HBO airs “Farewell to Bon Temps”



The True Blood farewell tour officially kicked off on the main channel for HBO tonight with the “Farewell to Bon Temps” special.

Tonight was definitely a trip down memory lane for the cast, crew, and the fans as the cast reflected on what these past 7 seasons meant to them.

For those who could not watch on HBO tonight, check out the video below.



Each of us will take something different from the video and what it could mean. I personally found myself laughing and crying, and going “holy shit…. thats how they filmed that scene” while watching the special… with out getting into the politics of “who was with who” and everything.

In 11 weeks, we’ll know how our favorite fared…

What did you think? We always welcome your comments 🙂




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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

61 comments on “HBO airs “Farewell to Bon Temps”

  1. thanks for posting the video! It was nice to see… Disappointed bc we know what Bucky was implying by saying this is really a love story :/ not looking forward to that but all in all we have hopefully some other things to look forward to,.. Glass half full?? I’m trying…
    Was also surprised Jess wasnt with everyone…

    • I have said many times before….If Sookie and Bill are a love story then what a sick one it is…This guy has been lying and manipulating this girl since the very first time he met her and he has been abusive constantly to her including last season when he told her that Warlow needs to turn her to help everyone not have to deal with her anymore. I have never understood what love story these people are watching? Bill is a horrible leading man he is not interesting to watch at all…..Sookie is very stupid as the leading lady but Bill is totally unlikable and not redeemable.

  2. I just dont have it in me to care anymore. For me this will alwqys be the story of Eric and Sookie and i still cannot understand WHY the writers wont give us what we want and HOW they can make sookie so stupid as to choose bill…..

  3. I stopped watching when Bucky started talking. He just sounds like such a moron.

  4. I need to stop feeling bitter about the way the books ended and the way the show will most likely end because it’s just a show and a series of books. It’s not real life, something I obviously need to get.

  5. Love story?? Whatever. If it is a love story, it’s with the wrong guy.

  6. Is it just me, or are even the camera angles on Alex designed to not show him at his best? Also, it seemed that the majority of this, well, whatever-it-is, was designed to cram the whole B/S (pun intended) set-up down our throats? I fully admit that I stopped watching when the Powers That Fucked Up kept spewing their nonsense. Sad.

  7. What a big fat troll Brian Buckner truly is. He’s annoying when he need to stop bragging “Billy luv Sookie” sh*t.

  8. Seeing scenes from the first season, especially Eric & Pam and the scene of Godric’s end just made me and my friend sad. The show was so much fun in the beginning and had such promise. Ball saying how great the orgies were. I had to cover my eyes. That’s when the show lost it for me. Of course Maryanne was his favorite. Bucky is so full of it as is Ball. I wish they’d just go lick a giant egg.

    • I do miss the early seasons, when there was still hope Sookie would get her head out of her ass and see Bill for the douchebag he really is. I was so optimistic back then. Sigh.

      • Yep, I miss the early seasons minus the orgy crap show. Watching this made me miss Fangtasia with Pam and Eric having their awesome dynamic. Plus the funny scenes between Lafayette and the staff at Merlotte’s.

  9. I didn’t watch (shocker-lol). I took a nap, and, no joke, woke up three minutes after it was over. THEN I put on HBO…to give the GoT finale ratings (yes, I’m being petty).

    I heard that Alex really wasn’t “allowed” to sit at the “grown ups’ table” with Anna and Stephen anymore. That was what I expected.

    • Yes and usually Alex used to take an active part in the conversation (like from press conferences or comic con or premiers..), but yesterday he was not saying much. The most dialogue he had was the snide comment to Buckner about that song and dance routine. Then he repeated some stuff about Eric that he has already said a number of times before.

      If you ask me, he just wasn’t interested a lot in their discussion on love/relationships on the show. And I totally understand why an actor would do that.

  10. Not interested in the retconned supernatural Chris Brown and Rihanna.

  11. Oh, I forgot…Happy Father’s Day to all the good current and future fathers in the world. 🙂

  12. You know what I likes best about this thing? When Buckner said that this is essentially a love story and we are going back that and Alexander dead panned-yeah so put some song and dance routine in the love story too while you are at it :)…. One could see Buckner didn’t like the comment and tried coming back with offering to put Alex Ina song and dance routine. Alex did his smirk and said sure !

    I don’t have to savy anything else :)… Loved seeing Alex and Kirsten.

  13. Thanks for posting this special of TB as I don’t have HBO anymore like the comments above I agree that if this is about a love story well it’s a pretty sick love story!!! And as Sakshi Chopra noted I loved the line that Alex said about putting some dance and song to celebrate this great love story!!!! anyways Like I said before This Show could’ve ended with a bang but it will end very bad…..Take care everybody and Happy Father’s Day….

  14. Thanks for posting the video as I don’t have HBO anymore. Totally agree about the B/S “love story.” It’s sick and as someone raised in the south I can tell you. The women in my family would have strung Bill up by his balls way back in season 3 (when his true colors were revealed.) I’ve lost all respect for Sookie. If the writers were so hell bent against her being with Eric, I could accept a finale that shows us Sookie standing on her own two feet without a man, vampire, fairy or were. But, this is the Anna & Stephen Show and therein lies the problem.

    • Hey hippychikfanfiction, it’s not just southern women who would do that 🙂 :)…Ask any woman worth her salt and she would wring Bill’s neck for just talking like he does to Sookie. All the abomination and worthless craptalk and they still say he loves her.
      Well good luck to them then! Sookie would deserve whats coming to her.

      I still don’t understand how a stupid, impractical, young vampire of 140 something years has been put on top of all the other vampires of US of bloody A !! And noone is doing anything about it. Alteast in the books, the powerful always usurped the weak.

    • totally agree with you.
      if that’s a love story – I do have do run an update my definition for love and relationship.

  15. Sick of Bill & Sookie show . I will miss all of the cast who we grew to love especially Eric . I wish them all the best in their careers that follow .

  16. Ball & Bruckner make me sick . Just couldn’t get past Anna & Stephen real life . They destroyed a great show . I didn’t even want to hear the words come out their mouth two morons together .

  17. I think even if Anna and Stephen weren’t together, the show would end the same way. It was always about Bill from the start, no matter who played him. But honestly, Sookie hasn’t chosen him since season 3, I don’t know why she would now. Anything they do will just feel too forced at this point, that has to be the most disturbing love story I’ve ever seen.

  18. I didnt watch bc i knew it would just make me angry! I cant do it just getting through the ahow will be alot for me Im so sad and for Erics character for me the best thing would be to see him start something w Willa. I feel terrible but this has colored my experience and i dont think im interested in seeing bill/sookie actors in other stuff together bleh!

  19. Well, I watched and all I can say is…….Meh…….Blah, blah, blah Alex said something Blah Blah Blah Alex said six more words……………………….you get the picture. Boring and not worth the 27 mins of HBO airtime if you ask for MHO.

    I am not looking forward to this season starting at all, as I lack the hope that I had in the past. I hope that Alex is in at least half of the episodes cause if not, it will be a waste of my time.

  20. Thanks for posting since I also am lacking HBO these days. It’s unfortunate the show has been lacking and the story did not go the way we all hoped. But this clip did make me smile about a lot of great moments on the show with characters I still love. It makes me want to rewatch some of my favorites from the early seasons and enjoy some good laughs with Lafayette and Pam. 🙂

  21. Hello. I am the poster formerly known as sookieandericaretheonetruelove.

    Question: were ST, DAW, and/or JM a part of this “special?”

    • I like your another name better.

      But this 1 is better,but I like the 1 better.

    • Deborah and Joe had separate segments and were not sitting with the rest of the cast. Sam was sitting with the cast members, Anna, Stephen, Rutina and Chris.

      Alex, Kristin, Ryan, Nelson were the other group. maybe this group had Sam. I seriously was not paying attention to Sammy. All my concentration was somewhere else 🙂

      And they had Michael Mcmillan speak separately too.

      • The ex-sookieandericaretheonetruelove is back. 🙂 (I’m not tech-savvy, so I’m going back to my “old-school” way of commenting because it’s more comfortable for me. I’m way too stressed in general-lol.)

        Sakshi-Thanks for the detailed response back. I’m still not brave enough to watch this stuff right now, so I appreciate good people like you satisfying my curiosity. 🙂

        Shelli-I’m not sure how you feel about my name? No bad feelings, just curious. 🙂

        • AND WP is giving me the runaround (lol). I’ll get used to this. 🙂

        • Hey you may skip watching it but do watch the two minutes starting from 16:30 minutes for the joy of hearing Alex call Buckner Bucky and making a smartass remark with a perfect innocent face 🙂

          • Thanks again, Sakshi. I’m not ready right now, but I do think I NEED to see that part. Cathartic. Thank you, Alex. I knew I liked you. 🙂

          • Sakshi-thanks for the exact time, so I didn’t suffer through the rest. I loved it. 🙂 One question: Did Alex say, “Bucky, you know I’m game” (parrot-phrasing) or “F*ck it, you know I’m game?” I “played it back” several times and I still can’t tell.

          • You know what, I am not sure either:)… Maybe he wanted to speak it that way. The subtitle said Bucky.

          • Sakshi-Maybe it’s meant to be a mystery (lol). A good one.

  22. I seem to be in the minority but I really, really enjoyed it (and I didn’t think I would). It made me smile a lot 🙂

    I did think when Bucky started to talk about it going back to being a love story that Alex deliberately changed the tone and made a joke about a song and dance routine, so thank you Alex! And if TB ended with Eric Northman singing “I did it my way” on the Fangtasia stage I’d be pretty satisfied LOL

    All in all it made me realize I am still a fan and I will miss my visits to Bon Temps like crazy. Now I just need to ignore my shipper heart, expect nothing to make sense, and try to sit back and relax and hopefully watch Eric Northman & co. do some really good bad things for one final summer.

    • Evie-I like what you have to say about the “special.” I heard other people comment about/enjoy Alex’s “song and dance routine” comment. Good for him. YOUR comments are healthy and realistic. Thanks for the (extra) reality check.

    • I’m with you Evie. I loved it too just for the fact that it seemed that Alex was being a smart ass. I’m still a huge fan and I realized today that I’m going to miss this show. I’m going to relish all the scenes that have Alex in them, good or bad. I’m assuming they will try to make Eric the bad guy and Bill the good guy. I don’t care. We all know how it should have gone. How much better the show would have been had they did the right thing and followed the books instead of making up stupid shit. The beginning of the end starts Sunday and for that I am sad. I will be here after so we can all cry on each others shoulders about how wrong the writers are.

  23. I known there’s a twist at the end and I really hope I am right that douchbag will turn out a villain.

    I really like Alex when he said that Eric supposed to be a villain,but he stole everybody’s heart after he becomes a hero at the end. I hope that stays that way….I am worry that they will make him as a bad guy,because some people saying that they are going to make him as a big Bad.

    I also luv Alex interrupted Buckner with the smirk when that troll Buckner keeps bragging that final season focus on Billy luv Sookie cr*p,but I think Alex known that wasn’t true and he known it won’t last. I am glad he finally shut that annoying troll. Alex is my hero!!!! 🙂

  24. I didn’t watch because it wasn’t broadcasted in Oz (I don’t think), but reading the commentary, I’m glad I didn’t… But I really would like to see the part where Alex sticks it to Buckner (is that in the video above? Where can I find it?)

  25. Well i broke down and watched yep i definitely feel the sookie bill ending set up there i loved how alex and kristen had that emotional moment though! I always get the feel ball is not a big eric fan whenever i hear him speak it comes through to the actor alex as well

  26. I wish they would surprise me and show Bill going up like a bonfire…Now that would be a finale

  27. Was it just me or did it bother anyone else that Alex was not in the same room with Stephen and Anna? Is there “bad” blood there so to speak? They filmed their shots in different rooms or different times, maybe due to schedules? But AB and BB (butt hole) were in both shots, and I thought Lala was in both sets. The optimistic me wants to say that they are trying to fool everyone to think it will be Bill/Sookie at the end when it will be Eric/Sookie ( i really wish) and the realistic me said the reason that they Eric and Sookie are not together is because Stephen doesnt like seeing his wife with the Viking God. LOL I mean since S4 (I think she had the babies then) they have not one love scene together. Just a few episodes together since then. I know it sounds crazy, but maybe Stephen and Anna have asked not to have any more scenes with Alex because someone is jealous…. LOL I know maybe I am crazy. Oh well, I watched, and enjoyed seeing Alex and swooned over what little time they showed of him and loved how tender he was with Kristen. I will watch this season but I know I will not like the ending. The optimistic me is holding on to the one thread of a chance of Eric/Sookie ending. 🙂

    • No, it has nothing to do with jealousy. They’re all very close friends, them not being in the same room doesn’t mean anything. I’m pretty sure there’s no bad blood between them.

  28. Lol live bonfire bill that would be great!!!!

  29. I still believe Buckner’s an annoying troll….I think Alex known it and he might known how the show actually does it ends unlike we except it. We known Eric didn’t die in the series final,because CH tweeted it….Probably the twist is Sookie will blew herself along with douchbag up by using a faery ball after she found out that he used her along and she feels like a totally slutbag.

  30. after having watched the whole vid I want to say the following:
    1. in the early seasons the show was really good. you felt the tension and mystery of the vampires. I mean the vampires were scary, arrogant and just cool.
    2. I had the feeling that Buckner and Ball were always taking care that nobody says anything they wouldn’t appriciate. Behave, behave ……
    3. I don’t want to say anything bad about any of the actors – I mean they are just doing their job. But I have the feeling that it will be the Bill and Sookie show in the final season. Thing is, I have the feeling that the writers have no own ideas – they just try to bring it to an end – like in the books. No matter if they would come up with a better / other end. So in the end – I think we all know what the final season will bring.
    4. AS was really quiet – I did realize this since the last finale. It was really damn quiet round AS since that. Dunno why.
    5. Off Topic. Bucky is the Winter Soldier. I know he wasn’t that nice to the Cap – but he hasn’t earned to be given the same name as “you know who” *ggg. Sorry for that.
    6. Please excuse my English – it’s not that good.

  31. I agree AS has been so quiet they all have really

  32. Read all the comments… Read the books before the series began. Even us die hard book fans saw the Sookie/Eric match-up. It lasted longer than the Sookie/Bill match. but forever? That would have been too predictable and therefore, boring. Last season Sookie said something that was known, but never spoken in the books…she loved them both. This series has been really interesting and “way over the top”. But it hasn’t been predictable.

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