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Sorry to interrupt the final countdown to True Blood season 7 but I just couldn’t resist reporting a little interview that Tarzan’s leading lady Margot Robbie gave last night at the “One4theBoys” Cancer Charity Event hosted by her co-star Samuel L Jackson in London, giving us a few clues about the tone of the movie, due out in 2016.

From Digital Spy

The Hollywood actress told Digital Spy that she finds herself swooning when in the arms of the True Blood hunk for the David Yates movie.

He’s really big,” she gushed at Samuel L Jackson’s One for the Boys charity fashion ball. “I look like a hobbit next to him.

“We were doing camera tests the other day and my fingertips were literally at his kneecaps. I think every girl on set is swooning.”

Describing her take on the iconic Jane, Robbie said: “She’s quite independent, not so reliant on Tarzan. She’s definitely a strong character, very intelligent and fun.”

Girls swooning over Skarzan, Jane being strong, intelligent and fun. This movie is selling itself to me more and more every day!

Margot also added to Yahoo

 “It’s a slightly different take on the traditional Tarzan story. It takes place later on, it’s not really finding Tarzan in the jungle. It’s a great action adventure love story.”


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24 comments on “Margot Robbie talks “Tarzan”

  1. Taking bets now that “Tarzan & Jane” hook up for real. Margot Robbie is his type: young, tiny & blonde (well she was in 1 of the pictures I’ve seen). He’s also pushing 40. Maybe things are different by Holllywood standards, but when a man reaches 40 and has never been married, that’s a red flag. Either he’s to afraid to commit or there are other underlying issues (his dong brigade he travels with). Please don’t think I’m dissing Alex. I want to see him settle down and have oodles of viking babies with the lucky lady. At least this chick seems to not be a fame whore so they could keep it on the down low.

    • yeah well lets hope Alex finds some true love in real life 🙂 ..God knows he isn’t getting any on True Blood 😛

    • Hippychikfan:
      I know that you’re not dissing Alexander…
      But he’ll settle down when he finds the “right girl”.
      Alexander’s been burned….we all know how he’s guarding his heart.
      He’ll get married and when he does all of us who love him will be crying.
      And when it comes to his being a dad he’s going to make a great one.

    • wtf. it’s not a red flag if someone is a certain age and unmarried. it just means that either they are uninterested in marriage, or haven’t found the right person. Pleaes don’t bring your outdate views and use of the word “whore” to anything involving Alex. Ugh.

    • As soon as they announced the pairing for the movie months ago, I said the very same thing. She’s just his type: thin, blonde, gorgeous and significantly younger. And who could blame her for wanting to ride the ASkars train…I mean, really! One thing’s for sure…they would make beautiful babies! 😉

  2. Of course all the girls are swooning, including Margot :)…Who in their right mind wouldn’t? And he has gained muscle for the role too!

    So I read the first book of the Tarzan series again over the weekend (I didn’t know the first two books were free on Kindle yayy), just for the kicks, and now I am really into it again and awaiting more tidbits. Thanks Evie for being on the look out and posting the news.

  3. Now I’m really looking foward to this film

  4. I can’t wait to see this film …and that Margot is one lucky girl…

  5. She is a lucky girl, but she deserves all the success in the world! And she’s really sweet/cute in interviews.

    And she’s only 23… Wow, Alex is 15 years older than her… Hmmm, there’s something to bake your noodle with.

    And here’s another: if SHE looks like a hobbit next to him, what would the rest of us look like?!?!

  6. Oh my, Oh my, be still my pounding heart!!! FINALLY something about Alex I can get truly excited about!!!! For Joy…….the only problem is that we have to wait two years for this film. I mean its’ been hard enough waiting one year really, what 42 weeks in between seasons on TB. Two years is a loooooong time to wait for this film. I know we’ve got a couple other ones to see before then, but still not like seeing him every week for 10 weeks every summer on TB. I just hope I can make it that long without blowing a gasket or something….

    Really when I read that this AM, it really lit my Alex spark, which I needed so badly after these last couple of “downer TB months”. I can hardly wait for Tarzan and hope that it cements Alexs’ spot as a leading man in action/adventure blockbusters. I think hes’ already paid his dues and I too, want Alex to get settled into his career so he can find the right gal and have a few babies. After all hes’ not getting any younger and if I know him from the family he comes from he’ll probably have a huge family too.

    All I want for him is to be extremely happy in his career and personal life as I get the impression that his life has been kinda unsettled and not as happy as he makes us all think.

    • I think he’s pretty happy, but it’s different with guys. He’s only 37, he has plenty of time for babies. His dad still made one in his 60’s.

      • Ya, but Tammy don’t you think he’d like to be able to enjoy his kids, I mean if he waits until Stellans’ age, the kids wouldn’t have graduated HS and he’d probably be in an old folks home if he waits too much longer……….LOL

        • Oh, I’m not saying he would wait that long, just that he still has time. He needs to meet the right woman first, and I would hope someone older than 23. I’m 30, that’s the perfect age if you ask me 😉

  7. Yes! TARZAN!! Again, Evie, I think it’s really great that you’re helping promote this film. I’m SO looking forward to the film, of course. This article came along just in time for me. Such a nice reminder that life-and work-goes on. There are things to enjoy now and to look forward to in the future. 🙂 Of course, every lady on the set is swooning over Alex-and at least some of the gentlemen are too, I’m sure. Margot’s description of Jane definitely makes the character sound like she has a backbone (thanks for the into earlier, Sakshi). I haven’t seen Margot’s work yet, but I’m curious about her. She’s also easy on the eyes. 🙂 (And, I agree that Alex DEFINITELY didn’t get true love on the TB set. Friendship with Kristin, and maybe some others, but not true love.)

    FWIW, I know it’s none of my business, but, if Alex and Margot were to hook up IRL, it wouldn’t bother me. They’re both adults, and as long as they’re both consenting, it’s all good. Alex getting closer to 40 and never having been married and never having children (that we know of 🙂 ) doesn’t bother me, either. We’re all on individual paths in life. I would hope he would wait for “the one” rather then get with who’s available at the moment because he feels he need to achieve a milestone by a particular age or whatever. When we feel fear, pressure, etc., is when we can make terrible mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can last a lifetime. Better to step back, be quiet, observe, and make a move when we’re genuinely ready, not to please anyone but ourselves. Especially when it comes to our personal lives. Okay, off my philosophy soapbox. 🙂

    Tarzan Movie 2016!! I’m already there!

  8. I’m very excited about this movie. Two years is a long time but time flies. His other movies will come out and before you know so will Tarzan!

  9. Good news 🙂 🙂 :), I downloaded the 1st book on Google Play for free. 🙂

    I think I am going to read it during dreadful True Blood premirere airs like I did that 1 time when I read the Giver during the dreadful finale were on.

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