To SDCC We Go! True Blood Panel Announced


Its official. True Blood will be attending the 2014 Comic Con in San Diego.

The panel has been confirmed for Saturday July 26th in Ballroom 20 at 5 PM. True Blood will be bringing to the panel  Anna, Stephen, Bryan, Rutina, Sam, Kristin, Nelsan, Carrie, Deborah, Chris B, Anna, and Nathan Parson. The panel will be moderated by Time Stack of EW.

Sadly, Alex is not slated to attend as he is currently filming. Ryan and Joe look not to be there as well.

I, B, will be making the pilgrimage to the mecca of pop culture. Join me on Twitter as I live tweet through this one last ride with True Blood on the VikingWenches account. I may even get to give blood… True Blood is sponsoring the annual blood drive once again!

Other panels I will be looking to attend are

The Giver


Game of Thrones

And Outlander… if only I could clone myself.


And that is not including the events both inside and out side the convention center!

On a serious note, if you could as the True Blood cast a question… what would it be? You never know, I may get a chance to ask it 😛




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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

13 comments on “To SDCC We Go! True Blood Panel Announced

  1. Weird that Ryan is not attending, he could be busy like Alex though so I get it.

    It would be nice if Alex could be there because then he would be at two different panels!

    No one that I know that is going to CC seems to be doing the Outlander stuff, which outside of GOT is the one thing I am most excited about!

    Have fun B!

  2. I have several questions for Mr Buckner but as they would probably get you thrown out of the building I’ll leave them for another more appropriate time. If you corner him or Anna in the lobby though, tell them we desperately need some Sooric one last time!

    I guess the panel will be about 1am here in the UK so Mr Skarsgard and I will be tucked up in bed – unfortunately not together 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful time!!!!!!!

  3. Great so the whole panel is going to be about Sookie and Beehl :/
    I know Alex is busy but it would be nice to have him there for the final time… I hope the audience bombards them with Sookie Eric questions!! I hope they all feel awkward and stupid for ruining such a perfect couple…

  4. Meh, I have no interest in the True Blood final panel at CC, as there will be no Alex so to me it is of no concern. There are several other panels/groups along with the Vikings that I will be following, i.e. Sleepy Hollow, Outlander, et al.

    I just hope that Alexs’ commitment of filming Tarzan will pay off in spades for him and will be worth the loss of not seeing him (or much) in the next 6 months or so of filming the movie. I just hope they sneak out an early promo shot or two of him as I will be missing him terribly and I fear I will be wearing out my copies of all of his movies that I have on DVD, etc.

    Thanks for filling us in on who will be there B and I hope that you have a marvelous trip and report back anything deemed interesting. Since True Blood is totally done filming now and its’ all in the can, I fear if there is no real Sooric that had been filmed, you can ask til your blue in the face I fear Evie, and they will just ignore it (and probably laugh at all of us Eric fans behind our backs, since they probably have stuck it too us good…..)

  5. I would ask BB if he is happy that his female lead is portrayed as forgiving very single thing Boll has done and keeps going back for more. I would also want to ask AP why her character has had minus growth as the series has progressed.

  6. I’m glad Alex isn’t going, I’d rather him focus on Tarzan right now.

  7. I have never been to a C C, and won’t make this one either. As far as, E & S, are concerned, they won’t get back together as, Eric is sick. This final show, seems to be so lame. Something needs to happen in the show soon, or it will go out with a fizzle instead of on top, as it should. True Blood, is the only reason I pay for HBO. Wish they would make it worth it.

  8. I signed up for membership to apply for passes for CC especially for the opportunity to one day go to see the TB panel live, so I was absolutely gutted when I missed the chance to get them because of stupid time zones!

    Now, not so devastated – not at all! But to all those going, have fun trying to give any writers/producers on the panel a piece of all our minds!

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