True Blood’s TV Ratings for Episode 7.03


We have the results from this week’s TV Ratings for True Blood Episode 7.03 – “Fire In The Hole”!

Read on to find out how well they did this past Sunday…

Thanks to TV by the Numbers, check out the ratings below;

True Blood was Sunday’s top cable program with a 1.7 up from last week’s 1.6 adults 18-49 rating.

Selected Sunday Cable Ratings for July 6, 2014:

Show Net Time Viewers (000) (Live + SD) Adult 18-49 Rating (Live + SD)
True Blood HBOM 9:02 PM 3195 1.7

If you would like to check out ALL of the ratings for Sunday night, please click here.


I think I know why True Blood gained viewers over the previous week…EVERYONE wanted to know what was up with Eric and how he got Hep-V?

What do you think? Please share your thoughts below!


29 comments on “True Blood’s TV Ratings for Episode 7.03

  1. Expect it to be lower this week now that the Manjello fans have checked out. I hear they are more numerous than Bill fans too.

  2. There will be more viewers this week now that Eric is returning to Bon Temps. Everyone is anticipating the Eric and Sookie reunion despite that Bill Compton will be on hand.

  3. I think that Eric became infected with Hep-V when he was rescued after he burnt
    in the Sun…and he was taken to a Vampire Hospital and he was given some blood
    that may have been infected???
    I’m sorry that Alcide’s gone but his passing won’t stop me from watching TrueBlood.
    Never really just watched for Joe Manganiello anyway….
    Won’t miss Maxine…she was getting on my nerves the past two seasons anyway.
    Praying that Willa will be OK and that Arlene will be rescued.

    Also can’t wait for Bill Compton’s FINAL DEATH…IT’S too long in coming.

  4. Once again they use Eric and Pam to promote and lure fans in! Of course fans are tuning in to watch their scenes. I loved the flashback but a lot of the episode was just way off kilter. Alex and Kristin are amazing and yes they are why I am still watching.

  5. I will be watching to the end. It’s hard to watch the cluster fuck plot lines. So far the season has not went as I expected. I will miss it when it’s done.

  6. I think here are 2 reasons that nobody didn’t watch it;

    1. ) 4th of July week (like they did with ep 3 of season 4…..I think it was a good ep and I like how it explained Eric got amnesia)


    2.) No one don’t want to see Dumba** Sookie feeding off Sicko Billy. (Well I don’t blame that they don’t want to see that cr*p….I have to agreed that’s really gross).

  7. I know this is terrible to say but I wish the show would lose some viewers just so they know how unhappy the sooric fanbase is since nothing else has worked.

    • It’s not terrible, but they don’t care and will likely not even think that’s the reason for the drop in ratings. I see it going back and forth with every episode.

    • Bess, check out this link –

      and look how the number of viewers rose till they reached season4 and then started dropping from there. S7 has very less viewers remaining now. I think it has to do with how the writing on the show went totally cuckoo…

      • Thanks ladies checked out the article it’s unbelievable that they had proof by the ratings that the majority of fans want to see sookie and Eric.
        Hell they could have done whole episodes with just them talking and we would still have watched their chemistry was that good.
        Almost any other show would see after season 4 what the fans wanted and changed but no not this show.

        • I know right 🙂 this is as clear as it could get… And just for fun, see how the number of views suddenly jumped starting from ‘new world in my view’, which was the first of Eric and Sookie dreams, and certainly my favorite.

          • That is a massive jump you would think that would give them a clue.
            I do think that they will still get alot of anger if it ends with sookie and bill which they’ve pretty much said will happen.
            They forget that we’re the ones that have made this show iconic.
            I know this sounds silly but a part of me feels duped I thankfully have followed this show for seven years I think I would feel worse if I had followed their story 15 years both books and show.

        • It’s really sad isn’t it? 😦 Hence our bitterness towards the writers.

          • It would be nice to see the ratings for their next projects It would also be nice to see a survey in our fanbase at how many of us would watch their future projects.
            I don’t think it would be that many.

      • Thanks for posting that link! 🙂 The numbers speak for themselves…

        • Believe me Erika, I was more than happy to share it with you guys… This is one place where people actually understand why I go through stats like these and why they affect me is much 🙂

          • Sakshi-I thank you so much as well for the link. HBO are very, shall we say, “creative” with how they crunch their ratings numbers (all of their programming, not just TB). For those of us who pay attention, it’s no secret the TB numbers have been steadily decreasing since ep.5×02. This is a show that, at its commercial peak, routinely got 5+ million viewers for first-run episodes alone. Now, they’re lucky if they get 4 million on a first-run ep. Poorly played, HBO. 😦

            Thanks for the post, Erika. 🙂

  8. Well, my theory of Sookie being turned looks more likely considered the title of the second last ep. If it happens, please let it be Eric!

    • You can never tell just from a title, but I hope it’s not him. She doesn’t deserve to be in his family.

      • I’d love to see Sookie turned, and I’d actually love for her Maker to be Pam (but I wouldn’t mind Eric). If Sookie is turned, you know it will be Beel. But I think Sookie will be full-human at the end.

        • It’s bad enough Pam got stuck with Tara for a progeny, I don’t see her ever turning Sookie. She deserves to have it be Bill, so they can really live miserably ever after for all eternity. It would serve her right for making very poor decisions.

          • I loved Tara, and Progeny Tara/Maker Pam, so I have to respectfully disagree with you there. I don’t see Pam turning Sookie either. It’s just a daydream of mine. I wouldn’t wish Rapist Beel on anybody. That being said, I speculated in my reply to B’s review of ep.7×03 that I wonder if there could be a “clever” twist that Beel secretly turned Sookie. It would explain (to me) Sookie’s insane devotion to her boring rapist.

          • Hated Tara as a human, she was a little more tolerable as a vampire, but I still say she should have stayed dead at the end of season 4.

  9. What bugs me the most is that in each flashback, Eric has short hair. While he looks scrumptious, let’s rewind to season 1, shall we? He had shoulder length hair!! And Pam cut it in season 2!

    Last I checked vampires couldn’t grow hair, could they?

  10. Hear, Hear Tammy!!!! Thats’ what I’ve been saying for years. Although when I read that Anna Camps’ dark hair is a wig, I must admit they must have spent some good money on hers cause I actually thought it was her own hair!!

    Just proves another point, everyone who wears a wig on the show gets a better quality than they gave Alex. I guess they figure that hes’ “pretty” enough. (They must have been so jealous of him!!).

    Like I said, the 80’s Erics’ hair was horrible as it was nothing like Alex’s real hair, thinner and poker straight. Thats’ why the wig was sooooo not right on him, made him look like he had a overblown animal on his head………………….

    • I got a very Bon Jovi vibe from that wig, but present day Bon Jovi, not 80’s Bon Jovi. Still, it was pretty horrible. I have four wigs that I alternate with every day and have been told how real they look, one is even just like how my real hair used to be. It shouldn’t have been hard for them to come up with something better, more proof that they just don’t care.

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