Sookie’s Favorite Suitor? Well duh!


As part on this week’s True Blood Marathon on HBO2, Michael McMillian is hosting  special themed segments that highlight all the data culled by Facebook, with the help of social curation firm Arktan, over the history of the show. “The partnership with Facebook provides us with the perfect data set to identify the themes and story points that matter most to Truebies.” True Blood has amassed more than 11 million Facebook fans, who have generated more than 844,000 comments on the show’s social network page.

Yesterday’s offering included the cull of Facebook data showing which male character has been the favorite suitor for Sookie Stackhouse. Of course we all knew the answer already, but it’s good to see it made OFFICIAL.


Thank you to ASN for sharing the graph.

I didn’t think I would be actually be writing any more blog posts about my favourite ever fictional couple (now we are pretty sure we know where the writers are heading), but this one seems very appropriate if it is to be my last. Does it make me feel any better that so many fans love Sooric so much? No, it actually makes it suck more that the writers are missing a golden opportunity to make viewers happy and give certain characters the ending they deserve.

Still it does give me a great excuse to post just one or two more gorgeous gifs whilst I dream of what could have been:





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67 comments on “Sookie’s Favorite Suitor? Well duh!

  1. It wasn’t even close! And from what I heard, they were using old data from back when Bill had a much bigger following.

    I think this affirms the fact that TB viewers are not stupid and we reject the notion that love required violence, manipulation and abuse.

  2. Ahhhhh im just so sad they really werey favorite from books to show

  3. It saddens me that they don’t take these kinds of things into account. The fan base should at least be considered. IMO, a TV show is different than a book as the writer has final say. For most of the writing process, they are going with their gut and know where they are going with the story and characters so chances are in the book world, the fans and writer are on the same page. They are paying attention to what fans like in their book because they are engaging the reader in that story.

    Whereas TB writers are all over the place with the story and don’t really give a crap what viewers are interested in. They do have the final say as well but they can’t even write a cohesive plot, so paying attention to fan’s concerns about the plots does not bother them. they actually think what they give us makes sense.Read it and weep, powers that be at TB, thanks for screwing the pooch! lol

    • When writers don’t consider the wants and needs of

      • Ooh, WordPress cut me off! I was saying that when writer’s don’t consider the wants of the fans, you get the How I Met Your Mother finale: something now infamous for disappointing fans. This is how I see True Blood going: they’ll create the Anna and Stephen Show, have Sookie reunite with Bill, and have a Twitter storm where fans voice their outrage. They now study how many tweets a show generates (kind of like ratings), so maybe they’re going for outraged tweets?

        • HIMYM was one of my favorite shows, but that finale just ruined everything. It’s amazing how a show could be on for nine seasons, yet one episode kills the whole thing. I never really had any hope with TB.

  4. Well, when I saw that last night, it still delighted me to know that it isn’t only our group who are Eric and Sookie (Sooric as you said) fans. To me, I am still in denial and even watching the end of the show with Bill and Sookie getting together, in my mind it will not be the end until I read the very last ever Eric and Sookie fanfiction story that is ever written. Which means I choose not to accept their ending of the story, just like I didn’t accept the ending of the books either. I do not care as in my poor lil’ feeble mind, it will always be Eric and Sookie and not the Sookie that was degraded into a Stepford Sookie either, It will be the stand up and fight with her man Sookie the one I truly love and care about.

    This may be the only way I can accept what they (HBO and TB powers to be) have done to my most famous power couple I have ever loved. I don’t care, cause to me Eric and Sookie will live forever within my heart, soul and mind forever.

  5. Ahaa!! Brian Buckner and Alan Ball should have presented these stats to the world 🙂

  6. Of course it’s Eric Northman….
    She still cares for Bill as he was her “First” but he’s betrayed her one too many times
    And she cares for Sam….but like she cares for Jason…Like an older brother.
    Never as a love interest….
    Alcide wishes that she cared for him like she cares for Eric…..

  7. Sakshi:
    Brian Buckner & Alan Ball would never admit that the above stats were correct.
    They had the whole series written out an they picked the “Hero”
    The “Eric Northman Lovers” would never get what/who they wanted to see
    with Sookie……It was all planned from the start.

  8. And my fear is they will still make eric the bad guy

    • There’s no point, we’ll still never see him as the bad guy. It doesn’t work with what we know of his character, if they think they’re going to make us hate him in the final season, they’re more delusional than I thought. They could make Bill save the whole world and I would still hate his guts.

    • Yeah CH tried making him the bad guy and was spectacularly unsuccessful.

      Considering she was considerably more talented than the TB writers in the writing department, we can surmise how successful this effort of darkening Eric is going to be.

      They can try. And then they can F it up.

      • Now that I think back on the books, her writing wasn’t all that great. She could have easily written for the show with how bad some of it was.

        • Lolz :)…But the crazy woman did create Eric, even if he took a life of his own afterwards….

          • True, the books are what made me love Eric in the first place, that’s why it sucks how they became such a disappointment. I could have dealt with Eric and Sookie not being together on the show, I pretty much knew they wouldn’t be, just as long as they ended up together in the books. That was mostly all I cared about, I will definitely never read anything she writes again.

          • And that crazy woman destroyed out of jealousy what she created and in doing so betrayed the people who made he rich 😉 she had done so in the past, it was not the first time. I just wish she had gone and killed Bill’s character like she was going to do, until Ball and the bucks changed her mind. Oh and she was very jealous of Alex by the end, and tried to blame him last year at the premiere as well, later saying she was joking. She is a greedy cow. Never again will I ever purchase anything having to do with her, that goes for certain people who have deals with HBO, I will be looking closely to who is involved with anything from HBO from now on.

  9. That’s right Br I have a gut feeling that Eric will be treated like shit…. How can Bill have all those votes I’m asking myself are the employees of HBO voting? Take care everybody.

    • If you have visited the TB Facebook wall as often as I have over the past few years, which is far too often 🙂 you will be familiar with a group called BCAS. They have spammed the wall constantly with Bill/Sookie comments (they even reply to fans who write pro-Sooric comments) and I believe this data is based on the number of mentions each couple gets. They will be partly responsible for Bill pulling away from the 2 lower suitors.

      • OMG that group is so annoying ..but yet mods on TB page let them play and piss off everybody, I am beginning to think they are paid by TB people … annoying!
        It is sad that they never gave E&S a chance…few seasons ago I was convinced that we’ll at least get real Eric & Sookie sex, or kiss or anything…but noooo, all ignored

        • No, they spammed CH’s page too. They are a bunch of self loathing internalized mysogenists and rape apologists. I will never understand their mentality.

        • They are the reason I had to unlike that page, but that also could do with the fact I just don’t care for the show anymore. Those people really need to get a life.

        • I’m convinced TB’s wall is un-moderated. Why else do they allow BCAS to run wild? Everyone tends to ignore them anyways… LOL

      • Wow, was wondering what our E&S loving equivellant was for B&S… I always thought there was one and, in a way, it’s good to know that a) they are seen as an annoyance and b) that they may have contributed to the results of a question that really shouldn’t need to be asked – as the subject of this post so astutely puts it: duh!

        But the best thing to know: we, the fans of the Viking and the Faery Princess represent what is right! And we are better behaved than whatever the other group were calling themselves (forgotten already)… Whoo!

    • I could have even dealt with Sookie not ending up with Eric in the books, if CH made it reasonable and realistic. But it was just slapped together like a mess in that last book and made no sense. I never hated Sam, I actually always figured if she was going to end up with someone besides Eric, Sam was an okay choice.

      However CH even ruined that because she rushed into it in the last book. Out of no where suddenly Eric was too selfish and arrogant to even try to stay for Sookie. Sookie was too selfish and cowardly to try and save Eric… and magically she no longer thought of Sam as a brother. How the eff did all that happen? I know Eric was arrogant and self-centered to begin with, that was always part of his character… but the way CH wrote it, it was like once you got into Eric’ elite ‘club’ he would do ANYTHING for you. Then all of the sudden in the last book that changed and even Pam made a comment about how Eric only cared about himself… WTF? Even Pam was out of character.

      And in the end…. why? I still do not understand why CH would spend all that time writing those books basically as ‘Sooric’ to then do a 180 and push her into bed with Sam. What was the point? Was it because she originally planned to have her end up with Sam, but in order to make more $$$ from an extended book deal, she had to modify her original plans and make the best of it?

      I just don’t get it!

  10. Of course this doesn’t surprise me AT ALL 😉 Eric will probably be voted the “Fan Favorite” and any other categories he’s mentioned in. They know this…but I’m convinced they just don’t care. Nice to know we’re appreciated right?

    I hate BCAS! They’re a bunch of dumbassed bitches. Trolling and kissing ass is their middle name. And they are one of the reasons why we don’t post on TB’s page wall…because I feel like my intelligence is sucked dry just trying to talk to them. They give me a headache because it’s like talking to someone who obviously has NO or a lowered IQ. I can’t deal with that shit. Lol

    Thanks Evie! In a world of bad…we need something good we can cling too. 🙂

  11. Hi Guys,I don’t blame you guys….When I was on Youtube around season 3 and 4, there was a lot of critism there. A lot of people keeps calling each other names and it was a wild back there. Thanks goodness, I am not going to back there….I did joined this 1 group ASAS on facebook,but I think they’re ok and I think they’re bit annoying. :/….

    I wouldn’t be surprise there’s a big twist at the end and I think Alex known how it ends different. I hope he is right.

    I can’t hardly looks at the premire without Alex….I known he is doing Tarzan,but I miss him there….I downloaded the 1st Tarzan book on Google Play, I will read it when True Blood come on.

  12. ASAS is a Alexander Skarsgard group. No worry, they like to keep things private than that annoying Billy boy scamming group you guys had mentioned.

    I always think Eric Northman Lovers United are fun-loving and very respect group…Alex’s very grateful that Eric fans are supporting him and his Eric until the end. 🙂 ❤

  13. Evie-thanks for the post. Confirming what we already know. I agree that we also already know there will be no Sookie/Eric endgame (we just respectfully disagree on who the endgame will/might be 🙂 ). The Sookie/Eric gifs ARE gorgeous. I guess Sookie/Eric fans REALLY are a “small but vocal minority,” huh? 😉 Keep saying something enough times and the “little people” will eventually believe it.

    I agree with Lexi that Bucky might be going for outraged attention/tweets/etc. Better to be “hated” than ignored. That is the predictable/lazy trend in TV now. Controversy/killing off fan-favorite characters/etc. for controversy’s sake rather than organic storytelling. Melissa Maerz recently wrote about it in that EW piece I mentioned. Someone I follow on tumblr mentioned this as well. JM just said on some TV show (Extra?) that the ending will be “controversial.” Anybody with a brain will not buy a retcon.

    I tried, but I just couldn’t get into the books. I’m glad I didn’t. I loved/liked/tolerated the show until Bucky was allowed to take over. Since DEA Spoilergate, I’ve become show-cynical/hopeless but curious.

    When someone is annoying, and, much worse, abusive, it’s good to disengage. 🙂 Why bother?

    I enjoyed remembering the good times. I look forward to more good times elsewhere. We may have “lost” this one battle, but there is a big picture. We keep it moving. Take care everyone. ❤

  14. So the Bill numbers were manipulated, shocker lolololol I thought he had gotten way more than he should have 😉

  15. What makes me feel stupid to watch this final season its not just thr fact that thr writers wont give the finale that thre majority of the fans wants. Ots the fact that they arr doi g it knwoing it wont please us. So they talk a lot hoe amazing the tb fans are and blah blah blah but they dont care! They dont care sbout the audience!! Thats what gonna stick w me!

  16. It made me when I saw the EW magazine,it made me wanna to vomit and the cover shown Sicko Billy holding f**king naked Sookie. I would f**king to see that happens. I am sooo sick by it. I also shown the damn pic from ep 3…Everytime I starts to seeing them, I starts to vomit….I can’t take it anymore.

  17. Shelli, before you get your blood pressure way up there, remember seeing the tag line below the pic that says “Alexander Skarsgard as you have never seen him”. Doesn’t that kinda make it a tinee, tiny better at all????? We have to steel ourselves with the fact that Alex and Sookie aren’t going to be together at all and thats’ the way it is. Don’t pop a blood vessel over it and go and make yourself sick, its’ only a TV show, remember that.

    Take three deep breathes and it will be OK. Remember we all love Alex here and we are all devastated that season seven turns out like this, but this is the reality of it. It. is. only. a . TV. show.

    • I just really don’t care anymore, all you can do is not watch if it’s going to stress you out so much, that’s all any of us can do. You can easily watch the Eric scenes online, they always get uploaded right after the episode airs. As for that tag line, it could be something bad for all we know, I wouldn’t put anything past these writers, but I have to admit that cover is pretty disgusting.

      • Oy what cover are we talking about?

        • Do you saw it on facebook? it’s really disgusting. When you see it,it will make you wanna vomit.

          • Ermahgerd EWW! Anna isn’t looking good naked, at all…And I don’t even want to start with BFC (Billing Fu**ing Compton)!

            The image is not artful…It is not crazy…It is very underwhelming :(…Bad job TB!

          • In case you wanted to send Entertainment Weekly a “polite reply” to their choice of True Blood cover, send it to I’m writing mine now.

          • My reason for not liking this cover has nothing to do with the show… it’s just plain sexist to me. Sure, make the woman strip down to nothing while she clings to some fully clothed guy. What, Anna has to get naked for people to have interest? But Stephen gets to keep his clothes on? This kind of crap annoys me. If there is going to be nudity then it ought to be on both sides, not just women.

          • That’s something I noticed as well. On previous nekkid True Blood covers, everybody was naked (I’m thinking of the one with Eric, Sookie and Bill covered in blood splatters), rather than advertising the Boring Rapist/Nakid Doormat Show. It’s still beyond me that it’s possible to not find Bill gross. Can’t comprehend it. The HBO promotion machine is beyond my capacity for understanding.

          • Bill is like woman repellant!

          • You can also ask Anna and Stephen questions via Twitter under the hashtag #AskAnnaAndStephen. Actual Tweet I just sent: @EW #AskAnnaandStephen Is Bill supposed to be some dark, brooding, Byronic hero? Because he comes off as quite the douche. Sorry Stephen.

      • I am glad you agreed. I hope douchbag didn’t turn her.

        • Well if the douch does turn her and the Duchess of Douch goes with Bill happily never after, I hope Eric stakes them both and says – That felt even better than I thought 😀 😀

  18. U should see the clip of sookie taking bills blood lol!! I was reading some comments and bill/sookie fans are so excited stating this is how it ends: the s/b HEA im not so sure they may end together but rarely has this show delivered the happy ending So there is a lil twist in their somewhere for b/s fans to choke on lol

    • I am glad that I am not only who believe there’s a twist that screw the douchbag fans and I believe that “Billy luv Sookie” cr*p are all bunch of false advertisements,but the cover of EW is the worse 1 I had so far….They did pretty much in season 5 with Chris Meloni, everybody thought he is the main villain. Don’t forget the governor, he’s only in 5 eps but everyone thought he would last longer.

      I wouldn’t be surprise there’s a twist at the end,BR…I remembered the name of ep 6 called Karma,I wonder they will use the Alicia Keys’ song. it also said in the summery that “Sookie makes a shocking discovery”, I would imagine that’s douchbag’s the 1 who poisoning the vamps from the other town. But I would luv to look on those annoying Billy Boy fans if they finds out Douchbag’ll turn out be Sookie’s long lost uncle and they would vomit (I wish).

    • MOTHER OF GOD!!!!! I can’t believe Sookie is back to square -10 . This finally ruined the season for me folks 😦

    • This just proves that Sookie is a brainless idiot! Some one slap some sense into her.

      • No such luck with that, I actually feel bad for Alcide. It’s obvious he’s just the rebound until she’s ready to take Bill back, I do hope they live miserably ever after. I want her to have regrets for not choosing Eric, but he’s better off.

        • I agree, alcede is just a filler and it will be hard seeing him discarded like garbage because of sookie’s f*ked up mind set. Kudos to the people who can survive watching every second of it. My eyes are already bleeding just by seeing bill and sookie embrace each other on practically every magazine that’s promoting the show (LOL).

  19. Lol thats it isnt it awful !?!? Just so ridiculous u HAVE to be a b/s fan to tolerate it bc if u are just a neutral fan w no interest in who sookie ends up with its just not believable at any level! She would have to be on crack to take this guy seriously i just dont see how this can be relatable to most women

  20. I heard this pic from ep 3. That’s the other thing I hate that douchbag made Sookie into V addict. It looks like she’s falling into a wrong. I wish she freaking snaps out and realizes she is making a damn idiotic mistake at the end of the season.

  21. I will still probably watch and wait for the Eric scenes, while doing my nails or plucking my eyebrows or something at other scenes.

    The thing with writers, some of them do the art with integrity, thinking that the characters they create are probably true in real life, ergo, the most probable social/human interactions and the most sensible/acceptable are treated with the respect they deserve, and that translates to their work. But a great number not only does not listen to the senses they’ve been given with but practice a power-trip method, because power, even if only by influence thru the readers, knows no bounds. There lies the huge, sad, but true, difference.

  22. I’m looking forward to The Giver in August. That’s all I have to say right now. 🙂

    I hope everyone is doing well.

  23. Oops! I do have something else to say. 🙂 Just found out that HBO will be airing Beyonce mini-concerts five minutes before each episode of TB starting June 29 (aka the 2nd ep, aka the one where Alex actually has two scenes). The plan all along, or are they nervous about selling The Boring Rapist/Naked Doormat Show? (And, um, they do realize that people can turn on the channel, watch Beyonce, and then change the channel if they feel like it, right?) 🙂 Had to share.

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