True Blood’s First Final Season Victim Speaks Out


For those who haven’t watched the premiere episode of True Blood Season 7 – this WILL contain MAJOR spoilers for you. You might want to look away now…or don’t. It’s up to you…

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I know this isn’t Eric or Sookie related…but it’s a MAJOR spoiler that will have some effect on our favorite characters.


TV Guide talked to Rutina Wesley (Tara), who was the main character who died in the premiere. They confirm that Tara is really dead and gone (no play on words…honest).

Here’s their interview with Rutina.

When and how did you find out that Tara was going to die within the first five minutes of the final season?
Rutina Wesley:
I found out over my hiatus that I was going to die, so I had to keep it in the whole time. It was kind of crazy. I was like, “Wow, OK!” But that’s what makes it True Blood. We’re in our final season. We have to keep it bloody. Somebody’s gotta go! I think they wanted to do that to get people right in there. I was OK with it. I’m sad. It’s kind of bittersweet because I’m going to miss everybody, but on to bigger and better things. It’s been a wild ride so far.

Does it bum you out that Tara had such a depressing run at things? She had terrible taste in men, a horrible relationship with her mother and a serious anger problem. She never really achieved happiness. Did you ever hope for more for her, like getting a happy ending or having a stable relationship?
Yeah, I did. I ultimately wanted Tara to end up with Sam (Sam Trammell). That was always my ultimate fantasy for Tara. I think her and Sam would just be perfect together. But I was never really bummed about her journey because I always found it very interesting to see a young woman who has earned defenses and for you to try to figure out why she has those defenses. I enjoyed playing her and trying to figure her out and why she was the way she was. It’s been a lot of fun trying to pick her apart.

Talk about Tara’s evolution throughout the seasons. How do you think she’s changed from the woman we met in Season 1?
She’s a vampire! [Laughs] She’s grown up a lot actually. It was very hard for her when she turned into a vampire. It was hard for her to swallow that, but once she did, she embraced herself and she was happy with that. Especially with Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten), she found a sense of happiness there to a certain degree.

Despite her death, will Tara return?
She’s dead. I hate to say it, but she’s dead. I’m no longer.


Credit: HBO

There you have it. Tara’s dead dead. She goes on to say about Eric, Pam and Sookie…

How do you think Tara’s death will affect everyone, particularly Pam, who was looking for Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) when she died, and Sookie, who has been her best friend since childhood?
They’re going to be deeply affected by it. Tara and Sookie and best friends. I think it’s going to affect her deeply. She’s going to miss her. Even though Tara has gone off and done her own thing, it’s still going to hurt like she’s died twice. She has. Who dies twice?! [Laughs] It’s going to hurt. For Pam, it’s going to be interesting to see how it affects her, to see if she shows any emotion at all. I’m curious to see myself actually.

If you want to read the entire interview, please click here.

Say what you will about Tara and whether or not you liked her…I found myself questioning whether or not Tara was truly dead, simply by the fact Pam didn’t react to her death AT ALL. You would think Pam would’ve felt when her progeny died…or is that going to be another big loophole in their storyline?

What do you think? Please share your thoughts below.



21 comments on “True Blood’s First Final Season Victim Speaks Out

  1. Thank god! What an annoying character.

  2. Just another big loophole in their storyline. They can’t follow their own rules. Pam should have felt it the second Tara died. Remember Russell when Talbot died? Yup I’m afraid we are in for a world of hurt this last season. Oh well that is the reason there is alcohol!

  3. I think Pam in Marcco takes place six months earlier while she is searching for Eric. Probably she will sense it when she’s nursing Eric back health.

  4. Yes, unfortunately I won’t miss Tara at all. I personally felt that when she got shot she should have stayed dead instead of burning up valuable script time away from the principle actors. She basically was a time filler character. As far as Pam’s reaction to Tara’s death, they may still show it as a catch up scene in the next episode. I loved the line they gave Pam when they were playing Russian Roulette and she said she’d rather have a three way with the Devil, I thought that line was priceless!!! LOL

    FYI, I just watched the opening three times to be sure, but Alex’s name definitely was not in the credits this wee. But since his name is listed right after Rutinas, maybe they are waiting to change credits for episode 2 listing and move Alex’s name up one on the list.

  5. I agree with shelli, I’m thinking we are yet to see a reaction from Pam, there is too much history of Makers feeling their children’s deaths… Though I wouldn’t be surprised if that was just ignored too.

    All the best to Rutina though, for making me genuinely dislike a character like Tara, she got talent 🙂

  6. “…but on to bigger and better things.” Go Rutina!

  7. worst seasom premiere ever!!

  8. I just wish somebody else die. Willa or BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. What a waste! They should have let her stay dead in S5. Another potential that went nowhere. I couldn’t stand human Tara but vampire Tara was growing on me. Doubt we’ll see any reaction from Pam because these writers show absolutely no continuity in their writing. Bill should have been dead when he exploded into a bloody puddle and yet, he’ll probably be the last vamp standing.

    So glad y’all are suffering through this shitstorm. I couldn’t.

  10. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Now if only Bill can get killed off……

  11. I was really disappointed in the whole thing!

  12. For such a long run and major character, I think they should have at least shown her die. That would have gotten a bigger reaction from the audience. They could still have played it the same for the other characters to find out.

  13. I knew it was going to be Tara!!!

  14. i think her mother killed her cus she hates vampires(IF SHE IS REALLY DEAD!!!!!) cus why didnt pam feel it when she died????

  15. Thanks goodness I didn’t watch that ep,but I knew it’s going to happen….I have a feeling that her mother will ends up poison Willa instead. Something’s telling me that Willa will be pi** at Eric when he arrived back in Bon Temp,because he wasn’t there for her and she will run to Tara’s mom. I think she will end up regretting by getting poison by Tara’s mom after she b**ch at Eric like that…Probably Eric meet up with her again and he finds out that his younger daughter has Hep V….I think she will feels guilty and end up helping Eric to find the cure.

  16. I won’t miss Tara, at all. Heck, after last season’s mess, I wasn’t even sure who some of the characters even were this season, as I couldn’t remember who died! I did a review, too

  17. R.I.P Tara Your death wasn’t a shock for me but the writers could ‘ve made us see it!

  18. As I replied in another post here, the TB PTB already gave Tara’s True Death away with that audition video “leaked” on Vimeo with Lafayette and James 2.0. Where’s the shock? I’m a spoiler junkie, and I can’t watch the show anymore, so I really appreciate all the work you do here, Erika (and B, Evie, and Nymerias). Yes, Rutina, on to bigger and better things for you (even if you are a B/S shipper-bad, Rutina, bad 🙂 ). I guess Tara had to be taken out to make way for the Eric/Pam and Sookie/Sam “HEAs” (even though Tara and Sam don’t really know each other anymore, and Tara all of a sudden became bisexual in s4 and a vampire in s5).

    I think I’m in the minority, but I loved Tara. The writers could have done so much more with her. They kept putting her in hostage situations season after season. They finally gave her agency by turning her into a vampire, and putting her in the correct vampire family to boot. But then, they didn’t really DO anything with Vampire Tara. They erased Tara/Pam and back-burnered her to focus on new characters in whom most of the audience is not emotionally invested. Fast-forward. Now, will she be Ghost Tara? 🙂 No, thanks.

  19. For some reason I thought Pam released her and that’s why she didn’t feel anything? Maybe I imagined that? If not, then I bet they will show her reaction in a later episode, because I think the scenes with Pam are supposed to be earlier then the scenes in Bon Temps.

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