“Fire In The Hole” True Blood Clip Released


True Blood HBO has released a brand-new clip from True Blood Episode 7.03 “Fire In The Hole”, as well as an extra segment from their Farewell To Bon Temps panel, in which Alexander Skarsgård talks about doing the final episode as a musical. (Alex is game for anything you know.  😉 ) We also have an interview with Angela Robinson, who wrote the premiere episode, “Jesus Gonna Be Here” and addresses the controversy of Tara’s death.


You probably should grab a barf bag now…this clip is going to make you VERY sick!


Stillwell, Charles

The clip features Bill and Sookie driving in a car where he proceeds to give her some more of his blood. It’s very gag-worthy and you probably don’t want to watch it, but we wanted to warn you this will be shown in the next episode.

I have NO WORDS…other than if Sookie has a boyfriend, why is she planning to do something with Bill? God, I feel sick…


As if that doesn’t make your stomach turn enough…here’s the extra segment from Farewell To Bon Temps, where Buckner talks about how daunting it is to write the final episode.

At least Alex being funny made some of my nausea go away…but there’s NO WAY I want to see a True Blood musical!

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Lastly, we leave you with this interview between AfterEllen and Angela Robinson who wrote the premiere episode and Tara’s death. Which you can read in it’s entirety on the link. But this is the quote we wanted you to read most.

And just informationally, we did shoot a scene where Pam reacted to Tara dying. She was in Morocco and weeping in a bathroom where she felt it. She was grieving for her. We did write that, but when it was all put together the scene felt weird and out of place because Pam was on the other side of the world, so it didn’t make it into the final cut.


But wouldn’t this make it much less confusing for viewers? As usual…sloppy writing. Anyways, this should put the final nail in THAT coffin.

Thoughts? Please share them below.


50 comments on ““Fire In The Hole” True Blood Clip Released

  1. Hack writers and editors. Of course they should’ve included that scene. As it stands almost all viewers believe Tara is still alive and that there’s a wide conspiracy about Lettie Mae.

    If the story was told properly, none of these questions/theories would exist.

    What a bunch of hacks!

  2. Total BS so instead you make Pam seems like an unfeeling b**** because you couldn’t put a 30 second clip in? Of course she would mourn Tara!!! Idiots makes me so frustrated that they are seriously that dense?!?!?

  3. Oh and thanks for the barf bag I needed that after watching the clip….. Yuck yucky yuck

  4. Thanks for sharing Erika…I had already seen the clip and seriously I can’t watch it again. I watched the Eric one though 🙂

    SO, they are saying that Sookie has forgotten the shit she learnt about vampire blood and is still willing to drink more of Bill’s, ostensibly for protection, even if she has a werewolf boyfriend. I mean, where there is a choice between Bill and Alcide (I am not even putting Eric in the choice here because Eric is better than this hicksville soap opera), Alcide is still better than Billy the ex-hilbilly. Yes the guy (Alcide) is confused and clueless but then most guys are. At least he has never drained and manipulated the girl.

    But then choosing Alcide wouldn’t be very danger whory…I mean Sookie does have a liking of drinking vampire blood. She drank Bill’s, then Eric’s, then Warlow’s and now she is back to Bill. Maybe she is making up for the lack of good salons in her area and wants a perma shine to her hair or something!

    I will watch Eric’s scenes, paint my nails during the rest, and then turn back to the blogs for the rants. At this point, the rants are more entertaining than the show.

  5. Frankly I think the bore and the doormat deserve each other. The writers have made both characters so stupid I can’t even stomach either anymore, and at first I did really like them. Bill got completely boring to me when he spoke at the Glorious Dead meeting, and he has the Kristin Stewart Syndrone where he has the same expression whether he’s happy, sad, good, bad, or indifferent. Sookie is the ultimate “but I love him even when he kicks me in the face” milktoast stereotype women have been fighting for years.

    • I call it the Edward Cullen syndrome, he just looks constipated all the time. Yeah, so not watching that clip, Sookie will forever be an idiot. As for the Pam part they cut out, more proof that the writers are idiots. It pisses me off that they’d rather show Pam as uncaring than to include her reaction to Tara’s death.

  6. I so agree with all of you ladies about the comments made above me. I really loved Sakshis’ comment about and I quote, ” At this point, the rants are more entertaining than the show”. I loved that line, its’ truly a classic that I sure hope to remember to use as a future quote somewhere. Thanks Sakshi!!!

    Also where does that writer broad (and I use that term loosely) say that the powers to be thought that the scene of Pam mourning Taras’ death doesn’t fit in???? At least that would of been timely, better than showing the gratuitous Eric and Jason sex scene that should have taken place in at least the last episode of last season and not into the last season 2 episodes in which is 6 months later, which, I think is too late for Jason to have the “Blood dream” of Eric now???? Now this IS (in MHO) untimely……………I have one question, are these writers on the pipe? I have never ever seen a show that had so much potential in the beginning end so far off base into the gutter like this one. Don’t even get me started on Stupid (Sookie) drinking Bills blood just so they can traipse over to Fangtasia and check to see if the Hep V Vamps are there. Granted Alcide couldn’t protect her tho in that situation, but I’m sure she could of talked it over with the others and they could of figured out a way together and either overcame the Vamps or used another Vamp besides ol’ asshole himself.

    Well, thats’ all I have to say about this subject right now. I hate writing upset crap like this, I’d so much more rather talk about Eric and how handsome he is etc. but right now the crap is got to find a way out of me as my eyes can’t get any browner….LOL (trying to keep my sense of humor here).

    Thanks for listening and Thanks Erika for this outstanding post as usual. As far as the barf bag, I have a lined garbage can right next to my desk so I can use that if need be!!

    • I have a feeling that wasn’t the first time Jason dreamt of Eric, he could have been having dreams that whole six months for all we know. That was just the first time it was shown on screen, but either way, it just felt out of place.

    • That’s a great idea to have a garbage can right near you! I’ll have to remember that every Sunday! 😉

  7. yup BS on the Pam and Tara clip, it needed to be there and not more of billy boy but i am sure that is what we got. as for the clip i had already seen it and thought what a stupid idiot she is … but they are drawing them in together again. asinine is the only word i can come up with .. Kristie

  8. And u know the bill sookie sex scene will be coming soon as well i wonder if alcide walks in on them? Amd spokie gives him a lame ass excuse like she gave eroc when she left him

  9. I didn’t watch the clip cause I didn’t want to ruin my day, but I’m thinking they had Sookie drink his blood again so she will forgive him for all his bullshit and that way the writers can rationalize their being together in the end even after all he has done.

  10. Yes that makes sense then they can rationalize how she senses his true love! I kinda hope eric tells sookie that he was simply infatuated with her for a time but realizes he doesnt truly love her i would like that!!!

  11. My gut is still telling me Sookies ginna rnd up turned… Bill. Even if that doesnt happen, i’ll still not watch and only catch the Alex clips on youtube where i can. Gah!!!! I just will never understand why they wouldn’t give us what the majority wanted. Just coz Allan has a Bill-boner made worse when Anna and Stephen hooked up, doesn’t mean we all do!!!!! Gah!

  12. We’ve been screaming at the top of our lungs about the horrible writing/editing
    And still the powers that be and Alan Ball’s staff continue to turn a deaf ear to
    our cries and only do what Alan Ball tell’s them to do!!!
    And Mr. Ball cares zero what the fan’s think…
    The only opinion that matter’s is HIS.
    He has decided that he will put up the show the way he want’s it.
    Screw what the fan’s want.

  13. You have got to be kidding me sookie drinks bills blood again. That’s one thing I can’t bring myself to watch. She’s just won the idiototic herione ever I’m at the point where she deserves everything she gets if she gets back with him.
    You can’t even blame bills blood for this the conclusion I’ve come to is sookie is a masoquiest it’s the only thing that makes sence.
    I’ll bet if sookie gets rid of her powers he’ll be back bedding anyone in her post code
    Stupid stupid woman.

  14. I really want eric to tell her what time it is !!! It would be so good for him to set her ass straight ! I dont think they will turn her what would be the purpose? If anything maybe they will make bill human again

  15. I have to say the interview infuriated me and I feel very very cheated that we didn’t get the Pam scene.

    • But we needed a retconned flashback to remind us that Sookeh and Beeeeeeeeeel are Twu Wuv. 🙂 That’s WAY more important than Tara’s True Death and anyone giving more than five seconds of a crap about her, including her Maker Pam.

  16. You know sookie would forgive bill if he drained Jason and had sex with Hadley in his blood (sorry for that image).
    At this time I don’t think any of us have any faith in the story and how can we?

    • ^^^TRUE.

    • She would forgive him even if it happens right in front of her face. It’s really pathetic how she acts around bill. It’s only a matter of time when they’re in bed together, so predictable. I’m just glad I cancelled my HBO subscription.

    • Sookie would forgive him if she found out that he was actually the one who killed her grandmother.

      • tammy-I really think Bill did kill Adele (not that I think Bucky will address this). And, yes, I think Sookie would forgive Bill for killing her grandmother. And want to be with Bill, or at least be friends with Bill. Oh, well. It was fun until it wasn’t fun anymore. 🙂

        • I can see that nothing would surprise me about bill.
          Imagine bills face when he finds out sookies a fairy princess when he was going through his god complex (refuse to call him bilith)
          Because that name to me implies he cared about his race but when you saw his face when he lost that power he cared more about that than the fact that his childe not to mention entire race were nearly turned into a vampire smoothie.

        • A lot of people believe that, I’ve seen fictions that address it, but like you said, the show never will. I mean, the other girls were just strangled, her death was different like it was caused by someone else.

  17. And this scene is exhibit A in proving that Sookie is a dumbass.

  18. IMO I don’t think their exclusion of Pam’s scene was as simple as they said. I truly believe they are now gunning (even if it’s only subconsciously) to make both Pam and Eric the baddies and will let those feelings dictate their actions. If Pam and Eric didn’t have the following they have, it wouldn’t surprise me that they would’ve given them the final death a few seasons ago.

    What gets my panties in a twist is that they are so hell bent on having THEIR way that they aren’t listening to what the FANS want. And isn’t that the whole purpose of their business, to get people to like them??

  19. I’m investing in many, many, MANY more barf bags for this season.

  20. Wow, so the writers wrote the Pam scene and they shot said scene, but then who had final say over whether or not it worked when put with the rest of the episodes?

    Maybe the writers aren’t as hopeless as we thought, well, some of them aren’t… Maybe…

    And what happened to Sookie being all “I’ll take my chances on the werewolf thanks”??

    *Insert face palm here* good god. Way to show you’re a smart independent woman!

  21. Thanks, Erika. I know it ain’t easy. 🙂

    That Angela Robinson After Ellen interview rubbed me the wrong way. Robinson came across to me in her attitude like, “I’m an out lesbian businessperson who has a blank check with the LGBTQ community, so I can do whatever I want and you have to like it or leave me the eff alone, I really don’t care, I get paid either way.” If you don’t care about your work, I don’t care about your work. We finally agree about something!

    Not that I care about Adilyn, but I love Robinson’s double-speak with that character: “We were talking about making her a lesbian, but then we decided that wasn’t the right call for the character, but then I specifically decided to add a lesbian subtext to Adilyn’s dealings with Jessica in the episode that I wrote.” And, “Alan Ball said all the vampires are bisexual.” Let’s have it all possible ways, so when we write ourselves into a corner, we can BS our way out of it. How convenient for them. I’m parrot-phrasing, of course. I mean, I get that it’s a business, but d*mn, the lengths these people go to to try to sell their Billsh*t.

    Oh, well. Nothing I can do about it except not buy their Billsh*t…and whine to ESL. 😉 Thanks as always. Hope everyone is doing well.

  22. I really did throw up. What the F… Did I just see? Was that Sookie drinking Bill,s blood and she was not injured? This show has just reached new heights of stupidity! This Robinson chick made herself look like the clueless writer we knew she and all her fellow writers were the whole time. Season 1,2,3 and 4 were the best of the whole series even though I hated the way they ended season 4. The rest is just pure shit. I hate to break it to you Miss Angela Robinson but I want ever suffer through anything your involved in . You can keep your old Hollywood movie and shove it where the sun don’t shine! Peace out!

  23. OMG I wanted to slap Sookie when she said ‘I have a boyfriend’ while Bill was getting all horny … nice one Sookie….now I really want Alcide to dump her and hit the road! Unfortunately I think he will come to Bill’s house following her scent and won’t find her there (she and Bill would be on the way to another stupid mission) and Alcide may die looking for her…that would be too much but I wouldn’t be surprised. I prefer Alcide dumping her ass.

    • I guess you’re right Maja ..if the spoilers are correct Alcide will die in this the reunione for Bill/Sookie will begin…Sookie will feel guilty for his death and taking Bill’s blood and voilà here we get Sookie running back to Bill..WTH HBO If this scenario really happens my five year old son can write a better plot!!!

      • I am so disappointed … I was really hoping Alcide would leave her …but now here is another person Sookie can feel guilty about. *eye roll* just in this case she should feel guilty – how stupid it was to leave like that as if Alcide would just go to bad after realizing she left the house in the middle of the night – cannot stand the sight of her any more. And if ErIc comes back and give her his blessing with Bill I will break shit…

        I have a strong feeling she will get rid of her fairyness forever with that super fire ball and Niall will work some magic will do some trick where Bill will become human again and they will live HEA..either that or she will be turned to become fairy vamp bride

        • I honestly could care less what happens at this point, Bill and Sookie deserve each other. The only thing we can do is not watch, I’m not going to waste my time on something that I know will make me miserable.

  24. Yep that is classic spokie gross! I do think alcide dies she is like one of those people qith short term memory loss she is one of the most ridiculous female characters i have ever seen!!!!!

  25. OT, so please forgive me…

    If you don’t already know, an Alex interview is in the August issue of Glamour UK (also with pictures-I’m surprised they actually showed one of Alex with Anna from earlier in the show). It might not be the most informative article, but I love it. 🙂 ❤

    Happy Fourth of July to those who celebrate (and to those who don't, Happy Friday).

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