole sex scene in last season….They also freaking ruined it in season 4 by making it into a winter wonderland.

    But I think the blood bond with Jason/Eric will play a big part in ep 4 and possibly series finale (I had this theory that I had mentioned before,but I’m not sure it will play out)….I really hope Eric stakes that b**ch Violet to save Jason from getting rape. 🙂

  10. Yawn,,, I am so disappointed in what I am reading about this up coming season and it hasn’t even started.

  11. Seems to me like the EW review of TB that you posted that (again) confirms Jason’s dream about Eric also pretty much confirms this TV Line “blind item.”

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