Two New Clips From Episode 2


True Blood HBO released a couple of new clips from this upcoming episode titled, “I Found You”.

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!


In this first clip, Sookie and the gang visit another town and find an abandoned home, where it looks like the owners left in the middle of supper.

Haha…Jason! I take it he eats a lot of leftover pizza? LOL

This next one is REALLY gag-inducing…Sookie goes to visit Beehl to ask him if he’ll still be able to feel her if she’s into serious shit?

UGH! I’ll let the gif below capture how I feel about this scene…


Looks like we better brace ourselves…

Thoughts? Please share ’em below!


33 comments on “Two New Clips From Episode 2

  1. Sigh, my gag refex is getting over used. Disgusting is the only word I can think of. They the writers the show runners and some of the actors must think us, the viewers fucking stupid. It is insulting. I am glad Alex is in London, far away from the stench.

  2. No thank you.

    I was hoping for Eric/Jason dream like they shown last year with Warlow.

    • Shelli-the Jason/Eric dream happens in this upcoming ep.2. I think it’s the opening scene of the ep. (again, am I right, witchofbontemps?). They’re trying to keep it under wraps to keep the “mystery” going, but they may have shown a brief shot of the dream, I think in some promo materials.

  3. Thanks for sharing Erika 🙂 …
    Jason’s Pizza forensics was awesome 🙂

    Bill was meh! I don’t really care about his constipated face. Ditto with Sookie. Guess she thought-
    ‘oh sheeeiit! I walked alone through the fucking woods and wasn’t attacked! Darn the Hep-V vamps…Lets get into more trouble so that Beeel can feel me and save me and then Alcide and Bill can fight over me all over again! Fun times! Too bad Eric is gone!’

  4. I guess it’s not going to get any better. FUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!!!!

  5. Thanks for posting these clips Erica! the first was quite funny with Jason Pizza Forensics need to comment the second clip ..just wanna say how Sookie is becoming more and more stupid!! I used to ship Sookie/Eric at this very moment I don’t want Eric to be near her!!! Stay away honey cuz Sookie is only bad news for you…Take care everybody.

  6. I’m not even going to watch any clips, especially not if it involves Bill.

    • Exactly my thought Tammy. And again, why no Eric?? Or even Pam looking for Eric? Seriously, I think TPTB are doing everything BUT killing off Eric. They know they can’t do it (at least right now).

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if they did by the end. We know he’s at least in this episode, but they still have no intention of giving us a glimpse. These people are dumber than I thought.

        • I was trying to be optimistic; I’m actually surprised they haven’t killed him off sooner. I’m even more surprised they let him exist this long. No matter what AB would say I always got the impression he didn’t like Eric.

          • I think he does, just not as much as his precious Bill. AB knows Eric is hot, so he at least has some taste. I really do believe that Eric was supposed to die on that mountain, they had no intention of bringing him back until they got all the hate mail from fans. The one time they decide to listen to us, but I still can’t believe they had no idea we would react that way. How they could not know that he’s the most popular character is beyond me, more proof that they’re all really delusional over there.

  7. That Beeeehhhlll clip is near the end of the episode. I predict a feeding in the third one, so that they have that connection again. It’s all so obvious where they’re going. Yuck!

  8. I think the writers strategy is to make the audience hate Sookie as much as we hate Bill, so that when the end up together we’ll all collectively say “they deserve each other.”

    • Mission accomplished, I’m already there.

    • Wtactualf-what a smart comment. 🙂 100% agree (even though I still predict Sookie/Sam endgame; I wouldn’t be shocked by Sookie/Bill).

      • It’s not going to be Sam, if that’s the case, then it’s still better than Bill, but they always had him planned for endgame since the very beginning. I doubt it’s going to change now, at least they’re not leading us on like a certain author who will remain nameless.

        • tammydevil83-We’ll have to respectfully agree to disagree on the Sam or Bill thing. 🙂 We’ll know in 8 1/2 weeks. If it is Bill, I’ll own that I was wrong in my prediction. I agree that Sam is better than Bill (I think it’s safe to say that pretty much anyone is better than Bill-lol). I’m not so sure that AB planned Bill for endgame, but we might never know for sure. I think AB may have been trolling. 100% agreement that I’m glad they’re not leading us on like so-and-so author. I appreciate that.

          • AB is the one who first threw that whole B/S are soul mates thing out there, and he mostly takes credit for Anna and Stephen getting together. I think it’s obvious which way he always planned to go, I think the show would be just as bad if he never left, but I do despise the direction Buckner is taking it. I wish Hudis stuck around to see if he could have at least done a better job because the beginning of the 6th season had some promise before it all went to hell. I can’t believe he used to write for Friends, which is my all time favorite show.

          • In the future, maybe Buckner should stick to just writing. Not that I care, since I will run away screaming from any of his future projects. 🙂

            I still think AB could have been trolling, because there was an intense disconnect between what he said publicly and his narrative. When he stepped down as showrunner, Eric and Sookie had some interaction, and Bill was Billith. Ball created intriguing potential throughout the entire s5 finale, but Bucky threw it all away for whatever reasons.

            Hudis was hand-picked to be Ball’s replacement. I’m not sure if Hudis overall would have been great, as the rape-y Eric/Willa stuff happened on Hudis’ watch (in fact, Hudis wrote it). It’s all a moot point, though. They’re still shooting (not Alex), but the final season has been written. What’s done is done. We just get to witness the fallout. 🙂

          • True, but I guess I never saw that Eric/Willa scene as bad as people made it out to be. I know Eric never actually would have raped her, he was just trying to scare her. I admit, the 5th season finale was pretty good and made me interested enough to come back for season 6, but that finale was by far the worst thing I’ve ever seen and is the reason I’m no longer watching. I guess we’ll know for sure soon enough which direction AB really planned to go if he is writing the series finale.

          • tammydevil83-I know that Real Eric would never rape. I don’t know what Hudis was thinking with that plot point. I could definitely see Eric trying to scare Willa, but the way that scene was written emotionally rubbed me the wrong way. Since DEA Spoilergate, I lost any remaining hope I had for TB. Yes, I know “the show is not the books,” but I have this nagging feeling both will end in a similar way. Now, I’m a spoiler/recap junkie. I can’t watch it, but I want to know what happens. 🙂

  9. Yep, pretty much agree with the fact that we all know where this is show is headed, down the toilet real soon. I sure hope that they show Eric before I just can’t stomach to watch this train wreck any longer.

    Did anyone else read the interview that Kristin did?? I read it yesterday and I hope what she said was true that they were going to have a few more Pam and Eric flashbacks this season and we learn more about their past. She also said that she filmed a lot during the first couple months of shooting, like double time (80 hours a week) so I can guess that its’ because they had to shoot a lot of Erics’ scenes out of sequence due to his Tarzan film. So at least we know that we have something good to look forward to instead of Bill all high on Sookies’ blood……..(Yuck!!!! don’t even want to think about whats’ coming there….stupid Sookie).

    Just one more thing, I hope that Jason makes it til the end, as I just love the levity his character brings to the show. I just loved the Pizza Forensics line. If anyone remembers Jason had Pizza boxes all over his house on occasion and like all bachelor guys, he’d sniff the piece of pie and then eat it. So yes, Jason is schooled in how old it is……..LOL.

    With that, I’ll leave for now. Hopefully, we get Eric in the next episode this Sunday!!!

  10. Thanks, Erika. Still can’t watch 🙂 , but I appreciate keeping those of us who are curious informed. I think there is a flashback of the Doormat and the Boring Rapist in the early days of their “romance” in this ep (am I right, witchofbontemps?). I just read about it in People magazine. Apparently it’s “sweet” or whatever word People used (don’t feel like looking it up). The thinking audience didn’t see what we saw in s1 and in s2-s6. Let Bucky’s retcon continue. And then there will be at least one Eric/Pam flashback to justify THEIR “romance.” I’m ready. We’re all here for ourselves and each other. 🙂 Take care, Erika and everyone. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Maybe the Eric/Pam flashbacks will start in ep.3? Maybe that’s where French Sylvie (= Freyda?) comes in?

    • Hi shoreline where do you hear that Eric and Pam have a romance ….I hope not they are father and daughter so I dont want to see anything like that.

      • People think that Eric and Pam are going to end up together, which would be the most logical choice right now because Sookie definitely doesn’t deserve him, but they’re supposedly gonna show a flashback of when they first came to Fangtasia.

        • esw45-I don’t know for sure that Eric and Pam will be “romantic” endgame, but it’s a strong hunch I have. Funny thing is, now that I’m thinking about it, I can’t remember where exactly it began. 🙂 Lately, Buckner has been saying that the two “love” stories of TB are Eric/Pam and Sookie/Bill. Kristin seemed to be hinting in a recent interview that Eric/Pam might be “HEA.” I don’t buy Eric/Pam as a “romantic” couple for a second either, but other people do, and maybe they’ll be happy with how Buckner does it (if Buckner goes there). Since obviously Bucky is not going Sookie/Eric, I think he’s doing something as a “consolation” prize (or a middle finger, depending on how you look at it 🙂 ) for the Eric fans. He could go Eric/Willa, but I’m not seeing that right now. (I think Sylvie might be a one-and-done flashback or something, OR she could be the show equivalent of Book Freyda.) He could kill off Eric, but I don’t think he will. I have a feeling the comic books might go on after the TV show ends. Eric is the most popular character ($$$), so it wouldn’t make sense to kill him off. Or, they might kill him off, for Internet hits/shock value. 🙂 8 1/2 weeks and we’ll know. 🙂

  11. i cant believe sookie would even ask him that.. & his reaction is gag reflex.. like he cares for her. why the writers aren’t tying in anything I have no idea.. I have to watch; true to the end but oh-e-vay.

  12. Hi sorry but I fear this may be a long post as I have only recently started commenting on this site I have years worth of rants to get off my chest about the vampire we would all love to stake and the fairy we would all love to slap some sence into. So as its the final season why not.
    First sookie is it me or does sookie keep forgetting that she can kick vampire arse. To my mind she has two perfectly good weapons against her foes.
    1.what I like to call her stun light which can throw any vampire feeling snappy a good distance away then one of the Scooby gang to quote buffy can come in and dispatch that pesky vamp.
    2. What I like to call her sunshine light which would turn said vampire into a mush.
    But these powers aren’t enough for our little fairy no she has to turn to a vampire that we all know she can trust (ha).
    Now onto little old billy why must you make me dislike you so….. Oh yeah here’s why
    You’re looking for redemption in the wrong place.
    Now don’t get me wrong you really need to make it up to sook but that to my mind won’t give you redemption what will is trying to make it up to your race which you nearly destroyed when you went through your lets call it a god complex. Try to remeber you do have a vampire childe and lets not forget accept that those I’ll be nice and call them games that you and your maker liked to play you loved.
    Last but no means lest I would like to think if bill and sookie ended up (by some miracle) together (my poor little shipper heart will only accept if). That human sookie may think sunshines out of your fangs but fairy sookie gives you nothing but grief.
    Thank you for listening/reading to my rant I would like to say this is my last on the gruesome twosome but sadly I fear this is just the beginning .

    • That’s what this site is for, it’s nice to have a place we can rant like this. And awesome, another Buffy fan, this show is definitely nothing in comparison. Sookie will always be stupid, she must have forgotten that Bill’s blood makes her even more so, I fear there really is no hope for her.

      • I have forgiven sookie alot I even got why she slept with warlow (I saw it as her getting revenge on her parents what better way than by sleeping with their killer) alcide was what made me want to slap her.
        Bill does not get that fairy sookie can fight back she does not need his blood she has all this power in her but never thinks to use it.

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