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HBO have now released an episode 2 promo on their website. We are currently unable to embed it but you can click on the picture below to find out what’s going down in episode 2.


There could perhaps have been a glimpse in there of Jason Stackhouse’s dream about the Viking Vampire?


Brian Buckner and Anna Paquin have been talking to Zap2it The interviews took place in late May, and here are some of the important bits.

For Buckner, complicating the already daunting challenges he faced on this effects-heavy show was the breakout stardom of cast member Alexander Skarsgard, a fan favorite as hunky vampire Eric Northman. The Swedish-born actor had to juggle his final season on “True Blood” with his title role as “Tarzan” in David Yates’ big-screen remake of that vintage adventure classic. As a result, Buckner has been shooting the last four episodes of this season in somewhat piecemeal fashion, depending on Skarsgard’s availability.

“Last night was Alex’s last night with us, actually,” Buckner says. “Knowing the end is coming makes the writing easier in some ways, but that also means we have moments on the set that are very sad, as you think, ‘Oh, this is our last scene together.’ That can be kind of heavy, because this show has been life-changing for most of us.”
And we are going to find out how Eric and Pam came to settle in Shreveport.
“Sprinkled into this season are some fun flashbacks to people you thought you weren’t going to see again, and we’re going to learn, for example, how Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Eric wound up in Shreveport,” Buckner reveals. “Obviously, Bill (Moyer) is looking to become less of a (jerk). We’re telling a lot of character stories about redemption, forgiveness, the questions of how far is too far and can we forgive ourselves for the sins of the past. That doesn’t all pertain just to Bill, but to a large number of our characters.

For those of you who have not yet discovered the 8th wonders of the world that are Meredith Woerner’s True Blood recaps for I09, click on the picture below, I promise you won’t regret it!


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27 comments on “Episode 2 Promo & other stuff

  1. Thanks for sharing Evie :)…
    However, there was no glimpse of Eric. I saw the video thrice! And oh my god, is Buckner trying to backtrack his asshattery by saying that the redemption is not just for Bill but a lot of other characters too. Geee! thanks Buckner, for the enlightenment!

    Atleast we can be sure there’s viking goodness to be had in the second episode. I can plow through a lot for even one minute of Eric’s screentime. The rest I’ll just tune out and build shields against 🙂

  2. I would hate to see Sookie winds up use his faery ball on Eric. 😦

    Yeah right, Maybe Douchbag sacrifices his self.

  3. Well, I sure hope that we have some Eric scenes coming up this next episode. I guess from what I gather,the sex dream occurs sometime during 2 and Maybe Pam finds Eric at the very end of it????? (Hoping and keeping my fingers and toes crossed, cause I miss Eric too). Other than that, I really don’t have anything to add about this as I really don’t want to talk about redeeming Bill…………..Bleck, makes me want to throw up a little. Talk soon ladies, and take care til then I remain……
    Faithful to Eric (TB can kiss my grits).

  4. Everyone keeps blaming the Buckner guy. I’m not defending him, but all he is really doing is following AB’s lead in his love affair with Sookie and Bill (soul mate my behind, TB is a TV show not real life.) AB is still Executive Producer of the show and can ultimately have the final say. Although AB kept insisting that if he followed the books the show would have no surprises he turned it into the most predictably show on all of TV. Mighty Mouse, excuse me I mean Bill, was forever the character who saved the day, and Sookie always forgave Bill for everything he did yet gave Eric credit for absolutely nothing. Sounds to me like it’s the same old theme for this season. I already know the doormat and the “Oh my humanity” bore will ride off into the sunset together and the show will make Eric either truly dead or a real cad. No thanks I’m passing on this season and also passing on all other AB projects. The man simply let his personal feelings get in the way of his profession ethics.

  5. That’s not Jason’s dream. Jason’s dream is “romantical” 😉

  6. Sigh sounds as many said nothing new to see so time to mosey along before they completely ruin AS career the only thing the creative forces did right frankly was bring in the actor/actresses that play Pam Eric and Godric for that I thank them. I just wish someone anyone could explain the fascination with the character Bill I find him a total bore and have from day 1 and as for Sookie someone clearly has the wrong impression of what a strong southern woman is like if they think the representation given by the character Sookie is it.. I’m Southern and personally the southern women I know would be vacuuming him up in a Dustbuster LONG AGO…

  7. I’d be interested I seeing how Pam and Eric wound up in Shreveport, that’d be cool! But then if course it would be because it involves the most interesting characters of the show.

  8. Thanks, Evie, for this post. I’m still not watching even the promos. 🙂 (Yet, I still want to know what happens.) I read that Buckner/Paquin interview recently and I couldn’t remember where I read it, so I really appreciate that part of the post as well. “…the breakout stardom of cast member Alexander Skarsgard, a fan favorite as hunky vampire Eric Northman.” I like “breakout stardom” because he deserves his shot as a potential big-screen leading man. I don’t like “cast member,” because it makes Alex sound like a random actor on that set. An afterthought shoehorned into the story. Buckner confirmed what I suspected, Alex is officially done shooting TB. (Interesting this interview was conducted a month ago and is just coming to light now, I believe?) According to this article, it sounds to me like Alex will be in the last four eps at least a little bit. Thanks to hestia, we know he has two scenes in ep. 2. IIRC, he and his “HEA” Pam are listed together in the synopsis for eps. 3-6. CH said her cameo as a “director” in a scene with Eric/Pam is in the series finale. Ergo, sounds to me now like Alex has at least one scene in the remaining nine eps. (why couldn’t he have also been given a three-second glance or so in ep. 1? 🙂 ). I’m sure Eric/Pam going to Shreveport will be “romantic.” 😉 I’m glad you gave a shout-out to Meredith Woerner’s TB recaps on io9. She’s one of my go-tos to find out the TB story too. Take care. 🙂

  9. I certainly hope Eric is in the remaining episodes. He is the only reason I still have HBO.

  10. Thanks for this. Sounds like we’ll have Eric in the last episodes which is great as I was fearing that he won’t be. So at least that’s something to look forward to.
    So sick of Bill’s redemption – hope it’s via true death and Sookie ends up single, Eric and his family survive and they hit the road together or stay in Fangtasia – whatever.
    I am still worried about Sookie’s ‘shocking’ discovery ..

    • Sookie’s shocking discovery should be to find her brain locked in an old pirate’s chest and stored in Bill’s basement. That would make her stupidity at least credible.

    • Maybe she finds out that Billy is Niall’s son who stole out her to Warlow and she feels sick when she finds out that she was f**king her antecsor all this time. Ewww…That would gross out a lot of annoying Billy boy fans..Lol 🙂

      • Unfortunately, as much as that connection would disgust me, you, and everyone one here, we must remember that as mentioned above, Sookie’s brain is currently AWOL. I don’t think it would deter her from her current path on to door-mat-ness. And especially given her tendency to resist all logic, I think she would be even more determined.

        It’s a tragedy worthy of a few drinks…

  11. Bonjour what is the name of thesong in the promo ?

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