The One Where We Were (Ret) Conned… Again

20140514-073408.jpgTrue Blood… Once upon a time I knew you… but you’ve had way to many plastic surgeries to try to “right the ship” that you are shedding characters and viewers by the televised minute.

After what I went through watching the season 6 finale, I was anticipating this final season with joy and trepidation in equal parts. Three episodes into season 7… trepidation is winning by a mile at the moment.

My initial reaction to True Blood’s “Fire in the Hole” this past Sunday literally was “What the fuck???”… as Erika, Nymerias, and Evie can attest to.


I have been pretty lenient with the TB world until they decided to go “Radioactive” (and get Zompires), but I do have some core beliefs.

  • I believe in the suspension of disbelief.
  • I believe there are 3 sides to every story; my view, their view, and what really happened… especially when there is video evidence to support “what really happened”.
  • I don’t believe in rewriting history… again with the video evidence available for the world to see.

So forgive me if I was feeling conned… retconned that is.

 Retcon (ret’kon) retroactive continuity. The common situation in fiction where a new story “reveals” things about events in previous stories, usually leaving the “facts” the same (thus preserving continuity) while completely changing their interpretation.


For the names of characters stay the same… they are just being asked by the writers to not be themselves anymore and the story to be forced in a direction that seems false to most of the viewers.

I am sure by now you have either seen or read the recaps from this episode from other reviews. Here is what I gleaned from my 2 ½ viewings. Well… I had to rewatch, to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

New Girl/Same Face:

As you might have gathered, Anna Camp returned as Sarah Newlin. She has made her way to LA practicing yoga (and her yoga guru) while using the pseudonym Noomi. Sadly for her, her yoga guru lover is killed by the Yokonomo corporation. Since he wouldn’t tell them where she was. I think boys and girls… we just met Mr Gus.

It’s BS:

Well, the gruesome twosome teamed up this episode on a half-baked plan that was not well executed. Why not? It was being executed by BS. We knew Sookie had run to Bill’s the episode before with a “plan” to try to catch the Hep V vamps before they could hurt anyone else. Her plan was to use herself as “bait” with Bill acting guard… and talk while on guard duty. It was a juvenile plan, pretty much for the writers to build up further toward the Anna/Stephen ending by providing away for Bill to get his blood in her and time for them to reconnect… in  Retconcentral. MY blood was boiling as I watched their scenes because it was a lame plan being tooted as a good idea, and triggered an unnecessary Bill flashback that had no bearing on the story. Nervous chatter on Sookie’s part I can understand. Was it headache worthy? Yes, but I understood it.

It obviously worked so well that he was caught from the tree and she was almost snatched… luckily the calvary of Jason, Andy, Violet, Jessica, Alcide and Sam arrived to save them…

The Dog/Wolf Days are Over:

A moment that was seen coming by a mile… Alcide was shot dead by episode end. This was after being a good boyfriend trying to find Sookie, whom he tracked down to Bill’s. Then rushes in to save her before she was snatched by the Hep V hunting party, after which he was killed by one of the town vigilantes. While I do admit I am not a fan of Joe’s, it was a callous way to kill him off the show.

As for the other dog… Sam’s screen time starts him off discussing what he found in St Alice with Reverend Daniels at the church. Not his pregnant wife and child. Frozen pizza. After their chat is interrupted by Willa and Lettie Mae on V, Sam meets up with the vigilante group road blockade who’s mission is to kill anyone who is not human human…. Because idiocy runs supreme when your scared. Sam flies of to safety (and Sookie tracking) after his vampire escort meets his true death.

The Retcon Heard Around the World:

I came into this episode hoping to get answers about Eric. How he got Hep V (probably the month before in St Petersburg Russia), how he survived the burning, why Rhone… will he be ok… you know, the important stuff. With the infamous show runner at the writing helm… I should have known better that I would get a decent story for the character we love. Yes, we got some answers… but in a way that changed what you knew about the character. After first viewing, you would think Eric was an unfeeling ass toward Pam and her loss of Tara. (Tara, who was finally acknowledged as dead on screen by her maker 2 episodes after her death. AR’s interview doesn’t count), and her concern/search for him. That is not the Eric we’ve known for seasons… the one who would do anything for his close circle he cares for. It was my second viewing where I saw the subtle reaction of Alex’s eyes before his flippant reply about the bucket game that made me think there might/hopefully be layers to this season. Any way… my bewilderment followed as we flashed back to Rhone of ’86. In which we meet Sylvie… and see our fun-not-so-serious Viking in love under the French moonlight. Sadly for him, he experienced coitus interuptous by Jessica Tuck’s Nan and a gratuitous mention of Nora in the Authority. She shows up to read Pam and Eric the riot act to be discreet since they were so close to synthesizing blood for the mainstreaming movement… and the Yokonomo Corp was ready to make some serious money. Pam is ready to toe the line with her shoe bestie Nana, who conveniently remembers Pam’s name (season three Nan had no clue who she was), while Eric… in love with Sylvie… tells her to fuck off. She leaves but you know it’s not the last we’ll hear of it. Pam is ready to toe the line  or run, Eric is resistant because Sylvie wants to finish school. Eric reminds Pam that she should be on his side no matter what. Hasn’t he always protected her. Kiss. Of. Death. For the next part of the flashback has the men in black from the corporation to help Eric “see it their way” by making him choose between Pam his childe or Sylvie, a human he loves. For one must die. In Eric fashion he tries to sacrifice himself in their place but the man with the silver sword refuses that deal.. along with the money. In pure lobbyist form, he doesn’t take the deal… and poor Sylvie, whom we never heard of before this season, is killed and Eric’s heart breaks.  Almost reminiscent from season 4’s Soul of Fire. After our trip down memory lane where the writers “corrected” their story, Pam is trying to find ways to for Eric to be “Eric Fucking Northman” again… and finds a way with sharing Sarah Newlin is alive. And with that.. the Viking is ready to hunt. Game on.

***my additional viewings definitely gives me more insight to Eric’s state of mind. One thing that will never change is I will believe in him no matter what the writers throw at me.

That’s all She Wrote:

Obviously, other things happened during this episode.  Lala and James go tripping…The Reverend sheds light on why he cheated on his wife with Lettie Mae. Willa became homeless again. Maxine lost her heart… literally. She threatened Jason and Jessica over Hoyt. Violet took things into her own hand. And the vigilante humans… not to be confused with the Hep V vampires on the loose with Holly/Harry Potter.

It was a complete trip down the rabbit hole with the end in sight… but where we will land, no one knows.

On a positive note, the episode was not cut short by 10 minutes.

Now I apologize for my disjointed recap. Definitely not up to my standards… what can I say, I am just following True Blood’s lead?


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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

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  1. Yep, sounds like utter crap to me.

  2. Your so right B, disjointed it was. Sunday’s episode was so poorly written, I know one of our talented fan fiction writers would have done a much better job.

    I hope to be able to continue watching the show til the end, so they better not kill off Eric at all or I’ll be a true blood drop out, like all of Alcides followers. I just want Eric to be cured and as I’ve said before I want him Pam and Willa to fly off into the sky. I don’t even care if dumbass winds up with the lying rapist any more.

  3. Three episodes in and True Blood Season 7 has an additional problem – they have only 7 episodes left to tie up all the story lines and plots. They’ve done a good job so far with BS their main priority but everything else is up in the air. They wasted so much time in the first 3 episodes with slow pointless dialogue that had no bearing with the story at all. This episode was a prime example. How much screen time was taken with Lafayette and James – doing what? Chatting – that was it they chatted about absolutely nothing. This whole Hep V story was ridiculous in the extreme.

    Now for Bill and Sookie. That scene where she took his blood made me vomit – that line where she says “I have a boyfriend”, was supposed to be witty or funny I think. But what really pissed me off was her immediate acceptance that Bill was now a really nice guy again. She seems to forget that a lot of the evil things he did happened BEFORE he became God! She has a fucking short memory but then again she always did, at least when it came to Bill. In that one seemingly trivial scene they opened the floodgates for the dreaded reunion of the douchebag and the doormat. Then we have the scene of friendly amiable Bill sitting in a tree while they fondly remember old times. As you say the plan was half baked and that is putting it kindly.

    The worst thing a TV show can be is boring and the last 2 seasons have been just that. These three episodes have lacked any pace or emotion – the dialogue is forced and slow and lacking in passion and there is way too much. I don’t think the actors can be into it either so it’s no surprise that they all seem to wear deadpan expressionless faces most of the time. You are bang on about them re-writing history. To say that they’ve insulted my intelligence is a gross understatement. I don’t give a flying fuck about Sookie any more and I used to a lot. I don’t believe in her character – she has taken everything Bill has done with a grain of salt and still mooned over him but is very quick to remember the faults of anyone but him.. The only way they can come close to wrapping things up is by killing off a lot of main characters and that’s probably what they’ll do. I would also say that a lot of them shouldn’t have been introduced in the first place.

    Watching this season is like watching paint dry but is seriously vomit inducing at the same time. Worse, I think the writers and producers believe they are giving us a good show and what we want and that we are excited to see how things will turn out. We’ll ooh and ah when Bill reunites with Sookie. They’ve grossly fucked up if they think that and must be as dumb as Sookie herself – quite an achievement.

    By the way, I couldn’t comment on this site for the last week or so, where it says “please comment”, there has been a load of writing in another language that looks like Hebrew or something and my posts haven’t been posted to the site.

    • Im w you!!! 110%

    • And she did not really need to take his blood for him to know she was in danger because he was right there in that tree. It was just an excuse.

      • You’re so right – it was just a vehicle for us viewers to learn that Bill is back to being a really nice good guy that he never was.

        • Sitting in that tree like he was Edward Cullen, you’re not that young of a vampire BC! Not that trying to be EC is a good thing but he was more of a badass vamp than Bill will ever be

    • Well that is strange you not being able to comment. Sorry about that. Erika might know more about as she is more wordpress/tech savvy than I.

  4. That sounds about right. Ugh!

  5. Once again so happy I only watched the Eric scenes! I can see how Sylvie might have caused Eric to become as withdrawn as he is towards humans, that is one way of looking at it and maybe what the writers were going for. However I just don’t like how they wrote this… Would Eric say eff you to Nan? Of course, he doesn’t think anyone can dominate him, part of the reason to love him. However I just hated how they made him into this love sick puppy dog.

    Like, Sylvie wants to finish school? That seemed so unlike Eric… I would have expected him to say that he would not bow down to Nan, ever, and then letting Sylvie finish school would be a benefit of that. Also we know so little about Sylvie and this also made it hard for me to believe. Who is she? Is she a strong female lead? The bit we saw of her she seemed rather weak and without direction, but again we barely saw her… so we don’t know. If I knew more about her I might find her relationship with Eric more believable.

    Hell, if Sylvie ends up being a vamp somehow and she reunites with Eric as the season ending, I’m fine with that even though I don’t know her at all. It’s better than Sookie at this point who is so ANNOYING because I do know her!

    Alcide’s death was expected…. since the only way they can force Sookie back with Bill is to kill all other options off, then she conveniently only has one guy to be with. How lucky (vomits). Plus she is dumb and like eagle said up above, she forgets all the crazy shit Bill has done, and sorry, I count the crazy shit he did as ‘god’ as Bill doing it! Some part of him was still there and in control. We all know if Eric was the one to consume that blood, become a god, and do a bunch of evil shit… Sookie would never forgive him for it. She would insist some part of him was still in there and okay with doing all of those evil things, and she just can’t be with a man capable of that.

    Ugh, that annoys me so much. She literally does that to every character except Bill. Sam, Alcide, Eric… they all get so much critcism from her and all have done less to hurt her.

    • The woman is just a glutton for punishment, she craves the misery. Why have a man who actually loves you over one who manipulates you and likes to control you?

  6. Tnx for you great review!!! Thanks to reading it, I can enjoy the episode! Cause watching the thing(damn episode) just sucked!! The only scenes I liked were the ones w our beloved Viking in them!! And whe I saw him standing up from that chair, my heart was pleased!!! I shouted, “He is back”!! I hope he is!!!
    He’s so perfect!!! You girls should write the end of the season and post it here!! So we can have the right ending!!

  7. OF course we’re having a huge load of BS shoved down the fans throats.
    The writers are burnt out….they can’t come up with anything new so it’s
    rehash time….And the writers are writing “fill in pieces” to explain how
    certain things happened…Like Eric getting Hep-V….
    And I so can’t wait for Eric & Pam to get their hands on Sarah Newlin who’s
    now called “Noomi”~~~ The name’s from the film “Showgirls”.
    I like Anna Camp as a red head…

  8. Bravo B! That was a tough one, I hope the gods are kinder to me next week 🙂

    I can forgive Eric’s strange behaviour in the present day. The guy has a terminal illness, he will feel like shit and not even be able to think straight some of the time. That’s not too far fetched at all. I’ll have to re-watch to see his little reaction over Tara, Alex is a very subtle actor sometimes (unlike certain other actors on the show LOL). I’m trying not to think about his behaviour in the flashback, because there are no excuses for some of that!

    Bill in a tree LOL I don’t know why but that about sums it all up. I agree Alcide’s death was callous. I’ll be interested to see how he is mourned. Half the county turned up to mourn Terry, but no one really gives a crap about poor Tara (except her crazy addict mom). Worst thing about Alcide’s death is he and Sam actually saved Bill from being staked when they came to the rescue. Will that asshole never die!!!

    • Terry was also human, I don’t see this town mourning vamps or other supes. Sookie will cry over Alcide probably because she feels guilty for leading him on, but that’s likely all he’ll get. I doubt anyone else is going to care about his death. Unfortunately, the moron will never die, I just wish people would stop saving his miserable life already. He’s not worth it.

  9. Great Recap! We’ve all had a few days to digest these first episodes, or at least try to choke them down and I have thought of some things I’d like to share. Without getting personal….darn it I refuse to stoop that low to explain myself! I think the viewing audience at large is being fed a load of crap and here’s why:
    1. Eric’s burning penis scene last year was probably just staged to gauge reaction to see if they could get away with heading in the new direction preferred by some of the people involved with this show, whether they be actors, writers or the “suits”. After the huge backlash I think they realized this would not be possible so they had to give us back Eric. However, whether out of spite or because he really wanted out and didn’t care how his character was portrayed or they just don’t get the fans, his storyline is total crap and retconning him is falling flatter than his burning penis did. I know there are those out there that have made some connections to past seasons in an attempt to make some sense out of it but I just don’t see it. In fact, I no longer believe there is much under the surface anymore. What we are seeing is what we will get and there is no subtext, dots to connect or bigger meanings. Just a hamfisted attempt to rewrite it’s own history to fit a new direction.
    2. Anna/Steve, I mean Bill/Sookie is as flat and boring as it ever was and this cannot be changed with any amount of retconning, vaseline lenses, stupid and pointless flashbacks or extremely dumb stories of draining = a new guy! Wasn’t he already drained at least once back in season 3? (Shrugs, shakes head & moves on) As I see it we have two “leads” who can’t seem to carry their own show. I get that it is probably not the best outcome but it is what it is. Our heroine is being dumbed down to the point that she is one of the least popular characters on her own show and our male “lead” has been there for many seasons. This leads me to believe that it doesn’t matter one bit to anyone with the power to drive this boat (in to the ground) and they just want to end it and walk away hoping for some DVD revenue. I do wish these two all the luck in their future endeavors and have no personal bad feelings, I just wish things had been allowed to evolve more organically and I cannot shake the feeling that their personal life interferred with the story. There was so much great stuff in the first 10 or so books that I longed to see brought to life (Just once hearing Eric say “lover” is right up there) but there it is and nothing can change the outcome.
    3. The side characters are being given far more importance and screen time than the leads at this point and their being shoved front and center makes me believe that they really do want us to forget about Eric Northman and prove the point that this story isn’t about him. Haven’t we all heard that enough from Bill Bangers and anyone else who only believe it should stay about them no matter what and just because they are the titular leads they should be together and damn both the fans wishes and any hope of being more than just a cheesy fad show. While I always liked Arlene, Andy and Holly I don’t think here at the end of this long haul we should be hearing so much about them. Maybe they deserve this shove front and center but it sure makes me believe we aren’t the important factor here, if we ever were. I want more Erc, Pam, Lafayette! Not this! I am not even mentioning these other new folks who we not only were never given a chance to care about but do not belong front and center of the very last season of this could have been great show.Nothing personal at all, just my opinion.
    4. The death of Alcide should have happened last season in the pack wars. He was never a major player, doesn’t have the chops or following to pull it off and has never been important enough to warrant even the time he was given here at the last. He was used to keep Eric away from Sookie and nothing else. Joe however is a very good self-promoter and I am sure will come out of this all just fine. If you are into the steroid, slab of muscle, all action hero nothing else kind of guy like Stallone, Swartzenagger, etc. and there is a market for that stuff, just not my cup of tea. Best of luck to him but not interested….at all.
    5. Finally, I will finish this because I want to watch just how much or little they do care about the fans and it has been way more fun reading recaps, opinions and seeing reactions than the show itself has been. I am very much looking forward to this being over however, and attempting to regain the brain cells wasted. I guess this is how the Lost fans, How I met your mother fans, Dexter fans and others have felt, it’s just my first time ever caring enough to stay engaged in a show or being in a fanbase. Thank goodness Outlander is coming and I know it will wash it all away as just a not too pleasant memory.
    Sorry for the essay!!!! Last one (maybe) till the end. As always, thank you ladies for all your hard work and giving us all a place to come and rail, mourn and be sarcastic safe from harrassment!

    • You make excellent points and I agree 100% with all of them

    • I think as you mentioned at the end of your post, a lot of shows can’t keep up with the insane build up they had in their first few seasons. I mean.. as a writer that must be very hard. In the beginning all of your viewers are excited and just accept the information you give them. As seasons go on they become extremely critical and judge the writing compared to previous seasons or a story arc they liked better. So from that point I can sympathize with writers. For example I was a big Lost fan and I admit the end of the show was not amazing… however I still was able to find some pleasure in watching it each week.

      True Blood on the other hand… I started hating Sookie back in season 4 and even before that I never really liked her on the show. Plus factor in Bill and all of the other crap… I literally hate the two main characters. I can’t even enjoy watching an episode from this season.So you know the writers have gone off the deep end when it’s that serious. A person who faithfully watched since season 1 now hates their two leads and the story involving them.

      Plus zombie vamps… ugh…. when I watched last season’s finale that portion made me want to vomit. I was like really? You think you shocked me with zombie vamps? Could this be any more boring? It was painfully obvious they were trying to benefit from the success of The Walking Dead.

  10. Great Review B! I know it could not have been easy and I did not envy you on bit. I feel it may only get harder and harder. It is so sad what this show has come to.

    Retcon is one of my major pet peeves!

  11. I’m starting to think sookie is truly damaged. Bill will do something truly horrific to her she’ll get mad for like a minute and then is back to being all stepford fairy.
    I’m sorry but this guy beat her ( his glamour to me is the same as if he actually did it he intended her to get seriously hurt) and countless acts against her.
    Being drained does not change you.
    Thinking differently reacting differently they change you.
    What sookie needs to do is sit down and try to think of a incident that bill did for her that was truly selfless but I doubt that will happen.
    I wonder if the female cast members ever had a problem with how women (mostly sookie) have been protrade.
    I know I would.

  12. Thanks for sharing your excellent review with us, B. 🙂 I only watched Alex’s scenes…and Alcide’s death scene (which made me laugh, AND which made me angry, because I could feel the manipulation a mile away, with the sad music and all). I really appreciate good people like you “taking one for the team,” so to speak, so people like me who are curious but tired can still keep up with the “story.”

    You know, maybe this is far-fetched (well, it IS True Blood, after all-haha), but I’m wondering if maybe Sookie is already a fairy/vampire hybrid? And if so, maybe she was secretly turned by Beel? That would explain her insane devotion to her boring rapist to me. I read that in this episode, all the characters were SO concerned that Sookie wash off the Hep-V vampire goo. Why would they be so concerned if Sookie was just a human/fairy hybrid? Isn’t the “rule” that the Hep-V virus supposedly is harmless to humans (and apparently fairies) but true-deadly to vampires? Maybe I’m missing something by not being able to stomach watching most of the show these days? Maybe Suckner made THIS up as he went along too? LOL. I really don’t know anymore.

    Retcon, thy name is True Blood (AND, if True Blood is told from Rapist Beel’s POV, spell it out already! I’m tired!).

    Marlene-I also picked up on the Showgirls connection with Elizabeth Berkley’s character Nomi and Anna Camp’s Sarah Newlin’s “new” character Noomi. Know-Me. New-Me. Good catch. 🙂

    BS is BS.

    While I still feel Bucky will force a Harris-approved Stepford Sookie/Seal Sex Sam ending at the last second, I like your references to “the Anna/Stephen ending” and “Retconcentral.” I’m not here to bash Anna and Stephen personally. It just, once again, feels to me like Bucky and whoever the current writers are won’t (or can’t) separate Anna’s and Stephen’s personal lives from the fictional supernatural show. Not to mention, we all know that HBO made a deal with Anna’s/Stephen’s production company, so I have to wonder for now about all the PR and narrative-so-far emphasis on Doormat Sookie/Rapist Beel (even though I don’t feel they’re endgame; I feel it’s “clever” misdirection). IMO, most of the remaining audience hates or couldn’t care less about the Beel character, AND they’re ruining (or, depending on how you look at it, have already ruined) Sookie, so it seems odd to me that the show people would intentionally shoot themselves in the foot with this part of the “story” like this. *shrugs*

    Sam is more concerned about frozen pizza and Stepford, Retconned Sookie than his GIRLFRIEND and their UNBORN CHILD. Because the writers haven’t bothered to properly flesh out Nicole and Nicole/Sam, am I supposed to rejoice at her death and a forced eleventh-hour Sam/Sookie pairing? Typical. And does HBO expect me to buy the box set of the Sam/Sookie endgame I suspect is coming? Uh, that would be a “no.” 🙂

    I don’t even know what to say about the Eric retcon. I can’t take it seriously. It’s not Eric. Alan Ball always took great pains to emphasize that Eric kept feeding and sex separate, and all of a sudden, under Bucky’s “great” leadership, Eric (and Pam) are combining the two like Beel and Jessica? Yeah, that would also be a “no.” And, as someone else pointed out elsewhere, Eric was a responsible leader in 1905 San Francisco, but in 1986 France, he’s all of a sudden as bratty as he was in his human, pre-family of origin murders days? I don’t think so. And the one thing that gets Eric off his True Death-chaise lounge is Sarah Newlin? I’m not buying that either. And, as I asked earlier, how did Pam know that Jason Stackhouse specifically had the opportunity to kill Sarah Newlin but chose not to?

    I hate that Eric and Pam are stuck in Storyline Siberia isolated from the main action (and the main cast). While I know that will change in next week’s ep, I have a feeling that’s what it will go back to for most of the rest of the season.

    I keep getting the feeling that Bucky, like Harris, is stating that human lives are more important than vampire “lives.” That feeling is making me REALLY uncomfortable and angry. (I guess I’m one of those “nuts” fans, or former fans, huh, Bucky? 😉 )

    I could see the suddenly-majorly-important Sylvie being resurrected as a vamp.

    Wow, for someone who doesn’t (really) watch, I had a lot more to say than I thought I did! 🙂 Thanks for the platform.

  13. I’m actually glad that it was mentioned there was a flash of something in Eric’s eyes when confronted with the news of Tara/the bucket roulette Pam played to get him back; as someone else mentioned, Alex is a very nuanced actor (it took me a couple of views to truly absorb his whole reaction scene to walking in daylight back in season 3), and the more he does this, the more success he’ll enjoy. The only danger is being too subtle, and in all the B/S we viewers are getting hurled into, it’s these little things that will become lost – how many times do reviewers watch something before they need to write about it? And with time constraints as well… It’s so sad.

    Anyways, thank you for the recap. I once again appreciate your tenacity in not only watching this episode, but in your on-going quest to bring order to chaos.

    On an unrelated note: I caved and bought Encounter. I wear it to bed 🙂 the only issue is how to explain it’s presence should it ever be discovered….

  14. So… it occurred to me, that this season of True Blood is more like a bad D&D game, where the dungeon master doesn’t know how to end the adventure other than kill everyone and blow everything up, than an actual story. I can practically hear the dice rolling. xD (Of course, if no one here has ever played D&D, and had the DM get that look in his or her eyes, no one will get my point.) Actually, maybe that is what the writers were doing in the writing room. Hmmm….

    I’m still not sure what the point of Sylvie was.

    It bothers me that Terry got such a huge send off, yet we didn’t even see Tara’s death on screen. It was implied and only the aftermath shown. And Alcide’s was nearly as abrupt. I actually liked Tara some of the time. I liked her way more than her mother, yet we’re still stuck with that character. I did really like Alcide, until the whole pack master storyline. That just got yucky. I suppose human vs. supe, but I expect more for main characters regardless of affiliation or species. I sorta expect all the main characters to get the Terry treatment. Or at least Eggs.

    • The point of Sylvie is so they can show us a naked Askars. Don’t you know that is all us Alex fans are about, naked Alex and sex. We are all so superficial. None of us actually watch for content. It’s all about sex. It make me sick. I guess they never thought anyone who would read a silly little book about vampires, could actually have any brains.

  15. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Eric should have died on those mountains.

    • I actually somewhat agree, but I would have liked his ending to be when he flew off instead of that horrible scene of him being burned on the mountains. That way we could have left it to our imaginations and still had hope that he was out there somewhere, anything would be better than bringing him back just to give him Hep V. These writers love to piss us off.

      • Nothing would have changed. People will want to see Eric back in the show since he flew away. I mean….look at what happened in the end of season 6. Witnessing eric’s death and pam’s reaction would be bestr… Because as of right now, this weird ass character they created is much more painful and heartbreaking to watch. JMO

  16. I guess it is good that this is the last season. I know that even through the horrible “authority” season, I was always looking forward to the next week to see what happened. So far this season, at the end of each show I’m left wondering WTF???

    I figured Alcide was going to die, but didn’t really expect it so quickly in the season, although when Sookie starting telling Bill how Aldice loved her more than she loved him, I wasn’t shocked when he died. Mrs. Fortenberry’s death shocked me more than Alcides.

    I would have been perfectly happy to NEVER see Sarah Newlin again. She annoys me. I will watch till the end, but so far most of the actors could have phoned in their part ie@ sookie crying over dead Alcide was sooo not believable.

    • I didn’t believe it at all – no offense to AP but it wasn’t the best acting in the world either.

  17. Thank you B for suffering through the episode for those of us who no longer watch. I have only 2 thoughts.

    1. Bill is the Jeoffrey Baratheon of True Blood. Total twisted psycho who will not die. Praying for him to accidentally eat a HepV tainted pie.

    2, Alan Ball, Brian Buckner, Charlaine Harris and/or some higher up suits must have a bet on how badly the writers can destroy this once great show.

    • I honestly never thought the show was all that great. I started watching for Anna, but stuck around for Alex. It’s just not worth it anymore, never have I known of show writers who cared so little for the fans. We are the reason it’s even been on the air this long.

  18. This is an excellent review of the episode! I’ve never heard of being RETCONNED before but it sums up the situation exactly 😦 Still, I’m relieved Sylvie is not a “new” love interest for Eric, but the whole premise was ludicrous: that 30 years ago when Eric was ONLY 970 years old he was an idiot about the Vampire Authority, was careless with his security, was in France and not sheriff of Area 5, AND he was in love with some art history major whose main talent seems to be screwing. I could understand better if Sylvie occurred 500 years ago, but 30? All the times Pam snarked Eric about “fairy vagina” she never mentioned “french vagina” Sylvie or compared Sookie to her. Unfuckingbelievable. Amnesia Eric was sent to his “heart’s desire” by Marnie’s curse and it sure wasn’t to Rhone, France. Wait, do I have amnesia?

    I hate all these new characters and the screen time being wasted on them. The only part of your review I’d like to add to is when you said you’ll always believe in Eric no matter what the writers throw at you. I feel the same way about Sookie! She’s the whole reason I started reading SVM and watching TB in the first place, and she’s gotten hosed by CH and TB as well as most of us fans. I won’t hate her cuz that’s what CH wants and I’m too stubborn to give her the satisfaction. Because of her “disability” Sookie is very emotionally immature and I can give her these past couple of years to grow up, even tho she has driven me crazy quite often.

    OK, since I’m an Eric-Sookie shipper and my glass is always half-full, here’s what I hope TB is giving us in their own ham-fisted way:

    1) Flashbacks to Bill’s human family because Sookie taught Bill that he still has a soul and in the final episode he’ll happily die to save Sookie & Eric so he can be reunited with Carolyn in heaven. Bill’s grateful that Sookie taught him that, and we’ll be happy for him.

    2) Eric will see Sookie when he checks on Willow and Sookie will show him that she loves him. Even Bill will tell Eric that Sookie loves Eric and they belong together. Eric’s ludicrous flashback to Sylvie and his wallowing in misery was only to show us that Eric once lost a human he THOUGHT he loved and he’s not gonna lose one again. Sylvie is why he was afraid to feel love for Sookie or show her the depth of his emotions unless he had amnesia. Cuz face it, if Eric had tried a little harder he could easily have won out over Bill – he is Eric fucking Northman! After he regained his memory he did give up on Sookie pretty easily. I think he should’ve understood that an immature virgin betrayed in her first relationship still has a lot to learn and needs time to mature. Especially since he’s had a thousand years to study human nature. I’m still gagging on my memory of Eric and Nora fucking like champions.

    3) Find a cure for Hep-V Eric and give Sookie a full faery lifespan so she can continue to feed Eric for the next thousand years and she doesn’t have to decide whether she’ll turn vampire until centuries after True Blood ends. Stop trying to turn her into Sandy from Grease or Bella; it’s really not that urgent for Sookie to make that decision right now. I’d be fine never knowing her decision as long as she ends up with Eric.

    4) All these new characters we don’t care about are there simply to distract us from the E/S HEA that TB plans to give us. They don’t want to make it too obvious. Please? I hope? LOL

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