The One Where Eric & Sookie Had A Moment


Well aren’t I the lucky recapper, last night’s emotion filled rollercoaster of an episode “Death is not the end” was without doubt the best of the final season so far (although that wouldn’t exactly take much). Why? Because Eric Northman was back in town and Bon Temps needs him to be there just as much as his audience does. WARNING: This is a heck of a long recap and it includes an excitable game of “he says / she says”.

We began with the first of many heart-wrenching scenes. Sookie was calling Alcide’s dad and Jason was calling Maxine’s son, to tell them the terrible news that their loved ones had gone. Poor Hoyt lamented that his mother told him she would die if he left, and Jason even called him “Bubba”.

Post credits, and we are all on board a jet plane with Eric and Pam. Eric is feeding from the willing air hostess (and it’s not from her neck). After he has finished his dinner he lets the poor girl know that she is now a Hep-V carrier, she is gutted as she will lose her job. Eric doesn’t care. Eric wants to return to Shreveport to see Willa before he dies. Pam pouts (for the first of many times), why does he care when he abandoned her?

Flashback No.1 and we find that in the aftermath of the infamous “French vagina” incident Eric and Pam were brought to Shreveport by the Authority so that they could open a video/porn store and Eric was made the reluctant sheriff of Area 5.

Over in present day Bon Temps Sookie, Sam and Jason go round to the Bellefleur mansion, and after Sookie takes a short detour to tell Arlene’s kids not to give up hope, they all end up in Holly’s bedroom, where Sookie convinces her to open up her mind and remember where the other hostages are. It’s quickly established they are at Fangtasia. Andy doesn’t know what to do when they leave and Sookie tells him “We like to be held”. Andy obliges and holds on to the woman he loves. Don’t worry Sookie, someone very special is going to be holding you very soon!

Sam wants to go to Fangtasia right now to get Nicole and his baby back. Jason has to use his gun to get Sam to turn around and wait for their vampire allies at nightfall. Over at Compton Manor Jessica is still in pain and James is getting a little bit pissed off as she is refusing to feed. James calls Bill who can compel her to do it, but it is Sookie who arrives and gives Jess a tough love talk – so what if the fairy girls are dead, most people Sookie loves are dead, Sooke needs Jess to help her get her friends back. Jess agrees to feed but not from Sookie. Sookie asks James to call his human donor to do the job.

Flashback No.2 and it’s 1996. Ginger comes into the video/porn store to rent some cool vampire movies, but she doesn’t actually think vampires are real, until …………he walked in the room.


He kisses her hand and she applies for a job. I freaking loved this scene.

Jason and Sam continue to bear bad news and visit Rosie at the home she shared with Kevin to tell her that Holly has confirmed Kevin is dead. Rosie calls Sam a “freak” but then hopes he will make them all pay for what they did. Sam lets slip that they plan to attack the Hep-V vamps at Fangtasia that night.

Bill and Sookie hatch Plan No.2. Let’s just hope it’s a lot better than Plan No.1 which was the worst plan ever! Bill will ask all the vampires he knows to help them as he owes Sookie everything. All together now, one, two, three…..


Sookie offers to feed him so he is at his strongest for the battle to come. She tells him “it’s just lunch”. At this point I would like to sincerely thank the editor of True Blood for cutting short this scene so I didn’t have to suffer Bill making gurgling noises whilst sucking at Sookie’s neck.

The ever splendid Lala answers James’s distress call and convinces Jess to feed off him. He tells her he’s as fucked up as she is, he killed the man he loved.

Flashback No.3, it’s 2006 and we discover it was actually poor Ginger’s brilliant idea to open a vampire bar called Fangtasia, and it was she who bought Eric his precious Viking throne. Because as Ginger so rightly said “Sex sells, and Eric Northman is nothing if he is not pure fucking sex on a throne”. Pam thinks her idea is surprisingly and completely excellent, in fact it is so excellent that Pam steals it, glamours Ginger and tells Eric she thought it all up. Pam relays this to Eric in present day on board the jet. Eric tells her she is “such a bitch” but he will always love her.

Night-time in Bon Temps and the attack-pack are gathered at Bill’s house. He obviously doesn’t have many vampire friends because apart from the usual crew, only James’s band-mate Keith has turned up. But then there is an ominous knock on the front door.

Eric Northman is back (and Pam is sulking behind him). Eric tells Bill that Pam said he wrote a book where he says he is not an asshole any more. Bill asks Eric how long he has had Hep V, but the boy talk is cut short because Sookie Stackhouse wants to know who is at the door and comes running over to give the big bad Viking a great big hug.


Yep, I was as surprised as you were, I expected their reunion to be much more tentative, especially on her part.

She sees the veins on his chest. She says “no”. He says


Despite Pam’s latest pout, Eric and Sookie are given some time alone. He asks her what kind of trouble she has got herself in, she tells him that he’s one to talk. (my body becomes a meaningless vessel full of all the world’s Sooric feels ). She tells him “You can’t die on me”. (and somewhere on high above the clouds someone saw the angels weep). When Sookie confides that Alcide was her boyfriend and he is dead, Eric is a little put out as he gave her the house back so she could get back to a normal life, she doesn’t want to have that talk right now, Alcide only died this morning. and then it’s another big hug……He’s sorry. She asks him where he has been (and I’m wondering if I am still actually watching True Blood or just having one of my frequent dreams?). He’s been home to Sweden but he started an avalanche that killed a whole town so he had to leave. He went to South America, Africa, Spain and France. That’s a lot of places, she says. He wanted to see the world one more time, and with that he wipes a tear from her face.


Of course they are always interrupted and this time it’s Willa. She wants to talk about being deserted by “ass-wipe”. Eric tells her they will talk later as Sookie needs their help. And so the gang set off for Fangtasia, but not before one last pout from Pam, who calls Sookie “a fucking fungas”. Can I just say at this point that I do love Pam, I just find this whole Pam hates Sookie/Willa/Nora/whoever a little tiring and KBVS is a great performer, please give Pam a little bit of something else to do. If she is to be Eric’s soul-mate at the end, she needs to woman up!

Plan No.2 begins in earnest. There’s a secret way into Fangtasia and Eric is going to smash open the wall to let them in. Except he can’t do it, he doesn’t have the strength, he’s seriosuly ill. Another heart-breaking scene as the proud Viking has to reluctantly let Bill do it for him. (I’m not mad about this, it’s not to show Bill’s strength, it is to show how incredibly weak Eric has become). Pam asks Eric to wait and save what strength he has left, whilst she goes with Bill. There follows a strange little scene where Pam tells Bill not to try to be the hero as he and Sookie won’t ever happen (at least I think that’s what she said). I’m not sure what that was all about??? The plan comes unstuck as the Hep V vamps have taken Arlene upstairs for their dinner. Bill is wondering what to do next (never the sharpest tool in the plan-box), when there’s a kock on the Fangtasia door.

Eric has the disease, he needs refuge and he’s brought his own human. His fellow sufferers don’t have much inclination to help him until they smell Eric’s dinner and let them in. Eric tells them Sookie is his but he will share. “What are you” asks one particularly hungry vamp. “I’m his” is Sookie’s reply. Another less polite vamp tells Blondie to spread her legs. Blondie fairy says “fuck you”. Blondie vampire says that she is his and they need to treat her with respect. Just as things might get a bit sticky for the golden haired duo the cavalry arrives and in no time at all there’s a rumble going on in the car park and the human vigilantes are on their way (including Rosie). A very weak Eric has stayed inside with Sookie and is about to get staked. Bill turns up and saves his life, and even has time for a little quip “See, I’m not an asshole any more”. Because obviously the entire audience will like him again because he saved their precious Viking’s life!

Arlene is close to death and halucinates that her beloved Terry is calling her. (Carrie Preston is amazing in this scene). Sookie asks Eric to get them a healthy vampire to heal her. Eric is very, very weak but eventually goes. Keith the drummer arrives just in time and as he gives her his blood, the Terry in her head tells Arlene that she should stay where she is and “be happy”. Arlene meet Keith, Keith meet Arlene.

Back outside in the aftermath of the battle. Everyone is accounted for except Eric. Pam is frantic but locates him in a car feeding off a very soon to be very dead ( if not already very dead) Rosie. He needed to feed – he is terminally ill remember – and the Hep V vamps need to feed very regularly.

Inside Fangtasia Sookie is holding onto Arlene. She sees Eric enter and the two of them just look at each other sadly and longingly, and then he leaves. It’s a beautiful and sad end to the episode.


Some have already speculated that this was their final goodbye, I’m not so sure, it didn’t seem like “resolution” to me, I think there could well still be more emotion to come.

When I see that “look” between them I understand why I have shipped them so hard. Alex and Anna both knocked it out of the park in this episode. And if their ship has sunk, then I’m going down with it, it will be my submarine, gliding endlessly along the ocean floor. They can give us more in one “look” than all Bill’s proclamations of love and devotion, or all Pam’s helpless obsession, have given me in the entire series. We may not get our HEA but I will never be ashamed that Sooric will always be my OTP.


and I’m done!



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  1. That episode highlighted everything I love about Eric and Sookie. That is why I ship them. How can Buckner deny that those two are the only endgame that makes sense?

    • He is insane cause no person in their reight mind would think otherwise, I just hope with all these Bill flashbacks is not because Bill will turn human cause to me he doesn’t miss being human he misses his family so the best would be for him to die and have an after life with his family, Sookie curing Eric and they end up together, i’m fooling myself but a girl can dream right

  2. Sobbed like a baby in Arlene/Terry scene. Missed seeing him…. I’m getting choked up typing this! Love love loved this episode definitely a favourite so far this season

  3. Last night we saw that Eric Northman still loves Sookie Stackhouse deeply.
    He’s never stopped…and even though he’s been gone for over eight months
    he’s never forgotten Sookie even though she told him that she thought she
    still loved Bill Compton…..But you have to admit that when she saw him in
    the foyer of Bill’s home she ran to his arms and buried her head in his chest.
    Then she caught sight of Eric’s chest…..
    When they were alone she demanded to know how this happened to him….
    And then she said “Don’t you dare die on me Eric Northman !!”

    When Bill Compton opened his front door and found Eric & Pamela there..he
    was shocked at the way Eric looked…but what shocked him even more was
    when Sookie saw Eric and she rushed into his comforting arms……l
    Pamela gave Bill some sound advice….”Forget it, you’re never going to have
    another shot with Sookie…it’s over and you know it”

  4. I liked most of the episode(I didn’t like how the writers have made Eric seem an asshole when he infects the hostess!! or they have to show Eric weak so Bill can play the hero) the flashbacks with Ginger were awesome but I can’t believe that Fangtasia was her idea…The scene with Sookie was so intense and beautiful but I still don’t trust BB and the writers cuz I have a gut feeling that it will all go downhill from here….There’s no HEa for Eric/Sookie!! They are only playing with us viewers so we keep on watching…Take care everybody

    • Exactly, Alex said there will not be an Eric/Sookie relationship. I’m taking his word for it, not just because..duh he plays Eric, but you can obviously see it by the way he parted ways with sookie. This will be the last time they’ll see each other…So enjoy it while you can.

  5. I think the episode was better than the previous ones. But like Pam I’m so over Sookie… sorry, I think Eric deserves better…. anyway, Pam called her fungus but I think there’s a worst kind of fungus: Bill Compton, who kept saying he wasn’t an asshole anymore and the more he said the more asshole he became….

  6. every word set in stone and the scene with ginger….lol i had the same expresion she did when i was this yummy yummy Viking vampire walk slowly i thought i was Ovulating.

  7. I have a feeling that was a goodbye and probably the last scene those two are going to have together. I fear he really will die, but of course the writers will drag that out until the end. Bill will always be an asshole, no matter what he does. I hate that Eric is so weak and sick now, that cure needs to happen already. I hope he finds some help in Dallas.

    • And God, that 90’s flashback, still better than the 80’s, but he looks like he belongs in a boy band…lol!

      • I LOVED the 90s flashback. Ginger was so awesome and I liked that she came up with Fangtasia. It showed Ginger was not always insanely stupid and that she actually was pretty smart… Eric and Pam just glamoured her too much. Which is fine, because Eric did not give a crap about humans before….at least before this random Sylvie junk was thrown into the story. So I think it suits Eric’s character that we knew in the early seasons. He was never the perfect, sensitive guy.

        Eric looked a bit boy band-ish but somehow it was believable to me. I would think Eric and Pam would both always be considered high fashion for whatever time period they are in. Plus Eric is so badass he can pull anything off!

    • You are right Tammy, I also think they will eventually kill Eric. My excited little shipper heart wants to hope that he is cured but seriously, no one is working on the cure yet. We might not get it. And I know feeding from Sookie will not be a cure.

      They would drag him out. Weak and sick! Till the end! My heart went out to Eric when he couldn’t break a wall. I never wanted to see the viking like that. They are going to take everything downhill from this point onwards 😦

  8. Thanks for the lovely update Evie…

    Despite a few holes, this episode was all of the reason I watch TB. It tantalizingly teased us of what this show could have been!

    And I cried! I fucking cried along with Sookie when Eric played with her hair and said he was sorry she was in pain, and then when Eric and her shared a look at the end and he left. That has not happened to me in a loooong while on this show (not since Godric died.) and i can guarantee that I was neither drunk nor hormonal.

    However, surprisingly, Eric and Ginger’s first meeting has made it to my favorite TB scenes of all time. That look on Ginger’s face, the way Eric walked towards her in slowmo looking smoldering even with bad clothes, the song ‘#1 crush’ they played in the background, all of it was priceless…I stayed up last night and watched the rerun on my 65 inch screen, in converted 3D, and I haven’t been the same human since! Just talking about it makes me want to go watch it again. The song has been playing in my ears on loop since morning.

    We got priceless Sooric scenes yesterday. And Alex and Anna did one hell of a job acting them out. Just the way his fingers played with her hair while they talked….SWOOON….How can any non blind person not see the potential here? How can any sane person not think about taking it forward? Has Sookie ever found solace in any of her boyfriends, like she finds with Eric? Has anyone ever held her and asked her about her troubles and then talked her through it? Has anyone else not patronized her? Has anyone else comforted her like that even when he is dying?

    I had hardened my heart before this season and thanked God for that while watching the first three episodes…

    But today I am shipping Eric and Sookie again. Fuck the world who doesn’t think my way!

  9. I think someone asked what OTP meant and I too was curious, so get ready: OTP = One True Pairing.


    I’m looking forward to watching this episode when I can (maybe Wednesday), because by the looks of things, these writers can try to come up with whatever they can, but Alex will ALWAYS (to quote this week’s recapper) hit it out of the park.

    Just a note: still wary about Fungi Sookie, despite her awesome reception of Eric.

    Well done!

  10. I know eric and sookie will not be together but i refuse to believe eric will die! I dont know how they can cure him at this point but it has to happen i also want him to set things right w willa!

    • I still don’t believe Eric will die either. I can’t even think about that. It would be too devastating for too many people. My heart just won’t go there yet.

  11. It was so nice to see a decent episode…really loved the flashback – it was fantastic, Ginger=all of us when he entered that room :). Eric and Sookie was so bitter sweet… I feel like the rest of you, frustrated because they are so, so good together and we already know that this probably the last time they’ll share a scene like that. It was perfect goodbye 😦 Now I only wish that they leave it as it is (Sookie’s shocking discovery worries me still, hope it has nothing to do with Eric…what if she feels all sad about Eric, goes down to his cuby and finds something…I don’t trust these writers at all. But then on the other hand why would they go to all this trouble to give us a lovely parting scene only to ruin it later).
    I hated Pam’s line to was that first thought was that the totally opposite will happen of course.
    I am hoping that Eric survives next ep. – do we actually have more synopsis after this rd we know what happens after Dallas.. I am actually a bit nervous about next week…the fact that we have Dr. Ludwig later on gives me some hope that it’s related to Eric’s recovery…Fingers crossed and I hope TB is aware that if they kill off Eric next week majority of audience will walk away for good including me. Let’s hope that Pam teams up with Sookie to bring Eric back to life.

    • I’m pretty sure he survives ep.5 as in ep.6 he is going make an unlikely alliance 🙂

    • We know he’s in the finale, if they did kill him, it likely wouldn’t be until the end because the writers have to know by now he’s the reason most of us watch.

      • There was talk about a Fangtasia scene in the end right? With Eric, Pam and She who must not be named? Which means he is not dying right?

        Oh my God, don’t let it be a soul Eric scene, like they continued with Godric 😦 … I’ll be in real pain if Eric dies 😦

    • I actually took Pam’s comment as a foreshadowing of what’s to come i mean i’m trying to be hopefull

      • It just kind of came out of nowhere and didn’t make sense to me. Maybe for some reason she didn’t want Bill to do anything foolish and get himself killed..but why would she care what happens to Bill? In any case Pam was speaking for all of us but not sure if those writers agree

        • Yeah right we all know Pam couln’t care less about Bill so it was a weird comment i think she was channeling our thoughts when she said that hahaha

          • That’s all I can think of, that Pam is speaking for the audience again. KBVS has said on a couple of occasions that Pam says what the audience is thinking, and maybe they were acknowledging that the majority of the audience don’t want Bill to get the girl.

            This episode has really confused me, I thought I knew exactly where they were heading and had become just about resigned to it, but this threw a real spanner in the works for me. I guess that is what they want, to keep people interested right to the end. Next week I suspect it will be back to normal business with Eric/Pam in Dallas and Sookie/Bill at mainstreaming party.

          • I think it was Pam thinking she was being insightful. She watched Sookie’s reaction to Eric and, in her mind, Sookie could not possibly get back together with Bill when her feelings for Eric were so obviously displayed. In Pam’s mind, (as in most of ours) there is nobody better than Eric and I believe she was reacting to what she had just seen. In that moment, she may also believe that Eric will pursue Sookie and she would believe that Eric would be impossible to deny in his condition. She was expressing her belief based on her observation of Eric and Sookie’s reunion. Just my two cents.

      • There were a lot of mixed signals in this episode, but I kind of took at as Pam being the only one removed enough from the situation to see what it actually was. And since Bill’s not an asshole anymore she’s kind of pitying him a smidge since he’s clinging to something he won’t have.

        Honestly, I have renewed hope after this episode. EVERYONE in EVERY interview has said Bill and Sookie is the endgame and Eric and Sookie are pretty much done and I just don’t buy it. If that truly is the endgame they would be more subtle about it. I’m think there’s a real chance (after this episode) we’ve been led astray.

        • Evie-Debbie Downer here again. 🙂 I think this ep was an anomaly to get people to keep watching, and that next week (and the rest of the series) will be right back to “status quo” as if this ep never happened.

  12. I dont think the shocking discovery is something bad about eric theyve mutilated my man enough i thought the line from pam was reminiscent of the books when she gives sookie little warnings about the relationship w eric….i thought it was telling….i dont think she ends up w bill i really dont what im curious about is in what form will the cure for eric come if it does come?

  13. Making the cure come from sookie would be too easy i think its something else remember they dont want to bring those two together and that would give them further scenes i think this was the end for them on screen together sad!!!!

  14. I wrote this earlier, I noticed 1 of Alex’s pics as Eric when they were doing ep 8….it shown Sookie in the background and she’s wearing a sundress.

    I don’t think it’ll end of the line for them. I think they will meet up again around ep 8.

    I always believe there’s hope for Eric and Sookie. Deep down bottom of my heart, I still do. 🙂

    • ME TOO! Some may call me crazy for thinking that way, but I ship them so hard I just can’t help it.

    • That’s great ep 8 🙂 I don’t have hope in E/S as AS said it won’t be happening but I wonder about B/S it has been pushed so hard that I am beginning to wonder…

  15. Loved the episode like the rest of you.
    I thought how ginger met Eric and pam was perfect (I was surprised ginger had know them that long). The sooric scenes were beautiful it was lovely to see them light up in each others company. I thought it was interesting to see sookie almost forget bill was there (or perhaps that’s just vibe I got).
    Pams sentence to bill was a bit strange for her to say she’s not the biggest fan of both of them so why warn him?
    The flashback has made me wonder about ch scene since some of us thought it was linked to how the bar opened.
    So any ideas?

  16. I pretty much agree with all the comments on here. I loved every Eric and Sookie moment last night and watched it a total of three times last night. I was feeling fantastic until I saw for the first time the preview of the next episode and when I saw how far Erics black veins advanced, I felt like I was going to throw up and then he tells Pam that hes’ dying, I totally freaked out.

    I know we want them together in the end, they have more chemistry between them than even IRL Anna and Steve have I swear. But at this point, all I pray for is that Eric gets cured and doesn’t die. I what someone, anyone to cure him. My thought was maybe it will be Sookies’ Great Grandpa Niall who will cure Eric, cause if you all remember Anna said that Rutger was on set that time during filming. I’m just hoping that is why.

    I don’t even care if they aren’t together and Eric and Pam leave and go back to Europe and leave Sookie. But I don’t want Eric to die, I want him to continue on. I hope I get my
    wish and that happens. I’ll be watching at last two times tonite and several more times before the next episode. This was the best episode of TB in many, many seasons so I also have to catch who wrote this one, as I forgot to last night, but it was very well written.

  17. Thank you so much for this awesome recap!!

    There was honestly so much I loved about this episode.. Did it get my feels up to just have them shattered again? probably… but I will enjoy these scenes once the curtains close…

    A few things that really stuck in my mind.. First was the extent of Sookies hurt when she saw Erics black veins, their reunion was beautiful, the way he looked at her and the way she looked at him. There is unfinished business between them.. Their interactions are the best thing to come out of this show…
    One of my absolute fav moments was when I connected what Sookie said to Andy “We like to be held” and Eric did exactly that. He found out she lost her BF and even though he wasnt pleased the Wolf, he was there for her, he embraced her and made her feel safe no matter what he was going through… This is real love, i just wish the writers would see that…

    The last scene was heartbreaking, the look Eric gave Sookie. I dont know if it will be their last ever scene, i hope not. but it definitely felt like for Eric in that moment, it was his realisation again of exactly how much he loves Sookie and the sadness that he will never get to be with her again bc he is going to die.. My soul was crushed for him…
    As for Sookie, I dont think she believes its the last she will see of him.. I think her face showed how grateful she was he was there and there was pure love in her eyes…

  18. I’m actually thinking about that cubby now… There has to be something there: look at who paid to have it put in… Duh!

    • It just crossed my mind when I was thinking that writers may want to do something to redeem Bill again and undermine Eric. But after seeing this ep. it really wouldn’t make much sense to make any revelations that would involve Eric..that parting was perfect and hopefully it would stay that way.. Maybe Sooke’s discovery would have something to do with cure for Hep V?? Or maybe something about Bill’s past (but not involving Eric)… As much as I wish that it would be something negative about Bill I don’t think it will happen.

  19. Great recap! This was the very first episode in a long time that I have liked at all. There was a lot wrong going on but Eric being so much onscreen just lit the whole thing up like the 4th of July. He really energized the whole show and even the few craptastic things that happened were tolerable. This is also the first time in a very, very long time I haven’t wanted to jump through the screen and slap Sookie (well maybe once or twice) but Eric and Sookie sharing screentime just lights the whole thing up. I hated the way Eric was portrayed in a few scenes but my expectations are very, very low and the character assassination I have expected this season was not so bad tonight. I still feel that it will be on the menu all season long but if it stays at this low level, fine, I’ll take it. I am very uneasy at the same time because I feel like they tossed us out too many bones not to have them snatched right back away, and in the more cruel way possible. While I did enjoy almost all of this episode, I will not get sucked in to believing anything good is coming our way again. It was very pleasant to simply watch, enjoy and only cringe a couple times. Why do they insist on getting all of Alexanders wigs at Walmart?? Even the awful wigs couldn’t dampen the way Eric and Sookie were chewing up the scenery during the whole episode. I didn’t realize until after it ended that the two of them together in any capacity is truly the heart and soul of this show and has been the missing element lately. I love Pam but am hoping they aren’t going to go for any romance between her and Eric. It just isn’t there and would be like watching your parents make out. They work best as sidekicks, best friends and devoted maker/child. I had an idea after Willa came storming in about how far her anger will go. I am wondering if she will try to punish Eric by going after Sookie? I really don’t want to see him have another bad patch with her like he did with Pam. There is so much more that could be done with her. We shall see, hum?

  20. I think there is going to be at least one more episode with them together in it. I have a feeling it will involve Niall/Sookie/or both curing him. What will become of Sooric afterwards is a mystery.

  21. This episode was better than I hope for!! I actually cheered when she ran to him and hugged him. My hope was restored. I even fist pumped when she said “I’m his” to the sick vampires, even though I knew it was to get inside, she still said it. And I was so happy! I am holding out for the love triangle to E/S/B, and that Sookie has to ask her Granpa Nial for help to cure him. I have seen a promo with her crying to some in a white sweater, and I hope it is not about Eric! I love all the Pam/Ginger/Eric scenes too. Kudos to the writer and the director last night. It was what all TRUE die hard Blood fans wanted. Lets hope that BB has been pulling our leg and that at least the viking king lives on with Sookie ( or even without)

  22. I jus loved the recap so much. It made me cry…

  23. I too am curious over the direction Willa’s character will go, but only because I want to see the impact it might have on Eric. The bit about her asking him to release her, it just reminds me of a very similar scene that took place not too long ago: because of the perceived danger and possible consequences; Eric released Pam.

    Eric is now dying, Willa is still bound to him as his progeny so there’s that whole intense connection between them happening… I reckon he’ll release her OR she’ll change her mind about Sarah Newlin: after all, she was in cahoots with her father and we all know how our baby vampire feels about her dear old dad (although right now I’m guessing she dislikes Eric more… Maybe)

    Argh! I’m getting sucked back in!!! 🙂

  24. Hi Evie. Great recap, and love the feels gif. Exactly what we were all feeling from watching it a gazillion times in as much as 5hrs of free time (oops, sorry TMI) … Curious where did your first pic came from? It was different from the actual scene where Eric was wearing a jacket. Thanks.

    • The picture is from the publicity stills that HBO released after the episode. Yes, interesting that it is different without the jacket, but good as I love those big arms 🙂 It was obviously a posed photo – and it’s at least good that they thought enough of those 2 together in this episode to have them pose for a lovely picture.

  25. I feel like this will be the only Eric and Sookie episode we get, and it seemed like for the promo for next week Pam and Eric may be leading into getting intimate, at this point I think Sookie will end up alone or some even say with Sam! and if Eric doesn’t die maybe he will get romantically involved with Pam? things just seem so off right now

  26. That was a perfect recap Evie. I’ll be in the submarine too!
    If I didn’t think the writers were so dumb, I could read lots into this.
    I’m trying not to.
    She tells Andy they like hugs, then Eric hugs her. Bill tells her only vampires with something to gain will help, then Eric helps with nothing to gain, I’m his and she’s mine, and those heartbreaking looks. best episode in two years!

  27. OMG this episode floored me. I did not expect it at all. Where have this been hiding the last couple of dreadful seasons?!

    Anywho, I’ve been very vocal about Sookie not deserving Eric, but seeing them together like this again it reaffirms my feelings for them. They convery everything in their actions and looks. It’s magic. Sookie isn’t worthy, but Eric loves her and what Eric wants, Eric should get. So I wholeheartedly stand behind Evie’s comments on the ship. It’s my ship and will go down with it as well. Forever and Always a Sookie/Eric fan.


  28. Hello, everyone. 🙂 I am still around, reading the posts and comments. I haven’t had much positive to say about the show, and I get tired of my own negativity with it. I don’t have much to say right now. I will say that I feel VERY STRONGLY that Eric is being subtly, slowly-but-surely character-assassinated, and Bill is being whitewashed, and the whole series has been retconned, exactly like the last few books. I don’t feel like going off on this right now, and I’m sure it’s not fun to read after a while. 🙂 I still think Paquin and Skarsgard had some of the best on-screen chemistry I have seen in my life so far. I’d still watch them act opposite each other in another project. That’s a positive thing to say. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your review with us, Evie. I hope that everyone is doing well. Take care.

    • Guess I do have something else to say 🙂 : Real Eric would not knowingly pass on a disease to somebody that affects their livelihood, and not care at all about it. Bad sign (for me).

      • Okay, I have a little more to say 🙂 : As several people have pointed out, NONE of these idiots put two and two together and even hazarded a guess that the H-Vamps MIGHT be holding the hostages at, oh, gee, I don’t know, THE POPULAR LOCAL ABANDONED VAMPIRE BAR?!? It took FOUR EPISODES for Sookie to read Holly’s mind to find out where everyone was? LOL.

        Also, maybe I’m missing something because I’m not watching (other than Alex’s scenes), but…how is it that a Hep-V-positive vamp can give the disease to a human simply by feeding on the human? The vampire’s blood is not in their fangs, right? I could obviously see the human getting the disease if the human consumed the vampire’s blood, but not the other way around. What am I missing?

        • I just can’t stop. 🙂 I hope that, in episode 7×03, Sookie got Hep-V-positive blood in her cut in her arm, became a Hep-V carrier, and infected Boring Rapist Beel in this ep (fictional characters). Of course, knowing how Bucky the Rapist Apologist Hack operates, Beel will “invent” the cure for Hep-V just in time (or steal the credit for it: shades of out-of-nowhere Pam stealing the idea for Fangtasia from Ginger?), save himself just in the nick of time, and be hailed as the conquering “hero.” Why do I bother? 🙂

          • Oh, I give up. 🙂 I’m tired too of Pam being cast as Eric’s #1 Groupie and insta-hating every other woman who pays him two seconds of attention. And I love KBvS as an actor too (and an animal-rights activist). The writers got the Eric-and-Pam dynamic so right in the first three seasons; what the h*ll happened? And, no offense, but I will never believe an Eric/Pam romance. Best friends, absolutely. Romantic endgame? Forced. Another retcon. (All of a sudden in one ep they’ve been on and off until, what was it, the video store? Convenient switcheroo there, Bucky. 🙂 )

          • Obviously, Arlene’s life is valuable. But, did I miss something? When did Arlene and Sookie become such great friends? Last season when Terry died? Because Bucky forced the show back to s1 status quo? Is Arlene the convenient replacement for poor Tara? Did Tara become less important in her transition from human to vampire? I’m getting this uncomfortable vibe from Bucky that the humans matter more than the vampires, simply because the humans are humans and the vampires are vampires. It feels (even more) like the last book to me.

        • Sookie read Holly’s mind as soon as Holly was rescued. Holly didn’t want her to do it as she was traumatized and didn’t want to remember what the vamps had done to her but Sookie just did it anyway. After a very poor start to the season Sookie was very, very pro-active in this episode, not just with Holly but with Bill, Jason, Jess, James, she really took charge. If only she could be written like that every episode!

          • Thanks for your response, Evie. 🙂 Yes, I wish Sookie were more pro-active every ep too. Much more. (I still think at least one of the people in town should have at least speculated that Fangtasia could be a hostage/H-Vamp hideout possibility, though. 🙂 )

  29. Yes Evie you got probably the best episode to recap in the last two season’s! They threw us a little bone. I really don’t expect any more out of the writers as far as Eric and Sookie being together. But wouldn’t it be nice. There is one thing that I would love to hear just once before this show ends, And it is to hear Eric call her Lover.

  30. Great recap. It’s the 1st episode in a while that I truly enjoyed (ignoring the OOC of Eric infecting the donor).
    It felt like an earlier season episode since Sookie was using her brain for a change and the chemistry between herself and Eric jumped off the screen.
    Alex and Anna are fantastic together. They bring out the best in each other with subtle looks which convey so much emotion. I really hope it is not their last scene together. It’s given me a but of hope that the overbearing B/S promo is misdirection .
    Like others have commented I have a feeling that Niall will be involved in a cure for Hep V if he’s anything like the book Niall he will have invested in pharmaceuticals too so probably has his own team working on a cure.

  31. I still think the whole thing was part governor created, part fae created – wouldn’t surprise me if Niall or his cohorts actually have the original version of the disease and the cure…

  32. I wouldn’t be surprise that Niall is married to Dr. Ludwig,that would be a twist there.

  33. This recap as the Episode are the freaking Bomb!!! Sooric Shipper To infinity and beyond!!!
    I cried so many times of hope, despair, happiness and every other feeling!! Loved the episode!! I hope this is not the end for Eric and Sookie!!
    Thanks girl for being so awesome at this recap thing!!

  34. I watched Sundays episode warily, I found myself seeing what I saw in the beginning characters and material that touched me as I fought tears the entire time E&S were together. I like many here think that what we laughingly call the creative forces of TB are not going to give the characters E&S any kind of HEA frankly they would have to spend the remaining episodes building on the ground work of this episode and I don’t see them having the intelligence or perception to make it a realization.Because they were too busy laying the ground work for Bill Compton to be the last vamp standing at the end of this FU to the fans of S&E. There were allot of things right in this episode that have been missing and a few still glaringly wrong but it has left me days after seeing it grieving about the question in my mind if the TB writers are truly stupid enough to kill off Eric Northman in such a slow calculatedly cruel way..

  35. Nice review! I was shocked by the parallels between this episode and season 4. I’m talking about the same song playing in the background when E&S talked and the fact that Sookie is nice to Eric only when he is in his worst shape ( then was the memory loss, now was the hep V).
    On the other hand this episode left me feeling fuzzy inside, like there still is hope. I loved so many scenes from this episode, and I stopped counting how many times I replayed it. My favorite scenes where all about Pam: when she was rolling her eyes or mocking Eric “We came for Willa”, or telling Bill he has no chance with Sookie ( I don’t see the point of that line, but who am I to know what is in store for us ).

    To sum it up this episode was both unexpected and overwhelming and I don’t think I’ll watch TB anymore if they go back to the crap from last episodes. I will consider this episode the end of the show for me and so be it.

  36. This is the shame of what writers put on paper versus real life chemistry. Eric & Sookie explode on screen when they are in the same scene. Now the story may lead that either Eric dies (shades of roof top Godrick/Sookie/Eric turning into Eric/Sookie/Pam) from the virus or leaves town for good. Eric has been written in a snarky way this episode (infecting the blood for hire babe on the plane with no remorse) and Bill has magically turned into this wholesome, grateful and clearly re-smitten with Sookie Bill. Now I confess I liked the Bill and Sookie of season 1. But his story line quickly made a left turn and fell off the map.
    I Also didn’t appreciate the whole ‘first love of Eric’s life’ story line. Really? All he and the ‘French girl who had such little screen time I didn’t bother to remember her name ‘ had in common was PDA and a desire to bump off her vintner father! Seriously? Sookie and Eric had some deep connection that the writer’s have now caught amnesia about. I will never forget the dream sequences where it seemed Eric was really pouring out his heart to Sookie; when he flew to her window and she said she could smell the sea from where he was born when she was with him. That is deep, merging with his memories from a thousNd years ago. And the time Eric was in bed with Sookie and he told her ‘this is just the beginning’. Awesome.
    If Sookie cannot be with Eric I’d like to see her exit the series ala Buffy the Vampire Slayer…solo and seeking a peace as just a regular woman. Fat chance.

    • She’s not Buffy and sadly always needs a man in her life, whether to save her or whatever. Unfortunately, we all know who that will be.

    • I could not agree with you more. Some how this girl shows up as his past luva, WTF??!! I wouldn’t be surprised if she magically appears again. What a waste of screen time. Oh, and can someone please answer why the heck couldn’t they rescue the prisoners during the daytime? Then, they could go in at night just to kill off the vampires. Simple and straight towards the F*king point. Arlene’s near death scene would be replaced with more eric/sookie interaction.

      • All good points, I think Sookie’s stupid is starting to rub off on everyone else. She was actually somewhat tolerable in this episode, but we know it won’t last. As for Sylvie, not sure how she can come back after being run through with a sword, looked pretty dead to me. Then again, Tara got turned when her brains were blown out of her head, I guess anything is possible.

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