TB Review: The One Where Hep V Vamps Crashed The Mixer

Episode review

Wow…I’m not sure what to say about this episode…I really don’t. You know it’s bad when…the tweets on Twitter keep you more entertained than the show all of you are watching and tweeting about. Well, that pretty much sums up how I felt after watching the True Blood Season 7 premiere “Jesus Gonna Be Here”.

You’ll soon see why in my recap and review.

WARNING: If you have not watched the episode…this WILL contain spoilers. Read at your own risk!


The episode started off with a continuation from last season, when the Hep V vamps attacked Merlotte’s oops, or should I say…Bellefleurs? I’ll never get used to that name. To say the attack was a blood bath, would be like saying I prefer hard liquor over beer…which is true by the way…and something I’ve been drinking all day because I knew this episode would be hard to get through without it. So please excuse any mistakes in my drunken review…

Arlene, Holly, a very pregnant Nicole and Kevin were taken by the Hep V vamps and are the reason why everyone is looking for them.

The major main character death within the first ten minutes of the show and before the credits rolled…? Yeah, Tara Thornton. As if we couldn’t see that coming from a mile away…I think I’m more shocked by the fact they didn’t SHOW it, and Sookie’s reaction (of which there was hardly any – except a tear)…than the fact Tara died. Call me, NOT surprised…anybody who’s followed any kind of spoilers this season knew there was a considerable lack of Tara spoilers this year. FWIW…I think Tara is truly dead and gone, even though Pam never felt Tara’s death when it happened. They just want to leave us with a little room for doubt.

Anyways…on with my review.


Aftermath of the Bloodbath

As I said, there was an attack at Bellefleurs, which led to Holly, Arlene, Nicole and Kevin getting kidnapped. One of the attacking vamps asked the ever popular question on this show, “What are you?” to Sookie. The attack ended when we heard someone whistle. Hmmm…who could THAT be? And then people are looking for survivors and trying to figure out who all died. Alcide and Sam went off in wolf and dog form to chase after the Hep V vamps to save Nicole, et all. Lettie Mae was holding Tara’s remains in her hands, as she cried for her baby girl.

Jason called Andy and told him what had happened and about Holly getting kidnapped. Who, in turn told Jessica and asks her to protect Adilyn even though she’s a fairy and Jessica almost killed her before. Makes sense, doesn’t it? But of course…Adilyn is NOT to invite Jessica in. Like, OMG…REALLY? Is that going to stop Jessica if she’s REALLY wanting to feed on Adilyn?

Meanwhile, Sookie is sitting at the bar, eavesdropping in on everyone’s thoughts. Of course they blame her – because she’s a vampire whore, who’s ALWAYS to blame because the show wouldn’t be anything without having Sookie being the target of everyone’s hatred. (I hope you sensed my sarcasm just now.)

Sam and Alcide come back and Vince (who ran against Sam in the mayoral election) spies on Sam as he’s shifting from a dog back into a man. Later on, Sam is confronted by Vince who wants to tell everyone what he saw. Sam convinces him otherwise, because it will only make Vince look crazy, and they have enough to deal with.

Sam and Bill tell everyone to pair up human/vampire and to go home. Sam, Bill, Jason, Alcide and Andy organize a search party for the kidnapped victims.


The Search

Andy and Bill find where the Hep V vamps have been nesting and the dead bodies they have been feeding on too. But it’s not where they’ve taken Arlene, Holly, Nicole and Kevin – much to their dismay. Instead, they find a group of townspeople, who want to kill Bill because the vampires are to blame. You have NO idea how much I was hoping this would happen…but no such luck. Andy convinces them he’s on their side, but the history between him and Bill will have to wait for another time. DAMN. They convince the townspeople to leave.

Andy drops Bill off at his house and tells him they will only work together to get rid of the Hep V vamps. Nothing Bill will ever do will make up for what he did to his family. Cue, Bill’s flashback number 1313…where he remembers saying goodbye to his family before the Civil War. YAWN.


This girl’s gone crazy

Lettie Mae is high off Willa’s blood and freaks out because she think Tara isn’t in heaven. The Reverend calms her down. He tries to comfort Willa, who is all alone. Eric’s gone. Pam’s gone. She can’t go back to Tara’s because everything will remind her she’s dead. The reverend lets her spend the night in the church’s basement.

I feel really bad for Willa. She’s a newborn vampire and she’s all alone.


Wanna Be My BFF?

Back at the Bellefleurs…Jessica and Adilyn have a lengthy discussion about the night Jessica killed Adilyn’s sisters and almost killed her. Adilyn should hate her for what she did, but she doesn’t. She forgives her, which brings Jessica to tears. They have small girltalk about James and who Adilyn has a crush on, only to be interrupted because a Hep V infected vamp shows up and asks, “What are you?” to Adilyn. There’s that question again…geez, have they NEVER heard of fairies before? Jessica wants Adilyn to drink her blood so she will always know where she is and can protect her and Adilyn does. With the sun rising, Adilyn decides to ignore her daddy and invites Jessica in so she won’t burn up in the sun. But the Hep V vamp wasn’t as lucky.

When Jason’s blue balls turn Violet

Jason and Violet go to search one of the places they were told to go, but come across a small group of townspeople (the same ones Bill and Andy run into) who are also searching. Jason tells them to leave, but the townpeople refuse to go. Violet steps in, not realizing that she just made Jason look weak. She threatens the townspeople with their small dicks and cutting off the female’s head. Scared, they leave.

Later, Jason stops the car on the side of the road. The two have a heated fucking discussion, and decide to fuck (and I mean, fuck, fucking, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck – for fuck’s sake!) out their anger on the hood of Jason’s police car.

Thanks TB…their goes another one of our good memories..of Eric and Sookie having almost-sex on the hood of a car. Are they ever going to give us one sex scene from the books (which shall remain nameless)?



Gimme some of what you’re smokin’

I was wishing Lafayette and James would pass around the bong to more people, like me – since that would be the only way any of this episode would make sense to me. But alas…

Lafayette and James are paired up. They go to Lafayette’s house, where James tells Lafayette how he was turned while sharing a big bong. James is convinced that nothing they say or do matters to those they’ve lost. After his story, Lafayette lets James drink from him.


Found ‘Em

The viewers were shown where the Hep V vamps had taken their victims. Holly, Arlene, Nicole and Kevin are chained up in the basement at…drum roll please! Fangtasia…of all places! I have a feeling if Eric wasn’t gone, these Hep V vamps wouldn’t be hiding in his place of business (and pleasure). Holly tries to keep everyone calm, but a vamp comes down the basement steps, grabs Kevin, and kills him before their very eyes! Which makes everyone scream; including Holly. Goodbye Kevin.


Smart Sookie Is Really Dead & Gone

We have the return of Dumb Sookie once again…she hears Alcide’s thoughts. He will never understand how she can love vampires. If only they had walked away before all of this, they wouldn’t be in this mess right now. Of course, Sookie is hurt hearing this and runs out of Bellefleurs into the woods. She proceeds to ignore her phone and throws it away (this won’t come in handy if she is attacked and tries to call for help). She eventually finds the body of a dead blonde woman (is this prophetic?) in the woods.

Alcide comes to Sookie’s house, and confronts her about walking home alone after having been attacked earlier that night. Sookie tells him it’s because she read his thoughts as well as everyone else’s. Everyone is blaming her for what happened. She can’t believe even he would blame her too. Tara’s dead, and she wants to be left alone.

Sookie later comes to bed and apologizes to Alcide. And what happens next; made me puke…Sookicide sex. My eyes! I don’t get how Sookie could want to have sex with someone who blames her for everything? And basically calling her stupid, without actually calling her stupid. But I really can’t blame him for giving her shit either – because he’s right.

The next morning, they go to the church, where all of the town is gathered. Sookie sits behind Lettie Mae and puts her hand on her shoulder in order to comfort her. But Lettie Mae isn’t having none of it. She blames Sookie for Tara’s death. Sookie hears similar thoughts from others in the church and rushes out. She turns around and tries to reason with them and offers to help them if they’ll let her.

You’re probably wondering what’s going on with Eric?


“Where the fuck is my maker?”

Which is the question on everyone’s minds…

Pam is searching the world for Eric. We find her in Morocco, standing in a bucket and playing Russian Roulette – vampire style with another vampire. They have to shoot each other with a gun that has silver bullets. Of course, Pam always gets the best lines. One of the best this episode? When they ask Pam her name, and she tells them to “go fuck yourselves”. She and this vampire she’s playing Russian Roulette with; have a deep theological discussion about each other’s Gods. Pam’s God doesn’t like her, so she fully expects she’ll be having a “circle jerk with the Devil”. (Another great line by Pam.) Pam wins, and then demands to know “where the fuck is her maker”? They give her the name of someone she needs to see.

Pam finds the person she needs to see and they offer her a child to feed on. Child blood is the only clean blood in North Africa. She refuses. She’s handed a map, which will lead her to Eric. After looking at the map, Pam thinks it’s a mistake. Eric would never. The man tells her the info is accurate, and what she does with it is her choice.

As you can see… No Eric in this episode, which isn’t surprising to me either, since TV Guide told us he’ll show up in episode 2. But what pissed me off was…he wasn’t even listed in the credits at the beginning of the show. It’s like they’re writing him off already…

If you don’t believe me…I took a screencap of it on my phone while watching it. Sorry for the poor quality…but his name usually shows up here and…nothing.


The only highlights for me were; when Pam was searching for Eric. And when Jessica and Adilyn had their talk about boys. As I said before, reading followers tweets on Twitter was more entertaining. As you can see from the tweets below.

I really hope this season gets better eventually, but I fear I’ll be looking like the picture below before it does.


Overall, I rate it: 0.5  (only for Pam’s one-liners)

5= it was awesome
4= it was okay, but could be better
3= meh
2= bloody sucks
1= it fucking blows
0= cancel the show NOW

Hope you enjoyed my review. 🙂

What did you think? Please share your thoughts below.


71 comments on “TB Review: The One Where Hep V Vamps Crashed The Mixer

  1. Wow, yeah, I really didn’t miss anything.

  2. At moments I felt I was watching an scene of a B-horror movie…. the only interesting parts were those where Pam was looking for Eric….I was hoping Andy would have killed Bill but it didn’t happen…. Honestly I was having more fun with the tweets than with the episode.

  3. I knew it would be bad and it was really bad. It was the TV equivalent of a great big steaming pile of shit. I gave up on Sookie in Season 3 and she has only got dumber and more of a doormat as time has gone on.She isn’t plausible as a character and that is the downfall of a show when you can’t take the lead character (supposedly) seriously. The whole Hep V storyline is completely ridiculous but someone got paid big bucks for the privilege of writing this complete and utter garbage.

  4. Reblogged this on Inside Iamerika and commented:

    This is my review of True Blood 7.01 “Jesus Gonna Be Here”. Thought I’d share it with all of you as well. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the review, i enjoyed it way more than the episode 🙂

  6. Why would they leave eric out of the credits? That makes mo sense unless hes dead or he has literally one or two scenes… As a guest star i dont get how the most important actors name is not on there this cant bode well…. I fear we may be in a bit of denial about how little we will see him

  7. As for sookie that speech at the end was completely devoid of emotion i dont thonk shes even buying onto her character anymore it was awful and bill was at his most self righteous gross!!!!

  8. Great recap!!

  9. Thanks, Erika. I’m really cheesed off about the fact they didn’t include Alex’s name in the credits. He’s the only reason I’m remotely interested in watching any of this damn show this season.

  10. I’m am so glad I missed it. The only really interesting character besides Pam and Lafayette was not on, and they have some nerve omitting him from the credits, although I already knew that would happen (whole show is so totally predictable.) They are systematicly killing off Eric’s family, first his sister now his granddaughter, lol. Self absorbed self righteous Mighty Mouse is still such a bore. Sookie has turned into a weak sister whiner, and her being with scowling, growling, never smiling wolfboy is just yucky. Oh how great it would be if HBO had just extended Game of Thrones to ten more episodes and just allowed True Blood to die gracefully.

  11. Alex is in the credits in the next episode, right where he used to be. I guess if he’s not in the episode he won’t have a credit.

    • It’s stupid, I’ve seen shows where they keep someone in the credits who isn’t even in the episode.

    • Stupid, plenty of an actors character has not been in plenty of episodes but they were still given credit. I guess if Alex is not bothered by it then neither am I. I imagine it was a way for Bucky and his merry team of bad writers to make people think he is well and truly dead. That might have worked but the people who paid ATTENTION, knows that he already said Eric was alive after that fucktastrophe of a finale.

      I could not even watch the first episode and still have not watched it. Reason: “What are you”. #themostusedlineinaTVshoweverbesidesSookie

      I stole that hashtag from someone on Twitter, she won’t mind! lol

  12. It was horrible..Are we sure Eric is in # 2 because I’m ready to stick a fork in this crap now if not..

  13. Douchbag gave me a creep….If I was Adylin, I will zap Jessica out of Obivion….That flashback reminds me of the boring ending of the classic hulk series when Bruce hitchhike down the down,but the hulk show is way better than that cr*p. WTF?!!! They want us to feel for him??? Sorry,it’s not working….I don’t care the doggie sex and car sex scene.

    Thanks goodness, I didn’t watch that distaster. Well Compare bad acting, you guys check out The Room.

    I feels sorry for Willa that she got left alone with that crazy woman,but Pam part is very interesting.

  14. Wowzer, I really didn’t think it was THAT bad. I mean it was dull due to the fact that Eric wasn’t there but at least its’ following the storyline they told us earlier that they would so thats’ something. I mean I’d rate it at a 3=meh.

    I have a theory for the reasoning that Alexs name isn’t on the credits, his name followed Rutinas’ on the list, so maybe since he isn’t in the show until episode 2, his name will be put in where Rutinas’ name was and he’ll actually move one spot up the list. I mean once we found out that he was signed for season 7 Buckner said that Alex would be a season regular and that he would have plenty of scenes this final season. Now that could be a lie, I don’t know but what about that BS that the woman who shall remain nameless is in a scene in the final episode with Eric and Pam???????? Is that a lie too??? Like I have said in the past this show is so hokey (ever since the start of season 5) that I have gotten to the point of not drawing any conclusions about whats going to happen until it does or doesn’t. I just simply watch (I’m not excited about it like I used to be) and see…………

    I sure hope Eric does have at least one or two scenes in the next episode, as I miss him something terrible.

  15. That was great! Your analysis was probably much better than the epi was (I haven’t seen it… I’m just gonna stick to your episode reviews; they will be much, MUCH better).

    Now that they’ve screwed up Eric and Sookie, I need a hot couple on HBO. While I love the opportunity to watch Once Upon a Time on ABC, I wouldn’t mind them hopping over to HBO. I need some hot Captain Swan action. If that happened I’d actually subscribe to cable once again.

    Because, at this moment, ANY show is better than TB. Sigh. So sad. If they had even somewhat followed the books than it would be different but they didn’t even follow the SPIRIT of the books. And that bites majorly.

  16. 😂 loved the review!!! I’m w u 110%!!!
    I hope nxt episode they find our beloved Viking!!! Bring Eric Back!
    Please for Fuck’s sake!!! Lol!!

  17. This episode had as many holes as Ginger’s Swiss cheese brain.
    1. Shifters and weres are supposed to have good tracking abilities. Some dog breeds and of course wolves can easily track fresh scent tracks for a long way. How the fuck did The mighty Alcide and Sam loose the trail of so many vamps and humans?

    2. No reaction from Pam on Tara’s true death.

    3. Bill moving at human pace to investigate that abandoned building. Seriously if there was any use to vamp speed, it was right there for a quick run through multiple locations to find the missing people.

    4. People having an open air party for a whole town, with hep v vamps running amuck.

    5. Bill killed a governer last season. No consequences or trial or investigation? Fine he wrote a lame book about his god complex, but what the fuck?

    I cud go on but I also want to rant at the other horrors of the show.

    Sookie goes traipsing thru the woods alone after the attack. I mean , does this woman have a death wish! I was sorry she wasn’t drained on her way.

    I was actually expecting a Sooki Alcide sex scene becoz she has a history of having sex with people who put her down, at times when she is feeling deadbeat and out of it. She has never stood up and demanded respect for herself and she never will. Hence, sleeping with a person who resents her and didn’t have the balls to face a confrontation to be there for her when she was in a bad place.

    People blaming Sookie for everything. Again expected! Who else is there to bash?

    No ERIC!!

    Not even his name.

    Eric could have tracked the hep v vamps with his flying ability. But of course how could the writers let him actually do something while Bill bumbles his way through a crisis.

  18. .25 for Lala and the Bong Temps + .5 for Pam – 10 for no one else even ASKING ABOUT Eric (what, he never existed before?) = -9.25

  19. The writers screwed this up so bad, there may be no coming back to a decent show. I was happy there were no actual bill and sookie scenes. But the teribble sex with Alcide was as bad as Jason and Voilet. No love no emotion. I loved Pam and miss Eric so bad! As much as I wanted a HEA with Eric and Sookie, she doesn’t deserve him. Really? Walk alone at night, dumb fairy! Throw away her phone. They literally wrote her with no common sense this season. I want to blame her now too for everything. Not sorry I watched but sorry I care so much.

  20. Okay, day 2 since the premier, and it’s getting easier to resist watching the show, particularly due to reviews like these. Thanks Erika!

    P.S. I also thought that if a character wasn’t in the show, then the actors name wouldn’t appear in the credits (I noticed last year with Arliss Howard), so I had kind of expected the same for Alex. But when he was announced as a regular, I thought that would change… Didn’t think it would ACTUALLY happen!

  21. Let’s talk about Sam The Hep-V Vamps have your pregnant and YOU SHIFT INTO A DOG now that was awesomw wasn’t it I mean couldn’t the writers make him shift into a lion like in the books……Sookie has lost every brain cell and at the end she’ll become a perfect doormat…..How can she ever think about having sex with Alcide after what he thought about her and in the church I wanted to slap her when SHE ADMITS HER FAULT …..WTH HBO …I told my friend I’m done with TB and for the rest of the season I’ll read recaps on different sites if I want to know what happens to Pam, Eric, Lala Andy and Jason….And for the missing name of Askars on the credits well that really pissed me off…Take care

    • She just becomes more and more of an idiot and someone I could never respect, hell, she screwed Warlow after calling herself a danger whore. Nothing she does will surprise me anymore, this woman is not a role model.

  22. Erika-thanks for liquoring up and braving this episode for people like me. 🙂 I silently relied on ESL last season because, after DEA, I knew I couldn’t watch the show anymore. I have been fully convinced since DEA Spoilergate that that is the place in which TB will also end up, and I can’t stomach wasting roughly 10 more hours of my life only to get to the same exact place that I can’t stand. So I won’t. 🙂 Your recaps are more entertaining than (I would imagine) the show itself.

    I covered Tara’s True Death in my other replies, so I won’t rehash, except to say that I, too, find the non-reaction by her loved ones odd.

    The whistler is probably a new character in whom the audience has no investment.

    Sookie banged her parents’ murderer and Alcide is banging the person who killed his childhood sweetheart, so of course it makes perfect sense that Adilyn and her sisters’ killer (and her own would-be murderer) Jessica will become an item.

    As someone said elsewhere, in the midst of all this tragedy, OF COURSE the whole town would be obsessed with Sookie’s sex life.

    Beel and Andy on a time-stalling search. Beel-another flashback. I agree, YAWN.

    Eric and Pam have been retconned into bad Makers. Thanks, Bucky.

    The fairies can’t be THAT big of a secret by now, right?

    Jessica made a beeline for the fairy Adilyn. Violet made a beeline for Jason (who might have a trace of fairy). Beel made a beeline for the fairy Sookie. How…convenient.

    Jason had intercourse with his latest rapist Violet. Yay?

    TB Sookie is a lost cause. 🙂 She’s DEA/AD Sookie. Alcide DID call Sookie stupid in s5. He tried to take advantage of her when she was drunk. He doesn’t care that she killed his childhood sweetheart. Does he even know what happened to Debbie’s remains? Does he care? There I go with that darn logic! When will I ever learn? I’ll never watch a Sooicide screw scene. That creep makes my skin crawl. Bad actor too. But he has muscles, and he’s not a vampire, and he’s Alex’s latest “replacement” after Warlow and before Sam, so I’m supposed to care, I guess? 🙂

    Sylvie = Freyda? CH IS in the series finale as a “director” with Eric and Pam. A Sylvie/Eric/Pam “love” triangle?

    I don’t like the omission of Alex’s name in the credits either. I was tempted to look at the credits for myself, but thanks to your screencap, I don’t “have to.” Thanks. 🙂

    Yes, Tweets are more entertaining than the show.

    Rating = 0 (Yes, I’m rating an episode I didn’t watch. 🙂 )

    If it wasn’t for Alex’s contractual obligations, I would have quit after s4. I wish I had. Technically, I did.

    9 weeks and it’s all over! 🙂 Really looking forward to the next recap.

  23. i think the writers of this show is a full blown sociopaths with disregard fot the show’s fanbase same goes for the show runner especially the show runner!

  24. Thanks for sharing with us! I’m so glad I did not watch now, all I cared about is Pam and Laf and you covered both of those characters for me.

    Thank god for fanfic!

  25. Your review is so right on Erika. Couldn’t have said it better my self. Going back to Sookie and her one tear for Tara, I think Jason felt worse than Sookie did, and they were suppose to be best friends. As far as Sookie apologizing to Alcide before having sex (puke) with him, how much you want to bet, by the end of this clusterfuck, Sookie ends up apologizing to Beehl for ever doubting his love for her? It is just making my head want to explode!

    • I couldn’t agree more

    • Oh yes….shit! I didn’t even think about this possibility of Sookie apologizing to Bill! Of course she will say something like this 😦 …She did this in S4 when she turned down Eric and Bill. She will do it again. She gives me shudders actually. I have come to detest this protagonist so much, that I don’t even feel like writing about her any more 😦

      • Of course, she’ll cry, apologize, and beg for him to take her back. Like she even needs to go through the trouble where he’s concerned, I detest any woman who would choose her abuser over someone who is obviously ten times better. If that’s the case, they deserve each other. I have also stopped writing E/S fiction, I just can’t anymore.

        • I feel ya about the fanfiction writing Tammy 😦 …
          However, I have three incomplete projects on my hands and people are going to kill me if I don’t update… So I have been struggling to go on.
          Fans from this fandom are the real heroes here. They always find something good in this fucked-up-ness. I am so lucky to have found so many like minded people here…And hats off to the writers who are going strong with their stories. So I am going on just for my friends in this TB/SVM universe now. I hate to admit it, but seriously each chapter drains me a lot. 😦

        • Sookie will definitely apologize to Beel for staking him to save that “scumbag” Eric. She’ll also apologize for not giving him her blood when he came to her house and terrorized her and Jason. I’ve been expecting that for months. I STILL don’t know what Sookie was BEGGING her rapist Beel to forgive her for in the s4 finale. Having sex with Eric? Growing a spine and dumping Beel for five minutes? What?

  26. I’m actually a little curious as to who the mystery whistler is… Any ideas?

    • Me, too. One crazy idea I have is that the whistler is Eric. Eric with Hep-V leading the Hep-V vamps out of Fangtasia. When Pam read the map/note with his location it said Shreveport and that is why she said it can’t be. And we’ve learned this season is about forgiveness and redemption……maybe Sookie saves Eric and forgives him.

      • I got the impression -based on the map – that he is somewhere in south-east France..this is where we’ll meet Silvie (or flashback with Silvie, it seems there is some history there)..Eric will be infected with HV and Pam will try to motivate him not to give up and come back with her.
        It really doesn’t make sense that Eric would be back and in control of Hep V vamps….as mad as they are TB writers wouldn’t do that

  27. Hi I have a question one of many regarding sookies character or lack there of which from what I’ve read about this episode sort of deals with. Why is sookie so ashamed of being a fairy? Granted hearing what you nearest and dearest thought of you would not be a plus but surely being able to find your beloved grandmothers killer using this ability would make most people embrace it even dare I say be proud of it. Or maybe thats just me Many thanks if you can answer.

    • I think it’s because when she was growing up, she was seen as being different and was made fun of for it. She’s resented it ever since. Kids can be very cruel to each other. And people who are bullied and/or teased tend to remember the bad memories more than the good. Hope that answers your question. 🙂

      • Thank you for answering I just really wish she would learn to put that behind her and embrace her fairyness because without doing so I don’t think she will ever be truly happy.

        • Bess-I wish that Sookie would embrace her fairy-ness too. Unfortunately, Brian Buckner has given her a convenient out (she can get rid of her fairy powers completely and simultaneously kill a vampire). I have a hunch she’ll kill a random vampire, get rid of her fae-ness, and never be forced to deal with and accept her fae-ness once and for all. The other supernaturals have to deal with what they are; why shouldn’t Sookie? 🙂

          • Why? Because Sookie is a bigoted fool who likes self pity and could never accept what she truly is. If she did, she could have made her sorry life so much better.

            Am I coming off as really angry?

        • You know it’s a really sad message they are giving – “If you are different, then let others kick you around for it and ask for more and say that you are sorry for being different.” They are practically telling you that being different from the general population is bad and needs to be hidden and hated 😦

          • Hi to me the thing that really annoys me about her is that to my mind we have seen her almost accept it. When she poured talbert remains down the drain and laughed in Russell’s face and with Debbie pelt but then she listens to bill or alcide and almost hids away from it. Most of her problems would be solved if she embraced being a kick arse fairy.

          • Yet the one person who has always tried to get her to embrace it is the one she doesn’t listen to, the girl craves misery, what can we say?

          • Hi I know exactly what you mean in Eric you have somebody that comptley gets that fairy sookie can stand up for herself.

          • Sakshi, Bess, and tammy: ITA with all of you. I really wish Sookie would embrace her fae-ness and explore it more. I think she’ll get rid of it and side with the humans. I’ve resigned myself to it quite a while ago. Sookie, books and show, became a prejudiced, repressed old lady. Not a cool, open-minded, non-judgmental old lady. And Sookie is what, 27? 28 at the (chronologically) oldest? Shame. 😦

          • Hey I’ve been thinking and if sookie craves acceptence wouldn’t she get exactly that with Eric. I mean have you ever seen Eric tell her to shut up or not listen to her and I mean really listen to my mind everything she’s looking for she would get with him.

  28. Exactly, Bess, but Sookie mostly just craves misery. The only time Eric ever told her to shut up was when he was faking it with Russell. He clapped a hand over her mouth because she was going to ruin his cover like a moron, but he’s the only one who has ever truly accepted her. She’s just too stupid to see it, or just doesn’t care.

    • You know I don’t even know what she wants anymore. There is no rhyme or reason to anything she does. At all. She is illogical (says she does wants to be human and hangs with all non-humans. Loves people who hate her and runs away from people who love her), irresponsible (remember forgetting about Jason the past season and the constant danger whoring), ignorant (she never really keeps her eyes or ears open, despite her hearing gift) and an insecure, self loathing kind of person. I am so disappointed in Sookie that if I were her original creator, or one of the writers of the show, I would have stopped writing out of shame at what I had created!

      • Yeah, it’s just a shame the writers are just as oblivious. I really have to wonder if Anna is okay with how they’ve portrayed her character, I don’t know how any woman wouldn’t be completely offended.

        • Yeah she must feel something when saying those idiotic lines…Or maybe getting together onscreen with her off screen husband makes it manageable for her. We really don’t know 🙂

          • Unless there’s a master plan that I’m just not seeing right now, as things stand I’m surprised that Anna would be okay with Sookie’s portrayal and the eleventh-hour PR for s7. It stinks of sexism for me. Anna has publicly said she’s a feminist. She revealed her bisexuality as part of a PSA to support LGBTQ rights. Like I said, unless there’s a master plan and there will be some major (and I mean major) twists at the end of the show, I’m surprised by her public behavior/comments in particular. I wish her well: I’m not trying to bash her. I’m just surprised is all, and, so far, disappointed.

          • I wonder if the writers/show runner know how badly they have insulted women by writing sookies character the way they have. If they put sookie with bill or alcide (unlikely thank god) what exactly what is their message cause to me it’s a pretty disturbing one.

  29. Didn’t Eric glamour Alcide at the end of season 4 to be repulsed by Sookie? Am I remembering incorrectly? If so. . . What’s going on? Do the effects of glamouring expire?

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