TV Ratings For True Blood’s Premiere


Some of you wanted to us to keep track of True Blood’s ratings this final season, and the numbers are in! Although, this might not be what some of you are hoping for…

According to, it looks like it did better this year – than last year.  This is what they said;


The season premiere of the final season of True Blood tallied a gross audience of 5.8 million viewers Sunday night across its four plays, up 3% from last season’s debut night (5.6 million viewers).  At 9:00PM, viewership averaged 4 million viewers with another 1 million, 498,000 and 262,000 added at 10:00PM, 11:30PM and 1:00AM, respectively.  Last season, True Blood had an average gross audience of 10.7 million viewers.

Mind you, I think most of the viewers wanted to know whether or not Eric would show up alive…and others were just plain curious to see how things would play out.


What do you think? Please share your thoughts below.


10 comments on “TV Ratings For True Blood’s Premiere

  1. I just think they should of had Eric in the first episode, considering he’s been in the seasons for a very long time, instead they introduce this other mayor candidate that we’ve never heard or seen before.
    This and a whole lot of other reasons which I won’t go into [again!]

  2. We know that we will see Eric later on…..
    I liked what I saw on Sunday so far……

  3. I’m with you Marlene I thought Sundays’ episode wasn’t all that bad, despite the bad reviews I’ve read (because Alex wasn’t in it perhaps?). We’ll have to wait and see what happens next. I am steeled for the fact that there will be no Eric and Sookie HEA. My only wish is that they don’t kill off Eric and they have Eric, Pam and Willa Fly off into the night for parts unknown at the end of the series. That is the best that I can hope for.

    I know some folks were wishing for a drop in viewership because of the Eric situation, but like I’ve said before I’ve invested a lot of time watching this train wreck just to see Alex/Eric and I’m not giving up just yet, if at all….. I will watch it until its’ over……………..

  4. Thanks for the numbers. Erika. Now let’s keep an eye on them as the season progresses. I managed to see the episode in pieces from a link on Facebook. After watching it and reading reviews, it is obvious Sookie is the stupidest character in TV history!

  5. Thanks for this post, Erika. I was one of the curious ones. I figured they’d get at least some ratings (lol). I have to give HBO a lot of credit. They are clever with how they crunch the numbers with their programming (they recently did the same thing with GoT and The Normal Heart, so this isn’t anti-TB griping from me). The first run of ep, 7×01 got roughly 4 million viewers (as this article said). The first run of ep. 6×01 last year got roughly 4.5 million viewers. TB is a show which, at its commercial peak, used to get 5+ million viewers for its first-run episodes. This Zap2It article (as we know, Zap2It interviews TB people) averaged out the viewers for all four plays of ep. 7×01 on Sunday night, then took the average from all of the original plays of ep. 6×01 last year and compared. Very clever, HBO. 😉 TB is still HBO’s second highest-rated current show behind GoT, and its third-highest rated original show ever behind GoT and The Sopranos.

  6. As hard as it might be to believe, I actually know quite a few people who watch the show simply for ‘entertainment’ and that don’t subscribe to any of the teams in the fandom. Whilst we might be the loudest of the bunch, it’s these people that outnumber us two or even three to one. So with the ending of the show, it seems natural that these (and newbies too) would tune in – despite what we all originally thought about the ability of the show to pull in those types of figures

  7. i do believe people were checking in for Eric. i used to watch two episodes on every Sunday night just to make sure i never missed anything, that all changed last year and this year i barely made it through one, now how fucked up is that, they ruined a show that had promise. KY

  8. It was for Eric!! I Have a lot of friends that are watching to see What happened to our
    beloved Viking!!! I hope so… Right?

  9. A few days before the good bye to TB show, my cable box didn’t work and I called the cable company. While on the phone with the cable person (female) I said the only reason I have HBO is for True Blood and if I miss the first episode I was going to be pissed. She said OMG I need to find out what happened to Eric! She had a service tech out the next morning to fix my cable box. I’ll bet the ratings were higher with people wanting to know about Eric. He should have been in the first episode to bring them back. I guess we will find out tomorrow.

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