Remaining episode titles released as final day of filming takes place

HBO is now showing the titles of all the remaining episodes of True Blood. Of course these still may change before air date, but here they are:


 (Source Beaufortplace)

We have also been told that Kate Barnow has written the series finale “Thank You”. There is no official word yet on whether this is true. For those of you who have tried not to remember, Kate wrote the ridiculous Season 6 finale, so unless she has been given the gig to make amends for that horror, I’m hoping this turns out to be false.


Today is officially the final EVER day of filming on the show. Whatever some of us may think about the direction in which this last season is heading, it will undoubtedly be a very sad day for all those who have worked on the show over the years. Anna Paquin had her bags packed ready last night.

The very last location shoot is going to be at the First Christian Church of Santa Paula.


 This doesn’t mean this will be the last scene from the show, or even a scene from the finale as Brian Buckner has already confirmed some of the filming this year has been taking place out of order to accommodate the availability of Alexander Skarsgard. (I don’t expect him to feature in the very final scene sadly, most probably his last appearance will be close to it though, sitting along side Pam at Fangtasia is my best guess based on what we know at this moment in time).







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16 comments on “Remaining episode titles released as final day of filming takes place

  1. I known he lives in the finale and CH tweeted a scene with them…..Probably they were reshooting their scenes in daylight from previous eps.

    I really hope it’s false….I heard the rumor that the final ep written by Alan Ball.

  2. This really makes it official. It makes me sad :(.

  3. Well, my theory of Sookie being turned looks more likely considered the title of the second last ep. If it happens, please let it be Eric!

    • That was my immediate thought too – Sookie turned – but then I decided that is what they want people to think so probably won’t happen! My biggest concern is Bill will somehow be made human again, I wouldn’t put anything past these writers right now and all these stupid flashbacks of him missing his human life must be to prepare us for something?

      • Not sure how he could become human again, but I would be okay with that. More chances of him getting killed that way.

        • This is how True Blood would end if I had my way. Warning, CRAZY long. Skip if you like things short and sweet.

          Tara returns from the dead and makes Bill human again, a “reward” for his heart being in the right place, despite him being a d*ck anyway. Bill, jubilant over his returned human state, starts to dance in the middle of the street, looking up at the sky and dreaming of all the babies he and Sookie will have together and him getting fat from all the new food that’s come out since he was turned. Sookie, meanwhile, is driving to the store for more wood to make stakes out of for the final battle with the H-vamps. “You Give Love A Bad Name” comes on the radio and she remembers how Alcide would still be alive if she’d only stayed home. She, still driving, hunts for her cell phone to call Tara, forgetting that Tara’s dead and she stupidly threw her cell away the night of the attack on the bar. She also forgets she’s still driving her car–until she plows right into Bill, who’d forgotten that people can’t stare into the sun if they want to continue to see stuff. Sookie sobs as she lovingly loads a wounded Bill into her car and heads back to her house, instead of the hospital, as a sensible person would do.

          It’s moments before dark. Sookie tells Bill that since Eric can still feel her, he’ll know she’s afraid and rush right over. He’ll turn Bill again, just for her, because she’s got it like that. And she and Bill will have their Happily Ever After. They say their “I-love-you’s” just as Eric bursts through the door. Sookie pleads her case. Eric says He thinks Bill would rather die than to be Eric’s progeny. She and Eric argue. Sookie finally wins, but it’s too late. Bill’s dead. Sookie’s devastated, and thinks she should be dead, too. She and Eric argue again, Eric pleading with her, but Sookie is adamant. She says the pain of being human is finally way too much for her to bear. She and Eric look at each other a long moment. Then, before Sookie can even move, she’s in Eric’s arms as he’s draining her. Bill’s and Tara’s ghosts come into view just as the scene fades out. We think it’s over, but…

          …fade back in. Night again, and a strong, male hand bursts through a freshly dug grave. Two ghosts watch; one with detached calm, the other with unconcealed anguish. Eric lifts his gloriously naked body out of the grave, then reaches down. A delicate hand reaches up for his, and he pulls Sookie out of the ground, then reaches back in for a duffell bag. He tenderly cleans her, them himself, and they dress. Sookie’s mad as hell. She and Eric argue a few moments; this is NOT what she wanted, to be a vampire! Then she takes a good look around and marvels at what she sees. The night is gloriously alive, and so, now, is Eric. Her mind is wonderfully clear for the first time, ever, no thoughts crowding it. She looks at Eric again and it hits her: he really IS the one she loves, after all. She’s not bound to him by innocence or guilt or self-shame as she had been with Bill or even Alcide. She explains all of this to Eric, who’s smiling as he pulls her close and tells her of all the wonders they’ll share now that they’ve finally both set each other free. The flit off, not noticing the ghosts following them. Bill’s face is pure suffering as he’s forced by a will stronger than his to follow the vampires. Tara’s is passive and she’s barely paying attention to the vampires; her focus is on Bill’s pain and though she says and shows nothing, you can tell she’s pleased. They follow from place to place until dawn nears and Sooke and Eric decide to spend one last night in Sookie’s home before they travel the world. Bill asks Tara what will become of them all now. Tara says nothing, but a knowing smirk covers her face as the scene fades out. Then….

          Bill starts awake, gasping and confused. He’s standing in the middle of the road, but something about this seems familiar. He suddenly realizes he’s human! He feels this purely incredible joy, one he’s never felt before. Right until Sookie hits him with her car. The scene repeats itself in flashes until Sookie and Eric head off for another night of adventures that are different from the previous night. Bill remembers it all and demands that Tara talk to him and explain! Suddenly they are at Fangtasia. Sookie is embracing a tearful Jessica. Jason is standing near her; they’ve reunited and the bit…uh, the witch Jason was with met the True Death. Aw. James and Lafayette are there as well and it’s evident that the H-vamps have been wiped out and the gang’s been cleaning up the place with intent to reopen. Lafayette looks up and smiles, then nods to Eric. He smiles, and asks Sookie, Jessica, Jason, James, and Willa to go down into the basement on some errand. They know they’re just being sent to do busy work, but oblige. Lafayette says a short chant, and Tara and Bill become solid. Smirking, they proceed to tell Bill the following:

          Everyone gathered in the upper room places the blame for all the crap that’s befallen the town over the last 7 years fully on Bill’s shoulders. Eric hated him long before that; Bill’s help in the effort to “mainstream” the vampire community was part of what led to the death of Eric’s last human love, in France, long ago. When Eric contracted Hep-V, he became consumed with one thought: that Bill has cost him two lovers(Sookie breaking up with them both because she couldn’t choose between the two), yet Bill himself always seems to come out ahead. He must pay. Tara didn’t like Bill from the start. She blames him for the negative changes in Sookie and never forgave him for not coming to her aid after being kidnapped by Franklin, and she also blames him for her death and turning. Lafayette blames him for losing his cousin not once, but twice, the events leading up to him losing Jesus, and the fall of his beloved Bon Temps. And Pam just plain doesn’t like him, especially now that Tara, the only love(aside from Eric)she’s ever known as a vampre. Events conspired to bring them all together, and, with Lafayette and the others putting their heads together on everything they know or can find out about magic. put together the plan to make Bill human again, so he could die. But, knowing that his spirit would remain earthbound to stay close to Sookie, a curse was put into place so that he could NEVER leave this plane as long as Sookie exists. Eric would turn Sookie, knowing that she wouldn’t stay mad at him long and would quickly come to realize that Eric was her true love after all, and they could be together. And, night after night, Bill would be cursed to live out his final day on Earth, with all he’s ever desired the past few years dangled in front of him–a return to humanity and getting his Happily Ever After with his one true love–snatched cruelly away from him.. To relive his beloved’s death and rebirth at the hands of his rival. To watch her give herself to him for all eternity. And then to be thrust back into the present to watch them make an eternity of new memories together. With Tara as his smirking, acidic company as his guide. And Lafayette his human tormentor, making Bill’s spirit corporeal whenever He, Eric, and/or Pam wish. And never able to forget a single detail.

          Eric hears the others starting up the stairs and nods to Lafayette, who makes Bill and Tara ghostly again. The others bound into the room, laughing and talking, with even Jessica seeming happier now that she and Jason are together again. Everyone starts cleaning again, with the couples sneaking in hugs and kisses between chores. Bill cries silent, human tears as Sookie embraces Eric with her new vampiric strength. He brightens for a moment, with Tara scowling, as Sookie wonders sadly where Bill is now. Their expressions reverse as Eric says just a shade too loudly that he’s sure that Bill can see she’s happy now and that’s what matters, and that he’s SURE that Bill’s where he deserves to be. Sookie, thinking Bill’s in Heaven, and finally at peace, smiles beautifully as she throws her arms around Eric. Eric, knowing that Bill can not only see but knows what Eric *really* meant–but not that Sookie is clueless–smiles softly as he kisses Sookie deeply, then holds her close. He looks over her head in Bill’s direction and smiles again, a smile of pure satisfaction. Lafayette looks over at them and grins widely, knowing what’s going on. James, as clueless as Sookie, smiles and happily teases his lover. Pam playfully tells Willa that technically, she’s her aunt, so she has to do what Pam tells her to. They laugh. Jason teases Jessica that they need to hurry up and finish so they can clean up for dinner. Andy’s daughter has come to think Jessica can do no wrong and wants her dad to love Jessica just as much. She also wants her dad to accept the fact that she’s now dating Holly’s son and has been pestering Jessica to “like, glamour Daddy or something” to make things easier. So this dinner is her attempt to get Andy to like her new friends. Laughter and good cheer is all around as Bill puts his hands to his face and weeps. And Tara laughs. And laughs.

          Final fade.

  4. I am not sure about turning…I wouldn’t be surprised if we get Sam ending ..would love that actually just to see BL meltdown
    God the title One last time stinks on B/S sexy times 😦
    I hope that in Thank you Eric thanks Pam for everything

  5. I still have feelings that Sookie will take Tara’s place as Pam’s progeny, probably Eric will give Pam a 2nd chance as being a good maker…Probably he will return a favor to Sookie after she saved him…..But I also got a funny feeling that Jason will point the gun on Eric by forcing to turn his sister to save her life. I would hate to see that happening….This does might makes with the title, “Thank you”.

    I really hope they didn’t use Dido’s song. If they use that song, we’ll might relive the same horror again like we did in season 6 finale and the last book. 😦

    • I can see pam as sookies maker my ideal would be Eric but I can’t see how Willa would fit in (unless she meets the true death which seems likely with lettie Mae as her killer).

      I do think sookie will choose to become a vampire otherwise what was the point of the speech to her parents.

      • I disagreed, I don’t want to see Willa get kill and I really hope Eric and Willa forms fathers daughter’s relationship in near-future eps…I would luv to see Pam saves Willa from Tara’s wacko mom by avenging Tara’s death.

        • I can see what you mean I just don’t see how she would fit in I do agree it would be nice to see Eric have that again.
          I don’t want Willa to die as if anything would push Eric over the edge her sookies or pams death would do it.

  6. Unless they ends up dating their each others’ daughters…. I would see Pam ends up loving Willa like Tara did, and probably Eric will let Pam turn Sookie to he have her by calling even… I would see that happening.

    Only person that I think of will be over the edge; it could be Jason. I think he could something’s unthinkable if something does happen to his sis Sookie (like I said before) like shooting a gun at Eric to save her…I don’t want to see that, but I think Eric will feel Jason’s pain through the Blood Blood and he don’t want history to repeat itself again.

  7. Well, ya’ll can just speculate all you want, I am just going to sit tight and see what happens, as it doesn’t matter what we think as it is all ready shot and probably except for episode 10 has all been edited and ready for viewing.

    I am so glad I read that one article that World of Skarsgard had posted on facebook yesterday, it really helped me to see where they were going with the Sylvie stuff, it made a lot of sense after reading the theory they had posted. If you can find it please read it, as of late last night it wasn’t on their website tho, so I hope its’ up there today, it really took the blinders off me and made me see it in a different light.

    I still am hoping that they don’t kill Eric off, I don’t care if Eric doesn’t get Sookie, she doesn’t deserve him. Eric can’t tell Pam anything anymore, don’t forget he released her already so Pam is her own vampire. Its’ just she doesn’t want that as she loves Eric that much. I just want Eric to get somehow cured and Pam, Willa and him take off back to Europe somewhere and forget Sookie, Bill and whatever remaining a-holes that are left in Bon Temps and I will be happy. Thats’ all………………………

  8. Evie, thanks for this post. 🙂 I agree with redthang: what’s done is done. I don’t have anything to say about it right now…so I won’t! 🙂 Take care.

  9. Pam turning Sookie? Yes I can see that.
    And I can also see Eric surviving the Hep-V…
    Eric will never forget Sookie…that’s impossible….they are destined to be together.
    I’m still looking for Bill Compton’s Final Death.

  10. Maybe CH is a funeral director for Sookie’s funeral…. Eric and Pam are attending at her funeral,but I don’t think they’re there to pay respectives and I think 1 of them’s going to get in her casket… Probably CH almost catch them in the act, but Eric will get pi** and ends up glamour her. 🙂

    It sounds like she wasn’t too happy about it when she tweeted…. I hope she deserves to be yell at by Alex, and Alex need some respect than being treat like cr*p.

    When I thought this theory, I had noticed some dirt on Alex’s and stunt double’s pant. It makes wonder he’s digging up someone’s grave and Willa’s helping. I wonders it could be Sookie’s that he’s digging it up, and Pam inside her casket. Sookie could be wild and untame after she will wake up. Maybe Alex need a stunt double for that scene.

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