Kristin Bauer van Straten on the “Surreal” Final Season


Kristin Bauer Van Straten has given a nice interview to PopSugar about True Blood Season 7 and of course Eric Northman.

Here are few highlights from what she had to say:

PS: We left on such a big cliffhanger on that last episode. Can you talk a little bit about where things will pick up for Pam? Last time we saw her, she was on the search for Eric.
KB: That’s where we see her again. She made the decision to leave her progeny, Tara, behind and go find her maker. That’s what we’ve seen with Pam over the years, so it’s not a surprise for her to make that decision, but it’s a big choice for her to leave everything. But Eric’s always been her rock.

PS: Well talk a little bit about the relationship you have with Alexander Skarsgard, who plays Eric, because—
KB: I’m going to cry! See, I told you. I started [tearing up] last year. It’s so lucky, because somebody cast us, and they put you in a room and go, ‘This is your maker.’ And I’m like, ‘What’s a maker?’ And seven years later I can’t imagine not having endless, sleepless nights standing out in the cold pretending I am immortal next to him.

PS: In the last episode of the last season, we saw Sooki back in the love triangle between Bill and Alcide. If you were her, who would you choose?
KB I’m very biased. Of course you have to choose Eric, but Pam wouldn’t want him to choose her. She just wants him not putting a human before her. Sooki’s got some good choices. I mean that girl, she gets all the guys. My life was never like that! They just line up. I don’t know if this is PG, but remember Pam’s line, ‘I am so sick of Sookie and her precious fairy vagina and her unbelievably stupid name’?

PS: Let’s talk about Eric and this season. Things were up in the air in the finale, but then Alex said he will be back for the final season. Is he somehow going to be changed by this experience, though?
KB: There is a lot of change, and there’s a lot of each character; there are very character-defining moments. The show does get back to the core questions and relationships, and there are of course all kinds of outside influences that are very intense. But the writers were very graceful in the way that they had us have to deal with those outside challenges.

PS: I spoke with Amelia Rose Blaire, who plays Willa, earlier this week, and she said if she could sum up this season in a word, it might be “nostalgic.” She said there are a lot of tie-ins to early seasons and early storylines. Do you feel the same?
KB: I do. I feel like Pam has some great flashbacks and those are always informative, where you go, ‘Oh, my god. That’s how that happened.’ Certainly for us, that’s very nostalgic.

PS: Have you had a most memorable scene? Or one that was most challenging?
KB: I think the most everything — the most tortuous, sad, didn’t want to shoot it, emotional — was when Eric releases Pam. It was intense, and the camera is on my back and I’m crying. I’m crying in rehearsal, and Alex and I were saying, ‘We are not going to shoot it. We refuse to shoot it. Why does he have to release her?’ And we got no good reason except if you want to get paid, report on this day. So we did, but that was emotional.


You can read whole interview here


For those of you who haven’t visited us on Facebook today, here is a little review of the start of Season 7 from The Boston Herald. My favourite part by far was their thoughts on a Bill/Sookie ending:

 The only question is not if but when Sookie and her vampire ex Bill will reconcile. Werewolf Alcide should have the words “Rebound Guy” shaved into his fur.

Paquin and Moyer met, fell in love, married and had twins together during the course of the series, so it seems inevitable that their onscreen counterparts will be endgame. But it seems like a false ending.

Given all the betrayals between their characters, their potential reunion feels about as sexy as an autopsy.

Here’s hoping Sookie chooses herself and puts a stake in romance.




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20 comments on “Kristin Bauer van Straten on the “Surreal” Final Season

  1. Omg on so many levels!!!! That comment by KB was telling!! So u see there have been times they have asked themselves WTF???? With this storyliine? Oh what must AS And KB think of this finale?? I have a feeling not too happy. Its good to see this reviewer feels like i do… Thanks for making the ending so obvious! I still dont get that piece why such over eagerness to feed us that romance its going to turn off so many viewers why couldnt they keep it under wraps a bit? What a mess!

  2. ‘Sexy as an autopsy!’ You bet! 😀

    ‘Spartacus kind of homo eroticism?!?!’ Ok I don’t know what to expect. Are they going for the full-frontals again? That’s hands down the shittiest way to sell Eric to us. Again!

    Pam is right with her frustration with Sookie getting all the guys. Which then results in none of those guys getting a substantial relationship, coz this woman is a clueless nugget. And all other women eventually turn against the stupid fairy because the men seem to loose their minds with her.

    ‘True Blood writers absolutely amazing?’ What the actual Fuck!!!!

    So folks, the show is going to give us a BS HEA.

    Lets pool some money, buy a gun, and shoot the writers now. Afterwards we can all go troll Fangtasia for a drink and eyecandy 🙂

  3. First of all Thank you Evie for posting this interview with Kristin. Its’ really been refreshing to see something in print that isn’t Stephen and Anna related at all. Sometimes I think that they had it planned this way, so Alex would be out of the way and wouldn’t block their promotional shit for the show. But, as I stated several statements ago, it is only a TV show and I’m OK with the crappy way they are going to end it, as its’ not in my power to change anything anyway and its’ no sense getting yourself worked up about something you can’t change. I don’t know how much Alex shot for this season from what Kristin said, but I have a feeling he won’t be in the ending episodes at all, so maybe I won’t be watching the end anyway.

    I’m sure Alex is very happy to be off in England to get away from the whole TB fiasco so the heat isn’t on him for any of it. It was very nice the other day to have his pic signing for several of his British fans. He is looking so fit and wonderful and I love the longish shaggy look to his hair. I guess from what I read yesterday, his co-star Margot said that its’ not going to be Jungle Tarzan we see (maybe we’ll get lucky in a flashback and see him in a loin cloth??? then) but it sounds to me more like an Indiana Jones type of action/adventure Romance (and hopefully a little comedy thrown in too).

    Well, Sunday and the torture begins the beginning of the end…………..

  4. At least KB knows Sookie should choose Eric… Even ARB said Sookie should choose him… Wish the writers were that smart!!

    I’m a little concerned Eric wont be around at the end… Is he even still filming??

    • They already shot the final ep (I means Alex, Kristin, Steve and Anna). I heard Steve said they just shot it a month earlier in EW preview and CH tweeted that she did a Eric and Pam in the final ep….i think the other cast members retaking their scene from previous eps.

  5. Yep, “sexy as an autopsy” is a pretty accurate description IMO. “Gag-inducing” is another. I could come up with many more, but I’ll save those for my reviews. 😉 LOL

    I’m happy at least ONE cast member is on Team Eric. Most seem to be unable to separate real life from fiction. What she said doesn’t sound too promising…and full of flashbacks. I just hope it’s not because Eric is you-know-what. 😦

    • yeah Erika, I think the flashbacks have to do with six months….I am glad someone want to see Sookie ends up staking douchbag. But I would see her to use her faery ball on him to blew herself up at the end of the finale. 🙂

  6. Thanks for posting this interview Evie it made me realize I’ll miss our precious Queen Pam!!! the review on Boston Herald made me laugh this show is recieving bad reviews even before the premiere I wonder how many True Blood will receive during this summer? We just have to wait and see ..Take care everybody..

  7. Nothing made me bawl like a baby more than the release scene, I hate the writers for doing that, but it’s nice to know that Alex and Kristin were against it.

  8. I know! They just had to systematically break down eric in order to prop bill up its nice to know it didnt work for the majority of fans!!!

  9. So the True Blood page on facebook have posted a promotional poster for tonight’s season 4 marathon. Guess who’s big picture they put on the poster?

    This has gotten ridiculous. I can see what their end game is but seriously guys! It is the effing season 4, based on the effing book 4. Pour some Eric sugar on us 😦

  10. Maybe theyre trying to give him a career boost

  11. their potential reunion feels about as sexy as an autopsy. Best line of the whole interview! As stated before me, I’m’ glad we are not the only ones who think that Sookie belongs with Eric.Two more day’s!

  12. I was trolling facebook and there’s a lot of pics of Alex from the EW magazine (with awful cover) and most the pics are funny. But I found out they belonged to Steve Moyer’s personal collection. WTF?!!!….Why the guy who want to be bigger than Alex and jealous of his friend? Why he posted them in the EW magazine with that freaking disgusting cover with his wife?

    I read the EW interview and Anna don’t even care the fans is pi** if she will end up with. They already pi** off a lot fans already…..I am really sick of hearing of “douchbag’ll be everyone’s savior”. I am so pi** when I just read this article that Steve said Billy represents “goodness” and “desire”. Oh gimme a freaking break!!! Douchbag NEVER was a good. He’s a lying, maniputing, drug dealing, abusing douchbag a**hole. He said Sookie need his “help”. His help? about controlling her?….He also said “Eric is a bad boy” that people will remember. WTF?!!! Eric does a lot of help to saved this country and Billy boy destroyed it. Now everybody blaming our viking Eric.

    Isn’t me or the writers and HBO are paying Steve saying nasty things about his friend Alex and Eric? Why he showing off adorable pics of Alex?…..I always think HBO and Buckner are using Anna/Steve as some type of product to make money off of them. To me, that’s totally wrong.

  13. Wow, very telling, and loved every word!

    Thank you Evie for posting! xox

  14. Thanks. Evie. 🙂

    I am a fan of Kristin’s. I wish her well going forward in her career.

    “…sexy as an autopsy.” True. 🙂

    • I love her, having met her several times now, she is truly such a wonderful person. I love how emotional she gets whenever she talks about Alex, you can just tell how close they are. I hope that friendship carries on for a long time after the show is done.

      • You’re lucky to have met her, several times. 🙂 She seems like a kind, real person. I also really respect her work for animal rights. She and Alex do seem to have a genuine friendship. It’s nice to see that.

        • I hope they would see each others again,because they both travel a lot. She travels with her husband alot,because her husband is a rocker and Kristin did a lot of charity events…..Alex did a lot of promote stuff and runs charities…That would be cute that they runs each others again. 🙂

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