Three True Blood Season 7 Clips



True Blood has released three (3) new clips from their upcoming final season – plus a new trailer which was shared exclusively on their Facebook page!

WARNING: SPOILERS DO EXIST. If you don’t want to know – don’t look below!

In this first clip, Sam and Bill are telling people in Merlotte’s what to do when it comes to the Hep-V vamps.

In this second clip, Jessica and Adilyn talk about why Jessica killed her sisters.

In the final clip, Sookie pleads to the citizens of Bon Temps to let her help.

If you’re on Facebook, you can watch True Blood’s exclusive video by clicking on the image below. Please note: you must be logged into Facebook to view!


And just because…there wasn’t any Eric featured in any of the above videos…True Blood also shared a video from back in Season 2 when he complimented Pam on her pumps. Ahhh…memories.

Sooooo what do you think? Please share your thoughts below!


25 comments on “Three True Blood Season 7 Clips

  1. Believe me when I tell you, you do not want to know what I think.

    • Believe me…I’m sure my feelings are the same 😉 Do your feelings include; blech and bullshit? Then, yeah…you’re not alone.

  2. As usual, I’m not going to watch. It sounds like these are very boring clips they chose, and if Eric’s not involved, I really have no interest.

  3. They are but some of the kinder terms .. but yes I am disgusted.

  4. I just love (not) how they keep showing him from seasons past, makes one wonder how they have him looking ………. oh I am sure it is hideous, I mean Fucky did say he would not be the Eric we all love …………

  5. Where is this everyone blames Sookie shit coming from? Those trailers were awful – I knew it would be vomit inducing but a least I know what’s waiting for me when the premiere airs. Bill and Sam working as one – when did Sam form a high opinion of Bill and visa versa?

  6. *passing around the box of Alka Seltzers*

  7. in the trailer on fb, i thought i saw a scene which could be where Eric is… theres a bunch of people in a yoga/meditation class.. mostly women but you can see two men in the middle… Maybe thats Eric??

  8. The first two episodes are just plain boring. Except for the Eric parts. 🙂

  9. From the “Star Tribune” “Cereal killers

    “True Blood” kicks off its seventh and final season as the town of Bon Temps braces itself for a new crisis: a run at the local grocery store on a vampire’s favorite breakfast cereal, Count Chocula — now with 10 percent real blood! Someone should have put a stake in this show years ago. 8 p.m. Sunday, HBO” Heh!

  10. Thanks for posting these Erika. For the fear of sounding repetitive, I, too, am not interested in the clips since there’s’ no Eric involved. I am out of town til Sunday, so I am on my IPad and couldn’t stop the yoga. meditation scene correctly to see if Eric is in it, but I feel he is there.

    Oh well, Sunday will be here soon and then 10 was will just zip by and then we’ll be done with it and then what’s’ done is done and we’ll all be out of our misery, finally…

  11. Saw the clips and the trailer…AND…I am proud of myself because not a single fuck was given!! I am finally desensitized to their shit!

    Now My brain can recover from this clusterfuck and finally get creative with my fanfiction endeavors 🙂 To hell with Billie and Sookie…I’ll watch my beloved Viking and enjoy him, rather than endlessly worrying over the one fuck up of his 1000 years. Eric is better than this bigoted set of people. He’ll survive and get on top again, even if it is in my fanfiction.

  12. All I have to say is this season is going to require a lot of alcohol! I have mine all ready! Margarita any one?

  13. I am sorry to repost it, but I want you guys read it.

    I was trolling facebook the another day and there’s a lot of pics of Alex from the EW magazine (with awful cover) and most the pics are funny. But I found out they belonged to Steve Moyer’s personal collection. WTF?!!!….Why the guy who want to be bigger than Alex and jealous of his friend? Why he posted them in the EW magazine with that freaking disgusting cover with his wife?

    I read the EW interview and Anna don’t even care the fans is pi** if she will end up with. They already pi** off a lot fans already…..I am really sick of hearing of “douchbag’ll be everyone’s savior”. I am so pi** when I just read this article that Steve said Billy represents “goodness” and “desire”. Oh gimme a freaking break!!! Douchbag NEVER was a good. He’s a lying, maniputing, drug dealing, abusing douchbag a**hole. He said Sookie need his “help”. His help? about controlling her?….He also said “Eric is a bad boy” that people will remember. WTF?!!! Eric does a lot of help to saved this country and Billy boy destroyed it. Now everybody blaming our viking Eric. 😦

    Isn’t me or the writers and HBO are paying Steve saying nasty things about his friend Alex and Eric? Why he showing off adorable pics of Alex? I don’t known what the heck is going. It seems everything out of balance and doesn’t make sense. :O

    • I know Shelli Ingle that interview of SM really but really disgusted me It made me realize that “something” actually happen behind the scenes between BB, the writers and the actors,Personally I’m so happy Alex is in London shooting Tarzan and I wish all the fame and fortune that he deserves. from the bottom of my heart…at this point I’m glad I cancelled HBO they don’t deserve my money…Take care

      • I’m so glad Alex is busy in London focusing in his upcoming Tarzan movie. My wish is that this movie is good and he can posseses that character the same way Hugh Jackman and Robert Downey Jr have done with Wolverine & Tony Stark respectively…. About Moyer, well I think he will milk the TB cow as much as he can…. His comments about the character of Eric could denote jealousy, insecurity or perhaps an ego bigger than the sun, but when you are sure of what you can deliver as a performer there’s no need to diminish the work of other fellow cast members. All the actors in the cast of TB contributed to the success of the series.

        • And it’s ultimate failure.

          • I think HBO let BB, SM, and AP get their way with TB. It’s their show now, not AB’s, not Alex’s, not the rest of the ensemble cast, JUST BB, SM, and AP. If it’s that important to them, I say let them have it (they already do). I think TB will probably go down in television history as one of the all-time biggest artistic failures. They had a tremendous opportunity to do something amazing, and they allowed egos to get in the way and blew it. Nothing I can do about it now but let it go.

            Again, I really look forward to The Giver, Diary of a Teenage Girl, Tarzan, and all of Alex’s future projects. He is one of my all-time favorite actors, he seems to have a nice attitude, and I enjoy when he is given a script worthy of his talent and time.

          • And I think CH got her way with TB too.

  14. I didn’t watch them. I can’t. But I appreciate you posting them for us, and I really appreciate everyone here who reports on them so I can know what happened without watching it. 🙂 I agree with Redthang914, only 10 more weeks to go and it’s finally over and we move on.

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