True Blood Promo 7.03 “Fire In The Hole”


Finished watching True Blood 7.02 “I Found You” yet? If not, this WILL contain spoilers for you.

Here’s the promo for next week’s episode “Fire In The Hole”!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!

Screencap courtesy of HBO and

Screencap courtesy of HBO and

Check out what’s going to happen next week below.

Nymerias is currently working on our review of tonight’s episode, “I Found You”, but feel free to share your thoughts in the meantime.

As for this promo…what do you think? Please share your thoughts below.


72 comments on “True Blood Promo 7.03 “Fire In The Hole”

  1. Wait, did Eric get himself infected on purpose? That’s what people are saying, I can’t believe he would do that even if he didn’t want to live anymore. There are faster less painful ways to kill yourself, this really doesn’t give me a good feeling about his fate. I’m glad I’m not watching.

    • According to what is said in this promo, it sounds like Pam accuses him of it. But IMO Eric wouldn’t do it on purpose. He’s too smart. He probably got it when he was trying to recover from burning up.

      • That’s what I thought, but I wouldn’t be surprised at this point.

        • This show was never a ‘thinker’s’ show but had such potential. Now, nothing surprises me anymore. I’ll have to wait for the episode lowdown to find out what happened.

      • Yes but in season 6 she found out she could heal a vampire only once with her ball of light so if anything does happen got a feeling she will heal him

        • Kill a vampire, not heal them. She already used her light on him once without having any indication of what it might do. It’s nice to still have hope, but she has proven that she just doesn’t care about him anymore.

          • I think she does

          • Well, she has a funny way of showing it. Maybe her attitude will change if she actually sees him again, but she could at least acknowledge him more and show that she cares about him being gone. I’m sure she hasn’t given him much thought in those six months.

          • We can’t say that yet as we don’t know what went on in them 6 months and if she did think about him none of them know about eric with the disease yet so we will see how she reacts then

  2. Pam asks him if he did it on purpose…. I cant see him doing that either i guess the french love interest is someone he was really in love with in the past?? That is the sense i get from pams reaction when she got there and what he told jason in the dream (that he had only felt that way twice in his life) i luv how his absence is not at all remotely important to sookie. Lol

  3. I’m not watching this train wreck of a show anymore but I’m not surprised, anymore, that Sookie has become a heartless bitch. If she ‘loved’ Eric shouldn’t she be concerned?? Since I didn’t watch, how hot was the Eric/Jason dream? And what brought it about??

  4. Oh and the way she runs to bills house to ask him about her fear(as if she doesnt know the answers to these questions already)!! Bc she wants to draw him in is so laughable!

    • Yeah…I was too busy puking during that scene. BLECH! I just hated how happy she was when she was reading that diary and it reminded her of when she first met Bill. BUT I did notice they showed her getting ready to meet Eric at Fangtasia for the first time though… 🙂

  5. The eric jason scene was incredibly hot IMO!! I will watch that one again!

  6. WTF? They are just so determined to kill Eric…..I have no words….I am just stunned into silence.

    • I don’t think they’ll kill Eric RIGHT away…they’ll drag it out for as long as possible, because TPTB are cruel that way.

      • We all thought he would at least make it to the finale, but now I’m thinking that scene CH supposedly filmed was the flashback of when Eric and Pam first got to Fangtasia. Eric could already be dead at that point.

      • I don’t think they will kill eric off I have the feeling bill is going to die because sookie will use her power on eric so his back to himself and get rid of that disease and she won’t be able to do that again because that disease will kill him but for him to be in more episodes she has to she’s the only one who can . I’m hoping bill dies tho because that will be great for eric and sookie

  7. They better not kill him off and leave that smirking creep who started the war alive!

    • That smirking creep is Sookie’s twue love, remember? At least, that’s what TPTB, in all their so-called ‘wisdom’, thinks.

  8. Oh no i cannot imagine them killing eric off and if they do it early on who would watch the remainder of the show lol! Of course they could just have him and pam remember the past in flashbacks the rest of the season while he lies there and slowly dies!

  9. Well, when I watched it the first time tonite (I’ll be watching again in half hour). I personally wasn’t that impressed with the Eric and Jason scene, all they did was kiss a few times, although they really did kiss, that was it. I thought the almost sex between Eric and Talbot in season 3 was way hotter.

    As far as when Pam found Eric, he looked pretty weak and had a few veins showing in one spot not all over. Again, they are trying to mislead everyone as don’t forget Eric, Pam and CH has a scene together in the last episode. So I think someone, if not Sookie maybe Adilyn cures Eric of the disease.

    I am curious how this thing is going to end and the only way is to watch it and not speculate. My old saying, wait and see is now in effect.

  10. The writers have phoned it in! I felt like I was beaten over the head with the allegories. Racism, sexism, gun rights, AIDS… It was too much. And don’t even get me started on what they did to Eric.

  11. Did they really have to get CH to film that particular last scene with eric? Its like a stale through the heart! Twice!

  12. This scene seemed more natural way sexier to me the talbot scene didnt have a good connection bw the two actors seemed forced

  13. I looked forward to watching this show all week to see Eric/Alex and I’m left feeling deflated. Eric’s back Eric’s back and that was it? One line? Dream sex didn’t count… Nice to see the big guy shirtless but it was Jason’s “version” of Eric if you know what i mean…

  14. Funny that sookie had to ask bill about blood ties when last week she proclaimed to the town that she knew more about vamps than anyone. I too assume that Eric got hep v from trying to heal after being burned. The Jason scene seemed off, I really don’t see him letting Jason push him around. Such a lame season.

    • They are so many incoherences in the dialogs, they should really have asked a hardcore fan group to “proof read” them before shooting … of course Sookie should know that Bill can still read her loud and clear ! Unless she’s playing him …just to get back with him ! Really ???? what a drama queen ….

  15. I haven’t watch it yet,but I am going to watch some of it on couchturner….I think that Sylvie girl poisons him like I said….I really hope Sookie didn’t use her faery ball on him at the end of season. I would hate to see that happens. :(….But I known Dr. Lugwig in the scene after Eric pic and I noticed Sookie in 1 of pic when they are doing ep 8.

  16. I am really pissed off so far! That scene with Eric and Jason made me want to puke, and I want to kill Sookie’s stupid ass! She’s not even good enough for poor Alcide let alone Eric. She and stupid Bill deserve each other! I’m sorry to tell you all this but Eric’s going to die because the writers of this train wreck of a show should have been fired a long time ago and they love to piss off the true fans of this show because they should have kept Sookie and Eric together when the wind was blowing in that direction. I don’t think I can watch Eric die from this stupid hep-v disease. Take my advice and watch a truly great written and acted show that’s on Showtime called Masters of Sex! It makes TrueBlood look like as teaming pile of sh.. in comparison.

  17. Did anybody understand what Eric says in this clip?? I don’t think he infected himself on purpose..he didn’t seem suicidal when he was sunbathing quite happy and reading his book..if he wanted to die he would let himself burn.
    I am more worried now about so many flashbacks – of course I love watching anything Eric related and love his flashbacks – but is he actually going to be part of the main story line.
    We know for sure that there he had a scene with Sookie..and we hear Sookie in one of the promos saying Eric is gone…I wonder if that is before or after he returns ..and why would Arlene ask about Eric??? We’ll find out soon enough I guess.
    Dr. Ludwig gives me some hope – I think she gets back to help heal him. I only hope that Sookie will be part of it as well and maybe they will have a nice goodbye scene before finale.

  18. Hi everyone, I’m new here! Here my best guess for the moment : Adelyn is going to feed Jessica and they’ll find out that fairy blood is THE cure for the infected vampires since Jess is obviously infected. We all know that Jessica is going to survive because of the spoiler concerning the love triangle between her, James and Lafayette. So let’s hope Sookie will find it in her heart to cure Eric …
    What do you think ??

  19. Did anyone else notice that this season is taking place in 2011 **referencing Sookie reading the diary??? Something is fishy here, and I don’t like the smell coming from the writers’ offices….ugh!

  20. you better not fuck with this fandom hbo!!

  21. So pissed right now, I can only repeat my FB comment. *Eric Cartman’s voice*

  22. wow, that was a load of steaming cow shit!! i actually fell asleep during it…
    who are all these people no one gives a f*** about?? why are they taking up all the screen time?? I mean even King Beehl only got one crappy little scene.. WTF TB!!!!
    Jason/Eric sex dream was lame, and Sookies nostalgic moments were laughable… and funny how Alcide said, you fell like everyone else does for their first love, hard and fast… newsflash sookie, beehls not the love of your life, you moron… !!!!!!

  23. I live-tumblr-ed this ep again this week. Obviously, I don’t trust these current writers, but I still have that perverse curiosity to find out how it ends. Not gonna lie: I watched the Eric/Jason dream at least five times, and I’m going to watch it at least one more time in the next few hours. I love every second of it, except for Dream Eric mentioning Jason’s latest rapist Violet. I love Alex as an actor (and Ryan). They really are fearless in this scene, and I’m proud of them. They did not wimp out. I just wish the dream was even longer, and a bit more graphic. Really go for it. This was the first True Blood scene I loved in a LONG time. Maybe since the Doormat staked the Rapist to save Eric (for five seconds). I’m really looking forward to Alex’s films. Hopefully, he doesn’t get screwed over in the next phase of his career (I presume he’ll be concentrating on feature film opportunities right now, but wherever he goes, I as an audience member will follow 🙂 ). I think the parallels between Jason’s dream about Eric here and Sookie’s dream about Eric in ep. 2×10 were deliberate, right down to the music and the fire. Both in hotel rooms (or hotel-type rooms?). Not that I think anything will really come of these parallels, not anymore. 😦 I watched the Eric/Pam scene once. Once is enough for me. I love Eric and I love Pam, but I have NO excitement for their last story whatsoever. It is what it is. My “obligation” to Alex and nothing more to me. I look forward to the recap. Thanks for keeping me/us informed. Take care, everyone. 🙂

  24. Can anyone tell me how long the show finished filming because i saw on instagram pictures that Stephen posted two days ago saying that he filmed his last scenes on merlottes stackhouse and bill’s i’m so mad right now are they seriously pushing that ending what a lack of creativity i’m now convinced that Sookie and Eric are over i just hope he lives and has a happy life with Pam far away from Bom Temps as possible

  25. By the way i don’t get why Sookie feels so offended when people think she is a whore because last season she call herself danger whore and what annoys me the most she “loves” Eric but she hasn’t whonder where he’s been for the last six months, i don’t know anymore why want them ending together when it’s so clear she doesn’t deserve him not even poor Alcide who’s just a nice guy with horrible taste in women, Sookie and Bill deserve each other as of season 7 she is a dumb bitch and he has always believed himself a king and a god when he is just an asshole just remember season 5 ending and his speech the way he insulted her and Eric’s face because he would never do that.And the season 6 premiere when Eric gave her house back and he told her she will always be the girl in the white dress Now that would be a god ending Sookie going back to Fangtasia in the white dress and meeting Eric’s eyes

  26. I don’t think eric is gonna get killed off at all I know the writers can be knob heads but I don’t think they will bring him back just so he can die again no point I truly believe bill will die

  27. Sorry to bring you guys bad news again but I’m pretty sure Eric’s going to die, because I the promo she said Eric’s gone. I don’t think that means he is going off some where, I think he dies in front of Sookie. They also show someone caressing Sookie’s face and that someone is tall. It looks like my Vikings hand. These stupid writers will kill off Jason too so Sookie want care if she lives or dies anymore. That,s when she will have tired ole Bill to turn her. By the way, did you see the idiot drinking Bill,s blood again? This last season is pissing me off big time! Peace out.

    • I don’t think that’s after she saids Eric’s dead I think she thinks his dead because he hasn’t came back then when he does she goes and kisses him

  28. It sounds like the season is going to be really crappy ! If Erick die there is no point to watch the show anymore. And from what i understood from this preview ; Sam is going to die too.
    That makes Tara, Erick (and Pam because she won’t keep living without hm), Sam, Jason, … those writer are really losers or the actors don’t want to continue anymore…

  29. I know one thing for damn sure, if they kill Eric off, I will stop watching! He is the only reason I watch this show!. I will not be happy with previously shot flash backs!

  30. I just thought they are making it to clear to us that eric might die they want us to think his going to but I don’t think he will I really do think bill will die as yes him and sookie are getting close again and it’s showing there love for eachother but when sookie really cries about someone dieing I’m sure it’s bill and not eric it’s just to easy to be eric not with us thinking he was dead then bringing him back with a disease as it is Eric’s in all the episodes so he can’t die from this disease I’m sure he gets cured

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