True Blood Promo 7.05 “Lost Cause”


Wow, that was some True Blood episode wasn’t it? For those who haven’t seen it yet…there were lots of Eric and Sookie scenes, and some of them were actually really good… but not all of them. Just saying. 😉

I wonder what’s going to happen next week? Here’s the promo for True Blood Episode 7.05 “Lost Cause”!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!


Watch the promo on the player below.

It’s Evie’s turn to write the review for this week, and since it’s the middle of the night for her right now…she’ll probably wake up and start working on it first thing. (She’s so lucky…because this episode wasn’t as bad as the other three have been.) In the meantime…feel free to discuss the episode and this promo in the comments below.

Thanks to Barbara at – check out these screencaps from this promo! You can see more images on the link.



Getting back to tonight’s show…here’s some official images from tonight’s episode “Death Is Not The End” – thanks to




What are  your thoughts? Please share ’em below, but remember to save some for Evie’s review. 😉


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  2. I thought the episode had some fun moments that i really enjoy, and of course we had some major Sookie/Eric stuff and now i’am pining cause i feel like they give hope for them to still end up together i mean their looks, the music, Sookie’s puppy eyes and all of what she said, Pam’s comments, and still i know she will end up with Bill and that just makes me so mad,by the way eyes rolling with her feeding Bill but i know she would done the same for Eric if he wasn’t sick and she took it like bussiness. I liked her this episodeand that hasn’t happen since season 6 episode one

    • That’s the problem, they always give us some hope and then take it away. We know how it’s going to end, so I’m no longer getting my hopes up where this show is concerned.

      • I know that’s what makes me mad if they want it Bill to end up with Sookie so much the why they made him such and asshole and now gives us this E/S wich we all thought was gonna be their goodbyes but to me it wasn’t and now i’m pretty sure that i8n the promo Sookie says Eric’s gone is because he left without saying goodbye and they meke it this way to gave us hope they will see each other again

  3. The E/S moments solidify why I believe, as I have always believed, that they are the OTP.

    No one will ever convince me that she belongs with anyone else.

  4. Willa does not look happy, I’m guessing she’s pissed because he abandoned her. Haven’t watched it, but I did hear people say this was the best episode yet. I wonder if that has anything to do with it actually involving E/S.

    • Yes tammydevil83 it was the best episode this season. Alex was awesome. He still cares for Sookie and I think she still cares for him although I’m sure Bill and Sookie will be the end game. It’s to bad too, because if they killed off Bill and had Eric and Sookie end up together, everyone would be talking about this show for years. DVD sales would be through the roof. I don’t see it happening, but we can hope. Hope the thing we have all done since the last stupid book came out.

  5. I finally enjoyed an episode of True Blood!! ES scenes were good but annoyed me bc it seems like their goodbye… like Tammy said, give us a little then rip it away again 😦

  6. I also agree that not only because of the Sookie and Eric scenes but there was some decent action in tonites episode. But I can’t get excited about the whole Eric and Sookie hope thing either, as we all know that’s just not happening anymore.

    There is one question I have to ask Wactualf and what does OTP stand for. I’m bad with figuring out acromyns. Thanks in advance.

    So I guess in a nutshell, I have no more hope left for my HEA and that’s that.

  7. Yes its like he is a caring older bro to her now even he realizes how eff’d up she is! I was tense they might try to kill him off this episode i hope he is cured making him sick this last season in order to prop up bill is sickening! Of course bill is trying so hard to be the hero! Best line was what eric says to him when he sees him again lol

  8. Definitely the best episode in a long, long time! Who was the writer on that ep?
    So many moments I loved especially Eric and Sookie but the fact Ginger was the total brains behind Fangtasia! That was pretty awesome. And when the magister was telling Pam and Eric about the video store, their reactions were priceless, just some good ole True Blood perfection which has not been seen in ages!

  9. The recap on is pretty good, especially the last bit:

    Hop I’m not breaking any rules doing this:

    • Thanks for posting, i enjoyed the read 🙂

      I’m still really surprised that no one has mentioned Sookie finally saying “I’m his” (in relation to Eric) no matter the context, it was nice to finally hear her say it…

    • thank you Alexia, I was looking for an extensive and complete factual review of the episode bacause so much good stuff happended during this hour, it was worth to note every details … this time 😉
      Let’s hope we get more episodes of this quality before the end.

  10. The Bill and Sookie interaction was pretty cold again, and that look E/S shared at the end of the episode said a lot to me. If Eric can survive I think the producers might have intentionally led us astray. I think it’s obvious who she loves.

    • That’s what I keep thinking! It is obviously a stretch, but I just keep wondering why they would reveal all this plot information before the season premiere that made everything seem so set and stone. Joe Manganiello said the ending will be “controversial.” Whatever that means….

  11. I haven’t seen this season so far,but I really want to see the ep.

    I have a feeling deep down inside that Sookie will end up with Eric at the end of the series ( I think Alex knew it when he said “I’m the game” in the farewell special)..I still believe they will meet up again and I think they will meet up in Ep 8,because I noticed Anna as Sookie in the background 1 of Alex’s pics when they did Ep 8 and I believe it has to do curing him….I also think that ep 2 flashback with that Sylive girl could be a hint that something has to do with Sookie’s faith later on this season. I would see that happening with Sookie will end suffering the similar faith to Sylvie’s faith by the hands of Gus and Alex will end up risking his own life to save the another woman he truly loved.

    I don’t have a clue she will end up with Billy boy or not. I known Alcide said we will get it’ll get unexcept later on this season. I knew the “Twilight” luv triangle with Alcide/Sookie/Douchbag didn’t last long. I wouldn’t be surprise Billy Boy will become freaking evil again after Eric will shown up.

    • Where did you happen to see pics from Ep 8?

      • here’s the pic,

        It’s blurry,but I think it’s her. the girl is next to him has a hooked nose and same height. I’m sure it’s Sookie.

        • Thx for the pic! I appreciate it greatly:) it must be Sookie next to him

        • I’m not sure where you are seeing Sookie? According to the girls who were there watching filming that day, they said there was only Eric & Pam there.

          • I am sure it’s Sookie’s standing next to him (I didn’t think Pam or Sarah fit that description in that pic). I think the girl don’t want to give anything away in that photo.

        • I don’t think that’s Sookie. I think that’s one of the crew members.

          • But we have to wait for Comic Con sneak peak, I could be right it’s her. I really hope I am right.

            Maybe Ask Auesllo will us some answers. We never known if we gets a Eric and Sookie HEA. :/

  12. Thank goodness!!! FINALLY an episode worth watching. The connection between Eric and Sookie were intense – I so missed those interactions. And the Pam and Ginger scenes added some levity and fun…reminded me of the old days. I know it’s too much to hope for, but I would love to see the rest of the season continue this trend. At least I can go to bed with a smile on my face tonight 🙂

  13. Loved last night’s episode….was almost crying when Sookie called up Alcide’s dad
    to tell him that Alcide was dead, same for when Jason called Hoyt in Alaska.
    Felt so sorry for Hoyt,even though he sometimes hated his mom who was a major
    pain in his life/neck he did love her deep down…she was just super needy.
    Was suprised when Eric/Pam showed up at Bill’s house.

  14. This last episode was complete and utter garbage – as bad as the previous 3.

  15. This was definitively the best episode so far of season 7. We were treated to a real “TB spirit ” hour which hadn’t been the case for a very long time. Which makes me wonder why the writers couldn’t come up with it before … are they lazy or did they just lost interest for a show ending soon ?? Maybee it should become law mandatory to include a fanbase veto right to proof read some of their scripts !! I’m just joking …(am I really??)
    I don’t know where I read this somewhere: “they should end up the show with Eric and Sookie being together, the DVD sales would implose”. Well, it certainly didn’t help Mrs. Charlaine Harris future book sales to write the end of her story the way she did ….and truth is, it would be a commercial bonus for HBO to go this way. But I’m concerned with the coherence of Sookie’s story and she should end up with a real life. Meaning, if Eric or Bill are not magically turned into human beings (wait a minute, why not ?? we’ve seen some crazy stuff before) I just cannot see how she could end up with either of them still being vampires. After all she’s been through, the least we can hope for her is to enjoy a long sunny and happy human life, ending up on her porch as happy as her own granny used to be. Won’t you agree ?
    Best hope I can give you folks, even if we know that won’t happend, please don’t get delusionnal, is that the cure for Hep-V turns Eric back into a human being.

    • That sounds like a pretty boring life to me, and I really don’t see Eric becoming human, nor would I want him to. Unless Sookie also gets rid of her telepathy, she can’t be with a human. I’m one who thinks normal is overrated, I’d rather have something extraordinary.

    • Or what if Sookie embraced her supernaturalness (is that a word?) where she’d live a very long life and age gracefully thanks to her fairy genes but her human genes keep her blood diluted just enough so Eric never loses control? Not that he would. That’s Bill’s MO.

    • I did a painting like that. 🙂 I thought how the show should end like Eric becoming human and helding pregnant Sookie at the graveyard. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. as I’m not following anymore – can anyone clarify for me – if Eric is healed from Hep V. If yes, I might get some interest again. thx in advance.

  17. 90s Eric? Awesome. Video store and their expression? Priceless. Ginger? I effing love that girl.

    I’m trying to NOT spend my entire day online rewatching these scenes and staring at GIFs. =)

    So happy to see some good Eric and Pam scenes finally and Ginger added that bit of classic TB humor.

  18. So…The last two episode titles are probably referring to eric. “Love is to die” and “getting closer to the ground. ” JMO

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