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With Warner Bros starting a location shoot for “Tarzan” today, out in the glamorous location of a North Wales quarry (probably doubling for an African diamond mine) we thought it was time for us to give a first shameless shout-out to our new Facebook page Tarzan Movie 2016

It’s very early days yet, but we will be following production and promotion of the movie (and the movie’s stars) as well as covering its release in July 2016, and we would love all our friends here to join us.

The impressive cast includes Margot Robbie (Jane Porter), Samuel L Jackson (George Washington Williams), Christoph Waltz (Captain Rom) and Djimon Hounsou (Chief Mbonga).

There’s also some random Swedish guy playing John Clayton III.


Obviously when setting up the fan page we decided to undertake some heavy duty and intellectual study about the man himself and his jungle legend, and after many hours in our virtual library we have concluded 2 very important things.

1. Tarzan doesn’t like wearing a shirt.


In fact Tarzan really doesn’t like wearing many items of clothing at all.



2. Tarzan gets the girl.

That’s right folks, there is NO old sour-faced sour-puss like Bill Compton lurking in the bushes to inexplicably steal Jane Porter away, and spoil everybody else’s happy jungle party. Jane has a brain and really isn’t into manipulating characters who tell her she’s an abomination and can’t quite decide who they want to be from one season to the next . Tarzan loves Jane and Jane loves Tarzan.

disney gif

No seriously we don’t need to worry, our extensive research has shown us that Tarzan ALWAYS gets the girl.

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So feel free to join Tarzan Movie 2016 on Facebook for all the latest updates. You can also follow us on Twitter @tarzan070116

Welcome to the jungle!


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17 comments on “Shout Out For “Tarzan”

  1. Ohh yaayy 🙂 … At last some good news 🙂 … Actually in the first and second tarzan books, there is another suitor for Jane as she struggles with duty vs heart. But then the jungle king rescues her from a town fire and duty flies out the window :)… It is one of my favorite books and Alex is just perfect for the role. I couldn’t ever imagine who would be good enough playing that beloved character and here we are..with Alex…and his good looks…and his eyes and abs and so on and so forth 🙂

    • ssshhhhh…… love triangles 🙂

      I think this is going to be based on one of the later stories when Queen Victoria sends Tarzan back to the jungle to save the Congo from a fierce warlord? I presume Jane and Tarzan are already a couple by then? But I’m hoping they change it and show them meet up and fall in love. I base my research purely on terrible movies and Walt Disney LOL

      • Oh yes I guess they are married and legal lady and lord Greystoke by then 🙂

        • Do they have any kids together in the original stories? Just interested. And I’m presuming they stay married? I may have to give the books a read. I can read almost any genre but never read much action/adventure stuff.

          • Oh yes they have a son Jack, who in later books is abducted and somehow falls with the great apes, the likes of which originally raised Tarzan. He comes into his own as a great jungle warrior too.

            And Jane and Tarzan stay married. Although they are usually having some adventures that threaten to pull them apart, they never doubt or stop loving each other. In fact, their relationship is so solid, this was the first love story I began fantasizing about when I was a teen and read it.

            There is loads of adventure, bad ass stunts from the hero (he fights full grown lions on multiple occasions swooon!) and lots of subtle British humor thrown in. The books are nothing like the Disney versions. Tarzan is educated (reads english and speaks french in the beginning although he learns english quickly because of his fascination with Jane), suave, sexy yet innocent and an all round very dependable guy.

            You’ll like it 🙂

          • Thank you. I do like a hero to swoon over 🙂 and it’s good to know that any angst they go through will be worth it for the sake of a good story.

          • Oh yes totally Evie…
            Tarzan is a happy guy, and very uncomplicated. When in trouble, he thinks on the lines of – Jane loves me, Jane is my wife and ally, I can fix this. It is very refreshing to read about a person who is extremely confident in his abilities and so chilled out with all the shit life throws at him.
            Like when he sees lions threatening him or his family, he doesn’t get scared. He would think – oh lions, lovely…lets kill them and move on already! When he gets kidnapped and his captors are sweating buckets thinking what he will do to them if he gets out, he eats what he gets, catches a nap to save his strength and expects to escape after his nap is done. And if Jane gets kidnapped, then the captors are not running with her, they are running from him, if you get the drift.
            All the angst is in the form of other people wanting these two and not the other way around.

          • You are so selling me Tarzan today 🙂 They should have you on commission LOL

          • LOLZ. I just get super excited over books i like 😀

  2. I’m really looking forward to this, awesome it comes out in July. I can see it for my birthday, I just hate that we have to wait until 2016.

  3. The upcoming film will help to vanish my displeasure with TrueBlood’s ending…
    I’m on board,looking foward to this and I’m going to be following this ….
    Alexander’s going to set the damn screen on FIRE…and can you imagine
    seeing this film in 3-D…..OMG this will be great!!

  4. Thank you Evie for posting about something totally away from TB!!! I am almost getting tired of talking about it. So refreshing to talk about Tarzan instead. I too hate that it will be two years before its’ in theaters but just like anything else, time flies and it’ll be here before we all know it.

    When our Tarzan expert Sakshi described Tarzans’ personality above, all I could think about how that sounded just like Alexs’ and how perfect he is going to be in this role. I’ve always wanted him to try his hand at being an action/adventure hero ala Indiana Jones or something and then Tarzan came up and I think he’ll just be perfect it it.

    As far as your page Tarzan 2016 I am already following you on FB and twitter. I didn’t know you were one of the admins of that page but its’ nice to know that you’ll still be around and promoting Alex. Just let us know when you do a blog on it, so we can follow you on that too. Getting more and more excited as the days go by for Tarzan or “Skarszan” gets closer and closer.

  5. hey guys, do you known the original Tarzan owns the Zoo? I watched the show about people raising Wild cats on Animal Planet and the original actor who played Tarzan in the ’70s movie on it.

    I think Alex learned a lot of animal stuff from his former True Blood co-star Kristin,she owns a zoo. That’s very sweet of her taking in animals.

    Those books sounds very exicting!!! 🙂

  6. The original Tarzan? That was Elmo Lincoln in 1918! Steve Sipek, the guy who owned — past tense — the big cats — was never an official Tarzan actor, though he was known as the Spanish Tarzan.

  7. Welcome to the jungle indeed! Evie and everyone here-I’m really happy you’re doing this. I don’t have an FB or a Twitter, but I’ll definitely be paying attention. I so look forward to this film. “Only” 2 years and 2 1/2 weeks away. 🙂 But, I’d rather everyone involved take their time to make the best film rather than rush through it just to have a project to peddle for money. It seems to me that people are involved in this film for the RIGHT reasons and not an ego boost/ca$h grab/middle finger to the “little people” audience. I think they’re telling the story, marketing it, and seeing what happens.

    For THIS project, Time Warner are very smart. Time Warner, I WILL give you ca$h to see this film, rest assured. I love this cast, too, including the latest actor to join the film, Djimon Hounsou. I agree that Alex sounds like the perfect actor to play Tarzan. I’m really rooting for him career-wise. I’m behind in my online stuff-is Alex officially shooting Tarzan now? (Forgive me if you’ve already covered this and I’ve missed it.)

    “Tarzan gets the girl.” A solid story that is not a bait and switch, that knows what it wants to say and says it. “Tarzan loves Jane and Jane loves Tarzan.” Thank you. Just…thank you. Tarzan doesn’t really like clothing? Well, I guess we’ll all have to suffer through that together, huh? 😉 “Shirtless Skarsgard in 3D…” The sacrifices we make… (And I’m VERY happy myself that there will be no PR BS/clashing angry bullying egos over who is the male lead in this project.)

    Sakshi-thank you for sharing all the great Tarzan info with us. I’ve never been that interested in Tarzan-until now. 🙂 I have two years to get caught up, and Evie’s new FB/Twitter obviously will be a big help. I’m SO glad Jane rejects duty and follows her heart. I HATE when people do what they think other people want them to do instead of doing what they really want to do. I already like the Tarzan/Jane story (from everything Sakshi told us). Any angst WILL have a payoff.

    Take care, Evie and everyone. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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