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WARNING: Don’t read below if you don’t want to be spoiled about episode 7.03.


Joe Manganiello has been doing the interview rounds today to talk about how he knew the big death from last night’s episode was coming and why it had to come.

From TVLine

TVLINE | Even though death is ubiquitous on this show, each one has an effect. How do you see Alcide’s death changing Sookie and re-shaping the direction of the season?
In terms of the plot, I’m sure she’ll feel guilty about it, because it was her running off that led to him chasing after her. Story wise, it had to happen. You have to settle the A and B plots of the show before you finish it. You can’t not finish the story between her and Bill; you can’t not have her settle the score with Eric. It’s vital to the show to go down that road. And with this show, you want to shock people and show them that anyone could go at any moment.

From THR


When did you learn you’d be killed off?

If you do the math, in a final season, you want to kill as many people as possible, which left me — and when you get rid of all the werewolves, I knew that’s what was going to happen. When Alcide got together with Sookie at the end of the season, it was like, I’m in the A plot, but Sookie’s not going to end up with him. You can’t have her break up with him; then the audience wouldn’t like her. You’ve got to kill him.

So Bucky [showrunner Brian Buckner] called me and said, “Hey, let’s have dinner.” Bucky and I do this — we get a steak. He said, “We’re killing you.” I said, “I know.” He said, “You know?” I said, “Of course, and I totally get it.” He handed me the first three scripts of the season, and then we ordered the hugest steaks on the menu.

From Buzzfeed

And here’s why: “Storytelling-wise, you have to get Sookie with Bill [Stephen Moyer]; that’s the beginning of this whole story. That’s the A plot of the show,” Manganiello said. “The B plot is Eric [Alexander Skarsgard]. You also have to have her deal with Eric. I’m not even the C plot — because that would have been Sam [Sam Trammell], or Warlow [Robert Kazinsky] or something. I’m like indigo on the rainbow if Bill is the red.”

So far Joe has been the only cast member to express any discontent with the direction of the show, and personally I think he has had a good point with regard to Alcide’s awful story-line in season 6 at least. I do have issues with his ideal that you have to go back to the beginning of the story at the end, why? Aren’t all great stories about the journeys the characters take and how it changes them? What’s the point of it all if you end up back where you started?

Oh well, so long Alcide, shame you didn’t get to bite Bill’s head off before you went!





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33 comments on “Joe Manganiello on the latest final season death

  1. They could have atleast sent him off fighting, not a sitting duck trying to save Sookie from her own craziness.

  2. I hate to think what he means by saying Sookie has to ‘deal with Eric’.

  3. I totally agree that she doesn’t have to end up with Bill. IMO that’s lazy storytelling. After everything, EVERY.THING., that a-hole vamp put Sookie through, Bill is the LAST vamp she needs to be with. It’s too bad that Joe was resigned to his fate though; I don’t think I would’ve gone out without a fight.

    • Don’t you know though that as Bill was drained at Vamp Camp and then infused with Jessica & James blood – he is a different person now – not the same person who did all those bad things. **rolls eyes**. Bill says so and that means it must be true. **rolls eyes again**.

  4. BTW I LOVE that last picture, of Alcide the Wolf standing by Sookie. That epi was my favorite Alcide epi.

  5. Poor Alcide, Joe was right with the fact that his character wasn’t even the B plot for this show. He was just floating around randomly most of the time.

  6. I’ve raged for weeks now about how stupid Sookie is. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Buckner was like, yep Eric and Sookie endgame.

    I doubt that will happen. I feel like Sookie deserves Bill.

  7. Its obvious she ends w bill they keep telling us in every interview

  8. I actually wonder if they’re trying to pull a fast one on us implying heavily she ends up with Bill. We were also told in spoilers that Bill-Sookie-Alcide love triangle would factor into the season and there was what, one shouting match at the end of the last episode between Bill and Alcide before he got shot? That died pretty fast.

    While Eric and Sookie haven’t been together since season 4, it seems that there have been a few scenes throughout 5 and 6 that imply they still care deeply for each other. If Eric was totally out of the picture I don’t think we would’ve got the 6×01 Eric/Sookie time that we did with Nora helpfully pointing out that he’s in love with her. If the Eric/Sookie plot is *truly* totally dead, then why bring it up like that? She could’ve staked Bilith to save Eric without them staring longingly at each other through the window. Even though she’s around Bill more now, their scenes don’t have the same unrequited love feeling to them…

    Also, Eric was said to have some big love interest coming this season that would keep him away from Sookie. Conveniently, this week’s episode revealed that love interest was from the past and is dead. Again, spoilers kind of steering us in the wrong direction. Sylvie won’t exactly be getting in the way of an Eric/Sookie reunion.

    Lastly, in the interview it says Sookie has to deal with Eric still. That means there’s something TO deal with and it’s not over yet. I think, despite what producers have been heavily implying, we might end up getting a lot more of Eric and Sookie than was expected.

    And maybe Sookie will stop being stupid and realize there’s only one person that expressed true, genuine love and affection for her.

    • If only that were true, but I think he just means we’re going to get closure between them as in another lame goodbye. I really doubt the writers are pulling a fast one on us, they’ve always been about Bill.

      • Agreed! And at this point I don’t even want Eric and Sookie together. She’s an idiot and he could do so much better. (Even Willa would be a better choice than Sookie at this point!)

        • My thoughts exactly…she doesn’t deserve Eric or Alcide…the writers have wasted so many great potential plotlines….to end up with this drivel…

      • Well, I’m going to keep dreaming anyway 😉

      • Just throwing this out there, but what if Sylivie was turned by one of the yakuza vamps and Eric had no idea until he finds her…

  9. I would have loved it if Alcide had bitten Bill’s butt…
    Alcide was a nice guy but he loved Debbie Pelt…and when she was gone he
    turned to Sookie cause he saw the “good in her’…but Sookie loves “Bad Boy’s”
    Eric,Bill and even to some extent Sam were “Bad boys”
    Alcide looked like a bad boy….but his good boy scout side always won out.

  10. Sorry, Joe, but the audience already doesn’t like her. It would have been better if Sookie broke up with him, but of course she wanted to string him along for as long as possible.

  11. I just have to say something here and please bear with me. About a week ago I read a little thing about casting a lead actresses’ husband in a role for the last episode. All I can think about is what if they pulled a “Bob Newhart” on us, and this whole thing winds up being an actress named Sookies’ dream or daydream or something like that???? Has anyone else thought about this theory?? They also said that CH was suppose to be in the last episode as a director with Eric and Pam. I mean these writers are soooo cheesy, I wouldn’t put it pass any of them or AB of BB to try and make amends with everyone and do something like that??

    Ok, Ok, maybe I just lost my brains after watching last nights’ eppy with Alex in a bad, bad wig and in a love affair with a blah looking/acting women with his heart not in it and Alcide dying with the missing forehead bullet hole on the ground (did anyone else notice that?). I. just. don’t. know. anymore. Maybe I’ve cracked…..LOL

    That is all…….

    • Hate to say it but I suspect something meta at the end too. I really think they might reveal a True Blood TV show. Especially after reading about a the casting call with ‘husband for the actress on True Blood’ on it (and the CH cameo like you said @redthang914).

      Like maybe Eric and Pam are the creators of a supernatural TV series but keeping their actual vampire nature a secret or something. So basically the show going down a route that’s already been done better in fan fiction and betraying everything that’s gone before. *sigh*

      I hope not though. I really hope if they do a meta twist then they don’t overwrite everything that went before but at this point I wouldn’t be surprised.

      • If they’re going down that road then I’d prefer a Dallas style ending with Sookie waking up to discover everything after season 4 has been a dream and finding Eric in the shower.

        Just putting that out there. 🙂

      • If they went that route (and I’m not suggesting they wouldn’t) they’d better prepare themselves for the backlash to end all backlashes because that would be the shittiest ending in the history of television.

        • They did make Bill a bestselling author so I can see them making Eric and Pam TV producers or something. But hopefully it’s their next career move and not that the whole thing’s been a show within a show all along. They would deserve a backlash for that. I loathe ‘it was a lie all along’ TV finales. It’s not big and it’s not clever.

  12. Oh snap, now I know I’m losing it, I forgot to say Thank you Evie for this post, you rock!!

  13. Glad alcides died I lost all respect for him when he fell in love with the killer of the love of his life who does that?.
    I wonder if rutina and joe are happy to be out of it since this has In my experience this is the worst reseved season

  14. I was rewatching the weeks ahead trailer and there’s a scene where Sookie is crying and hugging Jessica, the only reason they both cry ang hug is if something wrong happen to Jason or Bill, and i really think Jason is save so i hope is Bill’s death what hast them crying, and whats au with all the Bill flashbacks there’s another flashback scene on that trailer that wasnt on this weeks episode

  15. U know the more i think about it i agree this could be moving to some kind of crazy twist ending they are pushing the bill sookie pair so much that i have always suspected that it will not be the final case it is just too darn obvious

  16. Hi guys, long time no see. I hadn’t wrote you guys for awhile,but I was trolling to check up with you guys. 🙂

    I knew it didn’t last long with Alcide from the beginning. Like I said before, I believe there’s more to it than “Billy luv Sookie” cr*p. I don’t blame Alex knew the fans are sick of his co-stars’ luv affair, that’s why he shut up Buckner’s annoying mouth. I luv Alex made fun of the musical….I thought Spider-man: Turn off the Light was bad enough. 🙂

  17. Thanks for the post, Evie. 🙂 I always figured Alcide wasn’t endgame for Sookie, everything about their “relationship” felt forced and off and wrong to me, but I didn’t expect Suckner would kill him off until *someone* started floating rumors a few days ago. Joe, the audience already doesn’t like Sookie. 🙂 It also bothers me that Alcide “fell in love” with the woman who killed his childhood sweetheart. Wanna bet Sookie is more “broken up” about Alcide’s death than Tara’s? Some random guy Sookie was banging over her childhood BFF. Oh-kay.

    I do agree that the PTB are pushing Sookie/Bill WAY too hard. It’s suspicious to me too. I still expect a Sookie/Sam endgame. They did lie about the big Bill/Sookie/Alcide “lurve triangle.” I don’t think you “have to” get Sookie with Bill, unless *someone* dictated it so. Eric loves Sookie; Sookie couldn’t care less about Eric. We’ll get another “girl in the white dress” goodbye and then that’s it. And, I, too have thought of the theory that the whole show could be explained away in the end by Sookie’s “it was all a dream.”

    I’m still not a fan of Joe’s “acting,” but, I have to say, some of his interviews lately have been interesting to me. About a month ago, I mentioned his Buzzfeed interview; the title is something along the lines of “Joe Manganiello has moved on from True Blood.” Then there was another recent interview, and now the post-ep.7×03 interviews. I REALLY appreciate the honesty, even if I’m still not a fan of the “actor” and this one abusive character he played.

    I agree with your question, Evie: what is the point of a story if the main character just ends up right back where she started, with no growth to speak of? I don’t get it. Maybe I’m not meant to. Take care. 🙂

    • Forgot to add: JM casually mentioned in one of his post-ep.7×03 interviews that the TB comic books, like the show itself, were also “cancelled.” That’s news to me. Does anyone know anything about this? I was predicting for a while that the PTB might carry on the story in the CBs after the show is over, but it looks like I was wrong. Again. 🙂

  18. I think Bill’s civil war history has something to do with the ending. Why else would they keep showing us these flashbacks?

    Maybe this is all a vision or hallucination he has from a gangrenous infection he has while lying in death on the battlefield???

    Lame ending, but the writers aren’t exactly playing for the a team.

    • That’s interesting theory,Wtactulf.

      I think they have something to do with him that he’s possibly blood related to thehouses. I still think about that sick theory that he could be a long-distanst uncle of Sookie and Jason that they mentioned who stole Sookie to Warlow….It made me thought Portia and him in season 4. Ewww

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