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EW have just released their review of the start of True Blood’s final season. (From the spoilers I have heard they are probably taking into account episodes 1 & 2). The good news is they give it a B-

WARNING: There are obviously SPOILERS below.

After last year’s season finale, you might’ve thought True Blood‘s writers were high on V. Sam (Sam Trammell) is the mayor now? Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Alcide (Joe Manganiello) are together? Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) might be dead? But when Sam announced Bon Temps’ new credo — a human for every vampire, and a vampire for every human — he refocused this messy, sprawling story on what really matters to fans. No more Lilith. No more wolf pack. No more Rutger Hauer holograms. Just the fanged ones we love and the mortals they snack on.

That was the plan, anyway. At the start of the seventh and final season, you’d be forgiven for thinking there are zombies out there, too. The opening scene makes True Blood look a little too much like The Walking Dead: Hep-V-infected vampires are pulling bodies out of cars, feasting on flesh, and kidnapping people from Bellefleur’s. Luckily, they’re also killing superfluous plotlines. A major player is dead before the opening credits even roll.

But there are still too many characters to keep track of, and their numbers are only growing. Humans we’ve never seen before are planning an armed revolt against the vampires. H-vamps are holding people captive in the basement of Fangtasia. Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) is hanging out in Morocco, playing Russian roulette with the locals. Sookie even discovers a whole other town that’s been ransacked by the H-vamps. Plus, Jessica’s (Deborah Ann Woll) boyfriend, James, isn’t himself: Nathan Parsons has replaced the original actor, Luke Grimes. Just when True Blood needs a close-up on familiar faces, its world won’t stop expanding.

Speaking of familiar faces — you’ve always kept your eyes on his face, even when he was naked in that deck chair, right? — Eric is back. Sort of. When he first appears, he’s letting Jason (Ryan Kwanten) unbuckle his belt, with enough candles flickering in the background to light a cake for his 1,087th birthday. But as it turns out, this is all just Jason’s dream. More silly than sexy, the scene glows as if someone had set True Blood‘s Instagram filter to “Valtrex commercial.” We’ve seen this kind of cheap fake-out before, like when Jason’s romance with Warlow was later revealed to be just a fantasy. They can’t fool us again.

Is all of this enough to abandon True Blood before its grand finale? Not quite. There’s a clever twist involving Eric that could set up an exciting arc for Sookie. Whether he is dead-dead or just undead — we won’t spoil that here — he will definitely spark some suspense this season. Even if Sookie ends up with Bill (Stephen Moyer), there’s enough of Sweden’s favorite sunbather to satisfy. A human for every vampire? Then I’ll take Eric, please. B-

TRUE BLOOD season 7: Anna Paquin. photo: Tony Rivetti

Yes, I’ll take Eric too please 🙂

Although they give it a B- they don’t sound particularly impressed……..except by Eric. Hardly surprising!

The final paragraph worries me – not the Sookie and Bill part – that is too ridiculous for me to even think about any more. It’s the Eric twist that is my immediate concern. Could be the rumors about Hep-V possibly? Just so long as they don’t try to destroy his character to make others look better than they could ever hope to be.

Let us know what you think to the EW review in the comments below.

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  1. Eri

  2. Eric is going to be painted in a bad light. BB is going to retcon canon and Eric is going to become the bad guy.

    I feel bad for Tara though 😦

  3. Thanks for posting this Evie! First of all, EW has always been on Team Eric and thats’ one of the reasons I subscribed to them in the print copy. As far as the bit about Erics’ twist, I’m not sure, but I think what will happen is that Eric gets infected with Hep V and Sookie probably zaps him with her fairy light and cures him, but remember once she uses her light ball on a Vampire it can only be used once and I believe Niall told her then she loses all of her fairy powers, which in a way can’t be true, as she zapped Eric with her light and cured his amnesia (but then again it was just her light and not her fairy ball, so maybe???) anyway, I think that that is what will cause the angst regarding that story and once he his cured he Thanks her but tells her that they would never work out and that she should return to her true love (Bill, yikes, I just threw up in my mouth a bit,,,,,,bleck…..) and he leaves and takes off with Pam away from Louisiana etc.

    I might be off base, but in MHO thats’ what I come up with. At least we know that we will see Eric in the second episode instead of the third which is better than nothing since we know we won’t see hid nor hair of him in the first. I’ll take anything I can get regarding Alexs’ Eric.

  4. Eric for me too, please… 🙂

  5. I have to agree with the walking dead comment… most of us only watch for Eric….. Since Alan Ball left they are writing shit… Sookie with Bill and the wolf just doesn’t work for me.



  6. Yes, Eric for me AB+ here

  7. So even if sookie is not w eric do they have to keep letting us know she ends up w bill? Thats so stupid to give that huge plot piece away i dont get these people! It just makes me not want to watch bc i already know what sookie is going to do and who she ends with

    • I really agree they have been telling us that and I thought I was the only one it was driving crazy…..

  8. Thanks for the info 🙂
    Re this part of the last paragraph;

    “There’s a clever twist involving Eric that could set up an exciting arc for Sookie. ”

    The operative word is ‘could’ whatever we or any other reviewers think, what we want or think will be a good direction to the story, is never what the writers actually do…

  9. Is anyone concerned that Alex is off in Europe and has been for a few weeks now while the rest of the true blood cast is still filming? That worries me the most I’m scared they’ve already written off his character and he’s done with filming 😦 Wouldn’t put it past the dip wads (writers) for NEVER listening to the fans!

    • Yeah, he’s done, but he could have already filmed his scenes for the finale before he left. They tend to film out of order, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did kill him off. I heard he probably won’t be at the premiere, either.

  10. I knew it!!!! I always have a feeling that mayor twist at the end…. I remembered those pics on Facebook and I think the titles for eps 4 and 6 give away. When I listened to “Sick of Good-Byes”, the 1st lyrics says “If I could just keep my stupid mind together
    Then my thoughts would cross the land for you to see
    No one sees you on a vampire planet
    No one sees you like I do”….It sounds like it could be Eric and Sookie’s song. I think Eric’s going to tell her he still have feeling and tell her 1 day that she will truly understand,but he’ll give her a warning about Douchbag before he left for let her to be with Douchbag. It sounds a lot like what Eric would say to Sookie,do you think?

    In “Trauma” ep, Summary says Sookie discovers something’s shocking….Some people think Sookie finds out that Eric lies to her about Rattrays….But I don’t think it’s going to happen,because Eric is in Texas and they don’t want to do with each others anymore…I think it have to do the mainsteaming party from Return to Oz ep. I think they are going to use the Alicia Keys’ song “Trauma”,because it’s about a lover betrayal….I think Sookie finally finds out the shocking truth about douchbag,but I think it will happen at the end of ep 6….Probably douchbag’s the 1 who turning the humans into Hep V carriers, he will inject Eric to use Sookie to use her faery ball on Eric and turn her into his vamp slave after that. But she betrays him, she ends up helping Eric to escape instead.

    I really hope I am right.

    • I meant Alicia Keys’ “Karma” song,not Trauma. 🙂

      • I wish I could say that he will give her a warning about Bill but that will never happen. What I wish WOULD happen but WON’T in a million years is this: “She will help save him and he will tell her he is not the one for her and then hopefully tells her that Bill is not either . He tells her to find someone worthy of her (pukes at the worthy part) but Bill is not the one. That won’t happen but that is how I view Eric because we know Eric has never liked Bill. Eric IMO would never tell her to be with Bill.

        It would be more believable if Eric were to say “I know you and I can never be, too much has happened and I am no longer the guy for you(because he was at one time before time and shit writing changed them irrevocably) but Bill is not that guy either. I would hate for you to end up unhappy and never find a semblance of that ‘girl in the white dress’ again. Know that I did and still do love you and knowing you has changed me and I did not think that possible. Thank you and I wish you well Sookie Stackhouse”

        They should so have me write the episodes! Of course I would KILL BILL and then they would have me fired. LOL

  11. It’s the least Sookie could do for Eric is cure him if he is infected. With all he has done for her, she owes him that much. I do not want them making him out to be the bad guy. If he just goes off with Pam I will be some what satisfied. Not happy but satisfied, if that makes any since at all. God I am dreading the start of the end.

    • No matter what they do, we’ll never see him as the bad guy. It doesn’t go with everything we’ve seen so far, they still always make him look better than Bill. Even though that was obviously not their intention, Sookie probably wouldn’t care enough to cure him.

      • I’m not so sure about that Tammy. Remember when he gave her, her house back, she said she wanted to be that girl in the white dress. I know it’s just wishful thinking on my part. I’ll be a die hard Eric and Sookie Lover til the very end.

  12. Fortunately there are people in this fandom that do a better job staying true to the characters than those being paid for it on TB. If they screw this up like I fear they will I’ll just pretend it never happened and read someone else’s rewrite.. If I get the DVD’s of TB it wont be my money buying them but someone else getting them for me at holidays or Bdays…

    • Yep, I never would have gotten the DVD’s in the first place if my mom didn’t get me the first season by mistake for my birthday one year. I asked for Blood Ties and she got the shows mixed up, but I still have no intention of getting season 6. My collection will just have to remain incomplete.

  13. I decided not to be pessimistic today 🙂
    Are we sure that these guys saw only ep1. and 2.?? It sounds like they know much more and If this ‘clever’ twist meant making Eric look bad I am sure they would rant about it as they are more pro-Eric (at least I hope so). As many predict he may get infected and Sookie will get involved to help him. Or Eric may be connected with Niall like in the books.
    Since we know that CH was in the finale with Eric/Pam in Fangtasia I don’t think they would go away somewhere but probably stay there. As long as they survive I would be happy (hope Willa survives as well).

    One thing I want to know – if Tara meets the true death are they going to remember to show Pam’s Pam going to rush back to BT if she feels her death and then come again back to search for Eric and ‘motivate’ him to return and help to fight HepV vamps? It would be really stupid if they forget about Pam/Tara relationship.

    • I really need to work on that whole being positive thing, especially with what’s going on in my life now, it’s just so hard where this show is concerned. I will say that I can forgive the writers anything just as long as Eric has a decent ending. I don’t want them to make him out to be the bad guy, or for him to get killed. I’ll take anything else, but I’ll have to come in here to find out his fate since I still have no intention of watching.

  14. Thanks, Evie. 🙂

    We know that CH has a scene with Eric/Pam in the finale where CH plays a director (I’m not sure if the scene is in FT-I guess that it might be). I still won’t watch until I know the ending and whether I love/like/can tolerate it.

    I like that the reviewer said that the s6 finale made some people think the writers were on V. Glad we’re not the only ones…

    What was the point of two entire seasons of Lilith, since Bucky dropped it like it never happened/didn’t matter?

    Too bad the major player killed off isn’t Bill, Alcide, or Sam (or, why not, all three?). And, no, that’s not my “failed shipper heart” talking. 🙂

    Why are the Hep-V vamps holding (humans?) hostage in the FT basement? Why go there? Isn’t FT “over” (for now)?

    I love, love, LOVE all the reviewer’s talk of Eric (EW, like HBO, is owned by Time Warner). Alex is the real star of the show. Yes, I’ve always kept my eyes on Eric’s face (and his eyes). I love that the reviewer called Jason’s dream about Eric a “cheap fake-out.” That’s what I expected all along (not Alex’s and Ryan’s faults, obviously). I’d like to be excited about the “clever twist involving Eric that could set up an exciting arc for Sookie,” but I’m not. It’s like the boy who cried wolf one too many times. When there really is a wolf, no one believes the boy until it is too late. I still say Sookie settles for Sam, but I’m sure there’ll be a generous helping of Beel. If she ends up crawling back to her rapist, I’ll never watch those scenes and I won’t spend my ca$h on them (and I also won’t spend my ca$h on her settling for Sam, either-she deserves better). (And, I’ll keep “saying” this, too: I don’t want to watch Sookie with the “nice guy” who tried to take advantage of her when she was very very drunk-even though we all know it’s over before it began).

    Thanks for the space to rant. 🙂

  15. I can neither confirm nor deny I will see both episodes tonight. I shall report back……

  16. Wow, much “info”, but history tells me: little substance.

    Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I want to be optimistic, but I’m just too skittish.

    I’ll be coming on here to read about the first and second epps before I watch them I think. Considering how crap the weather is this time of year, might do back-to-back before jumping on the weekly viewing band wagon one last time.

  17. I’m w you girls!!! At least we get to see our favorite vampire!!!

  18. […] already know what these scans say – thanks to Evie’s post yesterday…but we thought you’d might like to check out the scans […]

  19. Saw the two episodes. EW’s reviewer was pretty accurate. My friend and I thought the dream was really well done and sexy and the two guys were fearless. I mean the two best looking guys in the show. You just wanted to squeeze in between the two and go at it.

    The major death before the credits? I won’t say who it is, however, the person is a lead character. You don’t actually see the character die and the person who says that person is dead is unreliable. My friend and I don’t believe the character is actually dead. No one reacts to the death the way you’d expect them to react either, but this show is so badly written the person could actually be dead, but the writers decided to just move on like “Meh, they’re dead.”

    We found the first hour incredibly boring and Sookie her annoying stubborn self-centered self. There’s the typical bad guy stirring things up (though I don’t think we’ve ever met him before or the dozens following him.), Alcide grumbling, Sookie yelling and of course the requisite Bill cat-butt face. There was a lot of “now how did they get in there?” ” Why was he driven home?” “That character would NEVER do that,” you know, that crazy True Blood lack of logic.

    Sorry to say they are definitely setting up the Bill/Sookie end game. They’re paralleling to the first season like crazy, even having Sookie read someone’s diary which sounds like they had the exact first experience with a vampire that she did and of course that makes her nostalgic. Bill is definitely being set up as hero as usual.

    I’m a little tipsy, but that’s really all the major stuff. Other secondary characters are in danger, and they’re being threatened by a bunch of new characters. Yawn. Oh and the real Eric DOES show up at the very end of E2, and the veins are already there on his chest, so I don’t know if it’s Hep-V or he’s just recovering.

    • Thanks, you’ve really helped my decision not to watch.

    • Thanks Hestia! I am not surprised by any if this! This show is going to end like crap ! The only way I will be able to stomach it is Alex and his character. Everything is so disjointed and not organized at all. I give honest reviews and this show will probably get my harshest ones yet.

    • Thanks for the head’s up! 🙂 Sounds like it’s going to be full of Billshit this season…why am I not surprised? *rollseyes*

      I’m intrigued by Eric already having the veins….hope he’s just recovering…but I have a funny feeling he’ll have Hep-V…and that’s how he and Sookie will end.

      • Eric “had to” show up late so Alex could shoot DOATG and leave early so Alex could shoot Tarzan. I guess. Maybe Hep-V IS how Bucky takes Eric out…or maybe Eric and Pam (and Willa, and Charlaine Harris) just go back to Fangtasia…

        I will never watch Sookie crawl back to her boring rapist because certain people backstage can’t separate two actors’ personal lives from what started out as a fictional story. (I’m still guessing Stepford Sookie/Seal Sex Sam, after Pregnant Nicole’s convenient death, till the bitter end, though. 🙂 )

        I have no hope for TB, just curiosity. 🙂 In that spirit: I have a question: the EW review said that there is a “clever twist” involving Eric that could set up an “intriguing” plotline for Sookie. Is this involving Eric’s Hep-V veins, or something else?

        Thank you so much for reporting to us, hestia. 🙂 I was REALLY excited when you posted earlier.

        • Sorry just jumping in here and Hestia might disagree. I think the telling word here is “could”, it could set up an exciting arc for Sookie. I don’t think we have got that far yet, but if they decide to have Sookie involved in Eric’s arc it could be something good. It looks to me like Sookie has enough going on with the town’s people and mooning over sour-face. I’m not sure when she would find time to worry about Eric? Might just be wishful thinking from the EW reviewer. And yes, everyone seems think the probable Hep-V is the clever twist. I’m not sure I will agree with that. No doubt there’ll be some strong acting from Skars but I’d really rather something good finally happened for Eric. It seems so long since I’ve seen him happy 😦

        • There was no twist at all in the first two episodes, unless she’s talking about the veins on Eric’s chest, but since you really just see him for a minute and he simply says “So you found me,” or something like that, I don’t see how she could know for sure if he was recovering from the burns or it’s actually Hep-V. Hep-V is all over the world by this time, however, so he really could have contracted it drinking bad blood to recover. I wonder if that tidbit is something they just gave EW.

  20. Well I guess you have to figure he needed a lot of blood to recover from almost burning to the final daeth. I can see where he could have got some infected blood. Sookie had better save him if that’s the case.

  21. Eric gets one dream sequence with Jason and one shot with Hep-V’ed veins in 2 hours of the first two episodes 😦 … That’s not season regular material. That’s a joke.

  22. Sounds depressing…. Alex’s name has probably fallen back down the line in the credits too … humph!!!

  23. I really dont care what an exciting arc is for sookie im so apathetic about her……let me guess she saves eric amd realizes how much she loved bill in the process? Erics impending death makes her realize she cant live in a world withou bill! Wow that was really exciting and complex for this deep female character known as sookie

  24. i care more about the whole story line, than the sex scene. For those of you who do, just think about it…it will just be on one episode. This copy paste 360 show should be given an F. You think that scene is going to make up for the rest of the 9 episodes…I dont think so( jmo)

  25. Well, the sex scene has nothing whatsoever to do with any story line if you can call what they write a story line. Personally, I’d be happier if there wasn’t any sex or nudity on the show, since it almost always gratuitous. At least the scene is amusing and the boys are pretty.

    • It’s just out of place because Jason shouldn’t be having a sex dream of Eric six months later, it’s just a way to get them naked because the writers think that’s all we care about. As long as Eric is naked, we won’t care that the story lines are crappy and make no sense.

    • Yea, thats what i said. I care more abouth the whole story line. This review shouldnt give an episode a B just because of a weird sex scene. The overall story line is the most important. They cant make up bad writting with sex, who are they trying to fool. Its all smoke and mirrors. So i have to disagree with this review. GOT is and always will be the best! I cant belive the last episode is this sad it went by so quickly 😦

  26. I’d rather watch good writing and acting like Game of Thrones.

  27. Again, I never thought I’d say this, but I miss Alan Ball. (And Nancy Oliver.)

    I knew Jason’s dream about Eric would be filler. (LOVE Alex and Ryan as actors, as always, and I’m sure I’ll watch that scene sooner or later.)

    I agree that the EW reviewer might know more than we realize at this point (TV Guide, too). EW and HBO are owned by Time Warner, blah blah. 🙂

    Thanks again to hestia/witchofbontemps for sharing all the info with us. 🙂

    • Alan Ball is still the Executive Producer. I blame him solely for this shit show. He’s the one the put it on its course and I’m sure he still has a great influence.

      • I agree, they are only finishing what he started and doing exactly what he wants. IMO he left so what he wants would be off the table.

      • After seeing the total crap fest last season turned out to be, I actually think Mark Hudis would have done a better job if they didnt fire him…

          • Alan Ball wrote/directed my favorite “canon” version of Eric Northman. I tried, but I never really got into the books. (Considering how I feel about the book ending, I’m glad I didn’t.) I intensely dislike what Buckner has done with pretty much all of the characters, including Eric (I’ll always love the Eric character no matter what Buckner does). The show feels different to me, in a bad way.

            I realize Ball is not very loved around these parts, so clearly I’m not getting a lot of support for my opinion (and I’m okay with that 🙂 ). Maybe Buckner’s ending might have been Ball’s ending as well. There are things that Ball did in the final third of s4 and the first three-fourths of s5 that I downright detest. But, I LOVED the way Ball ended s5. It felt true to all the characters to me (including Sookie), and it set up a lot of intriguing possibilities for the next season.

            Mark Hudis was Ball’s hand-picked (TB outsider) successor. I’m not sure how I feel about Hudis, since he doesn’t seem to have been given that much of a chance to do his thing (and apparently took Raelle Tucker with him). I don’t know if Alexander Woo is around for the last eps. Hudis is credited with writing that OOC rape-y Eric/Willa scene in ep. 6×03, so I will always side-eye him for that.

            I still wish the show had ended with the excellent s5 finale. All questions may not have been answered, but I would have been more than okay with that. I still would have had hope for the characters I loved at the time (Eric, Pam, Jason, Tara, Lafayette, and, yes, Sookie) and I could fantasize my own “ending.”

            I actually think Buckner might be doing what Harris wants. JMO, of course, but Buckner has make public comments that I think could be subtly interpreted as passive-aggressive towards Ball’s leadership skills. Whatever the case, the final episodes are set in stone, so no use “bashing my head against the wall.” 🙂

  28. In Laffy’s words-fuc* this shit!! Straw Dogs is playing on LMNHD and I am enjoying Alex fixing a roof 🙂 :)… I’ll worry about TB tomorrow 🙂

    • I watched Straw Dogs (again) on LMN too! AND I’ll be watching The East (again) today on HBO. Movie star (not that there’s anything wrong with being a TV star too.). 🙂

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