True Blood 7.04 Promo: “Death Is Not The End”


Finished watching True Blood Episode 7.03 “Fire In The Hole”? You’re probably dying to find out what’s going to happen in next week! Here’s the promo so you can get a sneak peek.

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!


Watch the promo below.

Hmmm…not sure what to think. I believe I caught a flash of Eric’s black tank top, and thanks to Barbara from – here it is!


As for tonight’s episode…B is currently writing up the review for it. As of right now, all we can think is…WTF?

What do you think? Please share your thoughts below.


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  1. RIP Alcide, still not watching, but I heard he bit the dust. I guess it was inevitable, they had to get him out of the way somehow.

    • All I can think of is the church lady from SNL saying, “isn’t that convenient.” LOL This was AFTER she told Bill that she didn’t love Alcide as much as Alcide loved her. (rollseyes)

      • Of course, like we didn’t already know that. She was only with him to occupy some boredom until it was time to go back to her one true love. Barf, again, so glad I’m not watching…lol! What happened with Eric in this episode? I have a feeling I don’t even want to watch his scenes.

      • Nothing is by accident with Sookie and Bill. Remember who had a gun in her hand pointing in the direction of Alcide. Jessica. How convenient was it that Alcide was able to track Bill and Sookie despite Bill telling Sookie he was a master at covering their tracks. Cough * Billshit* Cough. Another example of Bill removing all other suitors. I mean how many times has Bill tried to kill Eric.

        I found the episode interesting. A lot of OOC moments for Eric or at least it seemed that way. Most obvious when we watched Sylvie and Eric in the vineyard. Since when does the Viking feed and f*ck at the same time? Never. Eric has always separated the two. Another example of Bill narration.

  2. I can see Erik w Pam when a door is opening? Could it be a flash back?

  3. I just cannot watch this show anymore – they have “Jumped the Shark” so badly, they make JAWS look like a guppie. I watched 5 minutes of episode 3 and had to shut off my television so I could go and throw up in my mouth. Are you freaking serious…could it get any worse? YUCK – O – RAMA!!!! There is no coming back from this disaster…I AM SO DONE!!!!

  4. I have no words for sookies stupidity this episode worse than ever its almost like they are making a mockery of her. Of course bill further reminded us that he is not the same vampire(for the fiftieth time) since he was almost drained…and sookie responds as stupidly ! Its as if the writing has become so lazy they didnt even bother to show up for the last season!

    • Bill’s being drained is like a new clean slate and wipes away all of Bills bad past deeds.

      I’m convinced they’re making a mockery of the entire show.

      • Another example of the Billshi*, that Bill Compton purveys. Drained and then drinks his own blood again from James and Jessica. Its laughable at this point.

  5. I heard that France woman is Eric’s true love? is that true?

    • He didn’t love her enough to chose her over Pam…but he did care about her enough to want to die himself instead of choosing between them

      • I don’t like Eric had ever cared about a human before Sookie!!

        • Watched the episode, and I kind of relief, I think Eric is just crazy about Sylvie’s body and her human blood, there’s tons of girls like her Eric had ever met in 1000 years(include when he is still a human ), But I do agree that Eric has to revenge for her to reduced guilt.

  6. Sounds like they are burning a LOT of bridges. Well, what they don’t realize is I will never, willfully, watch anything from Alan Ball, Brian Buckner or these writers. If I happen to be watching something and I didn’t realize it was connected to them then it’s not my fault but the best any of us, as an audience, can do it never support any of these people ever again.

    I was never a huge fan of Alcide (though my fav epi is the 4th season where Sookie and Alcide find Eric daywalking) but he did NOT deserve what Sookie, and the rest of TPTB, did to him. The sad thing is that you can tell these actors think these people are geniuses. REALLY?? (bitter much Snarkland? Oh heck ya.)

  7. Could the writers make Bill any
    more boring? I tried so hard to like him, but his southern gentleman act is so lame and his expression never changes.

    • My question is what’s the point of his stupid flashback this episode? It’s like the rest of the writing…disjointed and not making sense.

      • Even in the flashbacks, Bill Compton can’t seem to remember what his family looks like. This is the third or fourth different wife and her hair color changes from blonde to brunette. Even his children keep changing. Don’t tell me its because they couldn’t get the same actors. Its intentional. When you look at the flashback picture and the tin type they don’t even look alike. Position of the bodies, the hands, the uniform and even Bill’s face is different. I think Bill is loosing his mind if he had one to begin with.

  8. I was hoping this episode might be an improvement, but no the final season continues to disappoint. I am so glad I didn’t meet Eric Northman in 1986 as he was a total pussy!

    I’m actually bummed about Alcide, I was hoping that at least he might punch Bill in the face before he went.

    Will watch it again later in the hope it improves on second viewing.

    • I totally agree. As if it wasn’t bad enough that our Viking got burned at the end of last season, now he has Hep V, lost his mojo, has some d*uche-bag girlfriend we never heard of before, and we have to be subjected to a pathetic version of Eric from the 80s. Like gag me with a spoon ( to quote some 80s vernacular)

  9. Just posted this on True Blood’s Timeline.

    HBO you have lost a subscriber over the garbage you served up tonight on True Blood. I was disgusted enough to turn off the TV after just 5 gag-inducing minutes….didn’t stick around for the rest of the trainwreck. Others may forgive you enough to tune in for Game of Thrones next year, but I am so angry, I am cancelling HBO all together. As Eric Cartman would say “Scr*w you guys, I’m going home!”

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  11. I mean Alcide dying, yeah I’m not incredibly sad over it but whats funny are Joe’s post episode interviews… He literally lays it all out on the table pretty frankly and I actually appreciated reading them… What I dont get is even the mention of Sookie settling up with Bill and Eric.. LOL its not like we would believe Sookie is going anywhere but back to SnorzeBill, all it proves is that we are going to get some horrid goodbye scene that will just piss ES fans off even more than we already are…

    Whats even funnier is at the end of last season bucky said “we now have a new triangle, with Eric off on his own for a while, that leaves Alcide, Sookie and Bill” BUAHAHAHAHA Seriously, wow that lasted a whole magical 3 episodes… Bravo Bucky Bravo!!

    • I was gonna say, that was the shortest love triangle ever. You guys are really making me glad I’m no longer watching this train wreck.

      • yep short and pointless lol even Joe said they couldnt have Sookie break up with Alcide.. But problem is, everyone thinks she’s a bitch already!!

  12. Also, just noticed in the promo.. Erics in Fangtasia with Sookie, at 0:04.. Makes me think Sookie saying Erics gone actually means the true death..

  13. All the ones who got killed tonight met the death or true death on screen.

    I just cannot get over the fact that we didn’t witness Tara’s one. She was one of the main characters, she had the very first scene on TB after the ouverture, and she’s gone like this ??? Unbelievable ….I read somewhere that they even cut out the scene where Pam was feeling her death from the distance ! For what ? allowing more Lettie Mae screen time ?? Really ??

    The begining of this episode, with the yoga class, was brillant !! Best TB scene since a long time !! Reminded me of the early TB spirit, when the writers were still playing with our minds. All the rest of the episode was “déjà vu”, even the Eric’s (sex) scenes didn’t play as well as they usually do …and I’m a big Northman fan, believe me.

    Am I getting tired of TB ? The answer is probably yes … but again this opening scene is a strong reminder of what the show could really deliver if only they were choosing the right path … so, there is still hope for the trubbie nesting inside me !

  14. Still digesting …
    I like that we got more than 1min screen time..yeahhh….. and Eric in the 80s was behaving exactly like human Eric did before his family was killed…didn’t 1000 pass by? didn’t he learn more?…not very convincing as Eric was so detached from humans in S1 so it strange that he was so in love with some random human girl only 15-20 years before…..well f it, nothing makes sense anyway.
    Yes that is Eric with Sookie in Fangtasia with the bunch of hep V vamps. I guess they will make it to BT, help out with Fangtasia battle, there will be vomit inducing goodbye scene with Sookie and Eric and Pam will hit the road to Dallas in search of Sarah. I am afraid next week could be the last E&S scenes we’ll see.
    I just want Eric and Pam to survive at the end, that’s all.

  15. This episode was downright painful. I’m usually able to drown out all the crap that isn’t Lafayette, Pam or Eric, but this time even the parts with Eric sucked. It seems to me they’re trying to appease the hordes of angry Eric-lovers by giving him a happy ending with the girl he loved before Sookie (because let’s face it, we never saw Sylvie actually die and she may very well be a running around as a vampire, ready to give Eric his happy ever after towards the end of the season). Unfortunately they’re forgetting why we loved Eric in the first place, and it isn’t because he’s a whiny pussy. Making him into one now will just piss people off even more.

    And also, can we stop acting like the Hep-V vamps are any kind of serious threat? Just don’t leave your home after dark and don’t look vampires in the eyes to avoid them glamouring you into inviting them in and they can’t get to ya. They need an invitation, writers. I know you have forgotten that, but I haven’t.
    Do this for a week or two and the Hep-V vampires will have exploded on their own.

    And don’t even get me started on this whole “Bill is a new person because he was drained and therefor everything he has ever done has to be forgotten”. You’re not fooling anyone. The only saving grace is that with Bill and Sookie back together (as the show probably will end with them loving each other forever) I can imagine my own ending with Bill finally draining Sookie all the way during one of his “unfortunate episodes” that he totally isn’t responsible.

    Yes this is an angry rant, but there are still like 7 episodes left of this crap that I will have to watch because of my love for Eric. That makes me very upset.

    • Not even Eric is worth watching this train wreck anymore, especially if they’re going to keep writing him completely out of character. I just come in here to see what everyone else has to say about it, but I am so done with this show.

  16. Alcide. Is. Dead. It’s the little things, people. 🙂

    I only watched Eric’s/Pam’s scenes and the death of Sookie’s latest beloved boring abuser Alcide. Alcide’s death made me laugh. I love the sad song at the end trying to force emotion. The big cliffhanger, like I’m suddenly supposed to care about a character I’ve wanted gone (not necessarily dead) since s4. I didn’t think they’d kill off the boring werewolf, until the “spec” a few days ago. Bucky got one thing right as showrunner. That, plus I loved the Eric/Jason dream last episode (I know I’m probably in the minority on that one).

    The Eric/Sylvie scenes made me cringe. More eleventh hour retcon. I didn’t like the performance of the actress who played Sylvie. Too self-conscious/cutesy, like she was too in awe of Alex IRL or something. The only time she made me feel anything for Sylvie was when Sylvie was murdered (at least, I’m presuming Sylvie was murdered).

    Nice to see Pam acknowledge Tara’s True Death for a few seconds.

    The writers seemed to remember that Pam generally prefers women in this episode. I liked that.

    Sarah Newlin is the one thing that gets Eric off his True Death bed? Yawn. Should have killed off Sarah last season. Maybe I’m missing something, but how did Pam know that specifically Jason was the one who did not kill Sarah when he had the chance?

    Loved seeing Nan Flanagan again. Still hate that they killed her off (in order to force Eric into a s/l with Boring Rapist Beel, boo).

    I detected more Eric/Sookie parallels. I refuse to get excited (I’ll never make that mistake again), since I still figure Bucky will pull a Harris, kill off Nicole, and jam Sookie with Sam at the last second.

    Thanks for this post, Erika. Take care everyone. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I saw Rutina’s name in the opening credits but I don’t think she was in this ep? Yet Alex wasn’t in ep. 1 and they took his name out of the credits for that ep. I’m glad Rutina’s name is still there, but I still don’t like that Alex’s name was taken off for that ep.

    • Yes shinealite I noticed that thing too about Pam..How could she about Jason and Sarah if she left immediately to search for Eric? Who told her ?It doesn’t make sense…The Eric/Sylvie pissed me off…stop writing things that don’t make was so forced and Eric so OOC….all because Mr William Compton needs to be whitewashed!! I just hope at the end Eric is well they find a cure and he’s serene with Pam and Willa!! As for Sookie I don’t care the writers have already made me hate her…Take care everybody

      • Jackie69-Yes, the Pam/Jason/Sarah thing is yet another unexplained thing on the show. Eric/Sylvie was very eleventh-hour. Eric was what, around 980 years old or so in that flashback? Yet he was acting as bratty as Human Eric from the s3 flashback with his family of origin and Goat Girl. Huh? Also, as someone pointed out elsewhere, Eric was a responsible person in 1905 San Francisco but a “teenage” brat in 1986 France? Does. Not. Compute. Also, the show took great pains to show us in the first 5 seasons that Eric kept feeding and sex separate (he didn’t have a sex scene in s6). Now, all of a sudden, in 1986, he AND Pam combine feeding and sex? Maybe it’s the Bill POV problem again, as askarsgasms pointed out. I really wish they’d spell it out before it’s too late, but I’m not expecting it. Take care. 🙂

  17. Really I enjoyed reading everyones’ rants from above about this last episode. I pretty much agree with them all and I won’t repeat all of my feelings on them as they are the same as yours above.

    The one thing that nobody else (at least I haven’t seen it anywhere else yet) caught in this episode is when they shot Alcide and he is falling down they showed various bullet wounds in his body and also one square between the eyes. Yet when he lay dead on the ground with Sookie crying over him, miraculously, there is no bullet wound on his forehead. Just wanted to point out another snafu of their FX makeup Dept. Little things like this is what shows me that they just don’t care about the quality of crap that they are trying to force down on throats once again.

    I’m sure deep down Joe was glad to finally get off the crazy train to nowhere and get back to his other projects hes’ got going now. He, along with most of the other actors on this show (Alex included) have received their current fame from this show and now need to move on and reap the benefits of that which is the only plus side I can see about this show for any of them.

    I am being strong and am watching only because of Alex and Kristin. No matter what they make them act or do in the rest of this final season, I will watch them until they aren’t in the show any longer as after seven looooooong years of watching and admiring both of them, I owe it to myself at the very least. I’m sure the show will let me down as did the books, which to this day, I haven’t and will never read the last book.

  18. So let’s have this straight… The fierce Japanese samurai vamps have been brought out twice in the history of this illustrious show.
    Once, to ween off Eric from his girlfriend and get him to drink true blood.
    Second, when an entire population of vampires were hit with a deadly virus that even the US government can’t handle. So now they are out in search of Sarah Newlin who had a big hand in the start of this virus.

    Y’all, where were these bozos when their factories got bombed?

    • I don’t think its that the US Government can’t handle the situation but rather it may be what they want in the long run. Annihilation of a race. A race that could kill them and eat them and your children too.

  19. I loved last night’s show….
    Maxine Fortenberry’s no more…she got what she deserved.
    She was a hateful needy woman who wanted her son to be like her.
    Hoyt loved Jessica…and didn’t care that she was a Vampire….
    Wonder if Hoyt will come back to bury his mom???

    Alcide never asked for all of this….he agreed to help Eric to settle a gambling debt
    of his dad’s….that’s how he met Sookie and lost his heart to her…..
    He was sometimes too good for his own good…and it finally got him killed.

    Eric is now pissed enough to fight….and when he gets pissed & mad he becomes
    really dangerous… out Sarah Newlin….he’s coming after you.

  20. Does anyone know where I can watch just the Eric clips from this episode? I don’t want to waste my time watching the entire thing!

    It sounds like the Eric scenes may have been sub-par but I’ll still support Eric and Pam until the end. They were always the only reason to watch this show for me.

    Loved reading all the rants, you guys entertain me at work, and I agree!

  21. Hi! I finally sat down and watched all 3 episodes in order to be a fair judge. My impression at this point is …..WTF? HUH? I am sorry to be negative but lots of people are phoning it in. Main culprits…pretty much everyone. I am not even feeling Eric/Pam scenes at this point. I am very happy to see them again, FINALLY, but the story line is kind of dumb, forced and UGH! While it’s always nice to see the Viking’s beautiful body, this is not why I was tuning in so faithfully these past 6 years. I still firmly believe that Eric is in for a shellacking to prop Bill (when isn’t everyone made to suffer to prop this should have been dead or sidelined character). The Bill/Sookie stuff is just downright silly and very poorly done. It’s like they are trying to cover the sledehammer being used to beat us over the head with their true wuv with velvet and a vaseline lens. Truly laughable at this point. I made some private observations about certain people not looking their best these days but decided not to be mean and not get personal, even though deep down I am laughing my tush off about it all. These episodes were all over the place, nonsensical, OOC, disjointed and mostly silly and boring. I really hoped for better. Well I guess the attitude is, you screamed for Eric, so have him and shut up! Oh well. Does anyone care about the latest drop in fu** buddy for Eric by the way? Nora was a random addition but I did end up liking her but this Sylvie…..HUH? Seems like a real hack job at this point but I was able to watch and mostly laughed between cringing at the utter stupidity of it all. I can’t wait to read your review as I am sure it will be more entertaining than the 3 hours of ka-ka I watched last night!

  22. Oh, I forgot to mention the big death. Alcide’s that is. Sorry but I never liked him, nothing but eye-candy but not my flavor choice. Talk about phoning it in! Both the writing and his acting! One more notch on Sookie’s bedpost randomly and sloppily cleared away!

  23. Joe M even admitted that the storylines are being rushed, plot lines that are being thrown away, and aren’t really making sense in the grand scheme of things. I bet he is glad to be finished with this mess. Brian Buckner and the team of writers should be fired!

    • The dialogs were so poor (how many times can you say “go fuck yourself “in the same scene, really)…and sounded so fake, especially in French between Sylvie and Eric, they didn’t even care to translate glamour into the appropriate word “hypnotiser” … And the whole Sylvie story didn’t work at all. What a joke !! Whoever had this brilliant idea has serously to reconsider his writer’s career …. I feel offended by such non sense.

  24. I came here for the rants. I wasn’t disappointed. 🙂

  25. Hey
    I’m completely fine with alcides death as he never interested me.
    This Eric and Sylvie thing I and by the sounds of it everyone else in this fanbase have a problem with it. I know sookie does not deserve Eric but the thought of him I love with another woman this late in the game turns my stomach.
    Part of the beauty of sookie and eric was how much they had shared. she shared with him the hardest night of his life when he lost godric.
    Perhaps somebody could answer this if Eric had been In love before why did it take him so long to get what he felt for sookie was love?
    The only good I can see is maybe if this Sylvie is a vampire then it may make the stupid fairy see who soul mate is and maybe she’ll start fighting for him (or maybe that’s just wishfull thinking).

    • It’s just the writers being inconsistent as usual and not making any sense.

      • I know I just don’t get these writers they have created a couple that the majority supports in a love triangle most support the main love interest (thankfully not in this case) and yet they are destroying them.
        As for this Sylvie can we really see her supporting Eric through godric and when he had no idear who he was?

  26. You know, I watched the teaser again. Eric IS standing right behind/beside Sookie in a black leather jacket and Sookie is wearing that red shirt. So maybe the mystery of those fingers on Sookie’s cheek is cleared up now.
    Also, going by all the nuggets being served to us, E/S are gonna say another goodbye.

    Episode 8 and 9 are named ‘getting the ground’, and ‘Love is to die’, which means Bill will turn Sukheh.

    Was it just me or did anyone else think that Alex half assed the Sylvie love scenes? For an actor of his caliber, he did not look serious about this chick at all. He was not looking at her the way he looked at Sookie in previous seasons of the show or his love interests in different movies.

    I read Joe’s take on his death and he was pretty open with his frustration on the werewolves not getting a worthy plot or even his character being killed just to bring Sookie and Bill together. He said that if Sookie left Alcide, she would look bad to the viewers, so the showrunners had to kill Alcide.

    I just have a head ache now.

  27. I relly could care less about sookie i think she and bill should die together it is the only fitting end for those two

  28. Oh I got a great idea! What if Sookie contracted Hep-V when she was drenched in the blood and gives it to Bill and kills him. Man, that would have been good.

    • I was wondering about that myself…Why was Alcide so concerned about the blood getting on her? I thought Hep-V didn’t affect anyone that isn’t a vampire???

  29. I forgot to mention but that ‘I hate Russian people* line wasn’t really necessary..why Pam why…badly played TB

  30. Awww, I checked in here yesterday but didn’t have time to stick around… Just have to say that I honestly thought it would be much harder than this to abstain from watching the first three episodes, but by all of your accounts and posts, I’m bit even excited to start watching the fourth!

    You all have done a wonderful job keeping me and others like me Dane in these rather crazy times.

    Will come back later, but must dash before I walk into a pole or something!

    Love you all xox

  31. The whole episode sucked. In my opinion there was not one thing to be happy with. The stupid conversation between Bill and Sookie was painful to watch. You just know by looking at her (Sookie) that she is just waiting for the right moment to jump all over that shit (Bill). It all just made me want to throw up. God help us all survive this cluster fuck!!

  32. OK…I finally gave in and begrudgingly watched the rest of episode 3. You already know what a gag-inducing episode that was. BUT, while watching the scene with the Ninjas, Eric, Sylvie and Pam….a thought occurred to me. I could be way way off, but please hear me out….

    First, we all know the writers this year are completely lacking on creativity and they are horrifically bad at being predictable. The powers that be stated (before this season started) that the characters this year will be forced to confront the demons of their past….and history IS destined to repeat itself. If you are familiar with “Occam’s Razor Theory”, it states that the simplest explanations are usually the correct ones. So with all that said…consider this. What if the Ninjas scene from the 80s is signaling an upcoming episode where Eric is faced with the same situation … a stand-off, but this time it is Sookie, instead of Sylvie. Would he make the same choice, saving Pam? Would Sookie be ok with ending it all and telling Eric to “let her go”? Would he choose to make Sookie a vamp, thus explaining the tears? Hmmmmm… for thought at least 🙂

    • Christina, thanks for putting this lovely thought in my mind 🙂 … We all know it is a very very long shot but still, thinking stuff like that keeps the Eric fan inside me satisfied.

      But I think Sylvie could be undead too. Someone from the authority could have turned her to have a trump card over Eric’s head. But the current TB writers do not have the mental capacity to think of a move like that.

      I mean the ninja warriors didn’t even think about glamoring guruji to get to know Sarah’s location. This is the kind of writers we get these days 😦 …So your idea will be too much for them to comprehend!

      • I know right. It’s too much for us to hope that the writers grew a brain. But, I guess I am going to keep this daydream alive in my head, so I can at least make it through the last 7 episodes.

        I thought about Sylvie returning as a Vamp too, and working for the Ninjas. But I couldn’t stand her (the main reason I stopped watching ep 3), so I tried to erase it from my mind 😉

        • I was wondering if ninjas are human or vamp?? Not sure..I thought they were human corporation..
          I don’t think Sylvie will be back (hope not!) …as far as we know that actress filmed for a very short time, but you are right ..ninjas will be back and I think Eric and Pam will team up with them to find Sarah.
          I am so bored with Eric & revenge story….seriously ..can they not think of anything else

          This whole stupidity with Sylvie was meant to lead us to Eric Sookie final parting (not that she cares for him at all)..but we will get some shitty closure in the next ep. so things can get focus on the ‘main couple’. I actually think that Bill Sookie is so over pushed that it won’t actually happen. They will have sex again, that’s for sure, but I don’t think there will be HEA with those two.

          • Maja – I presumed the ninjas were vamps otherwise they surely couldn’t have taken Eric so easily? Also they look exactly the same 30 years later. I actually think Eric may end up teaming up with Sarah Newlin against the ninjas. Eric will want revenge for Sylvie obviously (insert sarcasm) as all Eric seems to live for is revenge!

            I’m also hoping against hope that Sookie/Bill is too obvious. I thought for a long time Bill would die, but now Alcide has died I can’t see Sookie suffering another close bereavement. I’m not sure what the writers can do with Bill if he isn’t with Sookie though, they haven’t set up any other side-plots for him like they are doing for Eric and even Sam. I hate his smug face with the passion of 11 burning suns!!!!!!

        • This is in reply to Christina but may end up sitting anywhere LOL

          Sylvie was an awful character which made the way Eric acted all the more painful. I’m really cross about this flashback and still can’t work out what it was trying to prove! I don’t think she will return, the actress who played her tweeted that this was her TB episode (unless she is sworn to secrecy).

          I do love that you can remain optimistic, I have always been one of the most optimistic members of Team Eric, sometimes to the extent of driving all my friends crazy with my assistance that Sookie has to go back to Eric because he is the best man and no other ending would make sense, but this final season has been so bad so far, even I have all but given up. I will try not to give up completely until the final credits roll. I have invested so much time and effort into the Team Eric fandom, I may as well keep going for 7 more episodes. At some point surely we have to reach rock bottom where it can’t get any worse and then the only way to go will be up!

          • Evie, I know exactly how you feel about the flashback stuff cause I felt the same way too. In fact, a lot of us felt that way. I was on Facebook a little earlier today and came across a post by World of Skarsgard, that I found extremely helpful as to way the flashback with Sylvie kind of fits into the story. I can’t take the time here to explain it all, because it is 9 pictures with explanations with each pic and how it fits in. See if you can either find it there or maybe its’ on their website too. It really was fantastic and it did explain (at least to me it made sense) and clear up a lot of my doubts about why.
            Check it out.

            I can’t believe that 7 years will be over in 7 more episodes I don’t know what they are going to do, but all I can wish for now is that somehow someway they find a cure for Eric and he continues on. Its’ bad enough that the books totally screwed me, I don’t want the TV show to do it too…………………Trying to keep the faith sista!!

    • That’s pretty much my dream senario with this show (not the death of pam) but Eric turning sookie.
      I was talking about this with mother she’s late to the show so has been cramming episodes she raised a interesting question.
      In season two when Eric was rescuing sookie and godric from the fellowship she says “you have alot of love for him” he replies “don’t use words I don’t understand” so he never tells the woman he would trust godrics life with a woman he loves enough to threaten pam and he never mentions a some woman he loved 20 years ago.

      • Bess, what you said is so true. But we need to remember that the stupid writers of this show can’t remember what they wrote two weeks ago, let a lone five seasons ago.

        • Luvvamps you are so right ! TB writers are rushing toward the end of this show like beheaded chickens. I just read Angela Robinson’s interview where she tries to justify how they killed Tara off screen and cut the scene where Pam is feeling it (before the bucket game). When a writer has to justify her storyline it’s because it’s not well done.
          The characters are totally out of their game. Even the dialogs sound fake. Only good scenes with “Newme” Sarah. I really enjoyed them … True Bloody badass spirit !
          All the rest was crap, the writers are definitively “not up to the snuff” as Eric would say;

  33. I too had a thought… Though I’ve not watched the episode, I read that Nan was with the ninja warriors when they confronted Eric…

    How about: Nan turned Sylvie???

    Yeah, long shot, but I thought it entertaining (in my whacked own whacked out way)…

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