The One With The Pizza Forensics


Dear Devoted Readers:

I well and truly do not know where to begin because I usually begin with my least favorite things and then head into ‘VIKING’ territory. Saving the best for last is ALWAYS the way to go when writing about this show. I am afraid I cannot even do that properly my friends. Don’t get it twisted, seeing the Viking again made my heart skip a beat but…yes there is always a but. I did have I have issues with it.


OPENING SCENE: A tall, handsome man in a nice suit walking confidently through a courtyard and down a hallway….wait does this not sound a wee bit familiar to you all?

It is just slightly reminenscent of Alex’s Calvin Klein ads where he is all sexy, confident and dominant. Not that there is anything wrong with that. *Just a reason for me to shamelessly add one of the said ads right now*

I am not ashamed, I honestly love that man and anything he ever will produce.

He stands in front of a window with his shirt untucked and unbuttoned, appearing to be waiting on his lover and in walks Jason Stackhouse (record scratching the alluring music from the CK commercial for I am pretending I did not hear ‘the bleeds’)! Jason may not be awake but I sure as hell am.

The ‘DREAM’ was oh so very hot, as I said don’t get it twisted. Alex and Ryan are very handsome, sexy fit men and they acted the hell out of the scene.

My problems with it are as follows:

1. I felt as if it was just done for the hell of it, that it was for ‘no particular reason’ other than “We knew we owed an Eric-Jason sex dream from last season” according to Barnow. I felt as if it was just another way to appease fans for any lack of Eric. In other words, it was the season 6 finale all over again in which they decided to appease us with seeing his wanker, except now it was a ‘sex dream’ . Oh let’s give them some male nudity of the Skarsgard/Kwanten variety and they will be verra happy.(that’s the fake Scottish brogue coming out in me via Outlander) It takes a bit more than that to make this Wench happy, especially in light of how Eric was found, infected with Hep-V. (Side note: are they seriously implying in the previews that Eric would commit suicide via Hep-V. That does not work for me).

2. We have been watching the show for 7 seasons now and we know what the effects are of ingesting a vampire’s blood by now. Drink my blood and you will have good ass sex dreams of me……….YAWN! WE KNOW ALREADY!


I am not going to touch on every single thing in this episode because if I did, I would drive myself mad so I am just going to touch on a few things and call it a day. OKAY? OKAY!


I have been off this show for a while now because it has gone so far over the top that it landed into the Twilight Zone. This final season is not even recognizable to me at all. I felt none of the joy or passion that I felt in the past. Only seeing Eric again gave me some of the old feels but they did not last long because it is clouded by all the other stuff going on. When he is around more, maybe those feelings will come back around to stay but only for him. The rest I could not be bothered with too much. I yawned and rolled my eyes A LOT! Everyone and everything just feels so disconnected from what we once knew.

The only sensible and smart one in the whole bunch was Andy, he has not forgotten the wrongs that has been done to him by a certain vampire and is not willing to forgive and forget (at least for now I hope it stays that way) unlike everyone else in the town, who can only blame Sookie. Jason and his use of ‘pizza forensics’ was worthy of a little chuckle. I always love Lafayette no matter what but the rest of the town I could not be bothered with.



Beauty and the beast…oh sorry got carried away. Sookie comes across the diary of the dead girl in the woods and (gasp) her story reads just like Sookie’s. Here we are folks: this is the start of the reunion of Bill and Sookie, these were not just parallels between the two woman, they were a carbon copy. It all started when a vampire walked into a bar and instantly the girl knew what he was and yet she was smitten…..YAWN I heard that one before. The vampire even took the girl to Fangtasia………..sound familiar? You can stop reading now Sookie, we get it! Then she gets her nostalgic look on and remembers the night she asked Bill to take her to Fangtasia. I can’t deal with stupid is as stupid does!


Girl in the red dress=GONE!

*Partial lyrics from ‘You Found Me’ by The Fray*
Why’d you have to wait?
Where were you? Where were you?
Just a little late
You found me, you found me

Not that Pam was not trying to find her maker but it was still ‘just a little late’. This had to have been the saddest thing I have seen in a TV show in a long time. There is something specific about the place she found him in and I know we will find out what that is in due time but right now I don’t care. if Alex was not giving the best of himself, I would take more issue with him being infected as it is nothing more than a plot device. As I said somewhere up above, if they expect me to think he got infected on purpose then they have another thing coming. That is simply not his style, not IMO. I was so happy to see him in the flesh (not just a dream)that I almost forgot about the Hep-V I knew he contracted. I was prepared for this, you see as a lot of us already knew from the picture being leaked. Still, some were shocked and heartbroken. That is all due to how the character is portrayed, KUDOS Alex! Kudos to KBVS as well!



5= it was awesome
4= it was okay, but could be better
3= meh
2= bloody sucks
1= it fucking blows

As far as the overall story in this episode is concerned, given all the OOC moments and characters, the reading of the ‘Hey, it’s me Sookie 2.0’ diary and lack of cohesion, I have to give it a big fat 0= STAKE ME NOW!

Seeing Eric again, live or Memorex=PRICELESS and that part gets a 5 but don’t mistake that for how I felt about the episode, TB powers that be, I am only letting Alex know that I am showing him love! As usual, sound off below!


About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these2 two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

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  1. You are one strong lady Nymerias, for having successfully written the review for yesterday’s travesty. BTW, thank you my dear…

    Here’s the thing. I get it that they wanted to titillate us stricken Eric fans and hence the dream sequence. But why the Sooric music? To give us a big fat FU? To grate on our nerves? To make fun of us and relegate the Sookie Eric dreams to the same category as the Jason eric dream? Guess I’d never know.

    Major puke moment – Sookie’s flashback. An entry about Fangtasia and all she could think about was fucking Bill!!!! And then she promptly goes right across the cemetery to Bill, asking him if he can still feel her. Why doesn’t a stray vampire drain her already? Tell you what, she is growing old…Maybe she has Alzheimers and has forgotten stuff about vampire blood. Which incidently, everybody is sharing with everybody these days. Whatever happened to the thing about the blood being sacred?

    Then there was Eric. And the Hep-V veins. I’ve had a breakup in the past. I wasn’t half as angry then, as I was yesterday. Thats all i have to say about that.

    Fuck this shit!

    I have been writing a S7 TB fanfic (I am awful with updating though) and to be able to sleep last night, I wrote a draft chapter where Bill drains Sookie and Eric kills Bill and that’s that.
    Bitch asked for it! I won’t post this one but heads are going to roll!!

    I was happy about the stupid people of Bon Temps wanting to kill vampires though. Maybe they would do mankind a favor and stake Bill for us. I know thats not hapenin’ but a girl can dream!

    • Girl you are so right i’ve spent the whole day obsessing abotut this shity show but no more as long as i have my beautiful viking every sunday until the final i’am set Fuck Sookie and her precious fairy vagina and her unbeliavable stupid name

  2. I’m with you on giving this episode a big fat 0. I felt like I was watching a True Blood spinoff, with lots of people I don’t know, or give a crap about, and a few cameos by the people I want to watch. That episode was in no way, shape, or form the True Blood I’m used to watching. Two 30 second appearances from Alex, and that’s supposed to appease us? I’m just so disappointed that the last episodes of what used to be my favorite show have turned out to be horrible shadows of what once was. Did the new writers even watch the first couple of seasons? Grrrrrr!! Trying not to be negative, but dang it, I feel like they should be trying harder since this is IT!!!!

    • You know this episode was written by the lady who gave us – A New World in My View (2.10), 9 Crimes(3.4), I smell a rat(3.10), all of which were good episodes. I guess at this point, the writers have to write what the show runners want.

      So really it has to be Buckner, who is the source of this fuckedupness. His am Allan Ball ofcourse.

      • The Eric/Jason dream in this ep felt to me like a rewrite of/”homage” to the Eric/Sookie dream of ep. 2×10. Same writer. So not a coincidence.

        It’s Buckner. I think he’s kissing up to Harris (and others?).

  3. Thanks for the synopsis, Nymerias. Glad I can come here to read because after last week, I gave up even looking for free links. This show is utter nonsensical crap! And the constant jabs at the Eric fans are not unnoticed. We have brains, unlike Sookie & the writers. I got nothing else and not enough energy to care anymore.

  4. Wow! I still haven’t watched these first two episodes and never plan to. I was going to wait until about episode 3 to pick it up, skipping the first two and pretending it starts with 3, when Eric is back. However, after reading spoilers, reviews and watching some clips I have to say I am well and truly done. I watched the clip on you tube of the sex dream everyone is going gaga over and I don’t get the attraction, especially in light of showing him at the end, sick, weak, defeated and probably dying. Here is why I hate the dream….Eric is the bottom, the submissive, being overpowered and Fu**ed by Jason, then blowing him. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to pick up the message here that our beloved Viking was just reduced to a submissive sex toy. There aren’t enough FU’s in the world for me to shout at the people responsible for this utter garbage. Then the next time we see him he is sick, weak, defeated and we are to believe dying. This is even worse than I imagined his character was going to be USED. Used is right. Used for titillating, marketing and held up for ridicule to service the great BILL! Ever since before that last book came out and the end of season four I have believed that the huge fanbase of Eric Northman are being punished for our love of the VIking. It’s a game now of lets see how bad we can humiliate him and still get these silly cows to hand over their money to us and tune in. I knew I was going to hate the dream scene but had no idea the lenghts they went to insult my intelligence and play mindfu**. I will continue to check your posts and reviews for what I am positive will be the shitshow to end all shitshows (making the FU from that author look tame by comparison). Our Viking is in for a far worse fate than being bartered off to service a queen! First sight of him is playing sex toy to another male followed by the most pathetic image I have ever seen of a great character brought to the utter trashheap of retconned shitshows EVER! Sorry to those who enjoyed watching the Viking play willing sex toy/bottom for Jason but it disgusted me on so many levels I’m reduced to babbling! As for anything else showed in these two episodes……I could care less about these people and their stupidity. This show should have died at the end of episode 5. In fact, I wish I had never wasted one moment or a single dollar on this show, those books or these characters. Now….off to try and brainbleach those images from my mind and get the break up with this show into high gear so I won’t even care enough to get mad anymore!!!
    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication and I look forward to reading your posts till the bitter end!

    • Thank you, peecan. You expressed it better than I ever could.

      I will continue to read these awesome recaps by Nymerias but, otherwise, I vow never to actually watch this season (unless it gets better which I don’t hold out hope that will ever happen).

    • Way to go. You tell it. I have to agree about the sex scene. Just…ewwwww! Eric as a bottom? No way, no how!!! Just a big turn off for me. And that image of him at the end? I just felt so incredibly sad. I feel like I’m in mourning without him actually being dead. That’s just wrong!

      • I stopped giving them my ca$h after CH confirmed the DEA Spoilers were true.

        I’m very okay with Eric being a bottom in Jason’s dream. I think Eric is an unselfish, generous, balanced lover. I think he was about to go down on Sookie in “real life” at the start of ep. 4×06. He’s not just about what he can get. He likes to share.

        I’m sure there will be a “clever twist” with Bucky giving Eric “Vampire AIDS.”

  5. You guys are really making me glad I’m not watching, that’s really all I have to say about it.

  6. So far I too have held off on watching the eps and had planned to do it around episode 3 or 4, coming here and looking at re-caps/tidbits in the meantime.

    All I can say at this point is good thing I got paid, coz even though I knew I would need alcohol for my viewing, I’m probably going to need more than originally anticipated, and will start stocking up pronto.

    And I was going to look at the dream sequence online, particularly reading above how it all starts with a sexy, confident stranger, striding down a corridor. I saw those images and had a sudden desire to rush to my nearest chemist warehouse at 6:30 am and acquire some men’s perfume.

    But reading further on what actually happens in the sequence, I’m glad I didn’t rush with the sneak peek (though I might still be making that Encounter purchase).

    Back to the topic!

    I was braced for the possibility of our Viking contracting the disease, and I even get the warped logic of the writers in their thinking that after all he’s lost, it might seem fitting. BUT to imply that he’s done this deliberately, that he’s survived and thrived for a thousand (A THOUSAND) years for it to come to this? No, I’m sorry but I just can’t! Maybe that’s just me not being able to let go, after all the guy has lost his entire human family and half his vampire one. But he kept going, and I just always thought that he’d go in a blaze of glory, and not as … No! I can’t bear it! Just the monologue that’s going to come at the end and how he’s going to deliver it, and KBVS!! OMG! How can these two be painted as heartless and manipulative and have us try to hate them!?!?

    I’m all a mess, but thank you nymerias for doing your thing when so many of us can’t…

    • We already knew for months that Bucky gave Eric Hep-V thanks to the spoiler pics. (Way to hide your “clever twist,” HBO.)

      I’ve purchased Encounter. I regret nothing. 🙂

  7. I hope he gets cured!! And I only ask for a happy ending for him!! He deserve it!!!

    • And, at this point, a happy ending is being as far away from Sookie as he can possibly be. He deserves so much better than her.

      • I hope he gets a new girlfriend and that one kicks Sookie’s ass! it won’t solve anything, but it will give me a lot of satisfaction 🙂

          • I would love to see Pam give Sookie a good ass kicking. That would be awesome and make me feel so much better.

          • Unfortunately, Pam probably won’t kick her ass because Eric still cares for her. She needs to seriously get his mind elsewhere, maybe that’s what the trip to Dallas will accomplish. I really don’t want those two to go back to LA, but I guess they have to at some point. They need to take Fangtasia back, but stay out of Bon Temps.

  8. And Sookie kept a diary?!? Since when?? I hate it when shows/movies do that. You get to the very last part and suddenly… TADA!! Out comes a diary (or blog or video) that we never knew existed but is suddenly oh-so-important. What the heck happened?? Seriously, I feel like I’m living in an alternate universe… and I haven’t seen any of the episodes. Egads.

    Just talking about this makes me want to puke. Oh sweet chocolate, soothe me and take me away from the garbage that is this show.

    • No Sookie was reading a diary of a woman who was killed by an H vamp who had the same exact experiences as Sookie. It might as well have been her diary

      • Wait, seriously?!? And the audience was supposed to BELIEVE that?!? I think I’m insulted now; wait. I AM insulted now. They expect us to swallow that shit??

        Sorry I didn’t understand (this is what happens when I didn’t watch).

  9. Nymerias, you know that you deserve the highest medal of Honor for being so brave and writing this review. Bravo to you!!!!!! If I could of written as eloquently as you, I would have, but I was so pissed off, deflated and sad all at the same time. I agree that this episode (and the show as a whole) deserves a big fat 0, it blew so hard last night. I mean first of all they were 3 episodes too late with Jasons’ sex dream about Eric. If it happened in the last episode of season 6 I could see it, now it is more than six months later and he has his “blood dream” now????? WTF…………….. I mean Alex was on screen for only three minutes tops all nite and then we had to see that they really gave him HepV. But like you said, I am glad that pic leaked out when they started filming so we could steel up to it. But truthfully, I maybe thought he’d get HepV toward the end of the season and fade slowly out of the picture, but now it looks like he’ll probably be stuck in France with Pam reminiscing about the past in flashbacks and we won’t even see him in current time until it is time for him to explode and deflate as a blood bag like Nora did. I sure as Hell hope not, cause I will then really lose my cool for sure…………….
    I mean Buckner did say that Erics’ storyline would be separate from the main story, so maybe thats’ whats’ going to happen. Who knows………….

    I just can’t really believe that they (HBO, producers, AB and BB) are going to let the show end like that. I think they want to lose our future watching cause I know I’ll think twice before I watch any other series on their channel now if that happens.

    I just admire Alex so much, I am wishing him nothing but the best in is life and career. I hope that we get pics from the set of Tarzan soon as I need to see him in a better forthcoming role to help me start to put Eric further in the back of my mind once TB is over. I didn’t finish the last book for CH F**king him over and I hate to see TB F**k him over too. I’m sure all of his fans will agree that he was the “Main Star” of True Blood and Eric will be in our hearts forever.

    • How many times are people going to bash Eric Northman’s character!! Whether it be those books, or this fucking show, the abuse never ends. And in effect, we fans are fucked over and over again.

      You know Alex said this line in Generation Kill (good book and good show) – ‘feels like butt fucking a virgin under age whore with chalk!’
      (sorry for the bad language but this is what he said 🙂 )

  10. Snarkland, if you watched the show you’d know its’ not Sookies’ diary, but of a young girl from St. Alice (two towns over from Bon Temps) who’s been eaten by the Vamp H vamps along with the rest of their town.

  11. I dont know u guys…. I really cant see him being killed off by the virus i think he will be cured somehow to kill eric off and keep that sour puss face idiot alive just does not make any sense… U know what? This show is going to end the way it started w bill coming in to the bar and sookie coming over to him

  12. Hey
    what has Eric done that is so bad?. He’s lost his beloved maker found his soul mate fell in love had his heart break by said soul mate forced to release his childe and had to watch his vampire sister meet the true death from a disease he now has and that’s just from the top of my head.
    Ok wow bill has drained (implied raped) women during his games with lornea procured humans for Sophie Anne (I still think he procured Hadley) has beaten cheated and humiliated the love of his life (yeah right) and he was made into a vampire god. anybody see a discrepancy here.
    I do have a question is Alex’s name back in the credits?
    Thanks for listening/reading and thank you for this space without it I probably have thrown my tablet.

    • Yeah, his name is back in the credits from what I heard. I will admit that Eric is no saint, but he will never be as bad as Bill. We see that, the writers just sadly haven’t gotten the memo.

  13. Okay, just watched the Eric/Jason clip and as cringe worthy as it was, I didn’t find it all that bad as some made it out to be. I was expecting a lot worse, nothing was even really shown. I did find it funny that Jason was having that dream in a church, though.

  14. Great review, Nymerias… Despite what we think of the dream scene, I think both Alex & Ryan did a good job with what was given to them…. the rest of the episode…. I was mostly tweeting and doing other stuff on my computer…. I feel this like a big “fuck you” to Eric’s fans… It feels like Buckner saying: “Do you want Eric? Take Eric and fuck you…”

    And Sookie deserves Bill, yes they deserve each other, he must drain her and then Jason or maybe Eric kills him…. although I know these people won’t kil “super Bill”

  15. I read a review the other day that stated sookie has failed to evolve at all over seven seasons of this show i have to agree! I do not see what this character has learned it is not evident in any of her choices or actions the Only time she had some insight was when she told bill to get out of her house and when she staked him However the writers never let her stay strong for long bc then she would naturally stray from the bill relationship and alan B will not have that!!!!!!!

    • She has the worst case of amnesia of anyone I’ve seen.

      • SELECTIVE amnesia.

        • At this point I think the best thing they could do would be to kill sookie off. In some ways true blood is a incredible show in the fact that they have a lead female character that most of the female fanbase hates I can’t think of a single show that has pulled that off.
          If they wanted a postive female response they should have written her more like pam a kick arse female who isn’t a afraid or ashamed of who she is or what she is.

          • Next to Sookie, Forrestt Gump is a genius…. It is almost impossible to feel some sympathy for Sookie Stackhouse at this point.

          • Bess I agree with you so much. Strong female leads are so rare in main stream media. Sookie could have been a strong female character that lead this show. The writers have not allowed that though. So instead I hate her now, and wish Pam was the main character.

            Hell, I like Arlene better than Sookie because Arlene is just meant to be some lame side-story character. I always knew that and laughed at some of her antics. Sorry, the main female lead should not be on the same level as Arlene in my mind! Bad job writers!

          • Hey
            One of the many things I hate about the way they have written this character is they have her completely reject Eric and bill (but he’s not really important) by saying she doesn’t want a releanship with a supe.
            Not happy about that on the Eric front delighted when it comes to bill. Anyway within two seasons she’s having sex with warlow and alcide both supes.
            Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t sookie herself a supe?

          • No, you’re right Bess, Sookie is a supe. It’s the amnesia. She forgot she was a supe, just like, for the past three or so season, she forgot she could read minds.

            Just like she ‘forgot’ that Bill tricked her; nearly drained her dry; and took over the kingship because he was seriously compensating for his massive amounts of smallness (if you know what I mean).

            Oh dear. For all this girl’s forgotten, perhaps she should check herself into a hospital… perhaps a lobotomy would do her good??

            Seriously, though. Where are the actors’ self-respect that they would actually go through filming this shit?? Ten or fifteen years ago, you act in shit like this you never work again. (JMO of course) I’m sure the actors are doing what they can with the slop they are given but still. **shakes head**

          • DarkPhoenyx, don’t insult poor Forrest by comparing him with Sookie. What did he do to deserve that??

          • And I wasn’t trying to speak bad about the actors. They are very good at what they do. I was talking about the material. Do the actors not have any say over any of the material? Or are they contractually obligated to just do this, no matter how bad it is??

          • I agree with you it’s not the actors fault it’s the writers/showrunners fault.
            I’m all for artistic interpretation that’s fine great even but when a significant proportion of the audience what a certain outcome shouldn’t they follow that.
            We’ve paid good money on this we’ve bought DVDs if in America a subscription to hbo we’ve bought the merchandise some have even gone to comic con just to see them.
            Not to mention the emotional investment some of us have followed this storyline 15 years or so.
            If sookie chooses bill I’ll feel cheated if she chooses alcide I’ll feel cheated if she chooses Sam I’ll feel cheated hell if she chooses herself I’ll feel cheated.
            The writers/showrunners forget we have followed them anywhere from 15 to 7 years ether way that’s a long time.

  16. Thanks for the recap 🙂
    was the worst episode in True Blood history!

  17. Thanks for the recap, Nymerias. I really appreciate people like you watching the show and reporting so I can satisfy my curiosity without watching the ep myself. Since I’ve basically given up on the show emotionally/mentally, I can’t get it up to get too angry about it anymore. It is what it is. The series is more-or-less in the can. Alex left a month ago for Tarzan. I just want to find out HOW badly Bucky ends it. 🙂 Apparently I’m in the minority here, but I still (after yesterday) love the Eric/Jason dream. I just watched it two more times before typing this. Maybe because the only scenes I’ve seen of s7 so far are Alex’s two scenes in ep. 2. I feel like, for the most part, I got my artistic/feminist “grieving” out of the way (thanks for putting up with me on that one, everyone at ESL) in these last few months. Now, I’m just here to witness the fallout of the probably-just-as-crappy-as-if-not-crappier-than-DEA ending of TB, enjoy goofing on how far the mighty have fallen artistically, and to celebrate my excitement for the future of Alex’s career (I can’t wait for The Giver. Less than two months away. 🙂 ). The Eric/Jason dream was yet another reminder for me that Alex is a star, an amazing actor, and a future Academy Award winner. True Blood will ALWAYS be a testament to how fragile, mean egos can ruin a formerly excellent story. I’ll never let that slide. Poorly played, HBO. I’m proud of Alex for how he’s conducted himself. He stays true to himself, and I have every confidence that he’ll go where he needs and wants to go in his career (and, of course, I, as I’m sure everyone else here feels the same, wish him the best personally). I don’t enjoy the rapist-apologist retconned show, so I don’t watch it anymore. Simple as that. Go, Alex! Go, ESL! I hope everyone here is doing well. Take care. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. That scene was shocking ! It almost destroyed my picture of Erick (Go team Erick – Sookie ! )

  19. I saw the famous sex dream between Eric and Jason and I found it well acted and of course Eric was the bottom cuz the dream is from Jason’s point of view …
    Jason wanted the DOM role…..this dream reminded of Eric/Sookie dream in S2 there were a lot of parallels both Sookie and Jason are questioning their relationships with Bill and Violet….I liked Arlene in this episode brave…otherwise all the rest sucked especially Sookie’s flashback of Bill ….

  20. I don’t understand why all the dates in the stupid diary were 2010 & 2011. Did anyone else notice that? This is 2014. So this is all supposed to have taken place 3 years ago? I found that highly annoying.

    I’m not even going to elaborate further on how angry I am at their treatment of Eric’s character. They are doing their best to demean and humiliate him because they know how much we love him. We are effectively their customers and they are giving us the finger. What kind of a business has so little regard for its customer base? If hbo was a store I would call for a boycott and a picket line in the parking lot.

    I hear that Bucky is an a**hole nobody wants to work with. I believe it.

    Good work on this fantastic review, N. You put things into words much better than I ever could. Thank you.

  21. Nymerias , so glad you finally watch this train wreck. You give the best review!
    I don’t get why all the powers that be hate the character Eric. The Dream was hot, you have to be blind not to think so.Eric a bottom? I don’t think so. I don’t give a shit about all the new characters that will all probably die in the end anyway. Why can;t they just
    show us how all our favorites end up. I don’t want to see Sookie slowly decide her heart has always belonged to her abuser. With all the politically correct topics they have touched upon they have totally skipped over that one.
    I will be waiting breathlessly for you review after every episode. Unless they do kill our Viking, then I will be to shocked to watch anymore.

  22. Hi,
    thanks for the great review. Haven’t seen ep2 (just Eric’s bits) but it sounds I am not missing on anything.
    I have mixed feelings about Eric/Jason dream..It was fab to see Eric on screen again looking so handsome (I had to laugh when I read that this female writer almost fainted when she was going over lines with Alex – that would be all of us). The acted it the best they could but it did nothing for me in terms of sexiness. Maybe it’s because there was no point to it, no back story or anything – just as you said, it was done to ‘please’ the fans….
    I also agree that it would be totally OOC for Eric if he contracted HepV on purpose..Eric is all about ‘Liv’ so f you writers if you go there. I hope he got it when he was healing from his burns.
    I will be optimistic and say that he will come back to LA with Pam in search of cure and make not die ..I think him and Pam will continue their journey together.
    As for Sookie – don’t care, if she is that dum and blind she deserves somebody like Bill. I only hope Eric doesn’t give her the blessing – that would make me spit fire 🙂

  23. Thanks for reviewing. I have not watched anything except Eric clips so far.

    This show is down the drain basically, too bad… I’ve been spending my sundays rewatching end of season 2, and I still love those episodes. Of course Sookie annoys me even back then, but I just don’t like Anna’s portrayal of this character. I think she over does the ‘I’m sweet, innocent, and care oh so much’ crap. Because other than that I have no reason to be hating on Sookie so early on.

    Anyways… I’m glad Eric is back in the episodes. I wonder if the writers really put so much thought into being jerks to Eric fans? I kind of have to disagree with folks above who think they are writing all of this out to say F U to the fans. I doubt these busy people are spending time and energy on that effort.

    I will say they probably focus on Bill/Sookie and writing that to the best it can be (in their eyes). They always have favored Bill and focus on his story. I think that just ‘accidentally’ pushes Eric to the back of their minds and then they have to scramble to come up with a story for him due to contracts or because they do know he is a fan favorite.

    It still sucks for us Eric fans, but I just feel kind of bad for some of these writers. I’m sure some of them don’t like the end game either but they all have bosses to report to who are telling them what the ending will be, they just have to write a certain episode.

    At least Alex will be Tarzan! Yahooo!

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