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Did you suffer through watch the premiere episode of True Blood Season 7 like I did? If not…count yourself LUCKY (Yeah…feeling very underwhelmed). Since I’m busy writing up the recap for it…we figured we’d let you see what’s in store for us in the Week’s Ahead Trailer! (Don’t know why there’s not an Episode 7.02 promo…but oh well…)

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!


You can watch the Week’s Ahead Trailer below!

Looks just as bad as we thought! But I’ll save MY thoughts for my recap. 😉

We’ll have our recap up (for those who didn’t watch the episode) sometime tomorrow.

Go ahead…share your thoughts (vent) below.


48 comments on “True Blood: Weeks Ahead Trailer

  1. Oh good… I didn’t miss anything.

  2. That bad, huh? I have to admit, it was such a relief not watching.

  3. I didn’t think the show was bad, but it was missing something about six feet and four inches tall. I was not a happy Trubie. Will only put up with that for two more episodes at most, lol.

  4. Me too im glad i didnt put myself thru it!!! Oh and pf course no eric in any of those clips! Wow do they really think bill can carry the show?

  5. That was terrible. Worst episode ever.

    Alex wasn’t even listed in the credits, which leads me to believe the rumor about him not being in the final 2 episodes is true. Guess he wouldn’t qualify as a series regular only being in half the episodes.

    • He will be in the final ep and I heard they just shoot a month ago. CH tweeted that she made a cameo in finale with Alex and Kristin.

      • Really that traitor CH it’s with our Viking and his progeny? I can’t believe it!!! I’ll wait for your recap!!! Tnx!

    • I heard that his name was the same place in the credits that it always is, and yeah, we at least know he’s in the finale.

      • His name was missing from the credits :/

        • Yeah, someone told me his name was in the same place in the credits, maybe they meant in ep.2. It did seem a bit strange as they have had people’s name in the credits before for episodes they didn’t appear in.

          • Yeah maybe its Bucky trying to mess with Viking fans even more and play out the whole is Eric alive crap. They seem to hate us 😦

          • No, his name is missing from the credits. I even took a screencap of it when I wrote my review. It’s gone…

  6. Anyone else think that when Sookie says Eric’s gone she’s talking to Willa?? She’s wearing a red shirt and it looks like she says it and then later in the trailer someone dies in her arms when she screams no wearing the same red shirt…?

    • I was worried about that too. I do NOT want Willa to die. I want Eric to come back and take care of her. But I just can’t think of anyone else that Sookie knows who would care about Eric. It’s clearly not Ginger, and no one else would care whether Eric is coming back or not.

      • I don’t think it’s Willa. I heard Willa just became a series regular and she will play a big giant part in this season.

      • Me too!! If this whole season is about redemption I think Eric is one who deserves happiness after losing Nora the way he did last season. He’s suffered enough and if Nora saying on her death bed that Eric should let Willa and Pam walk beside him maybe thats a foreshadow??…
        You are right about no one else caring about Eric… It also looks like the person has dark hair so unless its Beehl and he says you’ve got Eric and Sookie says Erics gone then he dies, (haha yeah right, i wish) there is no way i’m going to like that scene…
        All the spoilers about Erics black veins have me truly worried… I hope Sookies blood some how saves him… UGH!!! This damn show!!

  7. Was also really pissed about Tara… She was fighting like a badass then the camera went to others dying/fighting and all of a sudden Letie-May was crying for Tara and saying she was dead… Like wtf!! I cant believe she’s dead…
    They didnt show Pam responding to it but then when she was doing russian roulette she said everyone i love leaves and everyone i touch dies.. So I dont know, maybe that was her acknowledgement that she knew she lost Tara?? Pretty shitty though…

    • Some people don’t think she’s really dead if they didn’t actually show it, but I was never a big Tara fan. I still say she should have stayed dead at the end of season 4.

      • I’m with you. Tara was a bitter human which made her just bitchy and bitter as a vamp. I think her stint on TB went WAY too long. I was never a Tara fan. At all.

      • Yeah I’m on the other side of the Tara fence. i think she was annoying in S4 but honestly loved when she turned into a vamp… I just think her character deserved more than an off screen death….

  8. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Lettie Mae was covered in Taras’ goo. So she is really, truly dead. I agree with Tammy, I’ve never been a Tara fan and I think they should of not wasted the storyline turning her into a vampire. They should have let her die in the first place.

    I thought that the episode wasn’t that bad, except there was no Eric. I still will await judgement until I see what they are doing with Eric.

  9. Tara was bitter but she was an extremely humourous and lively character that added a lot to this show throughout the years. If anyone deserved to die right at the beginning it was the loser character of her mother, Lettie Mae. Talk about a bitter woman. I think I disliked Lettie Mae more than any other character on this show for her nasty characterization. Rutina Wesley is amazing as Tara and I look forward to seeing her performances in other shows in the future.

  10. Since I am one crazy masochist, I ask you guys again, were those Eric’s fingers caressing Sookie?

    Maybe tonight’s episode did a number on me and now i am seeing thangs that don’ exist!

    Talking about tonight’s episode, I walked out the room when I saw Alcide sleep in that bed. All I could see was Eric in there, with Sookie and a fire going. It was disturbing. And Sookie keeps loving people who despise and hate and ostracize her! Even went crawling back to Alcide after she heard his thoughts. Some heroine she is!

  11. Yay! Y’all made my night! I purposely went to bed before 9 so I wouldn’t have to think about TB and based on the above comments as well as the week’s ahead trailer, I didn’t miss a thing.

    It would be interesting is if y’all ( Evie, Nymerias, Erika) could post the weekly show ratings and maybe compare to years past (Eric heavy years). Then we could really see how badly the writers destroyed the show by driving away viewers. Just a thought/request/beg 🙂

  12. Wow this makes me glad I spent last night watching a couple of my favorite season 2 episodes of the show! Watching those reminded me how much and why I loved this show in the beginning. I think I will continue my season 2 recap and wait for you guys to keep posting tidbits about this year.

    • I have to admit, I felt blissful choosing to not watch yesterday. More so than I thought I would. I didn’t plan on it, but I wound up live-tumblr-ing during the ep. I had fun! 🙂 I’ve never done that before. I’ve only been active online (not just lurking) for a few months. I might do it again next week. I already knew what happened in the ep (thanks for sharing with us, hestia). I love most of the cast, but I hate the retconned, sexist story, so I’m not bothering.

      Like hippychikfanfiction, I’m curious about the ratings for this ep.

      HBO, BB, CH, and the TB writers do seem to hate us (but they sure do love our ca$h).

      What’s the point of rehashing “the girl in the white dress?” Trying to give us false hope for ratings/ca$h?

      I have had no use for Alcide since he tried to take advantage of Drunk Sookie in s5. I didn’t like him in s4 either. Weak actor too.

      Tara was one of only six REAL TB characters in whom I was emotionally invested. I don’t like this development. However, I have been prepared for it because the PTB already spoiled this “shocking, clever twist” (OMG NOBODY IS SAFE!!) months ago when they “leaked” that Lafayette/James 2.0 audition tape on Vimeo.

      • Forgot my manners: Erika, thanks for posting this trailer (even though I won’t watch it 🙂 ).

      • I think I’m the only person who doesn’t hate Alcide lol. I don’t really think he was taking advantage of Sookie in S5. Sookie was wasted, she encouraged Alcide to drink with her and so go him drunk too. Therefore his decision making was not the best either. Two drunk people making poor choices does not make Alcide bad to me. Sookie could have put a stop to it as well, but she was more than willing.

        Anyway… Tara had grown on me since she turned into a vampire. I did not love her romance with Pam but I did like their friendship. It’s too bad they got rid of her. Good thing I didn’t watch it!

        • Sookie had been pounding down hard liquor for several hours before Alcide showed up at her house unannounced. The way I remember it (I’m not rewatching it 🙂 ), we barely saw him touching his alcohol. Physically, Sookie is A LOT smaller than Alcide, which of course means it’s easier for her to get drunk quicker on less alcohol than Alcide. I didn’t get the sense that Alcide was that out of it in the situation. Alcide never once expressed concern to Sookie about her physical state. He had only known for 24 hours at that point that she killed his childhood sweetheart Debbie (yes, Alcide and Debbie had problems, but he did love her once upon a time). Alcide didn’t seem that phased about Debbie’s death to me. Sookie chose to be alone trying to drink away her guilt over killing Debbie. She was not pursuing sex with anyone at that point. Sookie is self-hating. She is attracted to people who treat her like crap and she pushes away people who are good to her. The writers kept TELLING me there was this supposedly deep connection/attraction between Sookie and Alcide, but I never felt it. I don’t know if it was bad writing, bad acting, or some combination of the two, but it never worked for me.

          FWIW, the majority of people I have seen discuss this on the Internet have a tendency to agree with your take on Drunk Sookie and Alcide more than mine. I’m cool with that. I’m not trying to convince you and everyone who shares your opinion; I’m just sharing my opinions, too, of course.

          Also, not related to the Drunk Night, I didn’t like when Alcide called Sookie “stupid” and grabbed her arm in s5 (and that was before she told him she killed Debbie). I didn’t like the way he kept watching Sookie and Eric having sex in the woods, in front of Debbie. I didn’t like his stalker obsession with Sookie, a woman he barely knew at that point. I didn’t mean to go off (again); I just don’t like him. 🙂

          • Haha no offense taken! I think we really don’t know enough about that scene for my taste. I took it as Alcide got pretty drunk as well by taking shots or something. But they don’t show it, so you could be right that he really was not that drunk and had one drink for all we know.

            Judging him outside of that one event, I never hated him but I also never totally fell for him/Sookie either. I could always see why he thought Sookie might be a good option but they just did not have the right chemistry for it to work in the long run.

            I call Sookie stupid in my head all the time! I can’t remember exactly why he said that to her, but who knows she might have been acting ridiculous like she does 75% of the time.

            He definitely gives off that block head/all muscle vibe though, which I don’t find attractive when there are no brains to back it up. Sometimes he reminds me of the ‘jock’ stereotype of American high schools.

          • I also don’t hate Alcide, but I don’t like him much anymore, either. He’s boring, judgemental, and I agree there is just no chemistry between them. The relationship or whatever the hell it is just feels too forced, I’m not buying it. Hell, they didn’t even show them get together, it just got skipped over. We all know he’s just a rebound until Sookie takes Bill back, anyway.

          • Alcide was just at the right place at the right time for Sookie to proposition him though. I bet if it had been Bill or Sam or any other guy actually (ofcourse except Eric, in which case she would have sobered up in a nanosecond and rescinded his invitation), she would have jumped him. 🙂

          • I don’t know where this reply is going to land.

            smanfan-I agree that we don’t know enough about the Alcide/Drunk Sookie thing. Like a lot of stuff on TB, basic details are left out so we the viewers have to guess what is or is not going on. I thought Alcide was okay when he debuted in s3, but when I think back on it, it was mainly because of the company he kept (Debbie, Cooter, Russell, Eric, etc.). I never bought into him having deep love for Sookie, since he barely knew her before the 12 1/2 month time jump beginning of s4. I’ve disliked him since s4, and part of the hype of s5 was him and Sookie hooking up, so I was already not looking forward to it anyway. Then, the actual circumstances behind it rubbed me the wrong way.

            To me, he’s just a token non-vampire suitor alternative for Sookie (he can be in the sun, maybe he can be a sperm donor, he doesn’t need to drink blood, he’s technically not mired in arbitrary vamp politics, etc.). It’s certainly not about his personality and how well he meshes with Sookie (or not).

            It was early in s5 when Alcide called Sookie “stupid.” I forget exactly what it was about, something about Russell being on the loose and Debbie being “missing” and Alcide wanting to protect Sookie and Sookie refusing his protection or something (I’m going on memory ’cause I’m still not rewatching-lol). I do admit that I think she does stupid things at times too. 🙂 A lot of times recently. I just think it’s mean to call somebody “stupid” to their face, especially someone you supposedly “love.” People make mistakes all the time and we need to make allowances for that, of course, but I think you gotta try to be more careful when it comes to cruel words like that.

            100% agreement about the American jock stereotype. Try again, Alcide. 🙂

            tammydevil83-Sooicide feels forced to me too. Almost like Alcide/JM “finally” having a sex scene with Sookie was an item on a checklist to be crossed off before TB went off the air, They’re obviously not endgame. And, again, very good point that them “finally” getting together happened off-camera, as if the writers don’t care enough about them to write their beginning. I agree that Alcide is a rebound. I still suspect a Sookie/Sam/DEA endgame, though (but I wouldn’t be shocked if they went Sookie/Bill). Of course, we’ll know in 9 weeks.

            Sakshi-People treating Sookie like crap is an aphrodisiac to her, sadly. Yeah, Eric is the big bad meany-pants vampire who would have been kicked out in a nanosecond. S5 Alcide/Drunk Sookie was too random for my taste as well.

  13. Hey anyone know where Rhone is?? When Pam looked at the map of where to find Eric, she seemed to know where it was and didnt look happy about it… Maybe this Sylvie character is someone from their past?? I have a feeling Eric isnt going to care if he lives or dies anymore :/
    Another thought I had was regarding Eric and Pam going to Dallas… We know we’re going to get a flashback of how they came to be in Sherevport so maybe this whole Dallas scene is actually a flashback?? I wonder if we’ll be lucky enough to see Godric again??

  14. I remember reading somewhere (I’m trying to find it so I can post it) that Eric and Sookie would have a major arc toward the end of the season. I think we can all agree it won’t be declarations of love or anything, but the possibility of them teaming up one last time is still better than nothing. Unless it is to save Bill. That would be cruel and unusual punishment.

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